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Episode Summaries > 1994 > Episode 2289

Brett is worried about where Danni and Mal is. Sam says the police are probably looking for them now. The extras come back and say they can't find them anywhere, and that they're going to look at the beach instead of the bush. Sam tells them to stick together.

Mark is trying to choose a different colour for his cummerbund. Annalise says she wants him to wear classic black. They bicker a bit about the poem, and Annalise says she just wants a traditional wedding.

Cheryl and Marlene chat about Lou, saying what a shame it is. Marlene tells Cheryl not to make any big decisions. Cheryl goes to work, saying she'll remove Lou's things when she gets back. She tells Marlene not to say anything to anyone about it. She wants Lou all to herself.

Mark and Annalise go on about that belt thing, when Cody and Rick arrive back from Daaaarwin. They say the Lassiter'ss there was amazing and stuff. Annalise then fills Rick on what Helen did when he was away.

Cody brags about Darwin to everyone, saying how great Gaby's centre was. She says she rules with an Iron Fist and that she's nicknamed the "Knee Capper". I think this is where we were supposed to laugh. Helen is pleased she had a good time, saying how much Gaby is like the evil dictator Rosemary. Cody says Rick now has new ideas for Lassiter'ss back in Erinsborough, and goes on about Zac as well.

Danni and Mal show up, saying that they bumped into Stonie and Jason. Everyone is relieved.

Rick asks about Helen's meddling, and is told he isn't going to win Employee of the Year with the way he's been carrying on. Rick wonders if Helen has told Crowley about it. When he chats to Mark, he realises he doesn't care about that stupid belt thing. Rick then tells Mark that he envies him and Annalise, and goes on about life commitment. Mark realises that what's bothering him isn't the little things like the belt, bridesmaids and stuff - but Annalise! He starts going on about how love doesn't count, and Rick says it's just pre-wedding blues.

Lou goes back home and kisses Marlene. They chat about Sam for a bit, and Marlene acts all cold towards him, but Lou isn't aware of it. When Marlene states that she went to the car yard and he wasn't there, and Lou comes out with another excuse.

At the crappy beach house, they're playing that stupid game where you write someone's name on someone's head, and that person has to guess it. Rupert ruins it by telling everyone the answers.

Annalise chats to Cheryl about Mark and the wedding. She says she's having "wonderings" and not second thoughts. Annalise asks what's eating Cheryl, and she exlains about what she saw.

Cody goes to see "Ricky boy", and he tells "Code" what Helen did whilst he was gone. Cody explains that Helen didn't say much when she was round there. She then tells him he's made loads of enemies as well.

Mal and Jason chat about nothing, and then Jason says that everyone thinks Karl and his family fled wherever they came from because Karl killed a patient.

Rick and Cody chat about stuff to give the scene a build-up, when Rick sees Helen at the door, he hides and tells Cody to answer it. Rick ducks behind the couch. Helen has come round to see Rick, but Cody says she doesn't know where he is or anything. Helen says she doubts Rick has any responsibilty, and to kick him while he's down, says if Rosemary phones asking what happened, she won't lie. She then gets up to leave, and as she stalks out the door, Rick sneezes. She twirls around asking what the noise was, and Cody says she didn't hear anything.

Cheryl comes home and shortly after Lou arrives. He sees Cheryl has packed all of his things. She tells him he can leave, Lou tells her it's not what she thinks, and that he can explain. Cheryl goes on about how she was the only person who defended him while everyone was spreading gossip, and storms out with Lolly.

At the church, Father Michael talks to Mark, who is reading the Bible. He says he has last minute doubts and all that. Father Michael says that they'll have a wonderful life together because they love each other.

At the beach house, Libby makes some popcorn, and a piece jumps up and goes down her bra. Thankfully none of the other cast members noticed.

Squirrel asks Sam to walk with him, but he tells her to get lost. She says she has a lot to say. She tells him she's pregnant, and that Sam is the baby's father.

Summary by Billy