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Guest Character Profiles > Johnny Brown Philip McInnes, Lawrence Price

Johnny Brown 2006, 2007
Born: c. 1980
Parents: Graham and Prudence 'Prue' Brown
Siblings: Frazer (né George), Paul, Pauline and Ringo
Family Tree: Brown

One of four siblings named after the members of the Beatles by Prue Brown, Johnny grew up to take after his father, a serious man who didn’t take fools gladly. None of the family was surprised when middle son, and black sheep of the family, George, left home as a teenager and lost contact and Johnny came to resent his brother for the heartache he’d caused their parents. When Johnny was forced into a relationship with Rosetta, the career-minded daughter of the influential Cammeniti family, things didn’t work out but word got back to George, who had changed his name to Frazer Yeats, about it all and he followed Rosie to her new home in Erinsborough. Frazer’s intention was to win over Rosie and marry into the Cammenitis, but he soon found himself genuinely falling in love with her. When Johnny met up with Rosie at Frazer’s local, The Scarlet Bar, one day, Frazer was shocked to see his brother and quickly ran out, though Johnny spotted him leaving and told the rest of the family.

The news that George was alive and well led to the youngest Brown sibling, Ringo, leaving boarding school to go to Erinsborough and see his brother. Before long, Ringo was living in the house that Frazer shared with Rosie and a few others, and things were going well until Rosie found out that Frazer was actually Johnny’s younger brother, George. The revelation broke them up, but they were slowly drawn back to each other and were on the verge of reuniting when Frazer was involved in a terrible accident and trampled by horses whilst trying to stop a little girl from chasing her dog onto the racetrack. As next of kin, Johnny was called to the hospital by Rosie, where he concluded that Frazer’s possible paralysis was just another of his stunts to get attention. As Johnny attempted to get Ringo to return home, Rosie stood up for Frazer and said that she would look after both of Johnny’s brothers. Johnny declared that Ringo was becoming just as self-centred as Frazer, and that Rosie was a fool to be taken in by them, before walking out of the hospital.

In the months that followed, Frazer and Rosie got back together and started making plans to get married. When Frazer's specialist, Dr Peter Dwyer informed him that his injuries had healed and his inability to walk was psychosomatic, he started delving into his past and found out that, when he was three, and Johnny a couple of years older, their thirteen-month old sibling Paul had drowned in the family's swimming pool, something that their parents had never spoken about, in the hope that their two eldest sons would forget the trauma. But while Johnny had grown up to be as cold and unfeeling as his parents had seemed, Frazer had walked away from what he saw as parents who didn't love him. These revelations finally caused the Brown family to open up to each other, just in time for Prue, Graham and Johnny to attend Frazer's wedding to Rosie. At the end of the day, Johnny offered the happy couple his congratulations, showing that he had no hard feelings towards his brother or former fiancee.

Trivia Notes
• Philip McInnes played Johnny on his first appearance, before Lawrence Price took over the role
• Philip McInnes previously appeared in 2005 as dodgy nurse Gareth Peters
• Lawrence Price previously appeared as Buzza in 1995 and a yobbo in 1996

Biography by Steve