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Interviews > Hannah Greenwood

She caused havoc in Erinsborough last year as the mentally unstable Teresa Cammeniti, who became obsessed with Sky's unborn baby and threw boiling water in Carmella's face when she tried to stand in her way. Here, actress Hannah Greenwood chats to us about playing a Neighbours nasty...

Can you tell us a little about your acting career before your Neighbours role?
I got my very first role on tv when I was 11 as a girl in a coma on State Coroner. Since then I’ve had major roles on four kids’ shows - High Flyers, Horace and Tina, Legacy of the Silver Shadow and Noah and Saskia. I’ve also had guest appearances on Stingers, Short Cuts, Blue Heelers and now Neighbours.

How did the role of Teresa come about? Was it just a typical audition?
I got the phone call from my agent about the audition. I had never auditioned for Neighbours before, but it went really well.

Did you enjoy playing Teresa? How would you describe her?
I seem to often get the role of psycho bitches. On Blue Heelers I tried to kill someone with a bomb and killed a girl at her high school prom with a pair of scissors… I don’t think I’m a psycho… are they trying to tell me something?

Teresa wasn’t the nicest of characters – did you receive any negative feedback from viewers of the show?
Yeah… I guess. But in the show I’m not wearing make up, my hair isn’t done - I look a mess. I don’t normally look like that so I very rarely got recognised at all. Sometimes I’d get people saying ‘you’re that bitch’ or ‘I hated you on Neighbours’ but that’s great because you weren’t meant to like her so I did my job… I guess.

Would you ever consider a regular role on Neighbours – either as Teresa or another character – if the opportunity arose?
At the moment I’m studying at WAAPA (Western Academy of Performing Arts), so if I was to consider another role it would not be for another three years.

What was it like to work alongside such an established cast?
The cast are lovely. They are a very tight group because they have been there for so many years and they get people coming in and out all the time. I knew Steph [McIntosh – Sky] from Legacy of the Silver Shadow and I had worked with one of the directors before so I already knew a few people.

How did working on the Neighbours set compare to working on other Australian dramas, such as Blue Heelers and Stingers?
Because I have done so many kids shows the ‘adult’ (for want of a better word) shows are very different to that. Both the Blue Heelers and Stingers cast were a much smaller group and the crew on those shows are lovely. They have a very family atmosphere on set. So it was good to come on to Neighbours and see some of the old Heelers crew.

Are you still in touch with anyone from your time at Neighbours?
I’m good friends with Bridget [Neval – Lana] who was on the show a few years back and she’s friends with Eliza [Taylor-Cotter – Janae] so through her I’ve seen a few of them since.

What have you been doing since your time as Teresa came to an end?
I did my very first stage production a play by Nick Enright called Blackrock which was a turning point for me. After that experience I decided I needed to go to acting school so now I’m living in Perth.

Interview by Steve. Added on 1st September 2007