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Amber Turner 2013-
Lives: 32 Ramsay Street
Parents: Lauren and Matt Turner
Siblings: Paige, Mason and Bailey
Occupation: Harold's Store Assistant, Photography Assistant, Princess Skank

The middle child and only daughter of Matt and Lauren Turner, Amber was reluctant to leave behind her friends and life in Queensland when the family made the decision to move to Erinsborough. Upon their arrival, it was immediately clear that, unlike her outgoing younger brother Bailey, Amber wasn't going to make much of an effort to fit in with her new neighbours or at her new school. As student teacher Kate Ramsay spoke to Lauren about Amber's grades, and said that they'd have to improve if she was going to pass year 11, Lauren claimed that her failing grades had been due to the interstate move, and later because the family's riding school had closed down and Amber missed regularly seeing her horse, Patches. However, as the family settled in, it was clear that they were all keeping secrets, from each other and from their neighbours, and that Amber wasn't just missing her friends and her horse. At school, Kate spoke to Amber about trying a little harder to fit in and spending less time on her phone, and even offered to give her extra tuition. Amber wasn't keen on the idea, but later admitted to Kate that she'd actually been dating a guy, behind her parents' backs, back in Mount Isa, and it was him that she'd been texting all the time, and him that she desperately wanted to see again.

Amber then got a huge surprise when her granddad, Lauren's father Lou, decided to cheer her up by buying Patches and having him brought down to Melbourne. Although she was delighted to be reunited with her horse, Amber couldn't tell her family that it was actually her boyfriend she'd truly been missing. When she then found out just how much it was going to cost to keep Patches in nearby stables, she decided that it would be best for him to be sold again, rather than keep up the pretence. Soon after, Amber confided in Kate that she suspected that she'd been dumped, as her boyfriend hadn't been in touch in weeks. Finally beginning to concentrate on her studies, Amber got a surprise when boyfriend Robbo got in touch, asking to meet her. Amber was delighted to reunited with Robbo, unaware that he had been lying to her for months and had been part of a warehouse robbery that had landed her older brother Mason in juvenile detention. Mason had arrived in Erinsborough shortly after the rest of his family, and Robbo had tracked him down, wanting his share of the money from the robbery. As Robbo told Amber how much he cared for her, but insisted that they keep their relationship a secret from the rest of her family, she was unaware of the danger she was placing herself in.

When Mason and Bailey told her the truth about the warehouse robbery that had left Mason in juvie, Amber was shocked and couldn't believe that her boyfriend would do a runner like that. Amber spoke to Robbo, who made her believe that he'd only agreed to the robbery so that he and Amber could have the money to build a future together, and that he'd run off because he was scared of going to prison. Believing that, like Mason, he was capable of change, she continued to see him, and continued to keep it a secret from her parents. When Mason then agreed to rob Lassiter's with Robbo, in the hope that Robbo would then have the money he needed and would leave town, things went badly wrong when they were caught by security and had to do a runner. Robbo disappeared from town, and Mason had to tell Amber that he'd gone without saying anything. Again, she couldn't believe that he would do such a thing, and even when she saw his abandoned van, with Queensland number plates inside the proved it was stolen, she found a photo of her and Robbo inside, and used it to cling on to the hope that he'd be back. Already worried about Robbo, Amber became more and more distracted, and eventually confessed to Kate that her period was two weeks late and she thought she might be pregnant. With Kate's support, she took a pregnancy test and was relieved when it came back negative. Unfortunately, Lou found the empty testing kit outside in the bins and mistakenly believed that Lauren was pregnant. When she denied it, they soon realised that the only other person it could be was Amber and she was forced to own up about everything, including her relationship with Robbo, leading to all of the family's secrets coming out, and a tense time in the Turner household.

As Lauren and Matt worked to get their marriage back on track, Amber continued to mope over Robbo. However, when Mason's ex-girlfriend Rhiannon arrived from Mount Isa, Amber casually asked if she'd seen Robbo at all recently, and was surprised by the response - Robbo had tried it on with Rhiannon, who added that she wasn't the only girl in Mount Isa who he'd been cracking on to behind Amber's back. Finally realising the truth about her ex, Amber realised that it was time to move on from him and she decided to get a holiday job, asking neighbour Chris if he knew of any work going. He gave her a couple of suggestions, and later found her by the lake, where she was thinking about Robbo. Chris sympathised with her, still not completely moved on from his break-up with boyfriend Aidan and Amber threw the necklace, given to her by Robbo, into the lake, deciding that he wasn't worth crying over any more.

