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Interviews with Neighbours cast and crew, as well as other associated people, spanning all eras of the show.

Jade Amenta
The actress behind former Neighbours teen Melissa Jarrett discusses her role
Lisa Armytage
Lisa shares her memories of playing Dr Beverly Marshall
Imogen Bailey
Actress and model Imogen chats about playing Nicola
Lesley Baker
The woman behind the outrageous Angie Rebecchi speaks exclusively with us
Lorraine Bayly
One of Australia's best-loved actresses shares her thoughts on the quirky Faye Hudson
Melissa Bell
The third Lucy Robinson tells us about her involvement in the 20th Anniversary
Pippa Black
Pippa talks about her role as feisty Elle Robinson
Brett Blewitt
Brett chats about his role as Ramsay Street's nerdy Brett Stark
Frank Bren
Actor Frank Bren talks to us about playing the unforgettable Colin Taylor
Nicola Charles
Nicola discusses her role as Sarah and her 2013 return to the show
Christian Clark
The actor behind mysterious Will Griggs chats to us
Sam Clark
Sam talks to us about playing Ringo & his music career
David Clencie
Original cast member David chats about playing Danny
David Clencie 2
The actor behind Danny Ramsay speaks again
Sasha Close
The actress behind Lucy Robinson #2 speaks about being part of the show
Nikki Coghill
Nikki chats about her time as Parker matriarch Miranda
Lucinda Cowden
Lucinda chats to us about playing madcap Melanie Pearson
Sarah Dey
Sarah chats about her 80s role as the first Jamie Clarke!
Terence Donovan
The man behind Doug Willis chats about his time in Erinsborough
Jonathon Dutton
Jonathon shares his memories of playing troublesome Tad
Anthony Engelman
Anthony chats to us about playing the unforgettable Stonie
Gary Files
The actor behind Tom Ramsay shares his memories of the series...
Alan Fletcher
Dr Kennedy himself discusses both his music career and his long-running role as Karl...
Alan Fletcher 2
Fletch returns to chat about the past, present and future of the Kennedys
Alan Fletcher 3
Fletch chats about panto and Neighbours in 2009
Kylie Flinker
The original cast member talks about her childhood days of playing the first Lucy Robinson
Amelia Frid
The former Neighbour discusses playing the first Cody Willis
Ben Geurens
Ben Geurens discusses playing the second Toby Mangel
Caroline Gillmer
Caroline Gillmer shares her thoughts on larger-than-life Cheryl Stark
Kevin Harrington
Kevin talks about playing the other Mr Bishop
Stephen Hunt
Stephen talks to us about the 20th Anniversary celebrations
Kaiya Jones
Kaiya chats about her role as Erinsborough's Sophie Ramsay
Adelaide Kane
Adelaide shares her thoughts on playing mixed-up Lolly Allen
Kate Kendall
Kate tells all about playing Ramsay Street mum, Lauren
Dichen Lachman
Dichen chats about her role as mixed-up nurse, Katya Kinski
Ben Lawson
The actor behind wisecracking cab driver Frazer shares some thoughts
Hany Lee
Hany chats about playing clumsy exchange student Sunny
Hany Lee 2
Hany returns to talk about her exit from Neighbours
Mark Little
The man behind Joe Mangel shares some controversial points of view
Stephen Lovatt
Stephen chats about his theatre work and playing Max
Scott Major
Scott discusses playing the first Darren Stark
Maggie Millar
The veteran actress talks about her role as Reverend Rosie Hoyland
Ben Mitchell
Ben chats to us about playing Cameron Hudson and Matt Freedman
Rowena Mohr
The actress behind Sally Wells chats to us
Ryan Moloney
One of Neighbours' longest serving stars chats about his role
Ryan Moloney 2
Ryan returns to tell us about some of his Neighbours highlights
Julie Mullins
Julie chats about her memorable role as Julie Martin
Jessica Muschamp
Jessica tells us about playing Sharon Davies
Jessica Muschamp 2
Jessica discusses her 2023 Neighbours return
Daniel O'Connor
Dan discusses playing Ned, as he leaves Ramsay Street
Shaunna O'Grady
Shaunna chats to us about playing straight-laced Dr. Beverly
