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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Chrissie Adams Sheryl Munks

Chrissie Adams 1987

The Robinson house didn’t know what hit it when country girl Chrissie Adams showed up on their doorstep. The goddaughter of Helen’s artist friend from the Bungle Bungles, Frank Darcy, Chrissie had arrived in city for her school holidays but had had her purse stolen and came to the Robinsons for help. Helen was initially planning to send her home on the bus but Lucy talked her into allowing her stay on for a few weeks. No sooner had Chrissie settled in than she was making a play for Lucy’s big brother Scott and encouraging Lucy to plaster herself in make-up. And when she first met Mike Young, Scott’s best friend and Lucy’s tutor, and commented on how good looking he was, Lucy told Chrissie that he was her boyfriend. Chrissie believed Lucy and instead focused her attention on Scott, but she caused problems for him by insinuating he was keen on her in the presence of Charlene, who she didn’t realise was Scott’s wife. At the time, Scott and Charlene had separated after Scott had kissed Charlene’s best friend Jane Harris, and the Robinsons’ attempts at mediating between the couple suffered a cruel blow thanks to Chrissie’s big mouth. In fairness to Chrissie, she hadn’t been told that Scott was married, as Lucy had only introduced Charlene to her as Henry’s sister. Nonetheless, Helen and Jim were furious with Chrissie for her lies and she only added to their anger by explaining that she had been jealous of Lucy having a boyfriend like Mike.

After being put straight about Mike, Chrissie and Lucy agreed they were both responsible for the drama they had caused and turned their attentions to making Mike see that Lucy wasn’t a kid anymore. Chrissie dressed up with Lucy in their best wigs and make-up in the hope of making Mike see how mature they were. But her plan backfired, though, as Mike reacted by suggesting they looked as if they were going to a Halloween party.

Chrissie and Lucy then turned their attentions to Greg Cooper, the new mechanic who was working with Charlene at Jim’s garage. Having overheard Jim and Helen discussing the fact that Greg had been responsible for the death of someone, the girls decided he was a cold-blooded murderer and concocted all sorts of horrific scenarios, eventually deciding that he must have killed his wife. Fearing for Charlene’s safety at work, Chrissie suggested they spy on Greg in the hope of gathering enough evidence to hand him in to the police. When Greg overheard Chrissie calling him a murderer in the Coffee Shop one afternoon, he was furious and angrily confronted them. Once back at the Robinson house, Chrissie locked herself into Lucy’s bedroom, terrified that Greg was going to come after her, and when Jim realised what the two girls had been up to, he hit the roof. He explained to them that Greg had tragically caused his own brother’s death in a boxing match and Chrissie felt terrible. This latest drama was the final straw for the Robinsons and they sent Chrissie home, much to the dismay of Lucy, although Chrissie promised to have Lucy visit her at her farm some day.

Biography by Moe



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