Returning to school after the holidays, Amber found the word 'troll' written on her locker, and faced a frosty reception from Cassie, one of the small group of friends she'd made during her time in Erinsborough. After finding herself ostracised all morning, Amber was chatting to Chris and mentioned the 'troll' incident, making him realise that she must have done something on Twitter or Facebook to offend someone. After checking, he realised that, in reply to a photograph posted by Cassie, Amber had written 'You look pregnant' when she had meant to write 'You look pretty'. Amber tried to explain that autocorrect accident to Cassie, who refused to accept her apology and continued to make cruel remarks about Amber on Twitter. When Kate found out, she put both girls on litter duty, making it clear that online bullying would not be tolerated at the school. Unfortunately, with Amber wearing a blue sun hat, and Cassie wearing a red one, the divide only got worse as the rest of the school started wearing blue or red ribbons to show who they supported, and Amber was upset to realise that almost everyone was on 'team Cassie'. Before long, however, word was spreading across social media, and Amber was shocked to find that suddenly everyone was on her side, and a humiliated Cassie had gone missing. Amber eventually managed to track her down and made her see that the ridiculous Twitter war really didn't matter, taking her back to the school to be reunited with her worried parents. Afterwards, Amber told a group of year 11 students about what had happened, and they all signed contracts to agree to be more responsible with social media.

Soon after, the Turners faced more problems, when Mason was arrested for the Lassiter's robbery, and the police began the search for Robbo, his accomplice, in Queensland. With Robbo close to being found, Bailey decided that he had to go to the police too, and confess that he'd been there when Mason and Robbo had robbed the warehouse in Mount Isa, with Matt forced to admit that he'd found Bailey and let him go. With Mason facing a return to prison and Matt suspended from work, Amber felt terrible, admitting that she felt guilty for ever bringing Robbo into their lives. As her 17th birthday arrived, she decided that she didn't want to celebrate, returning her parents' gift, feeling that they couldn't afford it now. Chris was determined that Amber was going to enjoy herself, however, and arranged a surprise pool party for his new friend, also giving her a bracelet as a gift. Amber was extremely grateful and, at the end of the day, she kissed him. Though it was just a friendly 'thank you' kiss in Chris' eyes, it clearly meant a lot more to Amber. When she then found out that Chris had arranged a date with one of his customers at the garage, Seamus, she ended up gatecrashing their lunch together, and later tried to talk Chris out of seeing him again. However, when Chris and Seamus then arranged dinner, Amber went to Charlie's, where Seamus was waiting and, when he left the table, she used his phone to cancel the date. When a confused Chris called Seamus, he denied sending the text, and Amber had to come clean. She told Chris that Seamus wasn't right for him, and he'd just been looking for something casual, but Chris asked her to leave, and it seemed that her obsessive behaviour may have ruined their friendship completely. The following week, Amber went to Chris' place and asked if she could watch the eclipse with him, and he was too polite to ask her to leave. It was Georgia who pointed out to Amber that she was just going to make herself unhappy, and make things very difficult for Chris, if she carried on with her behaviour and so, as they watched the eclipse together, Amber apologised and they patched up their friendship.

Amber soon found someone new to obsess over, when aspiring Olympic swimmer Joshua Willis moved into 22 Ramsay Street with his family. Amber quickly befriended Josh's twin sister Imogen, who was amused by Amber's sudden inability to string a sentence together whenever Josh was around. Imogen warned Amber that no girl could come between him and his swimming, but, desperate to be close to him, she started spending time at the pool, watching him during training. Amber soon found a new way to get closer to Josh though, when she offered to help him with an essay - unfortunately, she knew nothing about the subject and ended up just getting him in trouble at school. But Josh was starting to find himself attracted to Amber and her goofy ways, and as she apologised for the terrible essay, he ended up kissing her. They were both delighted with this development, but when Josh then ended up being an hour late for a session with his new trainer, Don Cotter, he was given an ultimatum - his swimming career or his girlfriend. Not wanting to give up either of them, Josh decided to keep this from Amber, and tell Don that he'd broken up with her. But his lies quickly caught up with him, and Josh was forced to tell Don that Amber was still hanging around as she was stalking him, and Amber was shocked when Don then warned her to stay away. It wasn't long before Amber realised what Josh had been saying, and she ended things between them, not wanting to be the secret girlfriend of another guy, after all of the drama with Robbo.

