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Ringo D. Brown 2007-2010
Lived: 28, 30 Ramsay Street
Born: 1990
Marital Status: Donna Freedman (2010)
Parents: Graham and Prudence 'Prue' Brown
Siblings: Johnny, Frazer (né George), Paul and Pauline
Family Tree: Brown
Occupation: Student, Delivery Boy
Died: 2010

The youngest of four children of Beatles-obsessed Prue Brown, happy-go-lucky Ringo grew up looking up to his carefree older brother, George. George left home, and changed his name to Frazer Yeats, when Ringo was just ten and Ringo later left home to go to boarding school. When Ringo was sixteen, he learnt from his other brother, Johnny, that George had been spotted, in Erinsborough, and set out to track him down. After watching his brother coming and going from a house in Ramsay Street, and being mistaken for a prowler by Zeke Kinski, Ringo went to see a shocked Frazer, who explained that he’d come to Erinsborough to try and win the heart of Johnny’s ex-fiancee, Rosetta Cammeniti and marry into her influential family, but had found himself really falling for her. Although Ringo had never met Rosie, his name was a dead giveaway and so he pretended to be called Rick Yeats. Frazer was grateful and allowed his brother to stay until the holidays were over.

It wasn’t long before Frazer and Rosie’s housemate, Pepper Steiger, worked out what had been going on and warned Frazer to tell Rosie the truth, or she would. Ringo, meanwhile, had convinced Frazer to let him stay on and had enrolled at Erinsborough High, where he quickly developed a crush on Zeke’s sister, Rachel. Finding himself tongue-tied around her, he sent her a mysterious Valentine’s card, and, when she was impressed, he sent another note, arranging to meet up at the General Store. However, when Rachel realised who was behind the messages, she thought it was all a joke and refused to accept that Ringo was her secret admirer. Ringo turned to another friend, Lolly Allen, for advice but found himself counselling her when she admitted that her stepmother, Sandy, had been abusing her. Ringo encouraged Lolly to speak up and confront Sandy, but it ended badly when Sandy fell into the pool and hit her head. When Rachel and Ringo went outside to find Lolly, they rushed to help, with Lolly eventually performing CPR and saving Sandy’s life. Afterwards, Rachel was impressed by the way he hadn’t jumped into the pool but had pulled her out from the side. She leaned in for a kiss, but Ringo ran off, clearly upset and later admitted to Lolly that he had a fear of water.

Lolly encouraged Ringo to own up to Rachel, as she would find it endearing and the plan worked, with Rachel offering to help him overcome his fear, even admitting that she had a similar phobia of spiders. After their first lesson, with Ringo holding his head underwater in the kitchen sink, the pair finally shared their first kiss, but Ringo took things too far by going in for a grope. Rachel ran off, but Lolly was again on hand with advice and as Ringo mentioned the spider phobia, Lolly concocted a plan. Ringo later met up with Rachel and begged her for another chance, explaining that, as they kissed, he’d spotted a spider on the back of her leg and had been grabbing it when it bit him. Although Rachel didn’t believe a word of it, particularly as she realised that the spider bite had been drawn with a marker pen, she accepted Ringo’s apology. Soon after finally becoming a couple, Rachel and Ringo’s relationship was put on hold, when Rachel’s ex-boyfriend Stingray Timmins died suddenly, and she asked for some time alone to grieve for him.

Whilst separated from Rachel, Ringo’s friendship with Lolly grew and, after Frazer was involved in an accident at the racetrack and left paralysed, he decided that Ringo should move back home with the family. Ringo was desperate to stay and, claiming that she didn’t want Ringo and Rachel to be apart, Lolly set up a tent at the allotments for him to stay in, later giving him the key to the General Store so he could sleep in there. As Rachel watched Ringo and Lolly spending all of their time together, she grew concerned that her sometimes boyfriend was about to be stolen away. Ringo assured her that it wasn’t true, and Lolly suggested making her dinner to prove it. That evening ended badly when Rachel realised that there was fish in the meal and, being allergic to seafood, was quick to blame Lolly, accusing her rival of sabotage. But Rachel was forced to eat her words when Rosetta admitted that she’d added fish sauce, thinking she was helping. Before long, Ringo and Rachel were a couple once again and, as a school project, were paired up to look after an egg, which Ringo amusingly christened Benedict.

