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Donna Jane Freedman (prev. Brown) 2008-2011
Lives: 28 Ramsay Street
Lived: Freedman apartment, 22, 24 Ramsay Street
Born: 1991
Marital Status: Ringo Brown (2010; died)
Parents: Cassandra Freedman and 'Nick' Leigh Nixon (biological); Matt Freedman (adoptive)
Siblings: Simon, Tegan
Family Tree: Freedman
Occupation: Student

Lonely, needy and somewhat deluded, teenager Donna Freedman filled a lot of her spare time avoiding her warring parents at home, instead developing obsessions with various musicians. One of her longest obsessions was with Ty Harper who she stalked for over a year, sending gifts and messages, and following him to all of his gigs. As he attended a Little Red gig at Charlie's bar with his friend Rachel Kinski, Ty was alarmed to see Donna in the crowd and, after she'd come over and tried to strike up a conversation a couple of times, Rachel decided to take action and pretended to be Ty's girlfriend. When this still failed to put Donna off, Rachel kissed Ty, leaving Donna in little doubt that she wasn't welcome and she promptly left the bar.

The following week, the local guys arranged some kissing booths to raise money for the Eastside Dingoes football team, with Ty taking part and all of his tickets selling out quickly. When Rachel spotted Donna walking into the bar during the event, she realised, with horror, who'd bought all the tickets and offered Ringo Brown twenty dollars to replace Ty in his booth. Ringo accepted the offer and spent most of the remainder of the day locked in an embrace with Donna, who didn't seem to mind losing out on kissing Ty. But Donna's attempts to get close to Ty continued, and she took a new approach, deciding that, if she looked more like Rachel, perhaps he'd be interested. With Ringo the only person willing to give her any time, Donna took advantage of him living under the same roof as Rachel and quizzed him about her, while back at the house, she tried on one of Rachel's jackets. Rachel walked in on this, horrified, but Ringo assured her she was overreacting and that Donna meant no harm. Rachel, however, was more concerned about some personal letters that had gone missing and, when Donna walked into the General Store the next day wearing a dark wig that matched Rachel's hair, she snapped and accused Donna of stalking her and stealing the letters. Donna had no idea what she was talking about, and announced to Ty that she'd found work experience at a record label and had given them his CD. Ty continued trying to brush her off, and he and Rachel were even more confused when Donna then turned up as an SES volunteer, to help them clear some bushland. As Donna continued to pester him about the record label, he snapped at her that he wasn't interested and, hurt, she walked away.

When a bushfire later broke out, Donna immediately became a suspect and, realising that everyone was watching her, the teenager's behaviour only aroused more suspicion. After dropping her ID at the bar, she returned later where she panicked as two police officers walked in, looking for her, and she blurted out that she hadn't started the fire - but she knew who had. At the police station, Donna received help from lawyer Toadie and she explained to him that she'd seen a man lighting the fire. As she tried to describe him and her story seemed unlikely, she admitted to Toadie that she hadn't seen anyone - but she promised him that she wasn't the arsonist. Deciding that Donna needed help, Toadie introduced her to his housemate, school counsellor Dan Fitzgerald. As she told him about her parents never making time for her, she came to realise that she'd always tried to win their approval and had been doing the same with other people ever since. Grateful for the breakthrough with Dan, she asked if she could see him again, but he, realising that she was flirting with him, explained that she'd have to see the counsellor at her own high school, Eden Hills Grammar, in future.

When Donna overheard Rachel, Ringo and the rest of their friends chatting in the General Store, she realised that it was them who had suspected her of starting the bushfire, leading to her ordeal at the police station. Though everyone tried to apologise to her, Donna felt betrayed, and things only got worse when she started growing close to Dan and told him that she was moving to Erinsborough High. When he told her that they'd have to keep a professional relationship, she realised that he thought she was coming on to him, and angrily explained that she just wanted a friend and someone to talk to. Dan realised that Donna just needed to feel like she fitted in somewhere, as her parents' divorce was taking its toll, and Rachel, feeling guilty, decided to make an effort. She asked Donna why she behaved the way she did, and Donna explained that she did it for the attention, as she felt that nobody would ever notice her otherwise. Having agreed to attend counselling with Dan, Donna then started at Erinsborough High, topping off her uniform with a bright red scarf. She immediately got a dressing down from Head of Senior School Helen Carr, and later caused a stir by joining in a student protest on the banning of public displays of affection at the school. Almost managing to get in with the gang, Donna then blew it when she half-jokingly, half-seriously suggested that she and Rachel should kiss outside Carr's office as part of the protest. With only Ringo really willing to give her the time of day, Donna felt like an outcast once again but when Rachel spotted her checking her phone and seeing no new messages, she felt guilty and went over to apologise.

