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Kevin 'Stonefish' Rebecchi 1994, 1995-1996, 2003, 2007, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Lived: 32 Ramsay Street
Born: 1974
Parents: Kevin [Big Kev] and Angie Rebecchi
Marital Status: Chantelle
Siblings: Shane and Jarrod [Toadfish]
Family Tree: Rebecchi
Occupation: Student, Coffee Shop Assistant, Mechanic

The second son of Angie and Kev Rebecchi, Kevin Rebecchi acquired the nickname 'Stonefish' while at school and the amphibian tradition was passed down to his younger brother Jarrod who became 'Toadfish' and cousins, Wayne and Gemma, who became known as 'Tadpole' and 'Gemfish'. Growing up in West Waratah, Stonefish was the class bully and school thug, always picking on his fellow pupils and causing headaches for the teachers. He became most obstructive in his later years, but this was down to the fact that Stonie had twice failed his HSC and still had to abide by the education system's rules at the age of 20.

During his second year of repeating the HSC, West Waratah Tech was closed down, and merged with Erinsborough High. Erinsborough was more of a leafy, middle-class suburb compared with the tough district of Waratah, and the Erinsborough High students were dreading the influx of West Waratah students, such was their reputation for causing trouble. And Stonefish didn't disappoint them. On his first day at the new school he beat up geeky Brett Stark after wrongly suspecting him of trying to steal his girlfriend, Sassy Patterson-Smythe. By the end of the week, Stonie had also landed himself in a fight with Michael Martin, who stuck up for Brett after he continued to experience hassle over Sassy.

As time passed, however, Stonie mellowed slightly, and started to get to know his new classmates better. Forming a grunge band with Sassy, Michael, Brett, Cody Willis and Danni Stark helped matters considerably, although Stonie threatened to quit after they wanted to get rid of Sassy and her terrible singing voice. They also donned their glad rags for the deb ball held to mark the centenary of Erinsborough in 1994. Further down the track, Stonie found himself running for school captain after Brett and Libby Kennedy decided to conduct an experiment to see if they could get the most unlikely candidate for the captaincy elected. Stonefish initially laughed off Brett and Libby's plan, but he came round to the idea after they pointed out the many perks he'd enjoy as captain, and how proud it would make his mother. But Brett and Libby soon realised it was going to be a difficult task to get Stonie elected after they read his manifesto, which included video games for all students in detention. Brett began to have second thoughts about the plan, however, when he saw how most of the students were treating Stonie's candidacy as a joke. But Stonie impressed even Brett when he made a brief speech in front of the class, laying down his position and why he wanted to be school captain. And after a rapturous applause from the students, Brett was confident he could lead Stonie to victory, and started by suggesting Stonie tone up a bit to impress the girls. However, the campaign ended in disaster after Danni discovered that Brett and Libby were using Stonie as part of their experiment, and she told Stonie. Stonie was devastated by the realisation that he had been taken for a fool by Brett and Libby all along, and he exploded at Brett in a furious rage, before storming off on his motorbike. His anger culminated in him crashing his bike, although Stonie luckily only fractured his ribs. Cody provided Stonie with a shoulder to cry on and he admitted to her that he was annoyed with himself for once again failing at something. Cody tried to persuade Stonie to continue with his campaign, but he came up with a better idea by deciding this time he would be the campaign manager and Brett the candidate. However, Brett ultimately lost out on the captaincy to Kieran Wallace, and he and Stonie wisely opted to put their political 'careers' behind them.

After splitting up with Sassy, Stonie began to fall for Cody but she was in a long distance relationship with Rick Alessi, and made it clear to Stonie that nothing could happen between them. Nonetheless, Stonie continued to pester Cody to go on a date with him, and she finally relented, although made it clear it was just as mates. However, Cody was bowled over by the lengths Stonie had gone to to make the date special for her - he had taken her to a winery in the countryside and serenaded her with a band from the winery he was secretly a member of - and she began to see a different side to him. They finally kissed after a romantic picnic by Lassiter's Lake, and after Cody ended her relationship with Rick, they started dating.

Despite his love of a good 'rage' and his outgoing and at times zany demeanour, Stonie approached his 21st birthday wanting a minimum of fuss. He didn't even tell anyone about the impending milestone, because he was embarrassed about turning 21 and still attending high school. Instead, Stonie opted for a low key meal with Angie, Big Kev and Cody at the Coffee Shop, where Cody only realised the meal was in aid of his 21st birthday after Kev and Angie mentioned it and burst into song. Stonie apologised to Cody for not telling her about the occasion, but she understood his reasons and was later fully acquainted with the Rebecchi family after she went back to their house afterwards to celebrate Stonie's 21st with an old fashioned knees-up that went on into the night. And the next day, Stonie was thrilled when Cody bought him some new top quality drumsticks for his birthday.

