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Rachel Kinski 2005-2009
Lived: 28 Ramsay Street, Angus' flat
Born: 1991
Parents: Alex and Francesca Kinski
Siblings: Katya and Zeke
Family Tree: Kinski
Occupation: Student

Uninhibited Rachel Kinski had always been home schooled, along with her brother, Zeke, before the two of them were enrolled at Erinsborough High by their father, Alex. Alex had brought the children up alone, following the death of their mother, and his wife, Francesca, but felt that life at Erinsborough High might help them to develop their social skills. Although she was picked on for singing and dancing in the corridors and not understanding the slang of the other kids, Rachel quickly made a friend in the shape of fellow social outcast Bree Timmins. Bree attempted to teach Rachel and, upon his return from camp, Zeke, how to interact with other kids, as well as what tv shows to watch and what junk food to eat. Rachel quickly picked up many of Bree’s tips, proving herself to be a lot more adaptable than her brother and pestered her dad to allow her to stay at Erinsborough High and have sleepovers at the Timmins place. Alex slowly relaxed as he started dating teacher, and Bree’s neighbour, Susan Smith, even allowing Rachel and Zeke to spend a couple of days at the Timmins house whilst he was away on business in Canberra. During that time, the trio of Rachel, Zeke and Bree stumbled upon a cash cheque for $1000 that had been lost outside Lassiter’s, but were in disagreement over what to do with it.

Eventually Bree convinced Rachel, who in turn convinced Zeke, that they should keep the cheque and put it in one of their bank accounts. However, it wasn’t long before the bank manager contacted Alex, who was furious with his children’s deception. It was all quickly forgotten though, when Susan and Alex got engaged and the kids were delighted with the prospect of having a stepmum. Rachel also noticed that Zeke was developing something of a crush on Bree and encouraged him to ask her out on a date. After one false start, their date went badly wrong when Bree kissed Zeke and he admitted that he didn’t feel any magic, so they clearly weren’t meant to be together. Feeling humiliated, Bree stopped speaking to both Rachel and Zeke , but they soon patched up their friendship. Rachel had other things to worry about when her dad and Susan split up, unaware that her dad had recently found out he was dying from leukaemia. Although Susan and Alex quickly got back together, the Kinski kids were left in the dark again when a plane carrying their dad, Susan and many other Ramsay Street residents, crashed into Bass Strait. When Bree, along with Susan’s ex-husband Karl Kennedy, broke the news that Alex had been found, they were stunned and waited for news of Susan. After a few anxious days, she was finally found and Rachel and Zeke were delighted to hear that the wedding was back on.

Rachel’s love life took a sudden positive turn when she received a note from a boy named Jake asking to meet her. When she realised that it was Jake Rinter, from year 11, she was unsure whether to go, as he clearly believed that she was older than she was. When Jake spotted her with Bree and Zeke in the General Store, he questioned her about her age and she lied, claiming to be 15. However, following their first date, Rachel overheard Jake making a prank call to Susan, playing on the recent plane crash and telling her that she’d be next. She quickly confronted him, but tried to escape as his behaviour became more threatening. When he finally caught up with her, he admitted that he wanted Susan to suffer, as she’d wrongly suspended him for something he didn’t do, meaning that his parents had banned him from spending Christmas in Europe. Meanwhile, Zeke had told his dad about the date and he, along with Alex and Susan, tracked them down to Lassiter’s. Despite Rachel’s protests, Alex got the police involved and Jake received a warning, along with a week’s suspension from school and some counselling sessions. Rachel, however, decided to go against her father’s wishes and started seeing Jake in secret. But when he tried to come on too strong at the cinema one evening, she promptly dumped him, announcing, to his humiliation, that he’d just been given the flick by a thirteen year old.

Rachel found herself with some competition for Bree’s friendship when Summer Hoyland returned home from boarding school for Christmas. The three girls struggled to get along, as Bree succeeded in getting Rachel and Summer to compete for her friendship. However, when they found out what was going on, Rachel and Summer decided that they were better off with each other, and Bree was forced to grovel to get her mates back. Rachel, however, soon had more important issues to contend with when Alex broke the news that he had terminal leukaemia and only weeks left to live. Rachel reacted badly and ran away, unable to cope with losing another parent, and not wanting to deal with the fact that her father had been deceiving her and Zeke. Although Alex had been searching for his long-lost daughter, Katya, for several weeks, it was Rachel who took the important call to say where she’d been found. She opted to keep this information from her dad and Susan, and took Zeke to the rehabilitation clinic where Katya – under the name Catherine Sangmu – had been working as a nurse. Rachel begged Katya to return home and say her goodbyes to Alex at his wedding to Susan, before the opportunity was gone forever, but Katya refused to rake up the past.