Tom Oliver
We mark 24 years of Neighbours with a chat with its longest-running star
Tom Oliver 2
Tom shares his thoughts on his 25 years with Neighbours
Geoff Paine
Go ape for a rare chat with the actor behind zany Ramsay Street resident Clive Gibbons
Dan Paris
Dan shares his thoughts on playing Ramsay Street's popular mechanic Drew Kirk
Darius Perkins
Darius chats about his roles as Scott Robinson and Marty Kranic
Rebecca Ritters
Rebecca discusses her long-running role as Hannah Martin
Marcella Russo
Marcella discusses her role as Lil as she leaves the show
Anne Scott Pendlebury
Anne shares her memories of playing formidable Hilary Robinson
Eliza Szonert
We chat to Eliza about playing wild child Danni Stark
Eliza Taylor-Cotter
Eliza shares her plans for her post-Neighbours career
Eliza Taylor-Cotter 2
Eliza discusses how she got into acting
Holly Valance
Holly chats to us about her time as the inimitable Flick
Marisa Warrington
Marisa speaks about her dizzy and dippy alter ego, Sindi Watts
Marisa Warrington 2
Marisa returns to discuss her departure from the show
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams remembers his role as Guy Carpenter
Sweeney Young
Sweeney looks back at his time playing Riley

Brenda Addie
An exclusive chat with the actress behind Bunny Brennan and Rhonda Wilson
Lliam Amor
Guest actor Lliam chats about his time in Erinsborough
Andy Anderson
Guest star Andy talks about life as a member of the extended Scully clan
Maureen Andrew
Guest actress Maureen discusses her various Neighbours roles
Georgina Andrews
We pose some questions of our own to journo Heather
Mary Annegeline
Mary chats about playing formidable nurse Jodie Smith
Shanyn Asmar
Shanyn chats to us about playing eccentric fashion designer, Saffron Jankievicz
Robyn Arthur
The actress talks to us about guest starring as Nina Tucker's outrageous manager
Ben Barrack
The actor behind guest character Gus Cleary spills the beans
Kerry Bartlett
Kerry chats about her two 1990s guest roles
Briony Behets
Briony discusses her two Neighbours guest roles
Georgia Bolton
Guest actress Georgia Bolton remembers her time filming with Neighbours
Darcy Bonser
Darcy remembers his guest role as Tim Bailey
Don Bridges
Big Kev Rebecchi himself discusses life as the head of Neighbours' most unlikely clan
Ally Byrne
Ally talks to us about her guest role as Megan Townsend
Richard Cawthorne
Richard chats about playing the nasty Roo
Joy Chambers
Joy discusses her time on the show as recurring guest character Rosemary Daniels
Joy Chambers 2
Joy talks about the 20th Anniversary reunion...
Josephine Clark
The actress behind Jamie-Lee Duggan and Allana Truman shares her thoughts
Cleo Coleman
Cleo talks about her time as homewrecker, Glenn Forrest
James Condon
The husband of the late Anne Haddy gives a touching and reflective interview
Paul Cousins
Paul shares his thoughts on playing Charlie's barman Pete Clark
Perri Cummings
Writer and actress Perri chats to us
Madison Daniel
Guest actress Madison chats about playing Josie Lamb
Stephanie Daniel
The lady behind the powerful head honcho at Lassiter's, Chloe Lambert, speaks with us
Defah Dattner
The actress behind guest character Sassy talks to us about life after Neighbours
Paul Dawber
Guest actor Paul Dawber talks with us about his role of Kim Howard
Paul Denny
Paul chats about his 2013 guest role as Brian O'Loughlin
Erik Donnison
Multiple guest actor Erik Donnison talks to us about his appearances on Neighbours
Peta Doodson
Peta chats about her recurring role as Paula Beeman
Nikola Dubois
Nikola talks about playing scheming single mum, Kirsten
Isabella Dunwill
Isabella chats about playing bad girl, Geri Hallett
Ellis Ebell
Ellis chats about his various Neighbours guest roles...
Cliff Ellen
We chat to Cliff about his character, Charlie Cassidy
Rhiannon Fish
The actress who played Summer's bitchy friend, Lisa, chats to us...