When Stonie's best mate, Mal Kennedy moved out of the family home and into No. 32 Ramsay Street with his girlfriend, Danni, Stonie was thrilled to have a place to hang out and crash at after a heavy night of clubbing. It was also convenient due to Cody's presence across the road at No. 24, and before long, Stonie had effectively moved in with Mal and Danni. While Mal enjoyed having Stonie around, Danni was less than impressed, especially since his presence was blocking her and Mal from being alone as they had planned. The final straw came for Danni when Stonie let his older brother, Shane, hide out at No. 32 while on the run from the law. After Shane was caught by the police, Danni demanded Stonie leave, but Mal reminded Danni that her brother, Darren, was also a convict and he insisted Stonie be allowed stay. However, the Rebecchis were soon to take over No. 32 completely after Angie moved in while Kev went to work on the barges up in Port Keats, and Toadie - who had been living at his aunt's home in Tindara - came to stay during the school holidays. Mal and Danni eventually decided to move back to their families and No. 32 quickly became home to Stonie, Toadie and Angie.

Stonie experienced a brief brush with fame after he played Cheryl Stark in a series of local television adverts for Chez Chez, in which he donned a red-haired wig to pose as Cheryl and proclaim she was 'Stark Raving Mad'. But Cheryl demanded the adverts be pulled after she returned from holiday and felt the ads made her look like a fool. Although Stonie was upset that his five minutes of fame where over, the episode did provide him with food for thought, and he decided he wanted to study performing arts at university.

Determined to knuckle down and finally pass his HSC, Stonie called upon Annalise Hartman to tutor him in English and Maths, his worst subjects. As he and Annalise studied together, Stonie began to fall deeply in love with her, and he was thrilled when Annalise showed signs of feeling the same way about him. The only problem was Annalise's relationship with Sam Kratz, who Stonie was also mates with. Stonie and Annalise kissed one afternoon while studying poetry, but Annalise made it clear to him afterwards that it had been a huge mistake and nothing could come of it. Stonie confided in Angie about the predicament he was in, although he didn't reveal the true identity of the new girl in his life, and instead, referred to her as 'Kerry'. A diagnosis of glandular fever added to Stonie's problems, and he had to warn Annalise that she could pass it on to Sam if she kissed him. Annalise and Sam's relationship suffered as a result, with Sam furious at her for not wanting to have any physical contact with him. Stonie was hopeful of a chance for him and Annalise to get together as a result, but once he had been given the all-clear from the glandular fever, Annalise re-initiated relations with Sam, and Stonie was heartbroken when Sam happily told him that everything was back on track between him and Annalise.

The rejection from Annalise prompted Stonie to immerse himself in studying in the final weeks leading up to the HSC. His efforts paid off, and Stonie was thrilled to have finally passed and he excitedly looked forward to going to uni. But Annalise was still at the forefront of his mind, and Stonie wrote a song for her, describing the feelings he had for her. Stonie presented her with a tape of the song, and she was touched by it. When he called over to No. 24 to see what she thought of it, as well as to thank her for helping him get an 'A' in English, Annalise congratulated Stonie, but made no mention of the tape. Instead, she asked Stonie for a ride down to the pub for a welcome home party for Brett and Susan Kennedy. Stonie obliged, and invited her to come across to No. 32 to see his results on the way. But once inside No. 32, the couple were overcome with the sexual tension between them, and slept together. However, they were interrupted by Angie, who had come back from the party to pick up her camera, and when she walked into the living room and noticed two empty champagne glasses, as well as Stonie's shirt and a girl's clothes, she mistakenly thought Stonie had got back together with 'Kerry'. Angie excitedly prepared to wait and meet her but when Stonie came out of his bedroom half naked, he was stunned to find Angie there, and tried to prevent her from going in to meet 'Kerry'. Just then, Annalise came out of the bedroom with the bed sheets wrapped around her, and Sam walked in looking for Angie to give her a ride back to the party at the very same time. Stonie was initially pleased that his relationship with Annalise was out in the open at last, despite the embarrassment it had caused Angie and hurt it had caused Sam, because it meant Stonie could finally have a chance at seeing Annalise. But Annalise quickly made it clear to Stonie that there was no future for them, and she left Erinsborough, eventually reuniting with Sam in London.