Though Lolly left Erinsborough soon after, someone else quickly took her place as the third wheel in Ringo and Rachel’s relationship. When Ringo started working as a delivery boy for Celestial Fruits, the company run by his housemate, and Rosie’s sister, Carmella, he grew close to his new boss, happy to have finally found someone who was willing to listen to his opinions and treat him like an adult. As Ringo helped Carmella to overcome an addiction to anti-depressants by pretending their truck had broken down in the middle of nowhere, making her go cold turkey all night, Rachel grew increasingly jealous of all the time they were spending together. Things got worse as Ringo admitted that he was actually 17 and had been kept down a year at school, and both Lolly and Carmella had known about it, and Ringo found himself counselling Carmella, whose relationship with Oliver Barnes was falling apart. With many people believing that Ringo had a secret crush on Carmella, he was forced to deny it and stop working with her, and ended up angrily grabbing the keys to the fruit truck and speeding off, losing control and narrowly avoiding running down neighbours Susan and Karl Kennedy outside the garage. After an emergency blood transfusion from Frazer, he recovered in hospital and Ringo admitted to Rachel that he was finding her controlling behaviour difficult to deal with. She admitted that, having grown up without her mum around, she’d always had to be bossy to get her dad and brother to do anything, but would do her best to change. Further drama came along for Ringo as he left hospital to find that Frazer and their mum, Prue, had been doing some talking and repaired some of the damage from the past, with the revelation that there had been a fourth Brown brother, Paul, who had drowned aged 13 months and it had been the reason why their parents had put up emotional barriers.

Meanwhile, Ringo and Carmella were thrown back together when asked to dance together at Rosie and Frazer’s wedding reception. But Carmella found herself hitting a brick wall as Ringo refused to try, telling her that the members of the Brown family simply didn’t dance. Out in the country, as Ringo helped Carmella to secure a deal with a sexist organic farmer, they found themselves alone in the middle of nowhere, and she decided that it was the perfect time for a dance lesson. But as the pair got caught up in the moment, dancing to the music blasting out from the fruit truck’s stereo, they almost kissed and Carmella quickly backed off. Ringo promised that, in the wake of the near kiss, he would sort things out with Rachel. Carmella took this to mean that he was going to patch things up properly with her, but was stunned to hear that he’d split from his girlfriend. Ringo then enthusiastically told Carmella to meet him back at the field where they’d danced and set off. He waited and waited and grew upset, believing that he’d been completely stood up, when in fact Carmella was only feet away, watching him from the truck and trying to decide what to do.

Realising that she wasn’t going to show, Ringo returned home, where he went to Carmella’s room and confronted her. But as they talked, and again, almost kissed, they were interrupted by Rosie, who was desperately trying to finalise the wedding plans. She and Frazer were shocked to catch Ringo hiding under the bed and, accused of perving on his housemate and faced with the prospect of being sent back home, he lied that he had been putting Carmella’s washing in the room when he heard her coming and hid. Thankful that he had covered for her, Carmella told Rosie and Frazer that she didn’t want Ringo to be sent away and had no problem sharing a roof with him. The following evening, Rosie, Frazer and their wedding entourage gathered in a suite at Lassiter’s for a joint bucks’ and hens’ night, where Ringo and Carmella could hardly keep their eyes off each other. Once everyone else was asleep, Ringo crept out to the hotel pool, where he was soon joined by Carmella. Unable to resist the sexual tension between them any longer, she joined him, fully clothed, in the pool and they kissed. But Carmella was suddenly snapped out of the moment when Ringo mentioned that this would be his first sexual experience, and she promptly climbed out of the pool and walked away.

The next morning, Carmella did her best to avoid Ringo as the chaos of the wedding took hold but, at the reception, they were forced to dance together. Carmella quickly managed to break up the dance with a special performance of the famous Cammeniti 12-Step, but Ringo wasn’t about to give up on his pursuit of her. As many of the Ramsay Street gang were driven back home in a minibus, Ringo moved to the back seats to try and talk to Carmella, but their conversation came to a sudden stop when the van was involved in an accident. Trapped together, Ringo used what little strength he had left to tell Carmella that he was in love with her and, worried that he was slipping out of consciousness, Carmella lied that she loved him too. After being rescued, Ringo was rushed to hospital where he suffered a cardiac arrest and the medical staff decided to put him into an induced coma to allow his body to recover.