When Rachel explained that she had been offended by the kiss suggestion as she just wanted to keep a low profile - after having an affair with her teacher, Angus Henderson earlier in the year - Donna helped her deal with things by using a marker pen to reword all of the 'Kinky hot 4 teacher' graffiti. Later, however, back at Rachel's house, Donna spotted a letter from Angus amongst the post and hid it. Rachel's best friend Bridget, or Didge as she was known, saw what Donna was doing and later confronted her just after she'd read the letter. They panicked, but Didge's Aunt Nicola managed to seal the envelope down with the iron and the girls were just putting it in Rachel's mail box when the girl herself spotted them. They explained that they'd taken the letter, and why they'd done it, but Rachel admitted that she was more surprised by the fact that Angus had written to her after three months in prison, and wondered what he wanted. When she read that Angus wanted her to visit him in prison, Rachel was stunned, even more so when Donna accidentally let slip that she'd opened the letter already. However, Rachel realised that Didge and Donna were only being good friends, trying to protect her from more heartache, and the three friends shared a hug. Donna then found a way to get closer to Didge, too, after learning that she was planning to get Declan's name on a tattoo, but didn't have any ID, prompting Donna to run off home and make one for her, before accompanying her to get the tattoo done.

Meanwhile, Donna met Josh Taylor, a guy confined to a wheelchair after a surfing accident, who Didge had once dated. Though Donna was immediately attracted to him, he only agreed to go on a date with her so that he could attend Declan's surprise 18th birthday party, and cause trouble for Didge and Dec. Though they ended up getting along well, Donna caused chaos when she invited all of her friends from MySpace to the party, leaving the house trashed by gatecrashers and forcing everyone to stay and clean up the next morning. Having got on well with Josh, Donna was hopeful that it was the start of a great new relationship, until, during a slave auction at the bar, to raise money for the local footy team, Josh entered a bidding war with Declan over Didge. Realising that she was just being used as a distraction, Donna bid $100, winning Didge, and told Josh that it was over. She then focused her efforts on getting Ty and Rachel together, dragging Rach to Triple E radio station, where she was starstruck to meet her favourite DJs, Fred and Big Tommo. She managed to convince them to play Ty and Rachel's song, Unforgettable, which succeeded in bringing them closer together and even led to some bookings for the band, proving that sometimes Donna's schemes, although crazy, could bring results.

Donna found a couple of new things to occupy her time, as she grew closer to Ringo, and also started a cheerleading squad for the Eastside Dingoes football team. But the relationship was soon threatened by her overprotective father, who Donna simply couldn't resist rebelling against. Whilst her dad's back was turned, she swiped his keys and dragged Ringo off for a joyride, but, just as they were getting more comfortable in the back seat of his cop car, Matt found them and dragged Ringo out, forcing him to walk home in his underwear. Disgusted, Donna accused her dad of never trusting anyone, just because her mum had so many affairs - to which Matt told Donna she was becoming more like her mother everyday. Later, Donna went to apologise to Ringo, and explained that her mum always had to be the centre of attention, even flirting with her daughter's boyfriends to steal the limelight, so she can't blame her dad for being overprotective. Just then, Matt turned up and dragged Donna off home, telling her that he didn't want her to see Ringo any more. She did, however, manage to meet up with him at the General Store the next day, where he suggested that they slow things down a little. Believing this was his way of dumping her, she stormed off and, after trying and failing to get her dad to leave work early to talk to her, she decided to once again steal his car.