Stonie put Annalise behind him when he started studying drama at university and fell head over heels in love with staunch environmentalist Catherine O'Brien. Catherine was initially more interested in Mal, but Stonie eventually won her affections after becoming a vegetarian and taking part in countless protests and demonstrations around Erinsborough, culminating in an abseil down a building at uni to drop a banner advertising the Wilderness Society. Catherine was touched by the lengths Stonie was prepared to go to to prove his love for her, and they started dating. However, their relationship was put on hold when Catherine was forced to return to her home in Tasmania after her mother took ill.

When Stonie and Mal bought an old car to fix up between them, the car quickly turned into a nightmare for its new owners. Firstly, the car had previously belonged to a gang of drug dealers, and they had hidden a stash of drugs in the car before it was sold. So when the police caught wind of this, they undertook a stakeout on Ramsay Street to catch the dealers when they came looking for the car. However, tragedy struck when a scuffle between the police and the drug dealers ended up in a shot being fired through No. 30's window, killing Cody. Stonie was devastated by the sudden death of his ex-girlfriend, and blamed himself for bringing the car into the street in the first place. At a memorial service for Cody at Lassiter's Lake, Stonie paid a heartfelt tribute to her, and later attended her funeral in Darwin. The car went on to cause more problems for Stonie and Mal when it was stolen while Libby, Rupert Sprod and Tom Kennedy had taken it for a test drive to Luna Park. What made things worse for Stonie and Mal was that they had never insured the car, and were faced with accepting the whole venture as a loss. However, weeks later, the car turned up in Erinsborough again - this time being driven around by Stonie's former teacher and nemesis from Erinsborough High School, Alan McKenna. Upon hearing McKenna was driving his stolen car, Stonie relished the fact that he could get one over on the teacher who had made life hell for him at school, and he reported him to the police. It transpired that McKenna had unknowingly bought the car from the people who had stolen it at Luna Park, and after the police had dealt with the matter, the car was returned to Stonie and Mal. But one final mishap was to befall the jinx-ridden vehicle. Mal's father Karl took it to a used car dealer to get it valued, because he wanted Mal to sell his half of it to finance his plan to buy Handy Sam's from Sam, but crashed the car on the way to the car lot. With the car being a total write off, Stonie put pressure on Karl to organise a rental car for him while he waited on the insurance money to come through. But Stonie was stunned when Karl brought him to see the rental and it turned out to be an old banger instead of the brand new flashy car he was expecting it to be.

When Catherine returned to Erinsborough, Stonie was thrilled and expected to pick up where they had left off. However, Catherine had decided while she was away that she didn't want to see Stonie anymore, and she broke up with him. Around the same time, Angie was making plans to sell up and join Big Kev up north, where they were planning to open a roadhouse. Stonie decided to join his mother in the move, feeling that he had nothing left in Erinsborough, and after the Kennedys agreed to take in Toadie, Stonie and Angie left Ramsay Street for a fresh start in the Northern Territory.

Stonie returned to Erinsborough in 2003 to act as best man to Toadie at his wedding to Dee Bliss. Stonie burst back onto the scene, making plans to hold a bucks party to end all bucks party for his little brother. But deep down, Stonie was actually feeling quite inadequate with his lot in life. Toadie was about to get married to a beautiful young woman, and had recently graduated from university as a lawyer, whereas Stonie had packed in uni some years before and had been spending all his time since working in Angie’s roadhouse. However, after confiding in Toadie about his feelings, Stonie cheered up when his brother assured him that he was just as much as success as he was, and before long, Stonie had bounced back to his usual self. The bucks party was a huge success - with Stonie succeeding in getting Toadie naked and tied to a lamppost by the end of the night. And the wedding ceremony itself was a beautiful occasion, marred only by a tragic set of circumstances afterwards. As Toadie and Dee drove off on their honeymoon, they lost control of their car and ended up veering off a cliff and into the sea. Stonie and Toadie’s mate Stuart Parker were first on the scene of the accident, and they both dived in to rescue the newlyweds. While Stonie managed to pull Toadie to safety, there was no trace of Dee - and despite numerous attempts at finding her, by both Stonie and Stuart, and the search and rescue units, Dee was presumed dead. Toadie shut himself off from all around him as he refused to believe what had happened, and Stonie struggled to find some way to be there for his brother in his hour of need. Although Toadie was still in a state of shock and denial by the time Stonie returned to the roadhouse, Stonie had at least prevented his brother from taking his own life when days before, Toadie had taken off in his car and started wading into the sea. Luckily, Stonie and Susan Kennedy had caught up with him in time to stop any further tragedy from happening.

