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Bailey Turner 2013-2015
Lives: 32 Ramsay Street
Parents: Lauren and Matt Turner
Siblings: Mason, Amber, Paige

The youngest child of Lauren and Matt Turner, self-confessed nerd Bailey was far brighter and more confident than his years, and quickly settled in to Erinsborough when he, his parents and older sister Amber moved there. Moving into 32 Ramsay Street with his grandfather Lou, Bailey soon spotted Rani Kapoor at a barbecue being held on the street for the Turner family's arrival. Unfortunately, Bailey's dad, Erinsborough's new police sergeant, Matt, soon spoilt his son's chances when he turned up to question Rani about some graffiti at Lassiter's, and she was taken inside by her dad, Ajay.

A few days later, Bailey made another new friend on the street when he and neighbour Callum Rebecchi were taking photos for a contest in the Erinsborough News. Callum was quick to warn Bailey away from Rani, as he'd been chasing her for months and didn't need any competition for her affections, and offered to give the newcomer a tour of the local area. Looking for interesting photos, Callum ended up taking a picture of local doctor Karl Kennedy and Sarah Beaumont having lunch by Lassiter's lake. Callum was forced to explain the complicated history between Karl and Sarah, and how badly it had damaged Karl's marriage to Susan. Later that day, Bailey spotted Rani picking up little at Lassiter's - her punishment for the graffiti incident - and joked with her about hearing all about the locals and their sordid affairs. Thinking he was referring to the affair that had recently ended her parents' marriage, she stormed off, but Bailey later caught up with her to apologise and finally seemed to be making some progress as she complimented his photos.

But as Bailey was doing his best to get Amber to try and fit in, and make an effort at school, the family were hit by drama when their house was broken into. Though Lauren was stunned by what had happened and became concerned that it might somehow be connected to their reasons for leaving Queensland, the rest of the family seemed less than surprised, and Bailey particularly had something to hide when he went outside and put a roll of money inside an old gnome in the front garden. The burglary did have one positive effect, as it elicited some sympathy from Rani when he told her about it, but it had clearly got Bailey worried and, late that night, he crept out of his room and sat in the lounge with a cricket bat, ready to catch the intruder, if they tried to get in again.

When Mason arrived in Erinsborough a few days later, Bailey was delighted to see him, and after managing to get him alone, he told him that he suspected that Mason's old friend Robbo had been behind the break-in. Bailey explained that, following the warehouse robbery involving Robbo and Mason, which had landed Mason in juvenile detention and had been the reason why he'd arrived in town later than the rest of his family, Bailey had found a roll of notes, containing $10,000 in the back of their mum's car, and now he was certain that Robbo had come looking for it. However, when Bailey took him to the gnome where he'd hidden it, they found that both the gnome and the money had gone. Mistakenly believing that the gnome had gone to the tip, Bailey and Mason thought they had little chance of ever seeing it again, unaware that neighbour Sheila Canning had taken it to add to her collection.

Remembering that, on the night of the warehouse robbery, Bailey had gone to try and stop Mason, only to find himself getting caught up in the whole mess. and that Robbo had then run off, leaving them to take the rap when the police arrived, he struggled to believe Mason's insistence that Robbo could still be trusted, and that he wasn't behind the burglary at number 32. Bailey was certain that Robbo was going to continue to come after them and that now, they didn't even have the money to give to him when he turned up. When Mason and Bailey found out that Amber had secretly been dating Robbo for months, they had to be honest with her and let her know of both Bailey and Robbo's part in the robbery that had sent Mason to juvie. Amber refused to believe that Robbo would do anything like that to her or her family, and after talking to him, decided that he had changed and that she could make him into a better person. Bailey was appalled as it seemed that he was the only one who could see how dangerous Robbo was, and how much trouble he was going to cause for their family unless they got him out of their lives. Unbeknownst to Bailey, Mason had actually arranged another robbery with Robbo, this time at Lassiter's, but it had gone wrong when they were almost caught by security, and Robbo had fled the area.