A week later, the doctors brought Ringo out of the coma and he woke up, not taking long to remember Carmella's admission of love. But Carmella had already confessed everything to Rosie and Frazer, who were putting pressure on her to be honest and admit that she had lied to Ringo in the heat of the moment. As days went by, and Carmella backed out of speaking to Ringo time and time again, he finally decided that he had to see her and walked out of the hospital, headed for Lassiter's, where Carmella was attending a farewell bash for Sky Mangel and Boyd Hoyland. In front of half of Erinsborough, Ringo confronted Carmella, asking her to tell everyone that she loved him. But Carmella had no option but to tell him the truth, breaking Ringo's heart and leaving him humiliated. When Prue gave her son the option of continuing his recovery at home, he took it, and Frazer, feeling like he'd let Ringo down, decided to go with them.

Only hours after returning home, Frazer was shocked to hear from Rosie that Carmella had been diagnosed as pregnant earlier that afternoon. With everyone believing that Ringo was the father, he stormed out of the house and hooked up with Gags McKenzie and some of his other old mates, who spent their evenings drinking alcohol and hanging around car parks. As Frazer tracked him down, a fight broke out between the two brothers, with Ringo breaking down and admitting that he wasn't a man, and he didn't need to face his responsibilities, as he and Carmella had done nothing more than share one kiss. This was the breakthrough that the brothers needed and over the next few days, Ringo came to realise that Frazer had been through a similar relationship with an older woman, when they bumped into barmaid Jacqui Burns. Frazer explained that his brief romance with Jacqui, a few years his senior, had been a contributing factor to him leaving Muttatang in the first place. Later that day, Frazer decided that he'd been away from new bride Rosie for long enough and prepared to leave, with Prue deciding that Ringo should go too, as he needed to learn some independence and Frazer was clearly doing a good job of looking after him.

Back in Erinsborough, Ringo managed to patch things up with Carmella and salvage a friendship with Rachel, not realising that she was still desperately in love with him. When she realised that he was struggling at school and had failed their health exam, she offered to study with him, pretending that she was the one struggling. Ringo soon saw through her plan and angrily told her that he didn't need to be her latest project and could cope fine on his own, but when he was asked by Susan to take the attendance register, he saw an opportunity to steal one of the papers for the upcoming English exam. Rachel and Zeke spotted him and told him how stupid he was being, so he gave the paper to Rachel to put back in Susan's bag.

Rachel did get the exam back in Susan's bag but Karl was suspicious and Rachel ended up making a false confession that she stole it - all in an attempt to save Ringo from possible expulsion. This meant Rachel was stopped from attending the advanced literature course so Ringo decide to do the right thing and owned up to his crime. His brother Frazer managed to save him from expulsion by promising a strong punishment at home, so Ringo ended up with a one week suspension. Ringo and Rachel were brought together again over the exam paper but Rachel became suspicious about the amount of time Ringo was spending with his teacher and housemate Pepper Steiger. Fearing he’d developed another infatuation with an older woman, Rachel left for the literature course without saying goodbye.

What Rachel didn’t know was that Ringo and Pepper had actually been trying to combat Ringo’s problems with food. Following the end of his relationship with Carmella, Ringo had become very body conscious; lifting weights, running and, most seriously, not eating properly. Pepper spotted the warning signs as she had had an eating disorder while she was at school. Ringo initially denied he had any kind of problem but Pepper finally got through to him and she got him eating again. But Ringo was ashamed and couldn’t bring himself to tell Rachel the truth and he would let Pepper tell Frazer and Rosie. When Pepper had to leave Erinsborough to be closer to her ill father, she was confident that Ringo was back to normal but she took the precaution of telling school counsellor Daniel “Fitzy” Fitzgerald what had been going on, and on the day she left she also told Rosie, but told her not to tell Frazer.

