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Unseen Character Profiles > Anne Robinson

Anne G. Robinson (née Daniels)
Lived: 26 Ramsay Street
Born: 1940 (previously stated as 1943)
Parents: Bill and Helen Daniels
Marital Status: Jim Robinson
Siblings: Rosemary (adoptive)
Children: Paul, Julie, Scott, Jill and Lucy
Family Tree: Robinson/Daniels
Occupation: Housewife

Born to young newlyweds, Bill and Helen Daniels, Anne was to be their last natural child, as Helen was unable to bear anymore children. Five years later, Anne got a new adopted sister, Rosemary, who turned out to be very different from herself. While growing up, Anne spent a lot of time thinking about marriage and having children, Rosemary however was business minded and soon moved away to New York to further her career.

As a teenager, Anne met a student called Jim Robinson. They fell in love and married quickly. They set up home in number 26 Ramsay Street and their first son Paul, was born in 1963. Their lives had got off to a wonderful start but sadly the happiness didn’t last. When Jim was away on business, his boss Roger Bannon propositioned Anne. She turned him down but he raped her and she became pregnant. Jim was initially very upset and moved out for a short while. The couple agreed to keep the parentage of the child a secret and Jim would raise it as if it were his own. In 1964 Julie was born.

In 1968, Anne gave birth to her third child, Scott. Sadly, a year later Anne lost her father Bill following a short illness. Anne’s mother Helen then moved into an apartment near the Robinson house. It was also around this time that Jim was called up for service in the Vietnam war. After some time away from home, Jim took comfort in the company of a nurse called Maureen Donnelly. This resulted in the birth of a child, Glen, but Jim was never informed and Anne never knew of her husband's betrayal.

Despite their troubles, the family seemed idyllic; Helen devoted herself to her grandchildren and got on well with her son-in-law. Cousin Hilary would often visit and became good friends with Anne, and Rosemary continued her business success in America. 1973 saw another new arrival: baby Lucy. However, what should have been a wonderful event turned to tragedy when Anne died from a blood clot shortly after the labour.

Biography by David