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Rosetta 'Rosie' Cammeniti 2006-2008
Lived: Cammeniti house, 30 Ramsay Street
Born: c. 1980/'81
Parents: Rocco and Lucia Cammeniti
Marital Status: Frazer Yeats (2007-)
Siblings: Rosaria and Carmella
Children: Marco
Family Tree: Cammeniti
Occupation: Lawyer at Tim Collins & Associates, lawyer/owner at Rebecchi Cammeniti

The eldest of the Cammeniti siblings, Rosetta grew up into a sensible, level-headed young woman, the complete opposite of younger Carmella, who was expelled from school and flitted between boyfriends and from one job to another. Rosetta, on the other hand, had a course set out for her life and was determined to stick to it, the first part of which involved studying hard and becoming a lawyer in order to earn a living for herself. Although her parents were well-off, Rosie knew that a lot of Rocco and Lucia’s money came from her father’s mysterious underworld connections, and she quickly realised that she wanted to be completely independent from his money. A romantic at heart, though she would never let anyone know it, Rosie was also constantly on the look-out for the man of her dreams, with whom she could start a family – one boy, one girl. But, as her studies took over her daughter’s life, Lucia decided to get the ball rolling and arranged a deal with a young man named Johnny Brown, who came from a decent family and was willing to marry Rosie. But an organised marriage was the complete opposite of what Rosie wanted and, fearing that Johnny wasn’t quite the perfect man he claimed to be, she left home, and her engagement, to stand on her own two feet.

Rosie’s new life brought her a clerkship at the law firm Tim Collins & Associates. Tim mentioned to her that young partner Toadie Rebecchi was away in Sydney and his room at 30 Ramsay Street was free, if Rosie needed somewhere to stay. But when she arrived at the house, all of the rooms had already been rented – to young couple Pepper Steiger and Frazer Yeats, and Will Griggs. But Frazer found himself mysteriously drawn to Rosie and convinced Ned Parker, who’d been left by Toadie to arrange things, to give Will the box room and let Rosie stay. However, on her first day in Ramsay Street, Rosie was alarmed to realise that she was living in the same house where Carmella had once stayed and, to make matters worse, her younger sister was now living across the street at number 24. It wasn’t long before the Cammeniti sisters bumped into each other and Carmella explained that her latest vocation – as a nun – hadn’t worked out and she was once again looking for direction in life. Rosie wasn’t too impressed with her flighty sister, who still seemed bitter that Rosie had been the one to make a career for herself. Although the reunion ended badly, Carmella visited her sister later that day to apologise, and Rosie admitted that she wasn’t quite as clued-up as she seemed. The girls agreed to make a fresh start with each other and put the past behind them.

Meanwhile, the four new housemates quickly set about getting to know each other with a barbecue, in which scatty Pepper announced that they all had to own up to one of their secrets. Rosie was forced to admit that, although she appeared confident, this was the first time she’d lived away from home, and she was terrified. What she failed to divulge was that she was inexperienced in other areas and still a virgin. Her past then quickly caught up with her, when, within days of her arrival, her mother, Lucia, spoilt her fun by turning up and demanding to know why she’d walked out on her engagement. Mother and daughter had a frank conversation, which left Rosie feeling like she might never get a boyfriend without her mum’s help, and so she agreed to move back home. Pepper, however, wasn’t about to let her new housemate go that easily and urged Rosie to stand up to her mother and make her own way in life. And so, the next morning when Lucia came to collect her, Rosie announced that she wasn’t leaving, before throwing her mother out. What she didn’t realise was that Frazer had followed Lucia to the General Store, where he agreed, for a price, to keep her up-to-date on what her daughter was getting up to.