Rosie kept a close eye on Ringo’s eating and soon discovered he was using appetite suppressants. Frazer then became involved, as did Fitzy after Ringo nearly drowned during a swim trial. This led to a confrontation but Ringo remained obstinate, continuing to deny he needed professional counselling and even managing to eat a hearty meal in front of his brother and sister-in-law; but later, Frazer heard him vomiting in the garden. Frazer then got his mother involved in the situation. She frankly explained to Ringo that she’d already seen the death of one son and she wasn’t going to let it happen again. Ringo woke up to himself after this and agreed to get proper help from Fitzy. When his mother was offered a cruise holiday soon after, he signed a contract promising he would eat properly while she was away.

During Rachel’s absence, school bitch Jessica Wallace attempted to move in on Ringo. The pair were brought together when Ringo got hold of a cartoon Daniel Fitzgerald had done of the unpopular teacher Helen Carr, and Jess secretly photocopied it and covered the school halls with it. Daniel was forced to admit that he’d drawn it and as such was in danger of losing his job, so Ringo lied to Ms Carr saying he’d done it, which only earned him a detention. Jess also “owned up” so that she could spend the detention time with Ringo. They got on well but Jessica’s flirting got her nowhere as Ringo wouldn’t risk his relationship with Rachel.

Jessica later hatched a plot in which she kissed Ringo in the General Store and was photographed by her friend Taylah Jordan; they would then use the photo to break up Rachel and Ringo. However, the couple did briefly split after Ringo told Rachel about his eating disorder and she’d been upset that he couldn’t tell her about it. But within hours they were back together and Jessica spitefully sent Rachel the photo. Ringo was able to explain that Jess had been the instigator and Taylah took the blame for sending it, saying she felt they’d make a great couple. But Ringo and Rachel split soon after when Jess fell in at the swimming pool and lied that Rachel pushed her; Ringo lent Jess some dry clothes and Rachel decided that it was time to end things.

Jessica finally got close to Ringo when she got him to attend an illegal dance party along with friends Taylah, Zeke, Didge, Declan, Josh and Rachel who were all celebrating the end of the school year and the start of the Christmas holidays. Ringo and Jess danced the night away and they finally kissed but their happiness was short lived when the warehouse roof collapsed. The young couple were both trapped under rubble; although unable to see each other, they could hold hands and talk about places they would rather be. Jess began to slip away due to her injuries and confessed to Ringo how special he was to her. She also made Ringo promise to tell her mother that she was sorry for being a disappointment and that she loved her. When Daniel Fitzgerald, who was part of the rescue team, reached them, Jess had passed away.

Ringo struggled with the grief of losing Jessica but also the burden of having to pass the message on to her mother Evelyn Wallace. Eventually he plucked up the courage and arranged to meet her at the General Store. Evelyn was able to take some comfort in Jess’ final words and was pleased to meet Ringo after hearing so much about him. She passed on the Order Of Service for the funeral the next day.

On the day of the funeral, Ringo, Taylah and many other school friends had their own special gathering for Jess when they threw flowers at the jetty and Ringo ate a bag of fish and chips, as it had been something Jess had mentioned she’d like to do during her final moments. Ringo then continued to face more problems, as Rosie and Frazer learnt that she was pregnant, then wrongly believed that she had suffered a phantom pregnancy. The stress made Ringo's old eating disorder flare up again, but when Rosie and Frazer changed their minds about taking an extended trip to Italy, he insisted that they go, even publicly announcing his health problems at his 18th birthday party to prove the point. With the blessing of his brother and his mum, Ringo moved in with the Kennedys at number 28 to complete his schooling, while Rosie and Frazer settled in Italy where, a few months later, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

As the night of the school formal was approaching Ringo decided to book a hotel room for an after-party. However girlfriend Bridget was worried that Ringo only wanted to book the room so he could spend some alone time with her. Unsure on whether she wanted to take her relationship with Ringo to the next step, Bridget sought advice from her Aunt Nicola who had just arrived on Ramsay Street. Heeding Nicola’s misguided advice Bridget then threw herself at Ringo. Her plan though backfired and Ringo became confused at Bridget’s hot-cold attitude towards him. He suggested that they were perhaps better off as friends and with that Ringo and Bridget’s short romance ended.

