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Scott James Robinson 1985-1989
Lived: 24, 26 Ramsay Street
Born: 1968
Parents: Jim and Anne Robinson
Marital Status: Charlene Mitchell (1987-)

: Paul, Julie, Glen, Jill and Lucy
Children: Daniel and Madison
Family Tree: Robinson
Occupation: Student, Paperboy, Journalist

The youngest son of Jim and Anne Robinson, Scott Robinson was born in Erinsborough in 1968. Scott grew up with a strong interest in sports and was always to be seen zooming around the neighbourhood on his skateboard. Scott was best mates with next door neighbour Danny Ramsay and the two were constantly getting into scrapes around Erinsborough. Danny's tomboy cousin Charlene Mitchell often visited Ramsay Street and was the same age as Scott, resulting in a friendship growing between the two of them.

At the age of 16, Scott fell for classmate Kim Taylor but her mother - who was also Scott's teacher - was totally against the romance. But Scott was determined to see Kim and they began to see each other behind Mrs. Taylor's back. However, she discovered they were an item in a very public way after Danny recorded Scott and Kim talking about whether or not they should sleep together and edited it to sound a lot more sexually explicit. Mrs Taylor was unimpressed when Danny was mucking around with the tape cassette in class and unwittingly forced him to play it to the entire class. Deeply embarrassed and fearing their families would hit the roof, Scott and Kim ran away together and hid out at an old monastery.

Scott returned home after Jim found them, but Kim couldn’t face her parents and opted to stay in a bedsit in the city. Despite repeated visits from Scott, Kim couldn’t be persuaded to return to Erinsborough. But just as Scott was beginning to move on, Kim contacted him and announced she had become pregnant from a relationship with a dodgy character called Brad. Scott tried to protect Kim from Brad, but they realised they were in trouble when another young pregnant girl, Josie, revealed that Brad was organising for her to sell her baby upon its birth. Scott finally managed to get Kim to see a family planning clinic but she broke down as the prospect of aborting the baby was raised. The Robinson family stepped in and offered to help, and started by reuniting Kim with her mother, who shocked Kim by revealing that she, too, had been in a similar situation once and had put her first child up for adoption. Kim thanked Scott and his family for all their support, before leaving town with the Taylors for a fresh start.

Scott's next brush with a girl was when he and a girl he met while on a school excursion went for a walk and she cried rape. Panicked, Scott ran away and his family had to call the police to search for him. When the police found the body of a 16 year-old boy, Jim was faced with the horrifying task of having to identify whether or not it was Scott. Jim was relieved when it turned out not to be his son and was further relieved when Scott phoned from a small country hospital suffering from concussion after being mugged while hitch-hiking.

Soon after, Scott was walking home one day when he noticed someone trying to climb in the window of the Ramsay House next door. Thinking it was a burglar, he raced up to stop them but ended up being punched in the jaw. The intruder turned out to be Charlene Mitchell who had come to Ramsay Street to live with her mother Madge. It was the first time Scott had seen Charlene since they were kids and now in their late teens, there was an instant attraction between them. They began dating and an on/off relationship followed. Things came to a head when Scott and Charlene decided to have sex. Scott managed to get a room at Lassiter's Hotel - managed by his older brother Paul - but things didn't turn out as planned when Scott refused to go through with it after Charlene confessed she wasn't a virgin. Paul later found Charlene sobbing in the hotel room having been abandoned by Scott. When Paul caught up with his brother he made him realise how much he had upset Charlene and Scott apologised.

When Scott and his best mate Mike Young decided to form a band, they asked Charlene to help them out by doing the backing vocals. After sending a demo off to top music producer Molly Meldrum, Scott and Mike were thrilled when Molly arrived on Scott's doorstep. But Scott's dream of becoming a superstar was ruined when Molly revealed he had actually come to offer Charlene a recording contract. Scott was bitter towards his girlfriend at first but eventually came to see how good she was at singing and supported her. But Charlene packed it in soon after to concentrate on her HSC. The relationship was further strained between the two when Charlene began to spend more and more time with her new friend, Warren Murphy. Scott knew from the start that Warren was looking for more than friendship with Charlene but she was oblivious to it. Eventually Scott refused to put up with Warren anymore and split up with Charlene after school bitch Sue Parker told him she saw Charlene kissing Warren at a party. It was eventually revealed that Sue had been lying and Scott and Charlene got back together once again.

Scott had always shown a keen interest in journalism and after writing a piece on the life of his late grandmother, Bess Robinson, for the Erinsborough News, he was thrilled when they asked him to write for them part-time. Although juggling his writing with his schoolwork proved difficult at times, Scott made a success of his writing career and was promised a cadetship by the editor when he completed his HSC. But when Scott started writing short stories about the lives of his neighbours in Ramsay Street, discreetly changing their names, he found himself in hot water with the entire street. He soon realised his mistake and apologised to those he had offended.

When Scott's younger sister Lucy went missing during his HSC exams, he was unable to concentrate, as he felt responsible since he was supposed to be minding her when she disappeared. Lucy was found a few days later, having fallen down a drain in search of her dog Basil. She temporarily lost her sight and the guilt Scott felt caused him to fail his HSC and have to repeat Year 12.