Finding herself drawn to housemate Will, Rosie acted quickly in the hope of quashing her feelings and pushed Will towards Carmella. The plan worked well and Rosie attempted to keep her emotions to herself as she watched her younger sister grow closer to Will. Events then took a dramatic turn when Rosie and Carmella’s mentally unstable cousin, Teresa, attempted to steal a baby from the local hospital. When Carmella got in her way, Teresa threw boiling water in her cousin’s face, before setting the hospital on fire. At first Rosie was sympathetic towards Carmella, thinking that she’s simply been an innocent bystander in the whole mess, but was alarmed when Teresa explained that Carmella had sold her baby. Carmella was forced to tell Rosie everything – desperate for money to help an old boyfriend, she’d sold Teresa’s unwanted baby for $100,000, which had led to Teresa’s mental breakdown and culminated in recent events. Disgusted by what she was hearing and fearful of yet another family scandal, Rosie told Carmella that she never wanted to speak to her again.

Rosie soon softened towards her sister when she realised that Teresa’s attack had left her face badly scarred. As Rosie supported Carmella, she was touched when Frazer helped to raise the money for plastic surgery. As Rosie’s feelings for Frazer started to change, she was surprised when her ex-fiance Johnny got in touch, asking to meet. During their meeting in the Scarlet Bar they both agreed that they weren’t suited to each other, but Johnny was surprised when he thought he spotted his long-lost brother, George in the bar. What neither of them realised was that it was actually Frazer, who had changed his name from George Brown in order to track down Rosie and win her heart, and hopefully some of the Cammeniti family’s wealth.

In the meantime, Rosie being acquainted with wealthy Ramsay Street resident Paul Robinson as she helped him to update his will. The pair had numerous meetings and their attraction quickly became obvious, despite him being almost twice her age and engaged to Lyn Scully. When Rosie was then offered a job by Lyn, who asked her to become a business trainee at the hotel, she was reluctant to accept, fearing that her feelings for Paul would get in the way. But accept she did, and, as Paul gave her a tour of the hotel grounds, the pair found themselves locked in the wine cellar. Their attraction soon became too much for them and they shared a kiss, just as they were found by one of the hotel staff. A few days later, Paul and Lyn were married, and Rosie could only watch the events develop. She was grateful, however, for Frazer’s support during that time and the pair started to become close friends. But when Frazer admitted to Rosie one night that he was actually Johnny’s younger brother, he realised too late that she had fallen asleep and hadn’t heard a word of it.

As Christmas Day came, Rosie was shocked to learn that Paul and Lyn had split up only hours after their wedding, and she had left for the honeymoon without him. Feeling guilty, Rosie tried to ignore her feelings, but when Paul found her working at the office, she admitted to him that she’d made a promise to herself, to lose her virginity by midnight on Christmas Day. Although Paul offered to help her fulfil that promise, she changed her mind when Frazer came to the door with some flowers, by way of an apology after backing off when she had tried to seduce him earlier that day. Rosie then decided that she didn’t want to be with Paul either and confided in Pepper that she was confused about what she really wanted. Pepper decided that the best way to solve the problem was for her to date both men and then assess their compatibility. Rosie’s first date with Paul at Lassiter’s seemed to go well as he pulled out all the stops to impress her, but she soon realised that he’d booked them a suite and had just been thinking about getting her into bed. Her first date with Frazer was slightly more successful, despite Paul’s attempts to sabotage it and the pair even had fun washing dishes together when his credit card was declined.

Still unsure about who she preferred, Rosie decided to make a list of each of her suitors’ pros and cons. Unfortunately the lists fell into the hands of Paul and Frazer. Whilst Paul took it as a challenge to prove himself, Frazer gave up and told Rosie that if she was going to be that judgemental, then he was going to pull out of the contest altogether. On Rosie’s second date with Paul, she finally began to realise that the age difference was too great and he’d already had an interesting life, whilst she was looking for someone to experience new things with. Back at number 30, she went and told Frazer that she wanted to be with him and the pair shared a kiss. But their happiness was threatened almost straight away as Frazer’s younger brother Ringo arrived and, in order to go along with his brother’s lies, Ringo introduced himself as Rick Yeats.