With Imogen's encouragement, Amber tried to move on with Clay Blair, but he came on too strong, whilst they were in his car one night, and she rejected him and got out. She quickly realised that she had forgotten her phone, and was in an unfamiliar part of town, but was in for a shock when Robbo appeared from the shadows. He walked with her as she found her way home, and tried to tell her about how much he'd changed and wanted to be with her again. Once at home, Amber told Mason about Robbo's return, and that he was unaware that the police were looking for him, so they made an anonymous call and Robbo was arrested the next morning. Out on bail, he did his best to get close to Amber again and though she was determined not to get involved with him, she struggled with her feelings, as everyone else turned against him, she was the only one to give him any time. Becoming more and more convinced that Robbo was just misunderstood and that she could make him a better person, Amber followed him one day, and found that he was squatting at the old radio station. She ended up staying a while to help him with some job applications, but was spotted outside by Bailey. Her family were shocked to realise that she was still seeing Robbo but as much as she tried to stay away, she couldn't resist him. When he called her later, he told her that he'd been conned in a card game by Paul Robinson and had nothing left - feeling sorry for him, Amber slept with him, unaware that he was recording it, and believing that he was going to change his plea to guilty for his upcoming court case, to lessen his prison time and to avoid Mason being re-arrested. When Amber then found out that Robbo hadn't changed his plea at all, she was furious and finally realised that she couldn't trust him. She also realised that Josh had been avoiding her because he'd been warned off by Robbo, and she apologised and asked if they could try again. Unfortunately for Amber, she'd confided in Imogen about her one-night-stand with Robbo, and Imogen accidentally let this information slip as Josh was preparing for the date - leaving relations strained once again between Amber and Josh.

After initially blaming Imogen for the whole mess, Amber patched up their friendship and things were slowly improving with Josh too, but Amber then learnt that Robbo had been using the video of her to blackmail Mason. As the whole neighbourhood was gathered for a charity photo exhibition at the uni, Amber stole Imogen's car keys, planning to go and confront Robbo. The next morning, she woke up in Robbo's squat, with him nowhere to be seen, and later learnt that he'd been run down in a hit and run incident, and was in a serious condition in hospital. Amber kept quiet about where she'd been the previous night, realising that she had a motive for wanting Robbo gone, and struggled to cope with her feelings, unable to hate Robbo, even after everything he'd done. Amber found comfort with Josh, however, as he made it clear that he still cared about her, but he was upset when he later saw her sitting by Robbo's hospital bed, refusing to believe that she could still have any feelings for the man who'd hurt so many people. Amber's feelings of confusion continued a few days later, when she learnt that Robbo had died, and that his last words seemed to imply that Mason was responsible for putting him in hospital.

Amber was left stunned by Robbo's death, but it also made her realise that life was short and she had to tell Josh that she still cared for him. Unfortunately, she'd deleted his number, so when she tried to send him a text, thanking him for being so nice to her recently, she accidentally sent it to Lou instead. When no reply came, Amber assumed that Josh was punishing her and ended up going to confront him, ranting about his behaviour. He then kissed her, and she wondered why, if he felt the same why, he'd ignored her text. He explained that he hadn't received it, she realised her mistake and they quickly moved on, becoming a couple again. Soon after, the truth finally came out, when Hudson's alibi fell through and he admitted that he'd been driving the car that hit Robbo. The revelation took its toll on Amber's friendship with Chris, as Hudson completely blanked him, effectively ending their relationship. Things between Josh and Amber also suffered, as their parents realised just how much they'd been lying, and banned them from seeing each other. They soon found ways around the ban, but as the school holidays arrived, it became more difficult to see each other, and Josh ended up stealing the keys to the empty number 24, where he and Amber managed to get some time along - until they were caught by Susan. Amber and Josh pleased with Brad and Lauren to lift the ban, or at least change the punishment, and it was decided that Amber could work, unpaid, at the store for a month instead. Josh, meanwhile, was told that he'd be doing the gardening at home for a month, but the stress of juggling schoolwork, housework, swimming training and his relationship with Amber soon became too much, and he made the decision to quit school.

