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Jarrod 'Toadfish' Vincenzo Rebecchi 1995-
Lives: 30 Ramsay Street
Lived: 22, 28, 32 Ramsay Street

Marital Status: Dee Bliss (2003; died), Stephanie Scully (2010-)
Born: 1979
Parents: Kevin [Big Kev] and Angie Rebecchi
Siblings: Shane and Kevin [Stonefish]
Children: Nell
Family Tree: Rebecchi
Occupation: Coffee Shop Assistant, Barman, University Disc Jockey, Lassiter's Hotel Staff, Law Student, Law Intern, Lawyer

Always part of some get-rich quick scheme or plotting to overthrow the school, Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi - the youngest son of Big Kev and Angie Rebecchi - provided the teachers and students of Erinsborough High with unending problems during his days as a high school student. However, he did manage to show his softer side shortly after transferring to Erinsborough High from the tougher West Waratah, when he took newly arrived country boy Billy Kennedy under his wing. The two became best mates, although Billy was always the more quiet and less mischievous of the two.

Toadie caused endless headaches for his long-suffering mother Angie in his teens - including trying to blackmail Lucy Robinson with nude centrefolds of her he came across in British porn magazine Ambrosia and stealing jewellery from Danni Stark's stall at the local Youth Centre market. Toadie also came into constant conflict with Billy's stubborn father, Dr. Karl Kennedy - or 'The Doc' as Toadie came to affectionately call him. Karl took an instant dislike to Toadie when he first came on the scene, especially after the jewellery-stealing incident at the market, which Toadie had implicated Billy in. Labelling Toadfish a 'criminal', Karl insisted Billy was to stay away from him. That proved tricky, however, when the Rebecchi family moved into No. 32 Ramsay Street - two doors down from the Kennedys. Before long, Toadie had Billy ditching the school sports day to smoke cigarettes and 'borrowing' Karl's car to cruise round the neighbourhood with big brother - and ex-con - Shane.

Toadie and Billy caused major problems for their families when they ran away together. An irate Karl stormed over to the Rebecchi house when he discovered what had happened, and ended up in a bitter argument with Big Kev over Toadie's behaviour, insisting that it was Toadie who had led Billy astray. Angie calmed the two down, reminding them that they should be joining forces to track the kids down rather than argue amongst themselves. But the police found the boys before their parents could, after they caught Billy with a can of spray paint in his hands, standing below a road sign that Toadie had just sprayed graffiti all over. Karl was disgusted with Billy when the police brought him home, while Angie told Toadie to pack his things, having decided to send him to live with his Auntie Coral. The next day, before Big Kev headed off with Toadie, Karl brought Billy over to apologise to the Rebecchis for any trouble he had caused, but when Toadie extended his hand to Billy, Billy turned him down, having finally had enough of Toadie getting him into trouble.

After a few months causing his Auntie Coral endless problems in Tindara, Toadie was sent back down to Erinsborough. Angie was furious with Toadie over his failure to improve on his behaviour living in the countryside, and was especially horrified when Coral told her about Toadie's attempts to drill a hole in the wall between his bedroom and his cousin Gemma's so that he could spy on her. Starting to feel ashamed of his behaviour, Toadie tried to make amends with his mother by donning the Erinsborough High school uniform and announcing his commitment to make a real go of things if Angie would let him stay this time. Angie agreed on condition that Toadie would be sent to his father, who was working on the barges in Port Keats, if he stepped out of line one more time. Toadie was thrilled to be staying in Erinsborough, and immediately set about mending his rift with Billy. Billy, however, wasn't hugely pleased to see Toadie back in town, especially since he was busy with his new girlfriend, Melissa Drenth, and didn't want to be roped into anymore of Toadie's scams.