After helping Sheila take a new birdbath into her back garden one day, Bailey was surprised to spot the missing garden gnome, but couldn't manage to get any time alone to have a closer look at it. Later, he told Mason and the brothers jumped the fence, but were caught by Sheila. She quickly realised what they were looking for, having found the money herself, and they lied to her that it belonged to Lou, as he had recently started working as an escort again. Sheila believed their story and gave the money back to Lou, who was shocked to find out what his grandsons had been keeping from the rest of the family. Lou decided to donate the money to the local hospital, but that wasn't the end of the drama, as the truth about Amber's relationship with Robbo came out, after Lou found a pregnancy testing kit in the bin. As the younger members of the Turner family argued about the matter, it wasn't long before the truth about Bailey's involvement in the warehouse robbery was also revealed, and Lauren was horrified at the secrets that her husband and children had been keeping from her. After a few days of hostility, Matt and Lauren patched things up, but then Matt received an anonymous note, postmarked Mount Isa, warning that somebody knew his secret. Believing it to be from Robbo, the family knew that they had to stop him from going to the police, and Mason eventually found out that he was hiding out with a mate in Mount Isa. Upset at all the stress the situation was causing in his family, Bailey decided that he was going to end it once and for all by confessing to the police. However, when Mason found out that the note had been sent by his ex-girlfriend Rhiannon, angry at Matt for splitting her and Mason up, he raced to the police station and just managed to stop his little brother from confessing.

As Mason began a new relationship with Kate and confessed everything about the warehouse robbery and his time in juvenile detention, Bailey became suspicious of his brother's continued shifty behaviour, and finally worked out that Mason had been involved in the robbery at Lassiter's. Despite Mason trying to deny it, Bailey knew that his guess had been correct, and he even figured out that Mason had only done it to get Robbo out of town, and he was furious with his older brother for continuing to lie to the people closest to him. Bailey's worst fears then came true, as Sonya - the only witness to the Lassiter's robbery - got her memory back and reported Mason to the police. As Sonya identified Robbo from photographs, the net began to tighten and Bailey decided that, rather than have the fear of Robbo hanging over them, he would go to the police and confess his part in the Mount Isa robbery. When Matt found out what his youngest son was doing, he too decided to own up about everything, and the three Turner men waited to hear their fate. After getting into a fight at school, Bailey ended up with a black eye, but, despite that, he ended up only getting a police warning for his part in the robbery.

At school, Bailey won the lead role in a play, To Agra With Love, being put together by Rani, who'd found it on an old floppy disk whilst clearing out her dead mum's possessions. Though Rani had started dating Callum, she couldn't shake the nagging feeling that it was actually Bailey she should be with, and as rehearsals started, Bailey was struggling with his growing attraction to her too. After getting some advice from Mason, Bailey attempted to get out of the play by pretending that he was struggling with remembering the lines, but felt so guilty about letting Rani down, that he returned to rehearsals and put more effort in. Though they'd been avoiding rehearsing the final kiss in the play, Rani and Bailey ended up sharing a kiss when alone one day in the community centre, which was witnessed by Sonya - Callum's mum. Rani said that they'd decided to rehearse the kiss after all, but Sonya wasn't convinced and began to worry that Callum was about to be badly hurt by his best friend and his girlfriend. Consumed by guilt, Rani told Callum what she'd done, and he was furious, destroying the Taj Mahal backdrop that had been created for the play, and starting a brawl with Bailey in the middle of the street. Callum eventually agreed to take Rani back, and even played his part in To Agra With Love, but told her that he didn't want to her to be friends with Bailey anymore. Rani reluctantly went along with it, despite the pain it was causing her, but when she went to see Bailey one evening, and Callum found out, he rushed over to the Turner house, and another fight broke out. This time, Callum pushed Bailey away and he fell, hitting his hide and sliding into the pool. Bailey was resuscitated by Karl and rushed to hospital, where he made a full recovery, but the incident seemed to do nothing to repair the relationship between Bailey and his former best friend Callum.

Callum soon realised that Rani and Bailey were meant to be, and managed to repair the friendship a little by arranging for the two of them to meet up for a romantic date. Rani and Bailey then started dating, but their time together was brief as a family emergency meant that Rani and Ajay had to leave for India. Before she went, Bailey told Rani that he loved her, and then started to count down the days to her return. Meanwhile, Bailey and Callum's fragile friendship suffered again, when Bailey noticed Callum's developing crush on older Imogen Willis, telling her to let Callum down gently. When Callum found out, it led to another big argument, which worsened when shy Josie Lamb started trying to get to know Callum better. Callum assumed that it was a set-up by Bailey, not realising that Jodie genuinely liked him.