Fortunately, Rachel had told Bree and Summer where she and Zeke were going, and Karl Kennedy managed to track them down, hours before the wedding. A pang of guilt caused Katya to then turn up in Ramsay Street, with Karl talking her into going into number 28 and speaking to her father. With an uneasy truce formed within the family, the wedding went ahead and Rachel said a painful goodbye to her dad. That evening, he passed away. Whilst dealing with her grief in the days that followed, Rachel struck up a friendship with Bree’s older brother, Stingray. As the pair chatted, he encouraged her to rescue her dad’s pet turtle, and the uni mascot, William, from his office at the university. Although Susan was concerned by Rachel’s sudden disappearance, a call from the university revealed where she was, and Susan agreed to let William become the latest resident of 28 Ramsay Street. Meanwhile, Katya came to stay with Susan, Rachel and Zeke in the build-up to the funeral, before the three of them left to fulfil Alex’s final wish and complete the honeymoon – a trip on the trans-Siberian railway.

Upon their return, Zeke was still refusing to talk, whilst Rachel’s rebellious streak was showing no signs of disappearing. Whilst out with Bree, the two young women were approached by a couple of guys in a car, asking them to go to a party, and Rachel was just about to get in when Bree stopped her. Soon after, Rachel attempted to graffiti the walls at Lassiter’s before being caught by Max Hoyland. Rachel’s relationship with Stingray, meanwhile, started to develop as she helped him with a photo project to help him get into film school and he, in turn, stopped her from going off with some more guys outside Grease Monkey’s. However, when Stingray took her home and tried to comfort her over feelings that she was boring and uninteresting, she ended up kissing him. Although Stingray was flattered, the fact that he was 18 and she was only 14 meant that he had to let her down gently and Bree’s interference in the situation brought about the end of their friendship, though, as always, they managed to patch things up with some help from Summer, who was back from boarding school to visit her new baby nephew, Charlie.

Meanwhile, things at home weren’t any less complicated for Rachel, as a custody battle between Katya and Susan began. Despite her rebellious behaviour, Rachel admitted that she much preferred living with Susan and having a mother figure around, but Zeke, with the aid of word cards, admitted that he would rather live with Katya, as she needed them more. Rachel began to grow more and more frustrated by Zeke’s mutism and the time he was spending with Katya and things came to a head when she accidentally electrocuted herself on a faulty sandwich toaster. With Zeke the only other person in the house, he was forced to call for an ambulance and speak to someone other than Katya for the first time in months. Fortunately, the situation ended on a positive note as Rachel recovered in hospital and the three siblings finally bonded and agreed to stick together. But Rachel was still adamant that she wanted to stay with Susan and was disappointed when her new stepmother decided that Katya should have custody and save them all months in court. And so, after one final evening as a family, Rachel and Zeke said a painful goodbye to Susan and told her that she would always be their mum, no matter who they were living with.

Conflict soon arose between the two sisters, as Rachel continued her friendship with Stingray, much to Katya’s displeasure. Although Katya realised that she was risking alienating her siblings by being too strict, her new, more lenient, policies still caused problems. After spending all night watching DVDs, Rachel and Zeke found themselves late for school, and Susan became concerned that Katya wasn’t coping with her new role as their guardian. Rachel was also concerned – about Susan, who she felt wasn’t happy living alone. She put the idea to Katya that the three of them move back to Ramsay Street and Susan agreed. Back living next-door to Stingray, Rachel grew worried about him as he seemed to be relying more and more on alcohol to get confidence around his new uni mates. When she confronted him, he assured her that there wasn’t a problem, but, soon after, whilst doing some filming for an assignment using his brother, Dylan’s car, Stingray was approached by the police. He was forced to admit to Rachel that he’d drunk some beer from Susan’s fridge earlier that morning and, after being breathalysed, he looked to have learnt his lesson when it seemed that he would lose his driver’s licence.