Complete unaware of the shocking secret about to be revealed to her, Rosie organised a weekend away, to celebrate her first Valentine’s Day in a relationship. She and Frazer were joined at a country house by other Ramsay Street couples Dylan and Elle, Stingray and Sky and Oliver and Carmella, as well as single Ned Parker. But as everyone else got involved in a plot by Paul to split up Dylan and Elle, and Oliver and Carmella – using Ned to get Carmella and Dylan drunk then putting them in the same bed – Rosie was intent on finally sleeping with Frazer. When he turned her down, still plagued by guilt, she began to worry that there was something seriously wrong with her. She was alarmed, however, when he admitted the truth a few days later. Having thrown him out of her office in shock, she almost fell for Paul’s charms again when he gave her a shoulder to cry on, but quickly came to her senses. She then packed up her stuff and moved to her mum’s place, refusing to listen to anything that Frazer had to say.

Rosie was in for another shock when she found out that Paul and Pepper had been having a secret affair for weeks, but, as she and Pepper sat down for a girly chat about things, it ended very unexpectedly, when they kissed. Although the pair agreed to forget it, as it had just been an impulsive moment by two emotional people, it was about to get complicated, as Ringo had witnessed the kiss and quickly the whole of the street, including Frazer, had heard about it. After realising that Frazer was beginning to doubt his manhood – and Rosie was beginning to doubt her sexuality – Pepper came up with one of her typical crazy schemes to settle things once and for all. After attaching a heart rate monitor to Rosie, Pepper and Frazer each paraded in front of her in her underwear, and her reaction to seeing Frazer was all the proof that they needed. As Pepper finally convinced Rosie and Frazer to meet up for a drink, with Rosie having had time to think and realised that perhaps she was a little harsh on him, events again conspired against them. Whilst getting ready at the law office, Rosie hit her head on a shelf and knocked herself out. Having given up on her, Frazer ended up consoling a distraught Janae Hoyland in the bar office. Janae misread the signals and kissed him, just as Rosie turned up.

When Frazer found out that Rosie had witnessed the kiss, he was appalled that she would judge him without all the facts and explained that Janae had run off, embarrassed, seconds later. But Rosie had decided that relationships were too complicated and, with a final decision about her relationship with Frazer apparently made, she moved back to number 30, just in time to find him moving on with his new girlfriend, Milly Hallsworth. But that relationship didn’t last long, as Rosie and the other housemates found things, including an MP3 player, mysteriously going missing and newcomer Milly got the blame. Soon after, Ringo took the blame, claiming that he’d left the MP3 player outside by accident, though he was actually covering for his friend Lolly, who was struggling to deal with her stepmother’s abuse and had started stealing. Having been accused of theft by Frazer, Milly agreed to give him another chance but their love triangle with Rosie took a new turn when Frazer, whilst at the racetrack with Rosie watching the time trials, ran out to save a little girl and was trampled by the horses, leaving him paralysed.

Rosie then stood by Frazer, as Milly walked away, unable to cope with the prospect of having a disabled boyfriend. But Frazer’s depression stopped him from letting Rosie get close and she found another way of helping him, by attempting to sue the owners of the racetrack for not making the barriers more secure. Rosie’s legal skills were also required to help Lolly, who was going to court after cutting the brake cables on a car, mistaking it for her stepmother Sandy’s hire car. As they discussed the case, Rosie became a big sister and confidante to Lolly who was given 100 hours community service. Frazer’s reaction to the legal eagle in action was less positive and he was annoyed to learn that she had forged his signature on some forms to keep the case moving, despite knowing that Frazer wanted no part of it. Having had enough of the games, Rosie decided to just be honest and told Frazer that she was in love with him – he responded by telling her that he couldn’t cope with anything more than friendship from her at the moment. His progress then came on in leaps and bounds, and he even considered joining a wheelchair basketball team. Rosie stood by him throughout, and, as he came back to number 30 for a day visit, the pair finally shared a kiss and agreed to put the past behind them and move forward together.

