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Guy Sykes 2006-2007, 2009

When nurse Katya Kinski moved into Ramsay Street with her two siblings, Rachel and Zeke, to live with their stepmother, Susan, she was something of a reformed character. As a teenager, she had left home and developed a drug problem, which in turn led to her selling her body and stealing cars to make money. A few months after her fresh start in Ramsay Street, Katya was shocked when her old accomplice Guy Sykes turned up, with DVD footage of her committing crimes, which could both see her imprisoned and destroy her relationships with her family. At first, Guy told her that he had a kidney problem and needed $10,000 for private medical care, or he would die. When she only offered his $200, he blackmailed her with the DVD and she agreed to steal one car to get the money for him, then she hoped to never see him again.

Katya successfully stole a car – even getting quite a rush from her old criminal behaviour – but it was not enough to get Guy out of her life. He continued to blackmail her, sending a video of her criminal activities to Zeke, which Katya only just managed to intercept. Deciding that she had little choice, she stole another car to meet Guy’s demands, but later spotted a wanted poster with his face on it and warned him that she would go to the police. Guy knew that she would never risk it and demanded another $10,000 from her, doubling it to $20,000 when she refused. Katya’s boyfriend, Ned Parker, then unwittingly became involved when he walked in on Katya and Guy having a conversation in the bar. Guy lied that he and Katya had been at nursing college together and he left, handing Katya some drugs as an incentive to help him. Although she flushed them away, she was alarmed as Guy then befriended Rachel and started offering her lifts in his sports car. Worried for her sister’s safety, Katya promised Guy that she wouldn’t go to the police, and he demanded $100,000 from her.

During a ball being held at Lassiter’s, Katya stole another car, little realising that it belonged to Karl Kennedy, Susan’s partner. And things got worse when Ned spotted her, though didn’t recognise her in her cat burglar’s outfit, and she knocked him out before driving away. During the drive, she spotted Karl’s ID badge and panicked, before being spotted by the police. Having been driven into a back street, Katya dumped the car and ran off, before contacting Guy and lying that she had the money for him and they would have to meet out in the bush, in a secluded spot. Once there, Katya produced a gun, but Guy was too quick for her and a tussle broke out, resulting in Katya being shot in the stomach and falling into a coma. Guy visited her at the hospital, pretending to her friends and family that he was worried, but actually desperately trying to find clues as to where she’d hidden the $100,000.

When Rachel told him that Katya often went to the allotments to think, Guy started digging them up, with no luck. He also tried 30 Ramsay Street, Ned’s former home, where Katya had left some of her belongings, but was caught by a suspicious Zeke, who then followed Guy back to the hospital and overheard him threatening the comatose Katya. When Guy was about to use one of the defibrillator pads on Katya, Zeke stepped in to stop him. Guy then turned on Zeke and threatened him, just as Katya stirred, took the other pad and shocked Guy in the back. Zeke tried to help Katya out of the hospital, but she could barely breathe, let alone walk, and they were found, but back in the hospital room, Guy was nowhere to be seen. Katya was released from hospital a few weeks later, just in time to spend Christmas with her family, but Guy was on her trail and, as he watched her enter 32 Ramsay Street to wish Ned a happy Christmas, he followed her in. Guy then proceeded to hold Katya, as well as Zeke (who later arrived looking for his sister), Steph Hoyland and her baby son, Charlie, and Toadie Rebecchi, hostage with a gun, demanding to know the whereabouts of the money.

The siege ended when Zeke saw his moment and played the hero, hitting Guy over the head and knocking him to the ground. As a panicky Toadie looked for the gun, everyone else made their way outside but, as Toadie tried to leave, Guy grabbed his gun and fired, shooting Toadie in the back. Although Toadie recovered in hospital, it was too late for Guy, who was arrested at the scene and later imprisoned thanks to Katya’s evidence.

Two years later, Guy was paroled from prison and determined to find the money that he still believed Katya owed to him. Soon after, a bag containing the money was found hidden at the local community gardens, and overenthusiastic journalist Elle Robinson printed a story about it, leading Guy back to Ramsay Street. Soon he tracked Zeke down to Harold's Store, where he demanded to know the whereabouts of Katya and the money, but Zeke insisted that both were gone. Guy then told Zeke that he had 24 hours to come up with the money himself, or he'd track Katya down, and next he turned on Toadie and his foster son Callum, whose photo he'd seen in the newspaper article, and demanded the money back from them. Toadie managed to warn Susan of Guy's return, and Zeke admitted that he'd arranged to meet Guy to give him the money, though he only had $2000 in savings, nowhere close to the $20,000 Guy was demanding. The police were called and it was arranged that Zeke would make contact with Guy and take part in a sting, with the police waiting to capture Guy when he arrived. Unfortunately, Elle once again ruined things when she followed and Guy spotted her watching and raced off.

Guy wasn't about to give up on his money that easily, however, and turned his attentions back to Toadie and Callum. A terrified Callum began to believe that Guy was everywhere around him, but Toadie assured him that the police were watching the house. So when Callum was going to bed and turned around to see Guy standing in the hallway, he believed it was just his imagination, only for Guy to tell him that it wasn't a dream. Determined to get his money, Guy held Toadie and Callum hostage overnight, telling them that they would all go to the bank as soon as it opened. Toadie was forced to lie to housemates Libby and Dan that he and Callum had a contagious illness, trying to drop hints with them by constantly dropping the word 'Guy' in the conversation. With Dan suspicious, Zeke then started ranting about bullies on his radio show, also using the word 'Guy' a lot, and Dan decided to contact the police. They arrived to search the house, but Guy managed to hide and avoid the search. The next morning, Guy told Toadie to go to the bank, whilst he remained behind with Callum, while outside, Zeke heard what had been going on. Zeke then knocked on the door and rang Toadie's mobile, and when Toadie slipped up, saying this time that Callum had chicken pox, everyone became convinced that something suspicious was going on. Outside, a small crowd was gathering, trying to work out what to do, before they all decided that it might be better to stay out of sight, though Zeke and Steph were both determined to stand up to Guy, after their involvement in his last visit to Ramsay Street.

The police then arrived, leaving Guy furious that he'd once again missed out on getting his money. Toadie desperately tried to talk Guy into handing himself over to the police, before managing to grab a cricket bat. In the midst of the chaos, Callum managed to get out of the house, while the police entered to find Toadie pinning Guy to the floor, allowing him to be arrested and returned to jail for breaking his parole.

Trivia Notes
• Fletcher Humphrys previously appeared as student Martin Pike in 1996 and 1997

Episodes Featured
5084, 5090, 5094, 5095, 5100, 5101, 5102, 5109, 5110, 5119, 5120, 5121, 5667, 5668, 5670, 5671, 5672

Biography by Steve