After being told by both Susan and Katya to look for a boy her own age, Rachel become even more determined that she should be with Stingray. He, however, had been warned off by Susan and ended up sleeping with Sky as the pair tried to console each other over their disastrous relationships. When Rachel then turned up on Stingray’s doorstep, she ended up feeling like a fool when he told her that he was seeing someone else. Rachel decided to do the same and arranged a date with classmate Garrett Burns. But it went badly as he only had enough money for one slice of cake and ended up spending the whole time talking about computer games. Rachel admitted to Susan that she felt like she had nothing in common with boys of her own age, unlike with Stingray, who she could really talk to. A second date also went badly, as Stingray turned up, convinced that Garrett, like his older brother Wayne, was a waste of space and would only hurt Rachel. As Rachel confronted Stingray afterwards, he admitted that he was in love with her and couldn’t hide it any more. Rachel confessed her love for Stingray and the pair decided to start a secret relationship, in the hope that, if nobody knew about it, then nobody could split them apart.

Over the weeks that followed, Rachel and Stingray took every opportunity to be together, even sneaking out in the early hours of the morning to meet each other. In an attempt to keep their relationship from Susan, they staged a huge fight in front of her. At first, Susan was taken in, but then she began to have her doubts as she noticed looks between the pair. Then, they were caught kissing by Stingray's mum, Janelle, who surprised them both by allowing the romance to continue, but warning them both that it could not go beyond kissing. Bree had also worked out what was going on and agreed to keep it a secret, swept up in the whole romance of the situation but, during a movie night at number 28, Zeke also spotted the signs and was furious to be the last to know. Rachel pleaded with him not to say anything, but he was more concerned with Susan, who he felt was falling in love with Karl all over again. Rachel, although at first pleased that her stepmother had found love again, was upset when Zeke pointed out that it looked like Susan had never really loved Alex. And both secret relationships were exposed when Susan and Karl, and Rachel and Stingray, went to the same spa retreat and caught each other out. A distressed Rachel, disgusted by Susan’s behaviour, opted to move out and stay with the Timmins family and was unwilling to discuss the situation, also putting a strain on her relationship with Stingray. However, when Katya was accidentally run down by Max Hoyland, the feud came to a temporary end but, as it became clear that her older sister would be fine, Rachel wanted to leave again, this time secretly moving into the box room at number 30, with the help of Stingray’s sister, Janae. After a week of hiding out and putting up with the lovey-dovey ways of newlyweds Janae and Boyd, Rachel started to realise that it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Things only got worse for Rachel when Stingray pointed out that, for someone who wanted to be seen as a grown-up, her behaviour was extremely immature. And when the owner of the house, Toadie, then caught her and dragged her back to Susan’s place, Rachel realised that she’d been in the wrong and had a teary reunion with Susan and Zeke.

The next day, Rachel, along with Zeke and Katya, told Susan that they were happy if she wanted to be with Karl, and Rachel also came to a decision about her relationship with Stingray. She told him that she needed a chance to grow up and that they should take a break from each other. Of course, the break didn’t last long as the pair struggled to keep away from each other, but it was just enough time for Stingray’s old alcohol dependency to rear its head again and this time, it looked like the habit might be more difficult to kick. Fearing for her boyfriend’s future, Rachel decided that shock tactics might be the way forward, so she climbed up on the roof of number 28, bottle in hand, and sent Zeke off to find Stingray. Stingray was at work at the bar, where he’d already managed to sneak a couple of drinks, so, when he rushed back to Ramsay Street, he was in no fit state to climb a ladder and rescue his “drunk” girlfriend. The resulting accident left Stingray badly injured, with a chance that he might never be able to father children. Little did Rachel realise, however, that her actions were about to leave Sky Mangel in a terrible position too. Sky had found herself pregnant after splitting up with Dylan, then sleeping with his brother, Stingray, who was on one of his many breaks from his relationship with Rachel. After realising that there was a strong chance that the baby could be Stingray’s, Sky had kept this information to herself, fearful of the implications, but, after realising that Stingray could now be infertile, the guilt began to consume her. She finally broke the news to Dylan, who furiously told Stingray everything, while Rachel, who had known that Stingray and Sky were once close, was left to be told the news by Karl and Susan. Although it broke her heart, Rachel realised that this was the end, as there was no longer any place for her in Stingray’s life.