Amber and Josh were also struggling with the decision of when to begin having sex, with Amber determined that she wasn't going to rush things, and Josh claiming to be happy to wait. As the Turner and Willis parents started to have meetings about their kids, trying to figure out whether they should intervene, Lauren rushed home one day, after hearing that Josh and Amber were alone in the spa - Amber was mortified, and angrily told her mother that they were planning to wait a few months, just as Josh blurted out that they were ready now. Realising that they had completely different ideas, Amber was very upset, and her father Matt went to the Willis house, accusing Josh of trying to force Amber when she wasn't ready. Josh replied that he would never force Amber to do anything, as he loved her - and she arrived just in time to hear this declaration, getting the teenage romance back on track and making their parents realise that they needed to allow their children to make their own decisions.

At the same time, Amber continued to try to figure out what she wanted to do with her life, with her final year at school approaching. After spending her work experience at the hotel, she realised that the high-stress environment wasn't for her, and she struggled with feelings of inadequacy next to Josh and his family, who were so ambitious and determined. Amber's next brush with working life came when she was asked by Sheila to work as a meter maid at the Lassiter's car park, in an attempt to pull people in when the hotel started charging for parking. Though Amber had no problem with dolling herself up, and the plan seemed to work, Josh was appalled when he saw his girlfriend, and made it clear that he didn't approve at all. As Amber spent her time standing around the car park, she also had time to take more photos on her phone, and when Terese saw them, and coincidentally needed a last-minute photographer for a wedding, she asked Amber to help out. As photography was one of the few things she enjoyed doing at school, Amber started to wonder whether she could turn it into a career, though she continued to feel undermined by Josh. In the end, she decided that she needed a break from the relationship, but after seeing the brilliant photos that she'd taken, he realised how talented his girlfriend really was, and how his constant digs had undermined her fragile self-confidence. Josh then turned up at the Turner house, dressed in a suit, and asked Amber for another chance, offering to take her to the school dance. However, Amber was disappointed when Josh texted her to say he'd be late, as the newspaper wanted to do a last-minute interview. As the evening dragged on, Amber tracked Josh down to Harold's Store, where he and attractive journalist Ruby were deep in conversation. As Amber struggled to control her jealousy and Josh failed to see the problem, they split up again. During their time apart, Josh ended up sharing a brief kiss with Ruby, and reunited with Amber later the same day, after which they slept together for the first time.

Amber was little taken aback when, a few days later, Josh presented her with an expensive camera as a gift, claiming that he was just very happy that they were back together. Though pleased, Amber was slightly confused at the grand gesture, only a couple of weeks before Christmas, and wondered if it was some kind of 'thank you' gift after they slept together. Josh insisted that she was thinking about things too much, but later that afternoon, she was stunned to see a text on Josh's phone from Ruby, saying that they needed to talk about the kiss. Devastated to learn that it had happened only hours before they slept together, Amber refused to listen to Josh, until he made it clear that Ruby had kissed him, it had been a mistake and he was very serious about Amber - even asking her to join him at his next photo shoot. There, Amber was happy to have her photo taken with Josh in front of Ruby, but later, Ruby caught Amber alone and told her that she felt it was a mistake for Josh to be in a relationship at this point in his career, and that Amber was going to find it very hard to deal with the situation and would need to toughen up.

