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Daniel Robinson 2014-
Born: 1992
Lives: Penthouse at Eclipse Apartments Parents: Scott and Charlene Robinson
Siblings: Madison
Family Tree: Robinson and Ramsay/Mitchell

Named after his Ramsay great-grandfather, but bearing the Robinson surname; Daniel represented a new dawn for his parents' families. Born in Brisbane in 1992, the first child of Scott and Charlene Robinson, he grew up surrounded by his mother's family; the Ramsays. Most notably, his grandmother Madge moved up to Brisbane from Erinsborough to help raise him during the first four years of his life. Soon after he was born, his great-grandmother Helen Daniels came to visit, but sadly Daniel never got to know his grandfather Jim Robinson, as he died of a heart attack in 1993.

Daniel was given a sister, Madison, in the mid 90s. In November 1999, he was seriously injured when he was run over while crossing the road. Madge visited for several months, largely looking after Madison, while Daniel got better. By the age of 15, Daniel was getting a reputation for being a very handy rugby player. He also developed interests in photography and, like his father, skateboarding.

In 2014, Daniel arrived in Erinsborough whilst on a road trip across Australia. His laid-back outlook on life immediately annoyed Imogen Willis, as she found him camping by Lassiter's Lake, where only weeks earlier, Daniel's cousin Kate had been shot and killed. Unaware of this, Daniel struggled to see why Imogen was becoming so worked up and, having told him what had happened, Imogen was furious to find that he hadn't moved on, so she went to find Paul, the owner of Lassiter's, who also happened to be Scott's brother and Daniel's uncle. Having dragged Paul over to Daniel's car, Imogen was annoyed when it all ended in a happy family reunion, but Daniel got on better with some of the other residents of Erinsborough, as he met them and got to see the street where his parents had first met. However, as he realised just how unpopular his uncle was with the locals, and how lonely he'd become since Kate's death, Daniel decided that, rather than the fleeting visit he'd planned, he was going to stay with Paul for a while, and try to make him see that there were more important things in life than money. Daniel then moved into the penthouse, and soon found himself working at Lassiter's - though he made it clear that it wasn't a long-term thing.

Imogen's dislike for Daniel only worsened when he ran into her on his skateboard, causing her to drop the dress she was carrying, and that she'd been planning to wear to her 18th birthday party. Daniel's attempts to buy her a new dress only offended her, but when she later ran over his skateboard during a driving lesson, he assumed that she'd done it on purpose, as revenge. When Imogen tried to buy him a replacement, he turned it down, and later explained that his board had belonged to his Uncle Henry, so he wanted to repair it if possible. Daniel quickly formed a better friendship with Imogen's best friend Amber Turner, however, as the pair found a shared love of photography. When Daniel was pushed into helping Amber with a photo shoot at the newly reopened Waterhole pub, they found that they had a great rapport, and as he was showing her one of his dad's old cameras the following week, there was a spark of attraction when they posed for a picture together.

That spark continued to grow, and Daniel, in his usual upfront fashion, told Josh about it, but made it clear that he had no intention of trying to steal someone else's girlfriend. However, as Daniel and Amber set up a dark room together, their mutual attraction began to grow, with both Sheila and Paige noticing, and warning Josh to pay more attention to Amber, as he was in danger of losing her. Josh did his best to shower Amber with attention, and it came at just the right time, as she had just decided that she was going to dump him and get together with Daniel. As Amber chickened out of ending the relationship, Daniel told her that he understood and said that he'd wait for her. With Amber continuing to struggle to tell Josh the truth, she and Daniel found ways to secretly communicate with each other, including an app called Crash Words. When Amber used a photo of her and Daniel's hands in a piece that her mum was exhibiting at the Women Artists of Erinsborough show, Josh started to become suspicious, assuming that it was his hand holding Amber's in the picture, but as he looked at the picture and at his hand, he noticed the differences. Becoming more suspicious, he started to wonder about the person Amber was constantly playing on Crash Words, who she'd claimed was just a female friend from school. When Josh attempted to message the girl, he saw Daniel receiving a message as he rushed into the hotel. Josh followed, and found Daniel and Amber kissing in the dark room.

Though Daniel was relieved to finally have everything out in the open, Amber's guilt consumed her, as Josh refused to speak to her and she found her friendship with Imogen also destroyed. Things only became more awkward as Josh and Imogen's mum, Terese was Daniel's boss at the hotel, so it was difficult for them to avoid each other. And Terese made her feelings very clear, when she arranged for the dark room to be turned back into a storage room, giving Daniel and Amber nowhere to escape to. Daniel also found himself facing opposition from Amber's dad, Matt, who was upset by the way his daughter had behaved. When Amber asked Daniel along to a family dinner, Matt told her that he wasn't welcome and that he'd have to be uninvited, later telling Amber how ashamed he was of the way she'd treated Josh. However, Daniel and Amber continued to grow closer and he impulsively asked her to move in with him, worried about the hard time she was getting at home. Although Amber considered the offer, she feared that they were rushing things, and Paul told Daniel that he already had a history of spur-of-the-moment decisions where women were concerned and he needed to be careful. After thinking things through, Amber decided not to move in with Daniel, making it clear that although she loved him, it would be a mistake to start living together so soon.

Trivia Notes
Tim Phillipps previously appeared in Neighbours in 2007, in the guest role of Fox

Magic Moments
Episode 6872: Daniel's Arrival


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