Newly single, Rachel started having fun again and, when new PE teacher Pepper Steiger arrived at Erinsborough High and had all the boys drooling over her, Rachel and Bree decided that it was their mission to bring Miss Steiger down a peg or two. After finding a poem in an old yearbook, written by Pepper during her time at Erinsborough High, the girls plastered it, along with one of Pepper’s bras, up in the school corridor. But when Susan found it, she quickly warned Rachel that she had access to some of her own embarrassing poems, and Rachel quickly agreed to drop the vendetta. Meanwhile, when Katya’s old friend, Guy Sykes, arrived in town, he soon won Rachel over with rides to school and treats at the General Store. However, Guy was actually a criminal who had used Katya in the past to help him steal cars, and was now blackmailing her with a DVD containing footage of her committing a robbery. When Katya failed to get the $10,000 Guy was demanding from her, she agreed to meet him, but took a gun and in the tussle that followed, she ended up shot and in a coma. Rachel and Zeke remained by their sister’s bed but, when an offer came through from Libby, Susan’s daughter, for a four-week work experience placement at the Shepparton News, Rachel decided to accept, but made her family promise to keep her informed of any change for the worse in Katya’s condition.

In the weeks that followed, Katya’s condition improved and she awoke from the coma, only to find herself at the centre of a police investigation. As Katya was sent to a remand centre, refusing her only chance of freedom – giving evidence against her former criminal buddies – Rachel returned to town. Despite all of the problems at home, Rachel had one thing on her mind as she got back to Erinsborough – getting back together with Stingray. The pair reunited briefly, but it was only a matter of days before they realised that the relationship was no longer working, and although they still loved each other, they’d grown too far apart to ever be a couple again.

Rachel’s life then underwent a few changes, as Katya moved away to work for the Adelaide Crows, having finally agreed to give evidence against Guy, and Karl announced plans to propose to Susan during a trip to London. Meanwhile, new neighbour Ringo Brown, the younger brother of Frazer Yeats, moved in and immediately set his sights on Rachel. She, however, wasn’t quite so enamoured with him. When Ringo joined the school blogzine, which was being organised by Rachel, in order to get closer to her, he ended up calling it B.U.N.S (Borough Uncut News Service) whilst staring at Pepper’s bum in P.E gear. Rachel was decidedly unimpressed, until Ringo paid, out of his own money, to have it changed to The Borough. Rachel was also pleased to receive a romantic Valentine’s card, unaware that it was from Ringo, saying all the things that he was struggling to tell her to her face. When she received another note, asking to meet, she was annoyed when Ringo turned up but the pair gradually got closer as they helped Lolly Allen to deal with her abusive stepmother and Ringo admitted that he had a fear of water. As Rachel agreed to help him overcome it, the pair finally shared a kiss and started dating but Ringo almost blew it by constantly trying to take things further. However, when Stingray died suddenly, after suffering an aneurysm following an operation to donate bone marrow to his niece, Kerry, Rachel was overwhelmed with grief and told Ringo that she needed to take a break from their relationship whilst she sorted out her feelings.

It wasn’t long before Rachel’s love life and home life were both hanging in the balance. Back from their trip to London, Karl and Susan’s lives were quickly thrown into chaos when Susan admitted to Karl that he was the father of Izzy Hoyland’s baby, who he’d helped to deliver during the trip. Karl decided to go back to London to see his child, leaving Susan confused, and things only got worse when her ex-boyfriend Tom Scully returned to town as the new principal of Erinsborough High. Before long, Rachel and Zeke were concerned that he was going to steal Susan away from Karl and their perfect home life would be destroyed before it had begun. Rachel was also concerned with how close Ringo and Lolly were becoming. Though Ringo couldn’t see it, Rachel was adamant that Lolly was trying to steal him away from her and her jealousy gradually brought her and Ringo closer again. When Rachel then mistakenly believed that Lolly had put fish sauce in her meal, during what was supposed to be a romantic dinner with Ringo, she finally came to her senses and accepted that she and her boyfriend were ok. Meanwhile, Karl returned from London to find Susan unhappy with the way he’d barely kept in touch during his trip to London, and Rachel and Zeke were concerned that Susan was going to choose to end her marriage and start seeing Tom again. When Susan went away for a few days to gather her thoughts, the kids were already worried that they’d have to starting calling Tom, ‘Dad’ but were relieved when Susan returned and made it clear that it was Karl, and only Karl, that she wanted to be with.

