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Character Profiles > Chloe Cammeniti Sarah May, Daisy Zandveld

Chloe Cammeniti 2008, 2011
Lived: Carmella's apartment, 24 Ramsay Street
Born: 2008
Parents: Carmella Cammeniti and Oliver Barnes
Family Tree: Cammeniti and Barnes/Napier

When Carmella Cammeniti learnt that she was pregnant, her life was already a mess, having ended a relationship with Oliver Barnes a few weeks earlier, and trying to overcome an addiction to prescribed anti-depressants, as well as an attraction to teenager Ringo Brown, Carmella faced a wait to learn if her recent stress and abuse to her body had harmed her unborn child. Luckily the news was good, and Carmella set about building up her fruit and veg supply business, hoping to give her child a strong start in life. When Oliver - the father of the child - made it clear that he no longer had any romantic interest in Carmella, she started to move on with her business partner, Marco Silvani, leaving Oliver slightly concerned that he was going to be shut out of his daughter's life. 35 weeks into the pregnancy, Carmella went into premature labour and, despite attempts to have a drug-free birth - fearful that her addiction might return - she agreed to have an epidural, but was told that the baby was becoming distressed and there was no time for the natural birth. The baby was delivered by an emergency Caesarean section, and Carmella was distressed as her daughter, unable to breath alone, was rushed straight to the neonatal unit, where Carmella, Oliver and their extended families kept a watch over her, and she was given the name Chloe.

After a few days in the neonatal unit, Chloe started breathing on her own, much to the relief of Carmella and Oliver. Shortly afterwards, Carmella was finally able to have her daughter in her hospital room for the night, with Oliver's proud mum, Rebecca also managing to sneak in and be part of the sleepover. After a couple more days, Carmella was allowed to be discharged, but Chloe had to stay behind for a little while longer, though she was never alone, with a constant stream of relatives visiting her.

Released from hospital a week later, Chloe was doted on by her mum and Marco, but they soon realised that Carmella's flat wasn't big enough for the three of them and made plans to rent 24 Ramsay Street from Harold Bishop whilst he toured Australia in a campervan. But trouble was brewing, as Oliver grew increasingly unsettled by Marco's presence in Chloe's life, to the point where he started a fight during his daughter's Christening, after learning that Marco could not have children of his own, then pressing assault charges. Believing that Marco had only got involved with Carmella to get his hands on her child, Oliver began proceedings to fight for custody, refusing to allow Carmella to leave the country with the baby for a visit to Italy, though eventually realising what a fool he was being. Though he dropped the charges, he continued his plans to fight for custody but everything changed when Marco was killed in a bushfire. Suffering from serious internal injuries in hospital, Marco had married Carmella on his deathbed, finally managing to make up with Oliver before he did so, before quietly passing away. For the first time in her short life, Chloe had both parents united beside her, but things grew more complicated with a grieving Carmella relying on Oliver, as he realised that they couldn't be a real family so soon after Marco's death.

When Oliver was offered a job with a hotel chain that would see him travelling all over the world, he realised that it was the chance of a lifetime and, although it would be difficult to leave Chloe, it might provide the distance that was needed for Carmella to grieve for Marco. Though she lost her daddy for a little while, Chloe and Carmella were joined at number 24 by Rebecca and her younger son, Declan, who provided plenty of support. Over the months that followed, Carmella focused her efforts on working and looking after Chloe, until she became so tired that she slipped on a wet floor at the store and knocked herself out. She then started thinking more and more about Oliver and when he contacted her from Lisbon and offered her two tickets for them to join him in Europe, she was hesitant. But after saying a personal farewell to Marco and handing the store over to Elle, Carmella said her goodbyes to everyone in Ramsay Street and she and Chloe set off to start the next chapter of their lives.

In March 2011, Chloe returned to Erinsborough with her parents, as Oliver and Carmella attempted to help Rebecca escape the blackmail threats of Paul Robinson. Rebecca had pushed Paul from the hotel mezzanine, and he'd been holding it over her, and preventing her from moving on with her life. Despite a new relationship with, and a marriage proposal from, Michael Williams, Rebecca, along with Declan and his baby daughter India, decided to leave and start a new life in Portugal with her sons and grandchildren.

Trivia Notes
Although Chloe Cammeniti first appeared in her birth episode 5371, she was initially portrayed by a rubber doll. Sarah May played her from episode 5373 until episode 5600, whilst Daisy Zandveld, daughter of Neighbours writer Rene Zandveld, played the role in Chloe's 2011 appearances
Although Chloe and Carmella left Erinsborough in episode 5598, they made a further appearance in episode 5600 through a video message with Oliver. It had been filmed before David Hoflin left Neighbours. Carmella, Oliver and Chloe all then returned for 2 episodes in 2011

Magic Moments
Episode 5371: Chloe's Birth
Episode 5598: Carmella and Chloe's Departure

5371-5600, 6116-6117

Biography by Steve