Distracted by a call from Ringo, Donna had an accident as she drove along a country road, and got out of the car to find that she'd hit a dog. Worried, she called Ringo, who came to help and they took the dog to vet Steve Parker, who immediately recognised it as Bronte, the dog that belonged to his sister-in-law, Nicola West. As the Parkers tried to contact Nicola, Donna and Ringo went to see Lucas at the garage, lying about the situation and convincing him to fix the broken headlight, despite his reservations about tampering with a police vehicle. But just as Donna was thinking that everyone was going to be fine, Nicola's car was found abandoned, and soon after, her unconscious body in a gully just off the road. Realising that she'd not only hit Bronte, but Nicola too, Donna started to panic and, when Ringo tried to force her to confess to her dad, she turned on him and said that, if he didn't keep quiet, she'd claim that he was driving the car. After some perseverance, he made her see sense, and, when Matt returned home, Donna confessed everything. He was horrified and, after hearing the full story, he headed off and smashed his new headlight, then confronted Lucas, telling him that he was going to switch it with the evidence found at the scene of the hit and run, leaving Lucas implicated for the crime if he said anything. Donna agreed to keep quiet when her father told her to, though neither she nor Ringo was comfortable with the situation. But when journalist Elle Robinson figured out what was going on, she put pressure on Donna to own up, making her see how many lives could be ruined by the truth coming out further down the track. But, as she waited to give a statement at the police station, Matt turned up and managed to convince her friends and lawyer Toadie that she was just looking for attention again. But later, when Donna saw Matt physically threatening Ringo in the car park of Lassiter's, she realised that the whole thing had to stop, and went to make a confession, before arriving home with the police, who had come to arrest her father.

Released on bail the next day, Matt returned home and told Donna that she was going to have to learn to cope on her own, as he was in serious trouble, and his life would be in danger if he went to prison. She was still surprised to return home later and find that he'd skipped town, leaving her a note asking her to cover for him for a few days. Donna tried her best, but both Ringo and Elle were suspicious of her behaviour, and Elle took Rebecca Napier along with her to the Freedman's, where Donna was forced to lie about her dad's whereabouts, saying he was at the gym, which was where Elle and Rebecca had just come from. After they'd gone, Donna took her dad's gym pass and, after distracting Ty, who was working reception, she swiped her dad's card, so that when Elle later when in there to check up, the computer showed that Matt had been in. Later, Rebecca called by to check on Donna again, and bring her some food, telling her to call if she needed anything. After Rebecca had left, an angry Donna called her father, leaving him a message saying that she would lie for him, but after that she never wanted to hear from him again.

Though she tried to keep up her happy-go-lucky act, when Elle spotted Donna chatting to a couple of police officers, she was forced to admit that her dad had skipped town. But when Elle then told Donna that she would help her, and that she didn't have to go through this alone, Donna turned up on the Robinson doorstep with all her stuff, ready to move in. Despite Paul's reservations, Donna had soon settled in, and had gathered Bridget and Rachel to form a cheerleading team for the Eastside Dingoes in another attempt to get noticed by Ringo. When Elle, who had spent a year at an American high school and been a cheerleader, saw their efforts, she started training them up and even showed her compassionate side when Donna broke down over her problems with her dad and Ringo, telling her to do this for herself, and not worry about what anyone else thought. A grateful Donna was soon focussing on ways to thank Elle, and decided to organise a surprise party for her at number 22, though she struggled to find many people who genuinely wanted to be there. Unfortunately, the plan backfired, as Lucas pretended that he had to cancel their date, which had just been a cover story to keep her away from the house for a while, and she stormed home, ranting about how Lucas was more interested in Libby Kennedy, unaware that Libby, and the other guests, were hiding in waiting to yell 'surprise!' At the end of the disastrous evening, Donna was left feeling like she'd made a huge mistake and Elle hated her, but Paul assured her that very few people got this close to Elle and, if she'd been allowed in, then it meant that Elle really did like her. After that, Donna focussed her efforts on getting Elle and Lucas together, even walking in on a meeting Libby was holding at the school, to confront her over her feelings for Lucas, also managing to convince Lucas to buy Elle a teddy bear for her collection.

Having supported Ringo as a cheerleader as the Dingoes won the Grand Final, Donna was frustrated as it still looked like their relationship wasn't quite getting off the ground. Her friends made her see that she had to tell Ringo how she felt, as he was clearly the only person in Erinsborough who didn't know. However, when she tried to speak to him, and told him about her dad shooting through, he remarked that Matt didn't deserve a daughter like her and she defended her father before running off. Thinking she'd blown it completely, Donna spent the evening pampering herself with Rachel and Didge but soon came to the conclusion that Ringo was just being 'a guy' and had always been nice to her, so she ran off, still wearing a face mask, to find him. They met on Ramsay Street and, with the rain falling around them, finally shared a kiss. Things seemed perfect, but before they could go any further, Ringo stopped and explained that he'd rushed things with another girl once before, and didn't want to do the same again. Donna was left hurt and confused and it got worse when she found out that 'the other woman' was older General Store owner Carmella. Unable to keep her feelings to herself, Donna confronted Carmella about trying to steal her boyfriend, only for Ringo to tell her she'd made a mistake, and there was nothing going on there; it was a long time ago. Realising that Ringo just wanted their first time to be special, Donna apologised to Carmella and ended up doing the dishes at the store, most of which she dropped, by way of making it up to her. Ringo then also had an idea to make their first time special and arranged for Donna, dressed in her cheerleading outfit, to meet him at Lassiter's. Unfortunately, as Elle was doing a shift at the hotel, she caught the pair in bed and, horrified, gave Donna and Ringo a lecture, though was disappointed to find that Ringo's guardian, Susan, wasn't nearly as appalled.