Dean Francis
The actor who guested as Tim Buckley speaks with us about his time on the show
Charmaine Gorman
Charmaine talks to us about her numerous guest roles
Kate Gorman
Kate shares her thoughts on playing a Neighbours bitch
David Grant
Deaf actor, David Grant talks to us about his role of Coby Phelps
Hannah Greenwood
Hannah chats about playing the crazy Teresa Cammeniti
Kaela Hilton
Kaela discusses her recurring role of PirateNet Manager, Melissa Evans
Helen Hopkins
Helen talks to us about her various Neighbours guest roles
Danielle Horvat
A chat with the actress behind scatty Taylah Jordan
Trent Huen
Trent chats about playing Neighbours' enterprising student Tuong
Raelene Isbester
We chat to the actress behind Karl's double-crossing PA, Julia
Mahesh Jadu
The actor behind Dr Doug Harris gets a thorough examination
Aaron Jakubenko
Aaron shares his thoughts on playing bad boy Robbo Slade
Val Jellay
A chat with the well-loved Australian actress, aka Erinsborough's Connie
Anna Jennings-Edquist
Anna chats about her two guest roles
Kristin Keam
Kristin discusses playing Erinsborough's deceitful mayor, Jackie Jones
Bruce Kerr
Bruce chats about playing 1985 guest character Neil Taylor
Jeremy Kewley
Jeremy chats to us about playing Cody's evil lecturer, Adrian
Donna Lee
Donna talks to us about playing Coral Reeves
Mirren Lee
The actress behind Pat Horrocks chats to us
Neridah Leishman
Neridah chats about playing Wendy Marsh
Louise Le Nay
Writer and actor Louise Le Nay speaks with us about her career and time with the show
Teressa Liane
Teresse chats about her role as the inimitable Rhiannon Bates
Klara Lisy
Klara reminisces about being discovered in bed by Gail Robinson...
Caroline Lloyd
Caroline discusses her long-running role as Dr Olenski
Rob Lobosco
Guest actor Rob chats about his roles
Rob Lobosco
Guest actor Rob chats about his roles
Sabina Lokic
Sabina tells us about playing swimmer Mandi Rodgers
Lawrence Mah
Lawrence chats about his recurring role as businessman Mr Udagawa
Simon Mallory
The actor behind Chris Cousens discusses his time on the show
Lulu McClatchy
Ramsay Street wrestler Eva Destruction chats about her role
Verity McIntyre
Verity chats about her 90s role as Packo
Brenda McKinty
Brenda looks back at her various Neighbours guest roles
Shane McNamara
Ramsay Street hairdresser Gino Esposito chats about his role
Esme Melville
Guest actor Esme Melville discusses her various Neighbours roles...
Mauricio Merino Jr
Mauricio chats to us about his role as Simon Freedman
Christopher Milne
Christopher discusses his guest roles, including playing the original Philip Martin
Katrina Milosevic
Katrina chats about her role as teacher Kelly Katsis
Gina Morley
Gina talks to us about her time as Jan Phillips
Bridget Neval
Guest star Bridget Neval discusses her character Lana Crawford
Matt Norman
Guest star Matt Norman recalls life as corrupt football coach Pat Miller
Nicki Paull
The Neighbours guest star talks about her time on the show
Ramona Pusch
Ramona chats about her guest role as Liza Rowntree
Tamasin Ramsay
Tamasin remembers her 1987 guest role as model BB Larkin
Atul Srivastava
The Neighbours guest chats about getting into the acting industry...
Wendy Stapleton
The actress behind Trixie Tucker talks about acting, and singing the theme tune
Patti Stiles
Patti Stiles chats about playing the sly politician Lee Thomas...
Kevin Summers
Kevin chats about his numerous Neighbours guest roles
Chris Toohey
The actor behind bad boy Justin chats to us
Heidi Valkenburg
Heidi shares her thoughts on playing bad girl Jessica Wallace
Janet Watson Kruse
Janet chats about her various Neighbours guest roles
Stephen Whittaker
A brief chat with Stephen aka crazy Russell Butler
Marita Wilcox
The Neighbours guest actress discusses her various roles
Jamie Wilson
The Neighbours guest star chats about his time on the show
Petra Yared
Petra chats about her two Neighbours guest roles

Barbara Angell
The former script editor discusses writing for the show in a revealing interview
Animal Actors
Christine Powell chats about the Neighbours pets
Don Battye
The former Executive Producer speaks with us about his long time with the show
Lois Booton
The veteran storyliner and scriptwriter shares her memories of time on the show
Susan Bower
The Neighbours executive producer chats about her new role
Susan Bower 2
Susan returns to chat about her first year in charge
Susan Bower 3
Susan talks to us about the 25th Anniversary and what is to come in 2012
Nicholas Bufalo
Nick chats about directing Neighbours
Philippa Burne
Scriptwriter Philippa chats about her work with Neighbours
Alan Coleman
The former Neighbours Executive Producer talks about his time working on the show