But, as always, there was a complication in the form of Dr Charlotte Stone. Charlotte had moved into Karl Kennedy’s old office, opposite Rosie’s, and it turned out was an old flame of Frazer’s. Seven years earlier, the pair had been a couple and a team, conning casinos together. Unbeknownst to Rosie and Frazer, Charlotte was still a con artist, pretending to be a doctor to swindle the locals and, after seeing Frazer again, she decided that she wanted him back. Charlotte quickly realised how devoted Frazer was to Rosie, and instead found another way to try and split them up, rushing out of number 30 after being rejected by Frazer, acting flustered and doing up the buttons on her shirt, just as Rosie came home. Luckily, Rosie had been through enough with Frazer to know when he was telling the truth, and she insisted that she trusted that he hadn’t cheated on her, and knew that Charlotte was just a desperate woman whose presence made no difference to their relationship. Determined that she wanted to be with him for the rest of her life, Rosie then took the unusual step of proposing, only for Frazer to turn her down. But as she thought that all was lost, Frazer admitted that he’d turned her down for a good reason – he wanted to be the one to ask. Rosie accepted, and the newly-engaged couple looked forward to a bright future.

Rosie and Frazer soon had other things to worry about when his specialist explained that there was no longer a physical reason for his paralysis, and that it was now a psychological problem. Frazer was distraught and couldn’t work out what could be causing the problem, so he started looking into his past, while Pepper left Rosie wondering if it was Frazer’s fears about starting a sexual relationship with her. When Frazer left to spend a few days on his own, Rosie’s belief that she was to blame for her boyfriend’s continued paralysis led her to track him down and they opened up to each other and their fears. Frazer then took her to the graves of his grandparents and whilst there, they got their first clue to the difficult past of the Brown family, when they found a small plaque for Paul Brown, a younger sibling that Frazer couldn’t even remember, who had died on Christmas Day 1985. A few days later, Frazer’s parents were due for a visit, with Rosie hoping that the family could be reunited in time for the wedding. Only Frazer’s mum, Prue, turned up, as his dad was busy with work, and the lunch went badly, as he accused her of ignoring his wheelchair and changing the subject whenever any emotion was required. As Prue went to leave, Rosie blurted out everything about Paul’s grave, but Prue didn’t want to discuss the issue and left.

The following week, Rosie and Frazer took a trip to his home town of Muttatang, convinced that Paul was the key to Frazer’s problems. Prue was surprised to see them, but as the afternoon went on, the truth finally came out; a three-year-old Frazer had seen his little brother, Paul, drown in the family’s swimming pool on Christmas Day, leading to his parents closing off emotionally, and Frazer’s eventual decision to leave home as a teenager. Not realising that she’d been subconsciously blaming Frazer all those years, Prue apologised and this was the breakthrough that Frazer needed. Over the weeks that followed, the feeling in his legs slowly started to come back, while Rosie made progress with her own family, ignoring Lucia’s worries over Frazer’s paralysis, and agreeing to help Rocco get day release so that he could attend the wedding and walk her down the aisle. Meanwhile, Carmella gave Rosie more to worry about, as she grew close to Ringo, though she insisted that nothing was going on between them.

As the big day finally dawned, Rosie was a nervous wreck, but everything went perfectly, with Frazer making his peace with his father and even managing to walk down the aisle. But, as Rosie and Frazer made themselves comfortable in a Lassiter’s hotel room, and she finally lost her virginity to him, Pepper arrived with the shocking news that their friends and family had been involved in an accident, as their minibus had crashed as it turned into Ramsay Street. The only person seriously injured in the accident was Ringo, and he was placed into an induced coma to help his body to recover. As the waited for news, Rosie and Frazer were shocked when Carmella explained that she and Ringo had been more than friends, and they had kissed. She also told them that, whilst she and Ringo were trapped together in the minibus, she had lied to him that she was in love with him. Frazer angrily threw Rosie’s sister out of the house, while Rosie also struggled to forgive her, until Pepper pointed out how hypocritical she was being, having almost slept with Paul just before he married Lyn. Rosie agreed to help Carmella, while Ringo awoke from his coma, still convinced that she loved him. Having finally found out the truth, a humiliated Ringo decided to go and recuperate with his mum, with Frazer deciding that his little brother needed him. Rosie stayed in Erinsborough to support Carmella, but was alarmed when her sister had a dizzy spell and, at the hospital, was informed that she was pregnant. Wrongly believing that Ringo was the father of Carmella’s child, Rosie phoned Frazer with the news, but, in Muttatang, Ringo broke down and admitted that he and Carmella had done nothing more than kiss, and he couldn’t be the dad. Rosie was again forced to apologise to her sister, who knew that ex-boyfriend Oliver was the father.