When the teens were given a school assignment to care for a plastic baby, Donna immediately fell in love with the task she'd been given, though Ringo was less keen. But, desperate to keep her boyfriend, she made the foolish decision to come off the Pill. When Ringo and Declan then began training with the Carlton Blues football team, a jealous Donna convinced Didge to join her, and they followed their boyfriends and spied on them at the football ground, where groupies including Sharni Hillman fawned all over them. Later, when Donna's Pills were found in number 28's bin, she was forced to admit that she'd deliberately stopped taking them a while back, hoping she might fall pregnant. But when Rachel and Didge offered to take pregnancy tests too, as an act of solidarity, it was actually Didge who ended up with the positive result, and the other two girls promised to keep the news to themselves until their friend was ready to tell her loved ones. Unfortunately for Didge, when Elle found out that one of them was pregnant, it didn't take long for her to work out who it was and she decided that she had to tell all of their parents about it. But when Susan, Miranda and Rebecca turned up, Elle realised that she couldn't break Didge's trust, instead spinning a story about needing advice on looking after a teenager, while Rachel and Donna continued to try and support Didge, as she worked out when to tell Declan and her parents.

When the news of Didge's pregnancy got out, Declan reacted badly, and ended up kissing Sharni. As that relationship suffered, Ringo made sure than an insecure Donna knew his feelings when he put balloons all over the house and gave her a friendship ring, promising that he'd never cheat on her with a football skank. The pair of them then set about helping Didge and Declan get back together - Rachel and Donna supported Didge as she made the arrangements to have an abortion, believing Declan wanted neither her nor the baby, while Ringo and Zeke went after Declan, who was planning to drive to Alice Springs to escape his problems. Thankfully, Donna managed to stall Didge's appointment by pretending to pass out, and the boys got Declan there in time to tell Didge that he'd been an idiot and he wanted her and the baby in his life. When Didge was then expelled from school, after pushing over Justin Hunter who was taunting her, Donna decided to arrange a protest outside Erinsborough High, in which she and the others marched around with placards and cushions stuffed up their jumpers. The plan had the desired effect, but only after Rebecca handcuffed herself to principal Andrew Simpson. With Bridget back at school, Donna then focused her efforts on helping Ty and Rachel to promote a Christmas song that Ty had written. After filming a video clip, with the boys dressed as half-naked elves, the song was a hit online and attracted the attention of a record producer. Donna, meanwhile, was happy celebrating her first Christmas in Ramsay Street with the Robinsons and Ringo, but in the days that followed, she started to receive persistent phonecalls from her younger siblings, Simon and Tegan. Donna insisted that she wanted nothing to do with them, unaware that, as she headed off on a doomed rafting trip with her friends, Simon and Tegan had arrived in Erinsborough, looking for her.

Though Donna's immediate response was to reject her siblings when she saw them, Tegan quickly laid on the emotional blackmail, claiming that their mum had a new boyfriend and there was no lock on their bathroom door. Donna softened and allowed them to stay, introducing them around the neighbourhood. Meanwhile, with Zeke missing following the rafting accident, his friends watched his video blog and Ringo was horrified to hear that Donna had deliberately stopped taking the Pill to try and get pregnant with his baby. With Tegan developing a crush on Ringo, she did her best to keep them apart, but they were soon reunited. But just as Donna, Simon and Tegan were starting to get along, Donna's whole life came crashing down around her, as Ringo found some photos that Zeke had taken of her and mistakenly believed she'd been cheating on him. Upset that he thought so little of her, she claimed that she and Zeke had been having an affair. As if that wasn't bad enough, Donna's mum, Cassandra, then moved in next-door. Simon and Tegan quickly joined her, but Donna refused, immediately suspicious that her mum was there for a reason. When she found out that Cass had been making moves on Paul, Donna realised that her mum had come to town to snag a rich man and, upon confronting her with these suspicions, Donna was upset to realise it was true, and Tegan had been keeping her informed about Donna's new friends and family in Erinsborough since she arrived. But Cass had won over Paul and convinced him to ask Donna to move out, leaving Donna with no boyfriend and forced to live with the mother she despised.