Toadie was shocked, meanwhile, when it was discovered that he had an above average IQ of 135. While Angie was thrilled to have a 'genius' for a son, Toadie was baffled by the discovery that he was some sort of brain box, and figured he must have simply been too lazy over the years to bother with his school work and realise the extent of his intelligence. In an attempt at proving he was still the same old larrikin he always had been, Toadie returned to his mischievous ways by sending a Valentines card to Hannah Martin and signing it from the spunky new Maths teacher, Tim Powers. Hannah had a massive crush on Mr. Powers, so she was thrilled to get the card from him. But when Hannah discovered the card had come from Toadie as a cruel prank, she was devastated. Seeing how upset she was, Toadie was racked with guilt, and desperately tried to make things up to her. Toadie eventually caught up with Hannah at an old cubby house she had found in a nearby woods, where Hannah was planning to spend the day so as not to face the other kids - and Mr. Powers - at school. Toadie hatched a plan whereby he and Hannah could avoid school for the day by both phoning the school and pretending to be the other's parents. Hannah jumped at the opportunity because she didn't want to embarrass herself in front of Mr. Powers again, and she donned her best Angie accent to phone the school to tell them Toadie wouldn't be in. After Toadie had rung in pretending to be Hannah's dad Philip, he and Hannah spent the day at the cubby house, where an unlikely bond began to develop between the two. Unfortunately for the pair, Philip and Angie discovered that they had wagged school when Mr. Powers called them to check up on how the 'ill' students were doing.

Toadie's next scam involved Joanna Hartman, the gorgeous blonde twentysomething who had recently moved in across the street. Jo was an aerobics instructor, and Toadie promptly signed up for her keep fit classes so that he could spend plenty of time gazing at her in her lycra. In one class, Toadie decided to pretend to faint in order for Jo to give him mouth to mouth resuscitation. His plan backfired, however, when one of the other men at the class rushed to give Toadie CPR instead, and a disgusted Toadie jumped up to prevent it, exposing his fake fainting in the process. Jo was deeply hurt by Toadie's actions, and after Angie and big brother Stonie slammed him for stooping so low, Toadie became overcome with guilt for his deceit. He drowned his sorrows by ordering in pizzas and stuffing himself full of junk food all night. The next morning, Angie found her son depressed and gorging on food, and he opened up to her about how he was sick of his reputation of being a pervert, and being overweight.

Just as Toadie had decided he no longer wanted to continue with his accelerated learning classes at school, his mind was changed by the arrival of  Georgia Brown, a new girl at Erinsborough High - and the accelerated learning class. Tomboy Georgia, or George as she preferred to be called, had arrived in Erinsborough to stay with the Martins on Ramsay Street while her father recovered in hospital from a heart attack, and Toadie fell for her immediately. But George only had eyes for Billy, and only saw Toadie as a mate. Toadie was desperate to impress George, though, and when he saw her checking out both Billy and the hunky captain of the footy team Rupert Sprod, Toadie was determined to prove he was a top player too. However, he ended up falling, hurting his shoulder and ending up in a sling for the school dance. But one good thing came out of the incident when George took pity on him and accepted his invite to go to the dance with him. Toadie went all out to impress George, and turned up to meet her at the Coffee Shop before the dance in his best clothes. But he was shattered when George failed to take any notice of him, and was more interested in trying to attract Rupert's attention. George continued to largely ignore Toadie all evening at the dance and he went outside to have a cigarette. There he met Hannah, who had had a similarly bad evening. They both decided to ditch the dance and go home, and Toadie left Hannah holding his cigarette while he went to get his coat. But Hannah was sprung when Mr. McKenna caught her with the cigarette in her hand. Hannah agreed not to tell anyone that Toadie was the real smoker, after Toadie explained he would be immediately shipped up to Port Keats. But Toadie came clean and jumped to Hannah's defence when McKenna started hassling her at school over the incident. However, despite Toadie admitting that he had been the smoker, McKenna refused to cancel his plans to punish Hannah, and opted to punish the pair of them - by getting them to clean the school toilets while the cleaners were on strike.