After a couple of weeks away, Frazer and Ringo returned, and Rosie was happy to have her new husband back to support her, as she found her job under threat. Boss Tim Collins had returned from Sydney with the announcement that Rosie and Toadie were underperforming and whoever billed the most hours could keep their job, while the other would be fired. Rosie easily managed to beat Toadie, but Tim then let her in on a secret; he had never intended to fire her. He explained that he had her lined up for a job in their city office, but Rosie felt guilty for betraying her colleague and stalled on accepting. When Frazer then mistakenly thought he’d caught Toadie smoking pot and throwing the butts over the fence, when in fact the culprit was Toadie’s visiting brother, Stonie, he told Rosie that her loyalty was misplaced and she should accept. She did this, only for Frazer to later realise his mistake, and a guilty Rosie decided to change the figures, so that she and Toadie had billed the same amount, in the hope that it would force Tim to keep them both on. As this seemed more and more unlikely, Rosie was furious to catch Tim taking a nap in Toadie’s office, listening to his MP3 player and the final straw came when Toadie was rushed to hospital, suffering a panic attack and Tim made it clear that he didn’t care. Realising that they’d be better off going it alone, Rosie and Toadie quit Tim Collins & Associates to set up their own law practice, Rebecchi Cammeniti.

Only days later, the pair had a couple of cases - Mickey Gannon's custody, and Rebecca Napier taking out a civil case against ex-boyfriend Richard Aaronow for raping her - when Rosie got word from Rome that her favourite aunt, Maria, was dying. She flew out there immediately, leaving Toadie to hire barrister Diana Murray to help with the workload. A couple of weeks later, following Maria's passing, Rosie returned to Erinsborough, eager to meet Diana and impress her. At home, she found herself facing problems with Frazer, whose $50,000 compensation for the accident at the racetrack had come through. Rosie had learnt, from Carmella, that Frazer wanted to use the money to buy number 30, so that they could start a family there, but Rosie had already told Toadie that they could use it to get Rebecchi Cammeniti off the ground. When Rosie found out that Frazer had volunteered to babysit Charlie Hoyland from next-door, she quickly assumed that he'd hate it and it would put him off the idea of having children, but was disappointed when her husband had a great time and called her 'cold and calculating' when he found out her true opinion of his parenting abilities. Rosie dwelled on this comment, eventually snapping at Frazer during a dinner party at number 30. Once alone, she admitted to him that his throwaway comment had hurt her deeply, and she simply wasn't ready to start a family yet, as she wanted to focus on her career, but that Frazer would be the man she wanted to have kids with when that time came.

Meanwhile, Rebecca, who, in Rosie's absence, had been hired as Rebecchi Cammeniti's secretary, managed to mix up the documents for an important case and promptly resigned after less than a week in the job, a decision supported by Diana. But when Rosie was considering giving her a second chance, Diana reminded Rosie that she was the one in partnership with Toadie and, if she wanted to hire Rebecca back, then she should. Standing up to Diana earnt Rosie her respect, and the two women became friends, with Diana confiding that her ex-husband Julian had invited her to Sydney to help him on a case. At home, the issue of what to do with Frazer's compensation money was still a sore point, but Rosie was stunned to receive a call from the bank explaining that Frazer had withdrawn $40,000 from their joint account. She eventually tracked him down the bar, where he was listening to the horse races and she feared the worst, but Frazer told her that he'd considered putting their money on a rigged race, but had backed out at the last minute. A relieved Rosie was worried that he'd kept all this from her, but he explained that he was ashamed that he'd even been considering cheating like that. As the couple made up, Diana was moved by their devotion to each other and told Rosie that she'd decided to take up Julian's offer and return to Sydney.