With Elle's help, Donna was soon back living at the Robinson house but her relationship with Ringo took another turn for the worse when Simon tried to help, stealing Ringo's clothes as he showered outdoors at the allotments, where he'd been staying. He also deleted all the numbers on Ringo's phone, knowing that the only number he knew by heart was Donna's, hoping it would bring them together. Unfortunately, Ringo turned on Donna, believing she'd pulled the stunt to try and win him back. As Harold tried to comfort an upset Donna, he ended up suffering a heart attack as he did an impression of 'Afro Harold'. At the hospital, Donna and various other neighbours held a vigil until he was back to full health, when he announced that he'd be leaving town to look after his pregnant granddaughter Sky up in Cairns. And although it was only a new friendship, Harold made sure to leave something behind for Donna - his afro wig.

Meanwhile, things between Ringo and Donna hit an all-time low as he wrongly suspected her of having a secret fling with Ty, after catching her helping him with dance training. Feeling more estranged from Ringo than ever, Donna found herself turning to Zeke, who'd been found, suffering amnesia and living with a grieving man who'd lied that Zeke was his son. Back in Erinsborough, Zeke was struggling to work out where he fit in, and Donna supported him, admitting that she'd often felt the same way until she found her friends in Ramsay Street. During Libby and Dan's wedding reception, the pair grew closer and ended up sharing a kiss, much to Ringo's horror. But it was Donna's turn to be horrified as the two boys confronted each other on Ramsay Street the next morning and a fight broke out. As both Zeke and Ringo tried to win back her respect, Donna was left more confused than ever, and her mum's advice to string them both along didn't help matters. When the boys had another fight, Donna was ready to give up on them but during a chat with Zeke, she ended up kissing him. Unable to work out what to do for the best, Donna decided that she had to get away from Erinsborough, leaving notes for Zeke and Ringo, explaining that she'd gone to Tasmania, to search for her dad and to sort her head out.

Having failed to find Matt, Donna came back, having decided that she didn't want to be a trollop like her mum and wasn't going to go running back to Zeke or Ringo. But when Ringo suddenly declared his love, Donna was having second thoughts, until she found out about Ringo having a dalliance with football groupie Ashley Black during her absence and she told Ringo where to go. Things were no better with her family, either, as Tegan and Simon had finally had enough of their mum and her antics and decided to move away to live with their gran. Donna said a tearful farewell to her younger siblings, aware that their departure would only make Cass' behaviour worse. Donna decided to keep her enemies close and moved in with her mum at number 24 to keep an eye on her, as she started making accusations that Paul was stalking her. When Cass then started receiving blackmail notes and threatening phone calls, she admitted that she'd made up the stories about Paul and even made up a public apology, hoping that the notes and calls would stop. The plan seemed to work and Cass' behaviour settled down, but when Donna decided to audition for the school play and wowed everyone with her talent, jealous Cass sabotaged her second audition by suggesting changes to her performance. Realising what her mum had done, Donna made another threatening call, but this time was caught by Elle. Unfortunately their plan to cover the whole thing up was rumbled when Cass found some of the magazines that Donna had used to make the blackmail notes and she called the police.

Feeling guilty for Donna's behaviour, Elle decided to take the blame, but Donna eventually came clean, though lawyer Toadie told her that, to get some lesser charges, she'd need a positive character statement from her mum. Donna went back to her mum and tried again to work things out, but Cass' behaviour continued to get worse and in a jealous rage, she stole Elle's pet Cat and hid it under her house. Claustrophobic Elle was unable to rescue the feline, and enlisted help from Declan Napier, who ended up getting electrocuted by loose wiring and almost died. Everyone realised that Cass had gone too far this time and she was soon sacked from her job at the hospital, barred from the the store and the bar and reported to the Salvation Army for misleading them about her circumstances in needing the refuge of number 24. Shunned from Ramsay Street, Cass had one final shock to dish out, telling Donna that Matt wasn't her real father, it was a guy named Nick who had walked out on her when she fell pregnant. With that, Cass drove out of the cul-de-sac, knocking down everyone's bins and leaving a stunned Donna in her wake.