When Ringo told Rachel that he had no intention of going to university and would rather start working as soon as he left school, she was shocked, believing that he was selling himself short. She did her best to try to convince him to change his mind, but he felt that, if she really loved him, she’d accept him as he was. Things got worse when Rachel found out that her boyfriend had recently turned 17 and had been kept down a year at his last school, something he’d never mentioned to her. And when Rachel put a video of Zeke and Lolly’s first date up on the school blogzine, hoping that it would increase readers and stop the site from being closed down, it backfired and her family and friends turned against her. When Zeke and Lolly then kidnapped Rachel’s precious childhood toy, Krispy, as revenge, she turned to Ringo for support but found that he had more important things to worry about. Ringo had started working for Carmella Cammeniti’s fruit and veg business as a delivery boy and soon developed a crush on his new boss, happy to have found someone who treated him like an adult at last. Rachel soon grew jealous of all the time they were spending together but, after spending a few days visiting Katya in Adelaide, was shocked to return and hear that Ringo had been involved in a car accident. In hospital, he finally opened up to her about the way he’d felt she was trying to control him, particularly in regard to his decision not to attend university. Rachel apologised, explaining that she’d always had to be in control to help Alex and Zeke after her mother died, but had struggled to keep her bossiness in check. She promised to make more of an effort and it looked like things for Rachel and Ringo were back on track, though it quickly became clear that his feelings for Carmella weren’t about to go away.

Meanwhile, things were changing at home when Karl’s senile father Tom came to stay, having grown unhappy at his care home. When Rachel was left to look after him one afternoon, he convinced her, in a rare moment of lucidity, to go and talk things through with Ringo. Over at number 30, Rachel was shocked to find herself being dumped by Ringo, but had little time to deal with it as the smoke alarms started going off at the Kennedy house and she ran home to find the stove top on fire, where Tom had left the gas on. When Karl and Susan returned home, Karl took his anger out on Rachel, pointing out how self-centred she’d been, but she reminded him that she wasn’t trained to look after Tom and shouldn’t have been left alone with him in the first place. It wasn’t long before a place was found for Tom at a care home in nearby Eden Hills and the family had to say their goodbyes. And Rachel again had to cope with seeing Ringo in hospital, this time just as a friend, when he was seriously injured in a minibus crash returning from Frazer and Rosie’s wedding. As she watched his family gather outside his room, Rachel could only wait for news on her comatose ex-boyfriend, but was desperate to tell him that she still loved him.

When Ringo did finally wake up, Rachel was visiting him, but his thoughts were still with Carmella and he was determined to be with her. When Rachel mentioned that Sky and Boyd were having a farewell party at Lassiter's, Ringo waited for her to leave the room, then headed out of the hospital to see Carmella. Rachel quickly realised where he'd gone, and arrived at Lassiter's just in time to see him profess his undying love for Carmella, in front of most of their friends and neighbours, only for her to reject him. Rachel was devastated, as was Ringo, who decided to get away from Erinsborough for a while and went to recuperate at his mum's. Rachel was delighted to see him back in town a couple of weeks later, making sure that he knew she was there for him, even if it was now just as friends. Rachel was forced to prove her loyalty to Ringo sooner than she'd expected when, after realising that he was failing several subjects at school and trying to help him, she spotted him stealing an English exam when Susan's back was turned. Ringo quickly realised how stupid he'd been and gave the exam to Rachel so that she could quietly put it back amongst Susan's things, though this proved to be easier said than done. When Susan was taken ill and went to hospital, Rachel stayed at home and managed to get the exam paper into Susan's bag, but was almost caught by Karl and, when Susan then suddenly found it in her bag, Karl was suspicious. Rachel decided to admit to stealing it, worried that Ringo would be expelled if found out, but, when Rachel then lost the opportunity to attend an advanced literature course in Canberra, Ringo realised that he couldn't let the lies continue, and he owned up.

The incident brought Rachel and Ringo back together and they shared a kiss, but Rachel's insecurities about Ringo's relationship with Carmella were difficult to overcome. When Rachel noticed how much time Ringo was spending with Pepper, she immediately suspected that they were having an affair, unaware that Ringo was actually battling an eating disorder. When Ringo was unable to admit the truth, Rachel decided that the relationship was over and headed off to Canberra, not even stopping to say goodbye to Ringo as she left.

