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Philip [Phil] Gordon Martin 1985, 1992-1999, 2005
Lived: Philip's Apartment, 26, 32 Ramsay Street
Marital Status: Loretta Martin (died 1985), Julie Robinson (1986-1994; died), Ruth Wilkinson (1998-)
Children: Michael, Debbie, and Hannah
Family Tree: Martin
Occupation: Manager of Pacific Bank, Janitor at Erinsborough High School, The Robinson Corporation and Lassiter's Hotel Manager, Barman, Newsagent, Accountant, Novelist, Carpenter's Mechanics Owner

Philip Martin moved to Erinsborough as the new manager of Pacific Bank. After quickly moving up the career ladder, Philip had become the youngest manager in the state, but his successful career had damaged his marriage to country girl Loretta, who had struggled to keep up in her husband's social circles, and had turned to drink to increase her confidence. With the marriage all but over, Philip hoped that his new job would mean a fresh start, and he quickly became close to Julie Robinson, one of the tellers at the bank. Despite his complicated personal life, they realised that they were falling for each other, and Julie listened as Philip told her about his problems with Loretta, and how much he missed his two young children, Debbie and Michael. However, when Loretta arrived at the bank one day, Julie was shocked by how nice she was, and began to think that Philip had been lying to her. It wasn't until Philip explained that Loretta had come to Melbourne to receive help for her drinking problem, and he showed her a wound on his arm, where Loretta had attacked him with a knife, that Julie began to believe him.

Believing that they could be happy together, Philip and Julie ignored the doubts of their friends, family and colleagues, but Julie soon got a taste of Loretta's nasty side when she went to the apartment one evening to make dinner. Julie found that Loretta was already there, and she'd been drinking - she attacked Julie verbally and started grabbing her hair, and was only stopped when Philip happened to walk in. He took her back to the clinic, realising that she was becoming a danger to everyone around her, and decided that he should apply for custody of the children. Philip also proposed to a delighted Julie, but things came to an abrupt halt when Philip learnt that Debbie had taken a deliberate overdose of Loretta's sleeping pills, unable to cope with her parents getting a divorce. When Julie saw Philip and Loretta by Debbie's bed, she realised that his wife and children needed him, and that she had to end the relationship. She gave back the engagement ring to a heartbroken Philip and they said, what they believed to be, a final goodbye. Philip then left the bank, and Julie tried to get on with her life. However, a few months later, Julie heard that Philip and Loretta had been involved in a terrible car accident - Philip had been left paralysed, and Loretta had been killed. They realised that they'd been given a second chance, and Julie moved away to the country with Philip and the kids, to try and make a go of things as a family. They were married the following year.

It was some years before the Martins returned to Erinsborough, having had a daughter of their own, Hannah, in their time away. Julie, Philip, Debbie and Hannah were on their way to town for the funeral of Todd Landers when Hannah thought that she'd spotted Julie's grandmother Helen Daniels on a country road. Philip and Julie thought that Hannah was being silly, but as they were lost, they decided to go back and ask the stranger for directions, only to realise that it really was Helen; she had been kidnapped by Todd's criminal father Bob and used as a hostage to get away from the funeral, then dumped in the middle of nowhere. The Robinsons were then greatly relieved as the Martins arrived with Helen in tow.

Trivia Notes
Ian Rawlings played Philip from the character's return to Ramsay Street in 1992 onwards. Prior to landing the role, Ian had guested on Neighbours, earlier in 1992, in the role of Marcus Stone
Christopher Milne, the original Philip, also worked as a scriptwriter on the series, and returned in 1998 in the guest role of Declan Hewitt
When Philip left in 1985, he was permanently paralysed, but by the time the character returned in 1992, he was walking again, with no explanation given
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Magic Moments
Episode 71: Philip's Arrival
Episode 3418: The Martins' Departure

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