Amber continued to offer her support to Josh, even as his ego started to grow out of control and he won an award for emerging talent and started accepted lots of sponsorship deals. When Josh then qualified for the Commonwealth Games, Amber was upset to learn that he'd have to spend three months at a training camp in Spain. She tried to find a way to go with him, but Josh insisted that it wouldn't be a good idea, but she could trust him and she could definitely come and see him perform in Glasgow. However, just as everything seemed to be going perfectly, disaster struck when Josh and Amber went on a camping trip with Mason and Imogen - whilst Mason and Imogen were abseiling, Mason goaded Josh into taking part and it ended with a nasty accident, as Josh fell. At the hospital, it was discovered that he'd badly injured his shoulder and a sports surgeon was flown in to operate. Afterwards, the prognosis was bad, but Brad tried to keep Josh's spirits up, lying to him that he'd still be able to swim professionally. When Josh found out the truth, he lashed out, blaming Mason for the whole thing and driving a huge wedge between the Willis and Turner families. It wasn't long before Mason was proved innocent and he left to make a fresh start in Darwin, but Josh continued to struggle with his recovery and the thought that he might never swim professionally again. As Amber received a local award for her photography work, this only served to worsen Josh's feelings that he was a failure and he turned to drugs to try to speed up his recovery - something which didn't go unnoticed by Amber for long. After finding the pills in Josh's bag, Amber confronted him and he denied that he had a problem, flushing the pills down the sink to prove it. Amber agreed not to say anything to Brad, but after a confidential chat to Karl at the hospital, she realised that her boyfriend may have caused himself permanent damage by training so hard whilst masking the pain with the stronger tablets. She also knew that he had medical coming up and that traces of the drugs could still be in his system. Feeling that she had no other option, Amber told Brad what had been going on, and Josh was furious with his girlfriend, telling her that he could never forgive her.

After a few days, Imogen decided to force Josh and Amber to talk to each other, and she made him see that she'd only done what she did because she cared about him. Josh was happy to have someone who still believed in him, but there was bad news from the orthopaedic surgeon, as Josh learnt that his excessive training, whilst covering up the pain with the tablets, had caused him permanent damage, and that he'd never swim professionally again. Amber did her best to support her boyfriend, but she was soon caught up in another dilemma when she found out a shocking family secret - Lauren had been pregnant with Brad's baby when she left Erinsborough 20 years earlier, and the baby had been adopted out, illegally, by Lauren's mum Kathy. Brad and Terese didn't want to disrupt Josh and Imogen's lives by telling them, and so Amber started avoiding spending time with her boyfriend and best friend, and Josh was left worrying that Amber no longer wanted to be with him, as his sporting career had failed. It wasn't long, however, before Imogen realised that there was more to it, and she finally forced Bailey to tell her the truth, with the Willis kids left stunned by the news that they had another half-sibling.

As the Willis and Turner families dealt with this revelation, Amber found herself a distraction in the form of newcomer Daniel Robinson, who soon admitted that he felt a strong connection to her. Word got back to Josh, who felt threatened until honest and upfront Daniel said that he had no intention of stealing Amber away. However, as they bonded over a shared love of photography and set up a dark room together, Amber and Daniel grew closer, and Josh became more distracted as he focussed on his new hobby, skateboarding. Amber then grew jealous as Josh flirted with newcomer Paige - unaware that the mysterious new arrival was actually Brad and Lauren's daughter, and both Josh and Amber's half-sister - and she began to realise that she wanted to end things with Josh and be with Daniel instead. At the same time, Josh had realised that he needed to make more of an effort, and had made some frames for some photos of him and Amber, presenting them to her, and giving her second thoughts just as she was about to dump him. But unable to fight her attraction to Daniel any more, Amber ended up kissing him. Finding ways to secretly keep in touch with Daniel, Amber tried to find a way to dump Josh, but other issues kept getting in the way and soon, Josh had figured out for himself that something was going on, catching Amber and Daniel in the act in the darkroom at the hotel. Josh refused to speak to Amber, and she found herself losing her friendship with Imogen and the respect of her father. She was then shocked when Daniel asked her to move in with him to get away from the problems at home, and had to turn him down, feeling that he was being impulsive and it was too soon to be living together.

Amber was then in for another shock, when she, and the rest of the Turners and Willises, finally found out that Paige was Brad and Lauren's long-lost daughter. Disgusted that she'd been lying to them all for months, Amber was further annoyed to find a 'burn book' amongst Paige's things, with sketches of the members of the Turner and Willis families, and the words 'Princess Skank' written underneath the drawing of Amber.

Magic Moments
Episode 6574: The Turners' Arrival


Biography by Steve