Weeks later, local firemen Jay Duncan was keen to get some of the teens involved in some fundraising for the Fire Service. Ringo and Declan suggested the idea of a kissing booth, but Rachel became concerned that one of Ty’s groupies Donna had bought all of his tickets. Having already protected Ty from Donna’s obsession by pretending to be his girlfriend, Rachel decided to substitute Ty’s tickets with Ringo’s. Crazy Donna didn’t seem to mind much though and throughout the night her and Ringo kissed. Following their night of kissing Ringo was now clearly interested in Donna. Although Donna now seemed to have developed an odd obsession over Rachel, it was just simply because she wanted to be friends with the ‘gang’.

Tensions amongst the teen group remained high when Rachel got back together with ex-school teacher Angus. Having previously thanked Ringo for being so understanding about the situation, Rachel was shocked when Ringo admitted that he was the one who had graffitied the word ‘perv’ on Angus’ flat.

At school, Dan gave the pupils a mock IQ test to do and when Ringo performed poorly on the test, he reacted badly. Fearing that he was ‘below average’, Ringo began to feel down about his future. Sister-in-law Carmella was on hand to talk to Ringo about his problems, herself fearing that he may be headed towards his eating problems again, however Ringo refused help. Later that evening Ringo went over to visit Carmella at number 24, but saw that she was fast asleep on the couch. As he headed back home, Ringo then suddenly realised that he’d seen through the window that the gas was still on and that Carmella could possibly be in danger. Ringo then rushed into the house, turned the gas off and rescued Carmella and baby Chloe from the house.

Following Ringo’s heroic rescue of Carmella and Chloe he struggled to accept the praise that was coming his way. Carmella was also once again worried that Ringo wasn’t eating enough, but Rebecca warned Carmella not to give Ringo the wrong idea regarding their friendship. Ringo told Carmella that he only saw her as a good friend and with that Carmella continued her plans to cook free meals at the General Store for the Dingoes footie players.

With Declan and Zeke teasing Ringo over him liking Carmella, Ringo revealed the person he did actually have his eye on was Donna. Ringo approached Donna asking her if she wanted to spend some time with him, but she reacted to Ringo’s advances badly. Ringo then adopted a much more honest and cautious approach that seemed to persuade Donna that she should hang out with him. Later at Charlies whilst the players were celebrating their football win, Donna grabbed Ringo and started kissing him in a bid to try and hide from her father Matt, who had just walked in. Matt soon noticed Donna and pulled the two kissing teens apart. Ringo did his best to stick up for Donna but was shocked when Matt told him he was Donna’s dad. After an awkward chat with her dad, an upset Donna then pulled Ringo from the pool table and they snuck off together for some fun in the back of Matt’s police car.

As Donna continued to have a hard time at the hands of her father, Ringo decided to stick up for her, especially when Donna found herself in trouble after hitting Nicola with her dads police car. It was Ringo who gave Donna the courage to stand up to Matt and to go to the police to tell them everything.

With Dingoes Captain Daniel Fitzgerald out injured, Ringo was lucky enough to be rewarded by becoming the interim captain for the team ahead of a jealous Declan. Meanwhile, Donna realised her recent attempts to stay out of everyone’s way in a bid to protect her father had jeopardized her chances with Ringo. Along with Bridget and Rachel, Donna tried to impress Ringo by becoming a cheerleader for the team. Eventually Donna’s efforts succeeded and the pair finally got together.

Meanwhile ahead of the big football final, Ringo and Declan’s rivalry was tested once more when they learned that an AFL scout would be in attendance at the game. Ringo and Declan did their best to impress during the game and luckily both players were rewarded with a potential AFL career. Working hard in training, it soon became apparent that Ringo was struggling slightly with the intense fitness regime. Declan covered for him on several occasions as coach Nathan Black enquired into the pairs health history. Eventually Ringo was honest with Nathan and told him of his battle with anorexia. Fearing he’d jeopardized both their places in the team, Ringo and Declan were delighted to discover Nathan was going to give them both a place in the team.