Meanwhile, George apologised to Toadie for ignoring him the night of the dance, and he agreed to renew their friendship. However, his feelings for her remained and Toadie tried to kiss George on an afternoon out at Lunar Park. But she told him she didn't want to spoil a beautiful friendship, and Toadie accepted her point. Toadie then ironically ended up kissing Melissa, after she had discovered Billy had given in to George's advances and kissed her. Melissa and Toadie agonised over their feelings for each other following their unexpected kiss, and eventually both agreed that they were better off as friends, and the kiss had just been born out of the need to comfort each other over Billy and George. However, unbeknown to them, Billy had witnessed their clinch and they were puzzled by his strange behaviour towards them at school the next day. It was only at a footy meeting at the Kennedys at lunchtime that Billy let Toadie know he had seen him kissing Melissa. Things came to a head when Rupert gathered the footy team together for a training session after school. When he pitted Billy and Toadie against each other, their animosity for each other reached boiling point, and they started fighting. Billy's sister Libby tried to get her then boyfriend Rupert to break the fight up, but Rupert decided to let the boys continue with the fight to sort things out between themselves once and for all. Luckily, the two friends patched up their differences in time for Billy's 16th birthday. Shortly afterwards, George's father was released from hospital and she left Erinsborough.

Toadie found himself looking on Hannah as more than just the girl next door after she told him some home truths about the way he treated girls. It was while she was making a stab at penning her very own romance novel that Toadie teased Hannah and she responded by calling him a jerk, and accused him of being a frog as opposed to a prince. Toadie asked her to elaborate on what she meant and Hannah pointed out that he never behaved normally around the girls at school and that’s why they all stayed away from him. Hannah’s point prompted Toadie to realise that the only girl he ever acted normal and naturally around was Hannah herself, and he stunned Hannah by suggesting that maybe they were meant to be together. She was made more uncomfortable when he opened his heart to her after she delivered a letter to him from George. Luckily, they soon decided there were no romantic feelings towards each other on either side and they stuck to being mates - with Toadie wasting no time in persecuting Hannah over her new braces.

Toadie and Hannah thought they had discovered buried treasure when Hannah’s dog Holly dug up an old tin box buried under the council gardens. They were initially disappointed when all it contained was an old map but as they examined it more closely and realised it was from 1888, the pair began to think that it was a map leading to something exciting and valuable buried somewhere in Erinsborough. Hannah and Toadie then set off to recount the steps marked out on the map but they received a blow when they ended up at the Coffee Shop, and realised there was no way they could find whatever was buried under there. After re-examining the map and making another attempt at following the steps, they ended up back on Ramsay Street. However, their excitement took a huge blow when they realised it was actually under the Kennedy’s house and they knew there was no way Karl Kennedy would let them root around his property.

But never to be deterred in such matters, Toadie got hold of a metal detector from the geography department at school, and was soon checking underneath for the buried treasure. He was thrilled when the entire area under the house responded to the detector and he and Hannah set about digging under the house. But just as Toadie had reached a buried box, Karl found him and Hannah, and demanded to know what was going on. Toadie made up a story about needing soil samples for a school project, but Karl wasn’t interested in explanations and told the pair to fill in the hole they had made and find their soil samples elsewhere. They managed to sneak back to the Kennedys at a later date, and unearthed the box. But Toadie was disgusted to discover it only contained an old china doll and a diary belonging to some kid from the late 1800s called Charlotte Sparrow! Appalled, Toadie washed his hands of the whole thing, and told Hannah she was welcome to the lot. However, he was furious when it transpired that the doll was now worth around $2,000 and Toadie desperately tried to reclaim his half of the money. Hannah eventually relented and agreed to let Toadie share in the value, and they decided to put their money into a jukebox along with Lance Wilkinson, which they leased out to both the Coffee Shop and Lou’s pub.

