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Helen [Carr Crash] Carr 2007-2008
Occupation: Teacher/Head of Senior School at Erinsborough High School

When a large sum of extra funding became available at Erinsborough High, the various school departments were all required to put forward arguments on why they should receive it. During a staff meeting held at teacher Susan Kinski's house, PE teacher Pepper Steiger was putting forward a case for the sports department, but found all of her ideas and suggestions shot down by Helen Carr, an Erinsborough High teacher for many years, who was determined that the money should go to the English department. Pepper was already feeling insecure due to issues in her personal life, and Helen's constant jabs were the final straw, and she was unable to complete her presentation.

As Ms Carr continued stalking the corridors of Erinsborough High, scaring teachers and students alike, counsellor Daniel Fitzgerald started drawing cartoons of her to take out his frustrations. Unfortunately, one of the cartoons got into the hands of student Ringo Brown as Fitzy gave him some information on eating disorders and Ringo, frustrated by the counsellor's interference in his life, considered photocopying it for everyone to see. He was caught by Jessica Wallace and backed out of the plan, not realising that he'd left the picture in the photocopier. Jess then proceeded to make hundreds of copies and paste them all over the school walls. As Ringo quickly tried to take them down, he was caught by Ms Carr, who, unable to get to the bottom of the matter, took the whole grade into detention. Fitzy then admitted to Helen that he'd drawn the picture, and she let the class go, but made it clear that it wasn't the end of the matter, with Fitzy admitting to Ringo that he'd probably get sacked. With guilt setting in, Ringo went to Ms Carr and claimed that he'd drawn the picture, saving Fitzy's job but earning himself detention. In an attempt to get closer to Ringo, Jessica did the same thing, and the pair ended up stuck together, writing essays on the topic of respect.

When, the following year, Fitzy was asked by Helen to join fellow teacher Libby Kennedy, leading the senior school in dance classes for the formal, both he and Libby were uncomfortable being so close, following the brief romance they'd been in before the return of Fitzy's wife Sam. Unfortunately, Helen refused to take no for an answer, forcing them to face up to their feelings and causing turmoil in the Fitzgerald marriage. After a few weeks, however, Dan had managed to quietly pull out of the dance classes, so Helen informed him that, instead, he was in charge of the formal's decorating committee.

Helen's reign of terror continued when she spotted Declan Napier and Bridget Parker kissing in the corridor, and announced that there would be a ban on public displays of affection in the school. Unfortunately, after Carr forced Fitzy and Libby to break the news to the students, a riot broke out, with Declan and Bridget staging a kissathon in the classroom and the rest of the class cheering them on. Soon after, Helen broke the news to Fitzy that she was leaving, having been offered a job at Western Girls' Grammar School, before explaining that she was going to be recommending him for her old role of Head of Senior School. However, when he failed to turn up for an important meeting, Libby stepped in and covered for him, impressing Helen in the process, who then offered to back Libby's application if she decided to go for the Head of Senior School job.

Trivia Notes
Margot Fenley previously appeared in 1998 as Gillian Smart

Episodes Featured
5308, 5338, 5339, 5442, 5455, 5496, 5517

Biography by Steve