Following a rafting disaster during the school's end of year trip, the teens were still trying to come to terms with Zeke’s disappearance. Gathered in his room, Rachel found some video diaries by Zeke left on his laptop and began to play them. In the videos an angry Zeke revealed his inner most thoughts about his friends and dropped a huge bombshell on Ringo when he announced that Donna had attempted to fool Ringo into getting herself pregnant after putting her contraceptive pills in the bin at No 28. Ringo was furious and marched over to see Donna where he broke things off with her. Donna apologised and attempted to reconcile with Ringo but initially he couldn’t find it in him to forgive her. It wasn’t until Donna’s recently-arrived younger brother Simon gave Ringo a wake up call by informing him that Donna had changed for the better since she’d been with him. Donna then attempted once again to reconcile with Ringo, this time by listing to Ringo a long reel of truths about her. Ringo was impressed and with that the pair were quickly reunited.

As Ramsay Street held a memorial service for Zeke, Susan decided it was time to clear out Zeke’s room after she discovered that Ringo had been unable to sleep with all of Zeke’s things in their bedroom. Susan then came across a selection of photographs of Donna and it soon became clear that they weren’t Ringo’s. Ringo confronted Donna about the pictures, but she looked confused and claimed she didn’t know anything about them. But when Ringo revealed to Donna that he’d spoken to her mother Cass, Donna was disappointed that Ringo couldn’t see that her mother was trouble and that he instantly jumped to the wrong conclusion about her and Zeke. Donna then ‘admitted’ she’d been with Zeke to Ringo even when she hadn’t and an angry Ringo ended their relationship once more. Struggling to come to terms with Zeke’s ‘betrayal’ Ringo reacted angrily at home that prompted Karl to throw him out. Whilst walking away from the street Cass approached Ringo and offered him a place to stay for the night which he accepted.

When Zeke returned to Ramsay Street following his disappearance, tensions between him and Ringo were high. Zeke exasperated the situation by making a move on Donna which culminated in the pair kissing at Charlie’s. Ringo was furious by Zeke’s behaviour and several times the two would violently clash. Eventually, fearing that there was no other way to solve their arguments, Susan arranged a boxing match for Ringo and Zeke to try and let out their anger. Despite the controversy surrounding the idea of Ringo and Zeke fighting, it went ahead as planned. However, Zeke and Ringo caught up just before the planned fight was about to begin and decided to fight each other elsewhere in secret. The pair argued once again over Donna and Zeke forced Ringo to admit that he was wrong. But Ringo lashed out and pushed Zeke who fell into a puddle. Being in the water brought back memories for Zeke of the rafting disaster and he passed out. Zeke soon recovered but the relationship between the pair was at an all time low, so Ringo was as surprised as anybody when Zeke asked him to move back into No 28. Susan and Karl were delighted that the boys had made up, but Zeke then made it clear to Ringo that he still wasn’t his friend and that he was only doing this to keep Susan and Karl off his back.

After Declan was booted off the AFL team, Ringo attended his final AFL assessment. He was successful and made the cut for the team. Karl went along with Ringo to his jumper presentation ceremony, but Zeke started to feel sorry that Ringo didn’t have any real family to go with. Despite Declan getting booted off the team and Ringo and Zeke’s tense relationship, both Zeke and Declan decided to join Ringo at his passing out ceremony. But when AFL professional Adam Clarke invited Ringo to an after party, Ringo was torn when he was told that Declan and Zeke wouldn’t be able to go as it was for team members only. The morning after the party, Ringo successfully passed his initiation into the team. But after a heavy night, Ringo still had to go to school for his psychology exam. Adam told Ringo he could drive to school in his Hummer, but whilst on their way, Ringo was pulled over by police. Over the limit and still on his P’s, Ringo was worried he’d ruined everything, however Adam remained calm. When the police officer approached the car window, he soon became start struck that Adam Clarke was in the vehicle and instead of breathalising Ringo, he asked for Adam’s autograph, sparing Ringo’s blushes.

Still reveling in the limelight of being the new kid in the team, Ringo ‘hosted’ a party at a Lassiters hotel suite. However, an on-duty Declan didn’t feel comfortable with Ringo having a party and soon enough his worst fears were confirmed when the complaints started rolling in and the party got out of hand. Declan then demanded that the party ended and kicked everyone out of the hotel suite. Declan wasn’t very happy with Ringo’s attitude and the pair started arguing, causing tensions amongst the teens to increase. Whilst at the party, Ringo met team groupie Ashley. She put herself out and it didn’t take long for the pair to have some fun together. The next day Ringo took Ashley for a ride in Adam’s Hummer and they ended up going to her house for some fun. However, as they started kissing out the front of the house, Ringo was stunned when Nathan burst out questioning what Ringo was doing with his daughter.