More changes came in Rosie's life when Pepper moved up north to be closer to her sick dad, and Frazer found a new career as a taxi driver, while Carmella went into premature labour. As she watched her sister's painful labour, which eventually turned into an emergency C-section, she realised that she wasn't strong enough to have children of her own. Fate, however, had other ideas, and, after feeling off colour for days, and snapping at her work colleagues, Rosie broke the news to Frazer that she thought she might be pregnant. Though Frazer was delighted, Rosie struggled to deal with it and, when it was confirmed that she was expecting, she told Frazer that she wasn't sure that she could go through with it. When he then bought her a book about pregnancy to try to change her mind, it had the opposite effect, highlighting in her mind all of the things that could go wrong, and she started to wonder about the effect it might have on her relationship with Frazer, if she couldn't be the maternal wife he wanted her to be. When an opportunity came along for Rebecchi Cammeniti to start a class action suit against the council, Rosie decided to take on the case, having previously refused, knowing that it could take months, or even years, and would rule out the possibility of her raising a child for the foreseeable future. When Frazer realised what she was doing, he presented Rosie with an alternative - he would raise their baby, with, or without, her.

After Frazer’s ultimatum, Rosie returned to work where she had a meeting with Evelyn Wallace, the mother of student Jessica, who died in a roof collapse during a rave party, about the class action. When Evelyn got emotional talking about her daughter, Rosie couldn’t handle it and left the room. Later, Frazer apologised for the ultimatum, but Rosie told him that she had been thinking about it all day and realised there was no way she could walk out on him and their child. The couple reconciled, preparing to raise their child together, but recognising that they might mess up. Even after this, Rosie still had some difficulties with being pregnant. She didn’t like the idea of having to work less or sit back and let other people look after her, which brought on a couple of faints and dizzy spells. This led to her pregnancy being revealed to the street, although they had wanted to keep it a secret until 12 weeks. Carmella talked to Rosie about her pride making her want to do everything better than everyone else, even pregnancy, and persuaded her that it was okay to admit that she was exhausted.

Rosie and Frazer were just beginning to get excited about having a child when tragedy struck - she went for a scan only to be told that it was a phantom pregnancy and she wasn’t going to have a baby after all. They were both devastated by the news and Rosie blamed herself for not wanting the child in the first place, but then she began to believe that she was pregnant, refusing to accept the doctor’s diagnosis. She insisted that she still felt as though she was pregnant, but when Frazer asked her whether there was any other reason why, as that could simply be a part of her condition, she admitted that she was scared she would lose him if she wasn’t having the baby. After confessing this, Rosie finally accepted that she wasn’t pregnant – but told Frazer that she couldn’t ever go through this again, so there would be no children, but, after talking to Prue, she realised that the two of them had to get through it together and talk.

They arranged for Rosie to have the procedure that would remove the growth that had tricked her body into believing it was pregnant. Before going ahead, they went for a final ultrasound to help them recognize for sure that there was no baby. However, they were overjoyed when Dr Olenski found that, in a rare case, though there was a growth as well, Rosie was pregnant. Elated with the news, the couple decided to take an extended trip to Italy to visit Rosie’s family and left Ramsay Street with a small farewell on Ringo’s 18th birthday. Rosie left the law firm in the care of Toadie and her old law school friend Sam, whilst Frazer sold his share of the General Store to Elle, and though they said they would return, their trip continued to extend and they settled happily in Italy.

In September 2008, five months after their departure from Erinsborough, Ringo delivered the news that Rosie had given birth to a baby boy, who they named Marco, in memory of Carmella’s husband, who had passed away 3 months earlier.


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Biography by Steve and Sian