Things were finally back on track with Callum and Bailey's friendship, when Rani made a surprise return to town. Bailey was delighted to see her, and started making plans for things to do, including attending the school dance together. Rani was then forced to break the news that she was only back for a few days, before she and her father moved to London, where he'd been offered a job. Not wanting to give up on her, Bailey then decided to apply for a scholarship being offered by Paul Robinson, hoping that it would pay for him to attend school in London and be with Rani. Though Rani pretended to be pleased by the idea, Callum noticed that she actually wasn't that keen, and wondered if maybe she'd met someone else whilst in India. Bailey was disgusted when Callum suggested this, assuming that he was still jealous, but as she prepared to leave, Rani admitted that there'd been another boy in India - nothing had happened, but they'd been attracted to each other. It had made her realise that she was far too young to be thinking about a long-term relationship, so she felt that it was best if she and Bailey had a clean break. Rani then said a final goodbye to Bailey and walked out of his life for good.

As he tried to forget about Rani and move on, Bailey found comfort in a friendship with new teacher, Gem Reeves. Cousin to Toadie and Georgia, manipulative Gem have moved into 30 Ramsay Street, and was soon causing problems at school with her strange teaching methods and favouring the boys over the girls. After she realised that Bailey was intending to make a complaint about an essay he felt had been incorrectly marked, Gem realised that she had to get him on side, and started flattering him, telling him what a nice guy he was and that he'd easily find another girlfriend. When Bailey then accidentally found out that Gem had stolen some of the votes for the 2014 school captain election, so that Amber would win over Imogen, he made it clear that he would report her unless she put them back. After this slip-up, Gem renewed her efforts to get close to Bailey, offering to help him get a place on the end of year exchange trip to China. When Gem faked a hip injury - in a jealous rage after Georgia got engaged to Kyle - Bailey visited her in hospital, then again at home. His home visit coincided with another from Susan, who was concerned that Bailey might be developing a crush on his teacher. When Imogen finally snapped and reported Miss Reeves, due to her favouring of the male students, Bailey became protective, and told Imogen to back off. That day, Gem asked Bailey to have lunch with her by Lassiter's lake, where she flirted with him and even held his hand, witnessed by Imogen, who went straight to Susan. Though Gem and Bailey claimed to have no idea what Imogen was talking about, Gem told him that she would have to avoid further suspicion, so she couldn't vote for him to go on the China trip. Bailey admitted that he would have struggled to be away from her for three weeks anyway, and Gem was delighted to have him completely under her spell.

Gem then managed to persuade Bailey that Kate was out to get her and had been trying to get her sacked. She told him that she needed him to hack into Kate's email account so that she could see what she'd been saying - Bailey reluctantly agreed, but was then horrified when Gem found an email which said that Kyle and Kate had slept together six months earlier and had been keeping it a secret from Georgia, and Gem then used that email to expose them during Kyle and Georgia's engagement party. Bailey warned her that he was going to tell people what she'd done, but she reminded him that he was the one who'd broken the law, and that they would never believe him over her. But after confiding in Mason, Bailey realised that he had to be honest and face the consequences, and so he reported everything to Susan. Gem's laptop was taken and she was suspended, and she later managed to convince a fragile Georgia that Kate was setting her up and that they needed to get away from Erinsborough for a few days. Word soon came back to the residents of Ramsay Street that an incident had taken place at the cottages where Georgia and Gem had been staying - Georgia had been injured and Gem had fled in her car. A few days later, Georgia found that her car had been left outside the hospital, while Bailey spotted Gem's diary amongst her belongings that had been left by the door of the Rebecchi house, for her mum to collect. After reading it, Bailey realised that Gem hadn't been using him and had genuinely enjoyed his company, and so he decided to try and get in touch with her. After sending Gem a text, they arranged to meet, and she made it clear to Bailey that she hadn't harmed Georgia on purpose, and the whole thing had been an accident. As Bailey sympathised with her, he tried to talk her into getting some help, but she quickly turned on him and then disappeared again. As Matt and Lauren turned up, Bailey continued to try to defend Gem, insisting that she wasn't a bad person, but was simply misunderstood. Soon after, Gem turned up at the hospital with an injured hand, and the police took her away - with none of her victims willing to press charges, she was given a psychiatric assessment and released into the care of her mother in Birregurra.