Toadie was convinced he had hit on another sure-fire way of making money when he and Billy launched their very own childminding service. Cheryl Stark turned their offer of minding her toddler Lolly down but Billy left flyers with her, and when Lolly's gran Marlene Kratz needed to rush to the dentist one day, she called upon the boys to baby-sit Louise while Cheryl was at work. Billy and Toadie happily obliged, but no sooner had they begun baby-sitting than they realised Louise had gone missing. An elaborate attempt at keeping Cheryl busy at work while Toadie and Hannah searched for Lolly backfired when Cheryl cottoned on to what was happening and ran home in a state of panic. Luckily, Cheryl found Louise safe and well, playing under the house but she was furious with the boys and it spelled the end of their adventures in babysitting.

When Angie announced her plans to sell the Coffee Shop and join Big Kev up north to open a roadhouse, Toadie was horrified at the prospect of leaving his life in Erinsborough behind. And with Stonie also leaving with Angie, there was literally nobody for him to stay with in Erinsborough. However, Billy didn’t want his best mate to leave town either, and managed to persuade Susan and a very reluctant Karl to let Toadie move in with them for his final year of school. Although Angie was devastated to leave her son behind, she knew she was leaving him in good hands with the Kennedys and was also immensely proud of her boy’s commitment to finishing his HSC.

Toadie quickly made himself at home at the Kennedy house, and before long was counted as one of the family, even by Karl who deep down was rather fond of ‘Toad Boy’. Toadie also added another member to the Kennedy clan in the form of a pet turkey. Karl had originally been planning to kill the turkey for Christmas dinner, but Toadie was so enamoured by him that he christened him Murray, after his best mate from primary school, and begged Karl not to butcher him. Karl relented, and agreed to let Murray live in the back yard instead, while he tried to find another way of providing a turkey for everyone’s Christmas lunch with only two days to go until Christmas.

Toadie and Billy’s friendship came under strain as Billy began to feel people only saw him as Toadie’s sidekick. To prove he was his own person, Billy did a bungee jump, but Toadie let this slip in front of Karl and Susan, who hadn’t given Billy their permission. Billy was furious with Toadie and accused him of deliberately telling his parents so he would get into trouble. A rift developed between the two friends, and it was Billy's older brother Mal who intervened and pointed out that perhaps Toadie was jealous of Billy’s success with girls while Billy was jealous of Toadie’s outgoing persona and popularity around school. The boys agreed to forgive and forget, but they fell out a second time after Murray escaped from the Kennedy’s back yard and Toadie laughed hysterically when Billy fell flat on his face just as he was about to trap the turkey. The resumption of their feud led Toadie to make a decision to leave the Kennedys and join his family up north. But Billy raced to the train station and stopped Toadie from leaving in the nick of time, and they reaffirmed their friendship.

In true Toadie style, he couldn’t end his years at Erinsborough High School without some kind of spectacular send-off. So he hatched the mother of all muck-up day pranks on his last day, and set about making Styrofoam come out of the air conditioning system. However, his prank backfired and caused a fire at the school. While nobody was hurt, Susan was furious and threatened whoever was responsible with expulsion. Toadie initially denied any involvement, but he couldn’t live with the guilt for long and confessed all to Karl. Susan was forced to expel Toadie from school, and he was then faced with sitting his VCE in another school. Ashamed of his behaviour, Toadie ran away and hid out under the Wilkinson house. But Anne was quick to find him and he was forced to flee again, this time finding shelter at a house Darren Stark was renovating. He went ahead and sat his exams at a different school, and was found there one day by the Kennedys, who invited him home to Ramsay Street. Despite all the trauma surrounding his exams, Toadie passed with flying colours and was thrilled.

