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Julie Martin (née Robinson) 1985, 1992-1994
Lived: 26, 32 Ramsay Street
Born: 1964
Parents: Anne Robinson and Roger Bannon (biological); Jim Robinson (adoptive)
Marital Status: Philip Martin (1986-1994)
Siblings: Paul, Scott, Jill and Lucy
Children: Hannah
Family Tree: Robinson/Martin/Bannon
Occupation: Bank Teller, The Robinson Corporation Secretary, Newsagency Salesperson, Used Car Salesperson, Student
Died: 1994

Julie Robinson was born in 1964 to Anne Robinson and her husband Jim. But Jim was not Julie's natural father. Anne had been raped by Jim's boss Roger Bannon and Julie was the product of that rape. Jim agreed to bring Julie up as one of his own and only he and Anne knew the truth.

At the age of 11, Julie lost her mother when Anne died giving birth to Julie's younger sister, Lucy. Anne's mother, Helen Daniels, moved in with the Robinsons to help Jim raise the family. Growing up, Julie developed into an interfering young woman with a passion for knowing other peoples business. She dated her next door neighbour Des Clarke for a while and worked as a bank teller at the Pacific Bank, where Des was assistant manager. After her relationship with Des fizzled out, her best friend Lorraine Kingham fell in love with Des and they planned to marry. But Julie was so jealous of their impending marriage that she talked Lorraine out of marrying Des on the eve of the wedding.

Love blossomed for Julie, however, when Philip Martin started at the Pacific Bank as manager. The two embarked on an affair but they faced problems from Julie's family due to the fact that Philip was married with two children. Philip's marriage was a loveless one however due to his wife Loretta's refusal to give up alcohol. Philip was about to leave her for Julie when his daughter Debbie tried to kill herself due to the constant bickering between her parents. Julie stood back and told Philip to stay with his family but months later, Philip re-entered her life. He had been involved in a car accident with a drunken Loretta causing her death. Julie at last had her man and they left Erinsborough for the country where Philip had landed a job with a bank.

They quickly married and Julie became pregnant much to the displeasure of Philip's son Michael who blamed Julie for causing the split in his parents' marriage resulting in the death of his mother. Debbie, on the other hand, warmed to Julie and after a while began to call her 'mum'. Julie gave Deb a little sister when she gave birth to Hannah.

When Philip lost his job at the bank, the Martins returned to Erinsborough to live with Julie's family at No. 26 Ramsay Street. Although Julie had been away from Ramsay Street for several years, she soon settled back in and before long, was interfering in her neighbours' business just like old times. She soon found work as a secretary but Philip was not so lucky. Things became so tight for the family that Philip had to work as a janitor at Erinsborough High School, much to the dismay of proud Julie who saw it as a degrading position for her husband. They found their feet eventually when Julie's brother Paul offered Phil the position of manager of the Lassiter's complex. With finances improving for the family, they moved out of No. 26 and across to No. 32 which they rented from Julie's gran, Helen.

When Michael, who had been away at boarding school, came home for the school holidays he hatched a plot to kill Julie in order to pay her back for losing his mother. He cleverly planned things to the extent that Julie thought she was going mad. He then proceeded to drug her up and let her fall asleep in the spa - only to be interrupted by Debbie. Michael returned to boarding school with his plan ruined but on a subsequent visit caused more trouble when he was arrested for drug pushing and stealing cars. Michael was convinced it was Julie who turned him into the police but she swore to Philip that she hadn't. Just as Philip was beginning to believe Julie had, young Hannah revealed she had called the police. However, Julie was determined not to let Michael continue to wreak havoc in her life and when his sentencing took place, she told the judge that she felt Michael needed time away in a detention centre and refused to let him back to No. 32. Both Philip and Debbie were deeply hurt by Julie's actions and it signalled the start of a deep rift developing in the Martins' marriage.

Heartbreak hit Julie when Jim died of a heart attack in the kitchen of the Robinson House. She was further shocked at the reading of his will when it was revealed that Jim had left No. 26 to Helen and on her death, all his children excluding Julie. A puzzled Julie was only left Jim's share in Lou Carpenter's car yard. The reason behind Jim's decision was discovered months later when she found out that Jim wasn't her real father. Julie decided to track down her real father in Queensland but it turned out that he had died. Instead she met his wife, Joyce, who bluntly told Julie that Roger Bannon was a womaniser and had raped Anne. Totally devastated by the fact that she was the product of a rape, Julie returned to Erinsborough feeling disgusted. She totally shut Philip out and he had no alternative but to move out. But after seeing a councillor, Julie bounced back to her usual self and reunited with Philip just as he was about to leave for Perth with Debbie.

Being so proud and self-opinionated, Julie loved talking of her husbands' top job as manager of the world-renowned hotel owned by her brother. So it was a total shock to Julie when she returned from visiting Paul in Argentina to find that Philip had quit his job to run the newsagency in Lassiter's Mall! Although Julie was initially disgusted she soon came to enjoy the idea of having a family business and started sharing the workload with Philip. Julie was also revealed as racist when Asian immigrants the Lims moved into No. 22 and their son Tommy began to play with Hannah. Julie's racism was so bad that she even accused the family of eating Hannah's pet dog, Holly.

Julie caused embarrassment for Debbie when she decided to go back to school to get her HSC and ended up in the same class as Debbie. When Julie caught school bitch Louise Barker smoking, she quickly reported Louise to the principal Mr. Roland and made an enemy of Louise. But Julie showed she was no angel herself when she was caught cheating in a test. She eventually packed school in and decided to take an active part in the car yard. Julie went on to work very well with Lou Carpenter becoming quite a good saleswoman, especially with women customers. But she eventually sold her share to Lou's partner Cheryl Stark in order to work with Philip full time at the newsagents.

When Philip was told Michael was being released from the detention centre, Julie decided to put the past behind her and do all she could to make Michael feel welcome this time round. She put a lot of work into redecorating his bedroom with his own TV, stereo and phone, but was hurt when Philip and Debbie thought Julie's real aim was to keep Michael away from the rest of the family. Julie confessed to Helen her genuine intention to make an effort with Michael and after Helen told Philip of this, he apologised for doubting her.

The Martins' marriage, meanwhile, was beginning to crumble as long hours at the newsagency kept Philip late home most nights. Julie and Philip decided to go away for the weekend in the hope of patching things up but things ended up worst. Julie soon began to get very irrational, even turning to drink on some occasions causing her to constantly fight with Philip and the rest of the family. While Philip and Debbie were away for a murder mystery weekend, Helen finally talked some sense into her granddaughter and Julie decided to follow Philip in a last attempt at solving their marriage problems. But having argued with Philip in front of everyone on her arrival, Julie stormed off.

Tragedy struck when the following morning, Julie was found unconscious at the bottom of a tower after falling from it the night before. She was rushed to Erinsborough Hospital where she later died, leaving behind a devastated Philip and young Hannah to be brought up by Helen - just as she had been.

Trivia Notes
• Julie Mullins played Julie from the character's return to Ramsay Street in 1992 onwards
• Julie was originally intended to commit suicide, but the story was changed at the last-minute, as the network felt it was unsuitable viewing, and therefore Julie ended up accidentally falling from the tower
• Although Julie died in episode 2242, Julie Mullins appeared again in episode 2251, which featured Debbie's flashbacks to the night of the accident
• Click here to read our 2013 interview with Julie Mullins

1-153, 1726-2242, 2251

Biography by Moe