There was more change on the way for Bailey, when Mason decided that he needed a fresh start away from Erinsborough, and he accepted a job with Lassiter's in Darwin. At school, Bailey thought that he might be in with a chance when he spotted Josie Mackay looking at him across the yard. Having blown a chance with her not long after he arrived in town, he thought that she might still be interested, but Callum pointed out that she actually seemed to be staring at Kyle, who was working at the school as a handyman. After a chat with Josie seemed to confirm this, Bailey was ready to give up hope but, as he helped her out with a history assignment, he began to wonder if she might be interested in him after all. He confided in Callum, who suggested that, if he really wanted to get her attention, then maybe he should try behaving a bit more like Kyle. That plan failed, and Josie told him that she actually liked his nerdy personality. They arranged to go on a date, but as time went on, Bailey struggled with his first real girlfriend, and Josie told him that he didn't need to try so hard to impress her. When Callum and his Josie decided to sleep together, Bailey wondered if his Josie wanted the same thing, knowing that she'd slept with her previous boyfriend, Jayden. However, when he suggested this to Josie, she was furious, angrily confronting Jayden about his bragging, and telling everyone that they'd never even kissed, never mind having sex. She was also disappointed that Bailey had believed the stories that Jayden had been telling, whilst a humiliated Jayden challenged Bailey to a fight. Bailey immediately started to panic, but Josh encouraged him to use his brain to get out of it, and Bailey found a solution when Lou asked him to move some of his home brew out of the shed. Bailey took the alcohol along, and managed to bribe his way out of the fight - with an impressed Jayden then inviting him to hang out. Bailey returned home later that night, drunk, without anyone noticing, spending the next day confusing everyone with his odd behaviour as he dealt with a hangover. After realising that, in his drunken state, he'd been calling Josie over and over, and she now wanted nothing more to do with him, he accepted another invitation to spend time with Jayden and his mates, hoping that he could drown his sorrows in some more alcohol.

Bailey quickly found himself drinking with Jayden and his mates all the time, and trying to keep it from his other friends and family. It wasn't long before Callum realised what was going on, when he found Bailey passed out at home one morning, after a huge party with Jayden. As Bailey pushed Callum away, he also managed to lose Josie completely when he made a fool of himself and started fighting with Jayden over her. Having lost all of his friends, Bailey found a new drinking buddy when Karina, a girl from school, approached him and said that she had sympathy for him, with so many rumours flying around Erinsborough High about him. Bailey was pleased to have someone to talk to, but disappointed as it became clear that Karina only really wanted to spend time with him so that he could help her and her friends get their hands on alcohol. He decided that it was better than nothing, and managed to patch things up with Callum at the last-minute, before he set off for a scholarship in the USA. Now without his best friend for support, Bailey started spending more time with Karina and, desperate to impress her, he stole $100 from the till at Harold's. New employee Paige - who was hiding the secret that she was Brad and Lauren's long-lost daughter, and the half-sister of the Turner kids - saw what Bailey had done and accepted the blame. Later, however, she angrily told Lauren that she was a terrible mother who wasn't even aware of what was going on with her own kids, which led to Lauren and Matt finding a vodka bottle in Bailey's room. They confronted him and he was furious, but Paige persuaded him to go home and speak to his parents, as he was lucky that they cared about him so much. As Bailey then apologised to his father, Matt opened up about his own childhood, and revealed that his father had been an alcoholic. A few days later, Matt spoke to the rest of the family about it too, explaining that this was perhaps why he'd always been so strict with them. As Bailey visited Sonya to talk to her about his drinking and why it had started, the whole thing ultimately managed to bring the Turner family closer together.