Toadie threw himself into uni life when he began studying law at Eden Hills University. As well as engaging himself in all sorts of college activities, he also became a hugely successful DJ on Uni FM, the college radio station. And such was Toadie’s taste for that little bit more freedom afforded to him by uni, he took Lou up on an offer of renting a room at No.22 following the departure of Darren. Although he had loved being part of the Kennedy family, he was only moving down the street and Susan and Karl continued to play a part in his life. Toadie also took on a part-time job as a barman at Lou’s Place to see him through his uni years, and moved house once again to No.30 with Sarah Beaumont, who he once had a crush on, her dog Bob and Joel Samuels. Toadie and Joel became great mates, enjoying a few beers together down at the pub as well as getting up to all sorts of laddish pranks around the house. But Toadie became equally close to Sarah, who confided in him when she fell in love with a married man. Toadie was put in an impossible position, however, when he realised that the married man was Karl - and he was torn between his loyalty to Sarah and his closeness to the Kennedy family. In fact, it was Toadie who inadvertently let the whole thing out into the open when he mistakenly thought Billy knew about it and started talking to him about how sorry he was for not telling him sooner. A shocked Billy initially refused to believe his best friend and threw hi out the door in disgust, but as the pieces started to fall into place, it fell to Billy to break the news to a devastated Susan. Toadie, meanwhile, offered Sarah a shoulder to cry on, and managed to persuade her to stay in Erinsborough when she was desperate to get out of town. Billy, meanwhile, forgave Toadie for keeping it to himself, knowing how hard it must have been for him and the friends agreed to put it behind them.

Toadie found himself playing guardian to his teenage cousin Tadpole when it seemed the whole of Tindara had had enough of the wild child and his mum sent him to Erinsborough in the hope that Toadie would calm him down. But Toadie found more than he bargained for when Tad took to stealing his car within days of his arrival. Sarah and Joel added to the pressure Toadie was feeling by insisting he ship Tad back to his parents, but they soon warmed to having him around and he made No.30 his permanent base. As Toadie’s workload at uni increased, however, he realised he couldn’t provide Tad with the stable home life he deserved and it was agreed that he would return to Timbara. But Madge and Harold Bishop came to the rescue by agreeing to take Tad into their home across the street at No.24. The drama was never far away though, as Tad soon made the shocking discovery that he was adopted and went completely off the rails. He turned to drink for comfort, and it culminated in him passing out from alcohol poisoning on the living room floor. He rejected Toadie’s support upon his return from hospital, claiming that Toadie had known all along that he was adopted.

While on a night out in Foxy’s nite club, Toadie and Joel picked up two high class girls, Dione Bliss, and Vanessa Bradshaw, after Toadie told them he was a wealthy lawyer and Joel was an Argentinean soccer star. But the girls discovered the truth the next day when local troublemaker Geri Hallett overheard them talking about it in the pub and set them straight. This prompted the girls to have some fun with the boys and they managed to persuade Toadie and Joel to take them to the plush Lanzini’s for dinner. It came to a disastrous end, however, when the boys were forced to come clean. Dione and Vanessa laughed at them and revealed that they weren’t as rich as they had made out either. The girls left the restaurant, and the bill for Joel and Toadie. Lou bailed them out and as payback, they had to work for free in the pub. However, Dione became a permanent fixture in Toadie’s life after this, as she started dating Joel and eventually moved into No.30 as a lodger when Lance moved out the following year.

It was a huge blow to Toadie when Billy left Erinsborough to work in Queensland. They had been best mates since their school days, and had shared everything, even the odd girlfriend. Toadie was determined to give Bill the send-off he deserved, and organised a day out at Luna Park where the gang spent one final day together. Anne left to follow Billy up to Brisbane soon after, and Amy also moved away, leaving only Toadie and Lance behind.

