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Episode Summaries > 2010 > Episode 5999

Written by Emma J Steele, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 26/08/10, Five: 14/10/10

Lucas and Libby hook up at the wedding reception
Summer insists that she's moved on from Chris
Andrew tells Paul about Diana and Declan's plotting
Paul sacks Diana, and tells her that he's going to destroy Declan next

Lassiter's Complex: The countdown reaches 2... Karl and Toadie are stunned as Paul crashes to the ground in front of them... The action then returns to 3 hours earlier...

Harold's Store: Diana is furiously looking at the newspaper story about herself - Lyn comes over and says that Diana must have done something to really annoy Paul. Diana ignores her, but Lyn says that it's not a problem - anyone who can annoy Paul is fine with her. Diana says that she's barely started annoying Paul, and walks out.

Charlie's Bar: Diana asks Paul if the newspaper story is really the best he could do - an outrageous story in a small-town newspaper. She says that he hasn't done her any harm, and she has at least a dozen companies interested in speaking to her back in New York. Paul thinks she's mistaken, and that word is out that she's toxic. She describes the article as a waste of ink, and walks out. Meanwhile, Ben goes over to Susan, looking for Libby, and they realise that they haven't seen her for ages.

No 28 - Lounge: A half-dressed Libby and Lucas lie back on the couch together, both declaring that they're starving. Libby is about to go and check the fridge, when they hear Susan arriving back. Lucas quickly starts grabbing his clothes and runs off out the back door, just as Susan and Ben walk in. Susan sends Ben off to change his shoes, and then asks Libby if something's happened with Lucas. Libby assumes that she's been sprung, until Susan asks if they had a fight, and tells her to sit down and tell her everything.

Charlie's Bar: Chris asks Andrew if he's seen Summer, and then goes off to look for her. Declan walks over, and Andrew asks him if he's been plotting any more corporate takeovers recently - he then tells Declan that he'll be taking over the company any day now. Lucas arrives back, without any socks, and tells Michael that he had an accident and had to go and borrow one of Karl's shirts.

No 28 - Lounge: Susan is reassuring Libby that it can be difficult to go to a wedding alone. Libby struggles not to smile when Susan says that she can understand her taking her frustrations out on Lucas.

Charlie's Bar: A confused Michael pulls one of Dahl's feathers out of Lucas's hair. Lucas quickly makes his excuses and goes over to the buffet table.

No 28 - Lounge: Susan tells Libby that she shouldn't be defined by the man she's with, and that she's a smart and successful woman, who any man would be lucky to have. Libby thanks her mum, and they share a hug, but then Libby spots Lucas's socks just behind Susan. She quickly suggests that they go back to the reception for a dance, and Susan is happy to see Libby is in a better mood. Susan goes to take the mugs to the kitchen, and Libby quickly hides Lucas's socks under a cushion.

Harold's Store: Lyn takes a coffee over to Diana, complimenting her on her earrings and trying again to engage her in conversation about Paul, but with no luck. Toadie, Sonya and Callum then come in, and Toadie goes to order, asking Summer why she isn't at the wedding reception. Summer explains that she came to see Lyn and got roped in to help, but Lyn says that actually Summer volunteered. Tash then comes in, dragging Chris behind her, looking for Summer. Summer says that Chris looks nice - Tash comments that gay guys know how to dress - and Lyn asks him how things are going with his parents - he says that they're slowly getting there. Tash asks Summer and Chris to come back to the reception with her - once they've gone, Lyn tells Toadie that she isn't sure how much longer Summer can keep up this pretence that everything's fine.

Charlie's Bar: Callum sneaks in, and Sophie points out that he can't crash a wedding. Callum says that he'll just act like he belongs there, and nobody will say a thing. Meanwhile, Susan spots Lucas across the room, and tells Libby to go and sort things out with him - Libby insists that everything is fine, and that she's enjoying dancing with her son. Nearby, Tash tells Summer that she dances like a builder - she walks off, and Chris goes after her. He sits down with her, but then Susan comes to say hi, then Tash joins them. She says that the bar is a bit small for a wedding reception - Summer thinks it's perfect. Tash asks Summer where she'd have her wedding reception when she meets Mr Perfect - in a library? Summer says that she has plenty of time to work it out - and Tash agrees, saying that she'll need to find a proper boyfriend first. Summer becomes upset, and describes marriage as a sexist, antiquated convention - just like Tash.