Following Ringo’s discovery that Ashley was Nathan’s daughter, he broke things off with her and said he couldn’t see her again. However, Ashley had another trick up her sleeve and said that if Ringo didn’t carry on seeing her, she’d tell her dad that he’d been too pushy. Ringo refused and said he wasn’t going to be blackmailed by her. Ashley then did as she promised and told her father that Ringo had been too pushy. Nathan, together with Ashley confronted Ringo about it at Charlie’s, but despite having fallen out with his friends, it was Declan and Zeke who came to Ringo’s rescue by sticking up for him. With Susan supporting Ringo as well, Ashley couldn’t keep her secret anymore and Ringo, with the help of his friends managed to call her bluff. With his fling over with Ashley, Ringo turned his attention towards Donna again after she returned from a trip away to Tasmania. Ringo told Donna that he loved her, but she just couldn’t accept this and was still very angry for everything that had happened before. With his intensive training sessions, Ringo soon began to fall behind in his school work. Having already fallen out with his friends and been rejected by Donna again, Ringo felt unhappy at school and after a disagreement with his teacher Dan Fitzgerald it was his final straw. Ringo quit school.

When Adam started messing about whilst driving his Hummer, he ended up crashing into a giant inflatable bunny rabbit. The police were soon on the scene, but Adam demanded that Ringo told the police that he was the one driving the car as he was only a few points away from losing his license. Ringo had little choice but to go along with Adam’s idea and took the rap for the accident. As the charges against him from the police were stacking up, Erinsborough News got wind that there’d been a car accident involving an AFL player. Journalist Elle spoke to Ringo to ask him who was involved, but he refused to give any names. The following morning the press were outside the training ground asking questions of coach Nathan as to who was involved in the accident. Having previously gone along with Adam’s plan to coach Nathan, Ringo then admitted that he hadn’t been the one driving. Despite Ringo’s admission, Nathan then fired Ringo from the team. Still adamant that he wasn’t going to go back to school, Ringo got himself a job at Charlie’s with Rebecca. But when he started to get some stick from some footy fans, Ringo reacted angrily and quit.

Following his dismissal from the Portside Falcons, Ringo eventually went back to play for the Dingoes. He also still wanted to get back together with Donna, but his plans soon backfired when Donna spontaneously kissed Kyle in front of everyone to show shy new exchange student Sunny how easy a kiss was. Ringo wasn’t very happy and Kyle goaded Ringo about what happened, knowing that he was insanely jealous. It prompted Ringo to lash out and say harsh things about Donna to his friends- something he’d later regret when Kyle would reveal to Donna exactly what Ringo had been saying about her. Donna was furious and angrily told Ringo to stay away from him.

Still desperate to make up with Donna, Ringo then started to use the help of Sunny to win her back. Her initial attempts failed but when she caught Ringo writing a love letter, she mocked him for how bad it was. She then helped Ringo to craft the perfect love letter. Donna was delighted with her letter and seeing how happy she was, Ringo went to Sunny again for help in writing another one. This however started to compromise Zeke’s relationship with Sunny as he started to get suspicious of what was going on between the pair. With each letter received Donna got more and more happy with Ringo, but when the pair were spending some time together by the lake, Donna realised Ringo hadn’t been the one writing the letters when she asked him to talk to her like he did in his letters.

Initially things were once again quite awkward between Ringo and Donna but soon enough Donna started to come round and forgive Ringo. After walking her home from the school play the pair kissed and decided to get back together, but this time to take things slowly. However, after only a few days Donna was struggling with the slow pace of the relationship and the started to turn the heat up. Unfortunately, whilst the pair had the house at No 22 to themselves a fire broke out. Donna was already outside, but Ringo had to make his way through the flames and to safety. Having inhaled quite a bit of smoke from the fire, Ringo was unable to talk for a few days. He wanted to do something special for Donna though and with Bridget and Declan’s help he got got their friendship rings and they put them back on, cementing their love.

5133-5853, 5908-6025

Magic Moments
Episode 5133: Ringo's Arrival

Biography by Edd