Toadie was furious when Geri Hallett became the co-host of his afternoon slot on Uni FM and his pleas with his boss Tony to reconsider the appointment fell on deaf ears. Geri immediately caused trouble in her new slot by talking about Joel and his complicated love life on air. But Toadie was really disgusted when he learnt that Geri was being paid for the presenting job, a first in the station given that it was a voluntary gig for students. The final straw came for Toadie when Geri tried to persuade him to take bribes from the radio sponsors in return for plugging their products. Determined to have her off the station once and for all, Toadie went to Libby with the story and she managed to get the interest of the gossipy Margeurite magazine in publishing the story. The expose resulted in Geri being booted off the show, and Toadie found himself a much more appealing co-anchor in the form of his new neighbour Stephanie Scully, who became the programme’s agony aunt ‘Lucy Love’.

However, Toadie began to develop feelings for Steph as he spent more and more time with her, and matters were complicated further when Lance, too, took a liking to her. The two boys engaged in a desperate battle to win her affections and sought advice from her younger sister Michelle on what to get her for her 21st birthday. Michelle decided to have some fun with the boys and told them Steph loved glass blown animals. The boys realised they had been conned when Steph was puzzled by the gifts they bought her, but they pushed on with their quest to win her over regardless. Toadie was thrilled when he and Steph played a drinking game at No.30 one evening in which the loser had to take the winner out to dinner, and when Steph lost, Toadie began to view the dinner as an opportunity to reveal his feelings for her. When he blurted out that he was in love with her, Steph was speechless and Toadie tried to cover it up with a few jokes and didn’t mention it again. It led him to realise that Stephanie was only interested in being mates with him, and Toadie was later to be a huge source of comfort for Steph when she confided in him that she was in love with Drew - the boyfriend of her best friend, Libby.

Meanwhile, Toadie thought he was finally going to be lucky in love when he found a note attached to Bob from a mystery girl saying she hoped Bob’s owner was as cute as Bob. He was intrigued when he found another note attached to Bob a few days later, and approached a woman who was washing her car nearby, thinking she had put the note on Bob’s collar. But the woman thought Toadie was some kind of a nut case, and ended up throwing a bucket of soapy water all over him. There was disappointment for Toadie when he finally met the mystery message sender and was disappointed when he discovered that it was a little girl called Abigail.

When Lou bought No.30, the boys thought they would be in for an easy ride with their new landlord. But after one too many messy parties and late payments of the rent, Lou served the boys with a month’s eviction notice. Toadie was particularly shocked at Lou’s decision given all the years he had known him, but unbeknownst to him, Lou wasn’t really planning on evicting them; he just wanted to teach them a lesson. But when Toadie started spouting all sorts of legal jargon at Lou, he was furious and decided to evict them for real. As things got heated between the former friends, Madge stepped in and tried to persuade Toadie to make amends with Lou before their friendship suffered. However, when Toadie received papers from Lou’s solicitors giving the boys official eviction notice, he began to plot a legal battle against Lou. Petty squabbling soon took off, and when Lou spotted a prowler in the back garden at No.30 and Toadie caught him investigating it, he threatened him with a tribunal for trespassing. They eventually called a truce when Lou did his back in on the day of Libby and Drew’s wedding and Toadie had to take him to hospital. After agreeing to put the feud behind them, Lou agreed to let the boys stay on at No.30 and even asked Toadie to look after the pub for him while he was out of action.

Toadie found himself chased around town by his radio listeners after Tony set a competition to win a week in Queensland if a listener managed to get hold of one of Toadie’s famous bowling shirts. But he landed himself in hot water with Tony when he gave out tips on how to con bus drivers into thinking you were blind and other money-saving techniques for his fellow students. Tony pointed out to Toadie that what he was telling people to do was illegal and he could land the radio station in trouble. Ironically it was the winner of the shirt competition who screwed things up for Toadie. She encouraged him to continue with his slot on cost cutting measures for students. However one of the show’s sponsors - the campus supermarket - phoned in to object to the illegal practices Toadie was advocating, forcing Tony to fire him. Things got a lot more tricky when Toadie was charged with inciting a crime, for prompting a group of students to rob from a supermarket. His legal career in jeopardy, Toadie took the dangerous step of defending himself, despite warnings from his family and friends not to. Luckily, the Hancock family moved in next door around the same time, and Toadie struck up a friendship with the mother of the clan, Maggie, who was in her final year of law school. Maggie offered to help Toadie with his case, and between the two of them, came up with the defence that Toadie had a constitutional right to have a sense of humour. The gamble worked and Toadie successfully won his case.