Scott's relationship with Charlene reached new heights when the couple shocked their families by announcing they were going to live together. Both Jim and Madge refused to let them but Scott's gran Helen helped them by acting as a mediator. But it was to no avail and a rift developed between the lovers and their parents. More obstacles got in the way of Scott and Charlene's plans to live together when Scott tried selling his car to finance the move only to have the potential buyer drive off in the car, which also held Scott's jacket and $300. Although this setback convinced his father that he could no longer entertain the idea of moving in with Charlene, Scott came to the conclusion that he loved Charlene more than anything in the world and asked her to marry him. Charlene immediately accepted and they became engaged. Although most of the Robinson family were happy for Scott, and Madge had by then given Charlene her blessing, Jim was yet to be convinced. He refused to give Scott his blessing until Helen reminded him that he was Scott's age when he married Scott's late mother, Anne. Finally, Scott and Charlene had the love and support of all around them and they married in a fairytale ceremony in July 1987.

With Scott repeating Year 12 at school, it was left to Charlene to support the couple with her apprenticeship at Rob Lewis' garage. Madge agreed to let them live with her at No. 24 but financial burdens still loomed for the couple. For the first month of their married life, they were forced to sleep in Charlene's single bed until they got an inflatable double bed on their first month anniversary. With things so tight, it came as a surprise to Charlene when Scott became keen on starting a family after the couple babysat young Jamie for Des and Daphne Clarke. Charlene was initially opposed to the idea, especially since they had no home of their own and had barely begun life as a married couple but the more Scott sold the idea to her, the more interest she showed in the idea. However, Jim talked them out of the idea after pointing out how much he and Scott's mother had missed out on things by having kids at such a young age and the newlyweds agreed to wait a few more years before having children.

Scott and Charlene's marriage was threatened when Charlene's best friend, Jane Harris, started helping Scott with his Maths for the HSC. As his exams drew closer and he began spending more and more time with Jane, Scott and Jane began to fall for each other. Things came to a head between the two when they were studying at Lassiter's Lake one afternoon and Scott presented Jane with a sketch he had drawn of her. Jane was touched by the gesture and caught up in the moment, the pair kissed. Charlene's brother Henry had been working in the vicinity of the lake at the time and Scott and Jane both thought he had spotted the kiss and started to panic. However, Charlene had already become suspicious of the growing closeness between the two and when Mike revealed to Charlene that he had read about Jane's crush on Scott in her school diaries, a furious Charlene confronted Jane. Thinking Henry had told Charlene what had happened at the lake, Jane confessed to kissing Scott which sent Charlene into a tailspin. A bitter argument erupted between her and Scott resulting in Charlene throwing him out of the house. Scott moved back in with his family next door and the couple remained separated for several weeks. Helen, Henry and various other family members all tried to reconcile the pair but it was only when Jane returned to town after going overseas to become a model that Scott and Charlene got back together. When Charlene happened to call over to the Robinson house and found that had been Jane's first port of call, she flipped out and accused Jane and Scott of carrying on together again. After she stormed off, Scott began to give up on any hope of reconciliation but Jane had a plan. She called over to the Ramsay house and pretended to Charlene that she was going to go after Scott for herself since Charlene had blown it with him – a bluff that paid off when Charlene immediately went over to the Robinsons and patched things up with Scott.

After a trip to Brisbane following the wedding of Madge to her childhood sweetheart Harold Bishop, Scott and Charlene were faced with further marriage problems when Charlene found herself attracted to her driving instructor, Steve Fisher, who had been on holiday in Queensland at the same time as them. Scott was suspicious of the pair from the outset, but was repeatedly reassured by Charlene that nothing was going on. But after passing her driving test, Charlene ended up kissing Steve and with Scott away in Canberra, she began to spend more and more time with Steve. But before anything else could happen between them, Charlene told Steve she couldn't see him anymore. She then confessed what had happened with Steve to Scott, who refused to talk to her and spent several nights in Henry's room. They eventually patched things up at the Ramsay Street Fifties night when 'Suddenly', their wedding song, was played. The ordeal led the couple to decide the time was right to start looking for a place of their own and they began flat-hunting around Erinsborough.

Shortly after, Charlene's granddad, Dan Ramsay visited and announced he had bought a house for the couple in Brisbane and Scott and Charlene had to decide whether or not they should leave Erinsborough. Charlene was keen to go, especially when her uncle Max arranged a job for her as an apprentice mechanic up there but Scott had difficulty transferring the cadetship he had secured with the Erinsborough News upon completing his HSC. They finally decided that Charlene should go to Brisbane and Scott would follow her when he got a transfer. In an emotional farewell, the two said their goodbyes leaving Scott behind in Erinsborough lost without his true love.

When Scott received a phone call and the promise of an eye-catching article for the Erinsborough News by the sultry Sylvie Latham, he was more than happy to interview her. Over dinner she plied him with wine and invited him back to her house to look at some photos of herself. Scott's loyalty to Charlene was put on the line when Sylvie asked Scott to sleep with her but he refused. Not long after, Scott was teamed with fellow cadet Poppy Skourous to research an article and both found themselves increasingly attracted to eachother. As they spent more and more time together, Poppy and Scott came close to kissing but before things went any further, Poppy left for Greece not wanting to ruin Scott's marriage.

Having twice been tempted by other women, Scott was thrilled when his transfer to Brisbane finally came through and he could join Charlene in their new home. Three years later, they had their first child, Daniel, and later, had a daughter, Madison.

Trivia Notes
• Jason Donovan replaced Darius Perkins in the role of Scott when Neighbours moved to Network Ten in 1986
• Darius Perkins returned to Neighbours in 2013, in the guest role of Marty Kranic
• Jason Donovan is the real life son of Terence Donovan (Doug Willis)
• Jason Donovan's portrayal of Scott won a Logie award for Most Popular New Talent in 1987. He won a silver Logie for Most Popular Actor in 1988
• Jason Donovan is the real-life half-brother of Stephanie McIntosh (Sky Mangel)

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