Judith Colquhoun
Scriptwriter Judith chats about her work with Neighbours
Luke Devenish
The Neighbours script producer discusses what to expect in 2005
Luke Devenish 2
Luke returns to chat about Neighbours in 2006 and 2007
Luke Devenish 3
Luke tells us about Neighbours' back to basics revamp
Coral Drouyn
Former writer Coral Drouyn chats with us
Paul Gartside
Story Editor Paul Gartside talks about his various roles on the show
Helen Gaynor
Director Helen Gaynor gives an insight into what goes on behind the scenes
Marieke Hardy
The actor, storyliner and current episode writer speaks with us
Megan Herbert
Megan chats about her work writing for Neighbours
Jason Herbison
Inside Soap columnist Jason Herbison recalls his long involvement with the show
Jason Herbison 2
Jason returns to tell us what's in store for Neighbours in 2014
Jason Herbison 3
Jason returns to tell us what's in store for Neighbours in 2015
Jason Herbison 4
Neighbours producer Jason discusses his plans for 2016
Jason Herbison 5
Executive Producer Jason tells all about 2018 on Ramsay Street
Richard Jasek
Neighbours Executive Producer speaks to us about the show's new direction
Ray Kolle
The veteran writer speaks about his long involvement with the show
Jenny Lewis
Veteran Neighbours writer Jenny Lewis reveals all
Jenny Lewis
Veteran Neighbours writer Jenny Lewis reveals all
Helen MacWhirter
The talented Neighbours writer takes some time out to speak with us
Helen MacWhirter 2
Helen MacWhirter discusses the scripting of Max and Steph's wedding
Rick Maier
Channel Ten's Executive Producer for Creative Development talks to us
Ben Marshall
Scriptwriter Ben chats about his Neighbours work
Valda Marshall
Veteran story editor and writer Valda Marshall recounts her Ramsay Street days
Peter Mattessi
The Neighbours scriptwriter and editor shares his thoughts
Sarah Mayberry
Writer and storyliner Sarah discusses her work
Pete McTighe
Pete shares his thoughts on Neighbours in 2009
Pete McTighe 2
Pete shares his thoughts on Neighbours in 2010
Ben Michael
Script producer Ben chats to Perfect Blend
Anthony Morris
Anthony chats about writing for Neighbours
David Myles
Director David Myles reveals all about his time with the show
Michael O'Rourke
Writer Michael O'Rourke talks about his time on the show
Ric Pellizzeri
The show's executive producer exclusively discusses his vision for Neighbours in 2003
Ric Pellizzeri 2
The show's executive producer gives us glimpses into the future of Neighbours in 2004
Chris Pettifer
The show's music director discusses his work, along with revamping the theme tune
Peter Pinne
The former Executive in Charge of Production discusses setting up the show
Shane Porteous
Shane chats about his acting and writing stints with the show
Jan Russ
The Casting Director & Assistant Producer talks about her time with the show
Linda Stainton
The Neighbours writer and storyliner talks with us
Hugh Stuckey
Former scriptwriter and editor Hugh Stuckey shares his thoughts on the past 20 years
Reg Watson
The creator of Neighbours chats to us
Dave Worthington
The former Neighbours producer speaks about his time on the show
Rene Zandveld
The Neighbours writer and Supervising Script Editor talks to us

Christine Alexandra
The Neighbours tour manager talks with us
Tammy Arnold
Tammy Arnold discusses running the Neighbours fan club...
Blanche Dubois
The Perth band chat about their music
Jacob Butler
Jacob Butler chats to us about his music & Neighbours
Barry Crocker
The original theme tune vocalist chats to us
Sandra De Jong
The 2007 Neighbours theme vocalist chats to us
D MAX Design
The designers of the 2004 opening titles talk to us
Abby Dobson
Abby chats about hearing her songs on Neighbours
Darren Gray
Manager to the stars Darren Gray chats to us
Dan Hall
The musician shares his thoughts on Don't Look Back
Greg Hind
The 90s theme tune vocalist talks to us
George Josevski
The man behind Neighbours Nights speaks with us
Lucy De Ville
A chat with Marcella Russo and Marisa Warrington's band
Lucy De Ville 2
The band return to discuss their new album...
Janine Maunder
The voice behind the 2002-2007 Neighbours theme song talks with us
Lisa Opie
Five's Managing Director of Content discusses Neighbours' channel change
Lisa Opie 2
Lisa responds to questions sent in by Perfect Blend readers
Lisa Opie 3
Lisa returns to chat to us as Neighbours makes the move
Phantom Artists
The team behind Meet Your Neighbours nights chats to us
Ryan Renshaw
The 2000 title sequence from concept to screen, with original storyboards
Visual Playground
The company behind the 2010 opening title sequence talks to us
Waiting Room
Kate speaks to Alan Fletcher's band, Waiting Room