By the time Stonie next visited Erinsborough four years later, a lot had changed, both in his own life and on Ramsay Street. In the intervening years, Stonie had fallen head over heels in love with brash country girl Chantelle when he met her at the roadhouse and they quickly married. With Angie and Big Kev semi-retired and spending large chunks of their time traveling around Australia, Stonie had taken on more responsibility at the roadhouse and basically ran it with Chantelle. But trouble was on the horizon when the couple decided to start a family and it transpired that Stonie was having difficulty conceiving. Unable to handle the situation, Stonie started drinking and when that didn’t make him feel much better, turned to cannabis. As soon as Chantelle discovered he was smoking pot, she threw him out and Stonie turned up on Toadie’s doorstep seeking a place to stay. Toadie had settled down himself in the years since Dee’s disappearance, and was now living at No.32, the one-time Rebecchi home, with single mum Stephanie Hoyland and her toddler, Charlie. Toadie and Steph were initially happy to have Stonie stay, particularly since he was so good with Charlie and was an extra pair of hands when it came to babysitting. But the longer Stonie stuck around, the more curious they became of what was going on back home to make him want to stay away from Chantelle for so long. Toadie was also becoming increasingly irritated by Stonie’s fondness for hanging around his law offices, particularly since it irked his devious boss Tim Collins. And when Tim’s expensive Swiss pen went missing, he immediately accused Stonie, who was furious, especially when Toadie didn’t immediately rush to defend him. Stonie was vindicated when he spotted the pen in Tim’s briefcase and forced Toadie to make it up to him by bringing him out on the town. Toadie reluctantly agreed, egged on by Steph who thought some brotherly bonding might prompt Stonie to open up about what was causing him so stay in Erinsborough. But once they hit the pub, Stonie concentrated on chatting up an attractive blonde called Kelly, and even tried setting Toadie up with her mate, Raylene. Toadie called Stonie aside to remind him about Chantelle but Stonie blurted out that his marriage was over and reverted back to flirting with Kelly. Toadie left him behind but was shocked when Stonie later brought Kelly back to No.32. But just as he was about to take things to the next level with Kelly, Stonie’s guilt got the better of him and he admitted to her that he was married. Kelly stormed off, leaving a sheepish Stonie to face Toadie and Steph the next morning. But in true Stonie-style, he casually brushed the whole episode off and claimed he had just been letting off some steam.

Meanwhile, Stonie continued to make himself feel better about the lousy state of his life by smoking pot, only his habit was beginning to impact on those closest to him. With Toadie in a battle to prove himself to Tim at the law firm against his colleague, and next-door neighbour Rosie Cammeniti, Rosie was on the look-out for anything which could damage Toadie’s in Tim’s eyes. So when Stonie flicked a joint over the back fence and Rosie’s husband Frazer found it, he immediately told Rosie about it and the two jumped to the conclusion that Toadie was smoking cannabis. Luckily, Frazer caught Stonie smoking a joint just as Rosie was about to tell Tim that Toadie had a drug habit and Toadie narrowly escaped losing his job. But it was the final straw for Toadie and he told Stonie to pack his things and get out of the house. Steph, however, had some sympathy for Stonie, having gone through the ordeal of her own brother, Jack, trying to kick a drug addiction, and she urged Toadie to give Stonie one more chance. But an argument erupted between Steph and Toadie which resulted in Toadie suffering chest pains and being rushed to hospital with panic attacks. The attacks served as a wake-up call to both Toadie, who resolved to quit the law firm and set up his own, and Stonie, who was determined not to put his brother under any further stress and finally revealed all to Toadie about his problems with Chantelle and why they had led him to drugs. Toadie offered Stonie his full support and Stonie began to feel even better about things when Chantelle turned up and offered to start afresh once he quit drugs. Stonie agreed, and with Angie and Big Kev back at the roadhouse, he and Chantelle decided to stay in Erinsborough a bit longer.

But although he had patched things up with Chantelle, Stonie wasn’t quite ready to pack in the pot. With the rest of the family distracted by Steph’s final day campaigning to be elected to Erinsborugh council, Stonie gradually slipped back into old habits and contacted his old high school mate Brad Dawson to score more weed. However, with Toadie telling him how proud he was of him for ditching the drugs, Stonie had a change of heart and threw his remaining supply of pot in the bin. But the next day, Charlie got at the bin while Stonie was looking after him and unsure of whether he had consumed anything, Stonie had to rush him to the hospital. Steph, Toadie and Chantelle quickly followed suit when they learnt of what happened, and there was relief all around when Charlie was given a clean bill of health. The entire ordeal made Stonie realise once and for all that he needed help to overcome his habit, and after Steph was elected to the council, Stonie announced he and Chantelle were heading home and that he had arranged to start counselling to beat his reliance on pot once and for all.