Upon her return to Erinsborough, Rachel had just kissed and made up with Ringo when she received a photo on her mobile phone, of him kissing school bitch Jessica Wallace. When Ringo explained that it had been a one-sided thing and he'd pushed her away, and the photo had been sent by Jess' best friend Taylah, who thought Jess and Ringo would make a better couple, Rachel again forgave her boyfriend. But things were strained and, during swim team practice, there was a confrontation between Jess and Rachel, with Jess slipping and falling into the pool, then accusing Rachel of pushing. Rachel was horrified when Ringo took Jess' side and even gave her some clean clothes to change into, and told him that a relationship should be fun and things were just becoming too difficult. Moments after ending things, Rachel walked away and bumped into attractive older man Angus Henderson. The pair continued to bump into each other in several other places over the days that followed, and Angus, assuming Rachel was older and at uni, asked her on a date. Though Rachel worried that she might not even get into the club, then panicked when she spotted her neighbours Elle Robinson and Riley Parker in the crowd, the evening ended well and they shared a kiss, but Rachel was brought back down to Earth with a bump the next day when she arrived in class to find that Angus was her new substitute teacher.

As Rachel tried to speak to him and apologise for lying, Angus warned her that they could never see each other again. Already feeling the pressure at home - Susan's health problems had been diagnosed as multiple sclerosis and Kennedy daughter Libby had returned to help out - Rachel couldn't stop thinking about their one kiss and how right it had felt. When Jessica then spotted Angus giving Rachel a lift home, she started dropping hints to the others about a secret she knew, something she planned to reveal when everyone was gathered at an illegal rave being held in a disused warehouse. As the evening went on, Rachel realised what Jessica knew and desperately tried to contact Angus, only for him to reject her calls. She then went to his apartment, where he thanked her for the warning but sent her away as she tried to talk about their relationship again, reminding him how good they were together when he hadn't known her real age. As she walked home, Rachel stopped and went back to Angus, kissing him as he opened the door, a ploy that worked and they spent the night together. But tragedy struck the next morning when word came through that the warehouse holding the rave had collapsed, with Jess one of the victims.

In the aftermath of the collapse, Rachel and Angus’ relationship continued, with only Bridget and later Declan learning about it. When Rachel was at Angus’ flat, fellow teacher Dan Fitzgerald planned to pay Angus a visit, and when Bridget learnt about this, she rushed to get there before him and warned them just in time for Rachel to hide, but Dan arrived and discovered Bridget there instead. He saw through her weak excuse and tried to uncover a student-teacher relationship between Bridget and Angus. Eventually, Bridget's dad Steve confronted Angus but not wanting to see Bridget get the blame; Declan finally cracked and revealed to the entire school that it was in fact Rachel who'd been secretly dating her teacher. Eventually Daniel tricks Rachel into confessing, and Karl and Susan are informed, with Susan deciding to confront Angus at his flat, and persuading him to break off the relationship, pointing out just how much he was abusing his power.

Later, Angus was charged, and the night before the sentence, Rachel bumped into him and they both admitted that they still have feelings for one another. Rachel became so upset she decided to run away from home and took refuge at Taylah’s house. Although all of her friends visited her, Rachel lashed out at their advice and help, and only at Zeke’s firm words did she decide to return home. Once home Rachel and Susan got into a heated argument, resulting in Rachel proclaiming she hated her, dealing a large blow to their relationship.

Upon her return to school Rachel received a lot of taunting and verbal abuse but managed to overcome the majority with the support of her friends. It did however spark several fights between Declan and Justin Hunter, who especially targeted Rachel, which resulted in the three being placed in detention. After the troubles at school it appeared Susan was taking the strain of Rachel’s problems, and she started to have an MS relapse. Recovering from Angus, Rachel and Declan had a brief spark when Rachel offered to help Declan with his school work, as the frequent study sessions became subject to speculation from the rest of the group and it was clear there was some chemistry between the two. At the school camp Declan tried to make a move on Rachel and kiss her, however staying loyal to her friend Bridget, she rejected him, and the two remained strictly friends from then on.

Trivia Notes
• Rachel is allergic to seafood
• Rachel’s email address on her Erinsmail.com account is r_Kinski@Erinsmail.com
• Her favourite soft toy is Krispy, a pink pony
• Although she departed in episode 5643, Rachel made one final appearance in a video message to Ty (episode 5677)

4789-5643, 5677

Magic Moments
Episode 4789: Rachel's Arrival

Biography by Matt B