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Jake Rinter 2005
Occupation: Student

Year 10 student Jake Rinter sent a note to fellow student Rachel Kinski, believing her to be older than 14, and arranging a date at the General Store. And so, Rachel allowed him to believe that she was 15 and simply babysitting her brother Zeke and his girlfriend Bree Timmins. During their date, Jake started telling Rachel about how he’d been given a two-week detention for something he didn’t do and Rachel was later alarmed to hear him crank calling teacher, and her father's girlfriend, Susan Smith, warning her that he would get here. Back in Ramsay Street, Susan was alarmed, as recent events had led her to believe that she had been the target of a bomb planted on a plane and the crank calls only seemed to confirm it.

As Rachel confronted Jake, he turned on her, chasing her across Lassiter’s. Back at home, Zeke had told his father Alex about Rachel’s date with the older boy, and, along with Susan, they headed to Lassiter’s to put a stop to it. A furious Alex banned Rachel from seeing Jake and reported him to the police, where he received a warning. Susan also made sure that, as well as a one-week suspension from school, he received some counselling from Karl Kennedy. Rachel, however, was not about to let it be an end to her relationship with Jake and started seeing him in secret before quickly realising that he only wanted one thing from her and announcing in the middle of a crowded cinema that he’d been dating a 14-year-old, before walking out.

Episodes Featured
4850, 4851

Biography by Steve



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