Bailey then found something new to focus on, as he began an astronomy club at the school, only for it to be steamrolled by Alice Azikiwe, who managed to install herself as president of the club, hopeful that it would look good on her own application for space camp. Bailey responded by thinking big, and setting up the Australian Space Exploration Council, and Alice then got her revenge by making Bailey think that he needed to include a photograph with his application, so he added one of him wearing a NASA baseball cap. However, both Alice and Bailey received letters to say that they'd made it through to the next stage of the process. When Alice then goaded Bailey about her long list of extra-curricular activities, and he started to panic about having to make a presentation to the judging panel, Matt suggested that he should take part in the upcoming story slam at The Waterhole, and give himself something to put down as an extra-curricular activity, and give himself some experience of public speaking at the same time.

As Alice and Bailey's war continued, it eventually turned to love for the pair, and so when they received word that they'd both been given an interview for Space Camp, it was bittersweet, knowing that even if one of them did get in, they'd then have to split up. It was Alice who was the successful applicant, but as she prepared to depart, Bailey was finding it difficult, feeling like he was already being pushed out of her life. She then admitted that she really didn't have time for a boyfriend now, and with a passionate kiss, she walked out of his life, leaving Bailey determined to get to space and join her one day. Meanwhile, the lives of the Turner family were turned upside-down when Paige's true identity was revealed. Though Bailey was, as usual, the most level-headed in the family, it took longer for others to accept her, particularly Amber - who had already had several personality clashes with Paige - and Matt - who found her to be a difficult reminder of Brad and Lauren's past. Things briefly worsened when Matt found out that, whilst searching for their daughter in Adelaide, an emotional Brad and Lauren had shared a kiss, but after a difficult few weeks, the Turner household finally started to settle down, and they all celebrated Christmas together.

The following year saw more changes for the family when the kids found out that they were actually the owners of 32 Ramsay Street, as their grandmother Kathy - who had been responsible for Paige being adopted out as a baby, leaving Lauren to think that her daughter was dead - had bought the house and put it in a trust for her grandchildren. Though Matt and Lauren had kept this a secret from Mason, Amber and Bailey, a mistake at the bank led to them receiving letters about it, and suddenly feeling like a failure as a father, Matt decided that he was going to buy the house back from them, even if it meant taking on a huge mortgage. After some difficulties, the kids agreed to sell them the house, and even offered to loan them back the money to help out, but when it suddenly went missing from the holding account, Paige admitted that a guy she'd been chatting to online, Bryson had sent her some song lyrics, and it looked like she'd downloaded a virus along with them, and her bank details had been compromised. However, when Bryson was found to be innocent in the whole matter, Bailey admitted that he'd been chatting to a girl in Russia, using Paige's laptop, and had downloaded some photos, so that might be the more likely source of the virus.

Seeing the stress that his father was under sent Bailey spiralling into self-loathing, and he almost started drinking again, but managed to stop himself. However, when Matt was then suddenly killed in a hit-and-run incident, Bailey's behaviour worsened, as he bottled things up and struggled to talk to his family. After giving a passionate speech at Matt's funeral, Bailey joined his siblings and Lauren to scatter his father's ashes up at Mt. Isa, but when he returned, he continued to find it difficult to talk about what he was feeling, and he ended up destroying the flowers, left as a roadside tribute to Matt. After learning that his cash-strapped father had been accepting bribes from local criminal Dennis Dimato, just to keep a roof over the family, he then started drinking again, and lashing out at those around him, including turning on Lou and pushing him. But Bailey hit his lowest point when he found a car outside Fitzgerald Motors and stole it, using it as somewhere to get some sleep and escape the problems at home, having found a letter detailing the lump sum of money that Lauren would receive from her late husband's superannuation. Fortunately for Bailey, Paige covered up what he'd done, but he finally realise that he couldn't continue on that same path, and told Lou about how much he hated being at home, where there were so many memories. Lou then explained that he'd been thinking about moving back up to Brisbane for a while, and suggested that Bailey could join him and make a fresh start, taking as long as he needed to move on from his grief and get his life back on track. Bailey decided that it was probably the best idea, and after a difficult goodbye to his mum, he bid goodbye to Ramsay Street.

Trivia Notes
Calen Mackenzie previously appeared in 2011 as Thomas McPhee

Magic Moments
Episode 6574: The Turners' Arrival


Biography by Steve