Confused, Donna called the mysterious new DJ, Lost Boy, to rant about what a mixed-up mess her life was, unaware that she was talking to Zeke. Having managed to keep his identity a secret for weeks, Zeke, in an attempt to comfort Donna, revealed who he was, live on air. The incident brought them closer together, but as they rehearsed the school play they were forced to kiss. When neither of them felt anything from the kiss, they realised that they were better off as friends. Unfortunately, it was witnessed by exchange student Sunny, who had moved in with the Kennedys and fallen for Zeke. Insecure Sunny felt that her ponytails and braces couldn't match up to Donna's beauty, but was embarrassed to realise that there was actually nothing going on with Zeke and Donna. When Donna then started receiving romantic notes from Ringo, she was touched and they were reunited - until she found out that he'd actually been getting Sunny to write them. Furious with Ringo, but touched by Sunny's kind words, Donna ended up spontaneously kissing her female friend, but was still left on her own again. Donna soon found some new projects to occupy her time, however, as she did some matchmaking for Sunny and Zeke, then helped to plan Declan and Didge's wedding, after Declan had proposed following his near-death experience. Though a nervous Didge decided she didn't want to get married, when she and Declan got stranded in the country when his car broke down and they sheltered in a small church, she changed her mind. Donna and the others were summoned and, with her organising skills, she'd soon sorted out the outfits and planned the entire event.

But all the romance and matchmaking was reminding Donna how much she missed Ringo and they decided to get back together, though agreed not to sleep together straight away, preferring to take things slowly. The plan didn't last long, but during a romantic afternoon at number 22, Donna went downstairs to the kitchen only to realise that Cat had got out. As she went outside to search, Ringo followed her down and found the kitchen on fire. Believing Donna was still in there, he went looking, only to pass out from the smoke, which Donna then spotted and raced in to rescue him. At the hospital, Donna admitted that she'd been terrified by the idea of losing Ringo, and the pair put their friendship rings back on. There was further drama in store for Donna a couple of weeks later when, as the gang attended a music festival for Didge and Declan's honeymoon, Didge suddenly went into labour. With most of them out looking for a missing Sunny, Donna was forced to help, along with a Salvation Army nurse, to deliver the baby, who was then rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties. Happily though, baby India soon recovered and before long, thoughts were turning to which members of the gang could be the godparents. Unfortunately, as Bridget and Declan voiced their concerns over the unreliability of their mates, the gang were gathered in the living room and overheard it all via the baby monitor. Though the others all started to turn on the new parents, Donna was worried that her friendship group, which she saw as her family, was falling apart and decided to throw a Bollywood party in honour of baby India, to give Bridget and Declan a break and hopefully smooth things over. But things soon took a turn for the worse as an argument broke out and Donna turned on Bridget, reminding her that she'd been there for her through every step of the pregnancy and didn't deserve to be treated like this now. The next day, Bridget set off for a trip to Oakey with her parents and baby India, without patching things up with her friends. When the car then crashed, Bridget went missing in the bush overnight before word got back to Erinsborough. At the hospital, Declan angrily turned on the gang, asking why they were there when they'd made their feelings clear. Thankfully though, they all managed to patch things up and paid a visit to Bridget where she was recovering from surgery and in good spirits, and Donna made sure to 'bling up' the hospital gown with jewellery. Sadly though, the brief moment of happiness was not to last, when Bridget suddenly suffered a heart attack due to a blood clot and died.

As the gang struggled to deal with what had happened, and Declan lashed out, looking for someone to blame, Donna realised that she couldn't cry for her friend. Following the funeral, the gang then gathered together for a small ceremony of their own, a traditional Korean ritual in which they all lit candles and told stories about Bridget. Donna finally released her tears, while the experience made her think about tracking down her own father. After speaking to Karl, who was adopted himself, Donna decided to start a vlog, explaining who she was and what she knew about her real father, hoping that he might be reading. But, worried for her safety, various people warned her against leaving her personal details on the internet, as she was bound to attract a few weirdos. She eventually decided to delete the vlog and threw herself into planning the year 12 Deb Ball, with a plan to make it environmentally friendly. She was surprised, however, when Sunny was completely against the idea and even went as far as to start a petition to get the ball stopped. Donna was horrified, until she found out that Sunny was overreacting because she couldn't dance and was too embarrassed to admit it. Together with Kate, she gave Sunny some dancing lessons, and the plans for the ball continued, but it seemed that Donna was to have another distraction, when a man named James Linden arrived in Erinsborough, claiming to be her brother...


Magic Moments
Episode 5466: Donna's Arrival

Biography by Steve