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Character Profiles > Shane Rebecchi Greg O'Meara, Nicholas Coghlan

Shane [Pufferfish] Rebecchi 1994, 1995, 2017-2021
Lives: 32 Ramsay Street
Parents: Angie and Kevin [Big Kev] Rebecchi
Marital Status: Deepika [Dipi]
Siblings: Kevin [Stonefish] and Jarrod [Toadfish]
Children: Jay, Yashvi, Kirsha
Family Tree: Rebecchi

The eldest son of Angie and 'Big Kev' Rebecchi, Shane had a bad streak and, unlike his younger brothers Stonie and Toadie, it never left him as he matured into adulthood. One day, he and younger brother Stonefish were in The Waterhole pub, where Shane flirted with Julie Martin and caused a fight to break out over a pool game. The following year, when the Rebecchi family moved into 32 Ramsay Street in 1995, the cul-de-sac was soon hit by a mini crimewave - Libby Kennedy returned home one night, when her family were all out at a costume party at the local pub, Lou's Place, to find an intruder in the house. A terrified Libby grabbed the nearest object, her dad's favourite potted orchid, and used it to defend herself, but only ended up annoying Karl when she damaged the plant. When the Stark house was also broken into, the neighbours decided to set up a neighbourhood watch scheme, and Cheryl was immediately suspicious of Bianca Zanotti, a young girl her mum had taken it, but were no closer to finding the thief until Marlene Kratz and Helen Daniels happened to bump into Shane whilst out in the country visiting an antiques fair. Their car had broken down, and Shane happened to be passing on his way to the fair, but offered to give them a lift, and then pick up the parts for the car and fix it on the way back. Marlene and Helen were delighted with their good fortune, until they spotted some of the items Shane was planning to sell - including an Elvis mirror that Marlene, a big Elvis fan herself, immediately recognised as belonging to Lou, and an angel print that they'd seen in Cheryl's house.

As Shane drove them back to the car, headphones in and unable to hear them, they discussed how they would handle the situation, realising that they couldn't frighten him off until they were able to use their own car again. Once back at Helen's car, Shane was beginning to fix it, but Helen couldn't resist confronting him when she then found Lou's jacket in his van, and Shane angrily drove off, leaving them stranded with a half-fixed car. After spending the night in the car, they were rescued the next day by Marlene's grandson Sam and were able to finally tell the police about Shane. Shane ended up back in prison, while the remaining members of the Rebecchi family left Ramsay Street in shame.

Later that year, Stonie was back living at 32 Ramsay Street, sharing the house with Mal Kennedy and Danni Stark, when Shane suddenly turned up, having escaped from prison. Desperate for help, he tried to convince Stonie to give him money so he could continue to evade the police, and Stonie gave his big brother what little money he had, but when Shane returned later, Stonie explained that he wasn't going to call the police, but he thought that Shane should turn himself in, as he'd have no future at all if he was constantly on the run. Despite thinking that Stonie had gone soft, Shane eventually saw the sense in his brother's words and called the police, who came to pick him up.

Following his release from prison, Shane was a reformed character, making a new life for himself in the country town of Bourke. He began a family with a woman named Deepika, or Dipi for short, and together they had three children - Jay, Yashvi and Kirsha.

Trivia Notes
Shane was played by Greg O'Meara during his 1994 and 1995 guest appearances. When the character was brought back as a full-time character in 2017, Nicholas Coghlan took over the role

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Biography by Steve