In 2015, Stonie returned for a visit when Toadie was left paralysed after an accident. With no idea whether he would ever walk again, Toadie was struggling to adapt to his new circumstances, but after Angie had spent a couple of weeks with her youngest son, Stonie wasn't far behind, sheepishly turning up and admitting that he felt bad about how little he saw of Toadie, his wife Sonya and their young daughter Nell. With the community planning a surprise benefit for the Rebecchis, Stonie's visit was badly-timed, as the brothers just wanted to spend some time hanging out, and when Sonya tried to have a quiet word with Stonie, an argument broke out between them about who had Toadie's best interests at heart. Finally, Stonie left, claiming that he had to go and visit Chantelle's sick aunt, whilst Sonya took Toadie to the benefit, where he struggled to adapt to being a charity case. After tracking down Stonie, Toadie explained his fears, but Stonie suggested that he shouldn't see it as charity, but rather as the community showing how much they cared about him, and he managed to persuade Toadie to return to the benefit. After Sonya told Stonie that he was always welcome to come and visit them, he returned home to Chantelle and the roadhouse, feeling slightly better about his relationship with his brother.

The following year, Stonie paid another surprise visit to Ramsay Street, weeks after Toadie had almost died in an explosion at Lassiter's hotel, explaining that he'd been on a business trip to Newcastle and had decided to come and see his little brother on his way home. As he believed that he was about to die, Toadie had contacted his friend Steph and asked her to destroy a red folder in his deask. When he survived, he told Steph not to worry about it, and when Sonya almost stumbled upon the file, he angrily took it back, later apologising and claiming that he'd invested some money in a dodgy deal and hadn't wanted her to find out. Upon Stonie's arrival, Toadie quickly sent Sonya, and Steph out for a walk, so that the brothers could have a private chat. The mystery deepened as Stonie then explained that he'd gone to Newcastle, looking for the person Toadie had asked him to, but that person was no longer around, and the neighbours had seen him leaving with some suitcases. Toadie then made it clear that Sonya could never find out about what was going on, but later it seemed that she was already suspicious, as she chatted on the phone about Toadie's strange recent behaviour, saying that both Steph and Stonie seemed to know what it was all about - and she was shocked to later find out that her troubled Uncle Walter had been trying to get in touch, and Toadie had paid him to stay away.

As 2016 came to an end, Stonie returned to Erinsborough with a shock for Toadie - a photograph on his phone of a woman he'd spotted in Colac, who was the spitting image of Dee Bliss, Toadie's presumed-dead wife. Toadie struggled to know what to do, but the mystery woman turned out to have a disastrous effect on Toadie and Sonya's lives. The woman claiming to be Dee was actually a lookalike named Andrea Somers, who was in cahoots with Sindi Watts and was desperate to get her hands on the money from the Bliss family estate. When that plan fell through, Andrea used her trump card, her teenage daughter Willow, who she'd lied was Toadie's daughter too. Feeling guilty for missing out on so much of Willow's life, Toadie had offered to pay for her fees at a private school that would have allowed her to pursue her dream of becoming a fighter pilot. He handed over a cheque for $100,000 and Andrea and Willow then promptly disappeared to London. Toadie followed, still unaware that Andrea was an impostor, and ended up sleeping with her before finding out her true identity. This incident contributed to the breakdown of Toadie and Sonya's marriage, but by the end of the year, things were back on track and they renewed their wedding vows.

A couple of months later, Stonie was amongst the guests who attended a big party for Toadie at Lassiter's. The hotel had run a competition to give someone their dream party, and Toadie had requested a 1990s-themed 21st birthday bash, to make up for the one he hadn't been thrown when he was younger. Though the party was a big success, things hit a sour note when Sindi turned up, explaining that Andrea was back in Australia and had been in touch. She then handed over Andrea's phone number and disappeared, leaving Toadie with a huge dilemma.

Trivia Notes
• Anthony Engelman previously appeared in 1992 as school bully Brett Sharp and again later in 1992 as an unnamed ‘yahoo’ (possibly Brett Sharp again) who bullied Debbie Martin when her father, Philip, started working at the high school as janitor
• In 2014, Toadie attended a wrestling match with his brother in Geelong, though Stonie was not seen on screen

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