Lassiter's Hotel - Reception: Diana is walking into reception, on the phone to someone who hangs up on her. A bellboy then walks out of the lift with her bags, and she tries to find out what's going on. From behind the reception desk, Paul explains to her that all of her belongings have been packed, and all of her company benefits have been recalled. He says that her flight and mobile phone contract, as well as her company credit cards, have been cancelled too. Diana says that she can pay for her own room - but Paul says that the hotel is fully booked, and that Diana should probably be a little wiser with her money, as it might be a while before she's working again. Diana storms off, and Paul smirks.

Harold's Store: Diana walks in, complete with her luggage, as Toadie leaves. Lyn spots Diana, and allows her to use the store's phone, and the Yellow Pages, if she needs to find accommodation. Lyn insists that it isn't a problem, and says that dealing with Paul Robinson is like playing a wasps' nest - you always get stung. Diana is surprised to learn that Lyn was once married to Paul, and Lyn says that the man is evil, and the world would be a better place without him.

Charlie's Bar: Lucas goes over to Libby at the drinks' table, and asks if she's been avoiding him. She explains that Susan was getting a little too interested, so she had to pretend that they were fighting. She decides to leave him alone, as she doesn't want anyone else to start talking. She then mentions that she's been thinking about getting more 'exercise' - no strings attached. Lucas is tempted, but says that he isn't sure he'd able to manage the 'no strings attached' part with Libby - she says that he knows where she lives, if he changes his mind.

Charlie's Bar: Later, Toadie is trying to get Callum to leave the party, as he wasn't invited, but Sophie and Ben are trying to get him to stay. Susan comes over and frostily greets Toadie, and she says that Callum is welcome to stay. Toadie thanks Susan and leaves. Across the room, Summer asks Andrew is he's spoken to Paul again, but he hasn't - and he isn't sure that things are going to change. Tash comes over and joins them, making a jibe about how Summer is sitting with another of her ex-boyfriends. She says that Summer is just going to be using Chris for dates for the next 20 years, and wonders how Summer could have failed to see that he was gay. Summer walks out, Andrew tells Tash to shut up and Chris calls her an idiot.

Harold's Store: Chris follows Summer into the store, telling her not to listen to anything that Tash says. He reminds Summer what a great friend she's been to him recently, but she starts to cry, believing that everyone's laughing at her, and that Chris only realised he was gay when he started going out with her. Lyn watches from the kitchen, and then goes over and suggests that Chris should leave. She then sits with Summer and says that Chris has enough to deal with right now - Summer then says that Lyn is just as bad, as she lied too, and so did Toadie and Steph. Summer says that she can't trust anyone, and runs out of the store.

Lassiter's Complex: Andrew finds Summer and says that he'll listen if she needs to talk. She wonders if she's really judgmental, and Andrew admits that she does have high standards. She says that she is also supportive of her friends, and wonders why Chris couldn't talk to her - Andrew thinks that it's because he knew how hurt she would be. Summer says that she feels like nobody trusts her with anything any more, and Andrew says that he knows the feeling.

Harold's Store: Declan meets with Diana, and apologises for messing things up, but says that now Paul's after him too. Diana thinks that there must be something they can do to destroy Paul, but Declan is out of ideas. Declan tells her that there's only one place that Paul keeps his most important paperwork, and he doesn't have a key.

Charlie's Bar: Libby and Susan leave the party, with Lucas and Libby smiling at each other across the room. Meanwhile, Summer goes over to Chris and apologises for her behaviour earlier - and he tells her that it's fine, and that he's glad that he's not the only one with issues. Andrew watches them and smiles.

Lassiter's Complex: Outside Harold's, Toadie tells Lyn about bumping into Susan earlier, and that he's worried that things will never go back to the way they used to be. Paul then walks by, loudly talking about the newspaper circulation figures, and Lyn calls him an evil man. Toadie and Sonya start to walk away, but then Sonya goes back and asks Paul how he can live with himself, when so many people hate him. Toadie drags Sonya away, then Diana comes along. She spots Paul put his keys in his pocket, and starts talking to him about how things could have been so different. Diana kisses him, and he walks away - and then she looks at the keys in her hand.

No 22: Diana, dressed in black, knocks on the door, then lets herself in. She starts searching around, becoming frustrated as she can't find anything. She starts wrecking the house, and smashes a photo of Paul and Rebecca.

Harold's Store: Diana thanks Lyn for minding her bags, and then asks if she can use the phone again. She then makes a call and says that she needs someone taken care of...

Featured Regular Characters: Lyn Scully, Paul Robinson, Ben Fitzgerald, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald, Michael Williams, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay, Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson, Declan Napier

Guest Cast: Jane Badler as Diana Marshall, Eve Morey as Sonya Mitchell, Brian Vriends as Chris Pappas

Summary by Steve