As well as Maggie, Toadie also found a new mate amidst the Hancock clan in the form of eldest son Matt, who was actually Maggie’s stepson. Matt, like Toadie, was always keen to make a quick buck wherever possible and the two embarked on a scheme to train Bob to become a canine superstar. Their efforts proved fruitless but just as they were set to give up they realised Matt’s younger brother Leo was able to teach Bob tricks and tried to persuade him to help them. However, Leo insisted he would only help them if he was paid for his services.

When Toadie went on a date with Laura Wallace, a law student who had entered the competition on Uni FM, he opted to tell his friends that things had gone really well and they were going to see each other again. In actual fact, the date hadn’t gone well at all but Toadie let everyone think he was seeing Laura so that for once it would seem like he had had some kind of success with women. His plan backfired, however, when Laura started dating Matt and Toadie had to own up to everyone that he had lied. Dee proved to be of enormous support to Toadie though when he confessed that he was sick and tired of being lovable ol’ Toadie, the joker who never gets the girl.

When Sheena Wilson, a nurse friend of Dee’s who Toadie had met on occasion, called round to No.30 to ask him out, Toadie was convinced that Dione had asked Sheena to pretend she liked him in order to make him feel better. Sheena tried to convince him he had got the wrong idea, but Toadie refused to listen and dismissed her interest out of hand. However, he was shocked when he discovered Dee had never asked Sheena to go out with him and feeling terrible for the way he treated her, Toadie quickly raced over to Sheena’s to apologise and take her out for drinks. A romance developed but Toadie was initially reluctant to get too serious with Sheena after his previous disasters with Karen and Charlie. He soon committed himself to her though, especially when he heard reports back from Dee that Sheena had been telling some of the nurses at the hospital how into him she was.

But just as things were going well, Sheena’s somewhat eccentric mother Rhonda entered the picture. Rhonda made it clear from the outset that she was attracted to Toadie and made no bones about flirting with him at every opportunity. Sheena was oblivious to the situation, and Toadie’s friends laughed at him when he told them about his suspicions. After Rhonda invited him to her place one evening, Toadie couldn’t handle the guilt he felt anymore and told Sheena. But Sheena reacted angrily to his claims and insisted he had to be misinterpreting her mum’s signals and they broke up. Meanwhile, Toadie found himself contemplating having a fling with Rhonda after all and called her to see if she was up for going out. But Toadie was shocked when she laughed at him and announced she had only been joking from the start.

Toadie was thrilled when the prestigious corporate law firm of Stewart, Whitehead & Moore offered him a job with them after completion of his degree. Delighted by the offer, Toadie was disappointed when Maggie expressed her concern that working for a corporate law firm could compromise his principles. And a further complication arose when Libby took a sexual discrimination case against a newspaper that had fired her when she fell pregnant and Toadie discovered the firm that was representing the paper was his one. Libby accused him of betraying his morals - and her relationship with him - by working for such a firm but Joel pointed out to Toadie that, as a lawyer, he would quite often have to represent the wrong side in a case. Indeed, it was the first of many occasions in the years that followed in which Toadie found himself pitted against one of his neighbours or friends in legal cases, including the divorce of his surrogate parents Karl and Susan.

(to be continued)

Trivia Notes
• Toadie is left-handed
• When wrestling, Toadie was named The Lawman
• Toadie has a tattoo on his right shoulder blade


Magic Moments
Episode 4292: Toadie and Dee's Wedding
Episode 4293: Dee's Death
Episode 5120: The 2006 Season Finale
Episode 5121: The 2007 Season Premiere

Biography by Moe