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Lucas Patrick Fitzgerald 2008-2013, 2015
Lives: Lucas & Vanessa's apartment
Lived: Lucas' apartment, 22, 24, 26, 30, 32 Ramsay Street, Men's Shed
Born: c. 1979
Parents: Patrick Fitzgerald
Siblings: Daniel
Children: Patrick, Sebastiana, 'Vanessa's Third Child'
Family Tree: Fitzgerald
Occupation: Mechanic for Reyada, Carpenter's Mechanics Employee/Manager, Fitzgerald Motors Owner

Cocky and confident, Lucas Fitzgerald blew into Erinsborough as part of a group of mechanics, who had been touring Europe with the Reyada motorbike company. Out with his mates at Charlie's bar one evening, he quickly set his sights on Libby Kennedy and apologised to her for their rowdy behaviour. He then quickly asked her to have a drink with him, and she declined, though he soon managed to make her jealous by helping Elle Robinson to make cocktails behind the bar. Following another of Lucas' attempts to ask her out, Libby went home with housemate Steph, but good friend Rebecca talked her into returning to give Lucas another chance. As she did so, Libby was surprised to find Lucas, stripped to his underwear and tied to a post in the Lassiter's complex and, after gathering a crowd of women to have a look, she agreed to untie him and go back to his place for a drink. Libby was impressed with the apartment, though Lucas admitted that it belonged to a mate and he was just crashing there while in town, and the pair settled down to enjoy the view from the balcony together.

They talked all night and Libby returned home the next morning to a very concerned Steph, who had just been through a terrible ordeal with ex-boyfriend Jay and was concerned when Libby didn't call. Having placated Steph, Libby agreed to another date with Lucas when he called, but as he did so, from a table at the Lassiter's complex, he spotted Dan, a colleague and neighbour of Libby's, and mysteriously hid from him. As Lucas then went into the bar to collect his leather jacket, left there the night before, he faced a grilling from Libby's other housemate, and barman, Ty, and Lucas promised not to hurt Libby. However, when he turned up later that day to collect her, he spotted her arguing in the street with Dan and, after watching the situation unfold, he decided to leave, and Libby was hurt and confused when he didn't answer any of her calls.

With Steph's encouragement, Libby decided to get her own back by going to Lucas' apartment and letting the air out of the tyres on his motorbike. Unfortunately she managed to set the alarm off in the process and Lucas found her, where she refused to apologise for her actions, but agreed to think about it when he begged her for a second chance. Worried when Lucas didn't respond to her call, Libby was amused to find that he'd let down the tyres on her car, and left an invitation to an art exhibition on the windshield. Arriving at the exhibition, Libby was worried when there was no sign of Lucas, but soon noticed one of the photographs looked remarkably like the view from his balcony. After finding Lucas hiding in the private area, she approached him and asked if he was the photographer - George Hanson. He admitted that he was, and they sat outside together, where Libby presented Lucas with the bill for her taxi, and he explained that he'd started taking photos as a hobby whilst recovering from a motorbike accident, and had taken the name George Hanson from the film Easy Rider. Impressed, Libby asked about buying the photo of the city view, and, after describing what she loved about it, she was alarmed when Lucas leaned in, seemingly about to kiss her, before moving away to show her another photograph.

A few days later, Libby arranged to meet with Lucas again, this time just as she was leaving Declan Napier's 18th birthday party, and before long they were in a passionate embrace in the kitchen of number 32. Later, they shared a takeaway and she told him about Dan and how she was glad to get away from him, and before long they were kissing again, but their moment of passion was interrupted when Dan burst in, having seen Lucas' bike outside and desperate to warn Libby that her new man was trouble. Steph quickly saw Dan out, but both Libby and Lucas were clearly shaken by the incident. Lucas soon left, and Libby was upset with the difficult end to the evening, until he returned to give her a kiss and promised they'd see each other again soon.

The next day, Libby pulled a sickie and went on another date with Lucas. He then drove her to a secluded spot for a picnic, where she banned all discussion of Dan, and adamantly refused when Lucas asked her to join him on a bike ride. Though Lucas tried to change her mind, she eventually admitted that she had a fear of bikes due to an accident with Steph eight years earlier that had almost killed her. Lucas then admitted that he'd also been in an accident - whilst racing his brother, at the encouragement of their father, his brother had deliberately come in too close on a bend, knocking Lucas off the track. Having heard about Lucas' own near death experience, Libby finally agreed to try sitting on a motorbike again and had an amazing time but later, a call from Dan changed the mood completely, and Lucas left Libby to drive home on her own. After receiving a message from Dan, saying that Lucas was bad news, Libby confronted him at the bar, only to learn that Dan and Lucas were brothers. Disgusted, Libby refused to have anything to do with either of them.

With Libby refusing to answer any of his calls, Lucas found someone new to confide in when Elle walked into him in the bar. As she offered to pay for the drink she'd spilt, he asked her to join him and she listened to the whole sordid story about him and his brother fighting over the same girl, before they went back to her place. The next morning, Libby spotted Lucas leaving Elle's place and headed over to his apartment, to ask what he thought he was doing - he explained that nothing had happened with Elle, and told Libby that he was crazy about her. He eventually convinced her to have dinner with him, but as he prepared for her arrival, there was a knock at the door and instead of his date standing there, he found Dan. Lucas refused when Dan tried to apologise for the bike accident that had happened years ago, so an angry Dan told his brother to get out of Erinsborough and stay out of Libby's life. Lucas smugly asked if Dan was jealous, since he'd been the first one to get with Libby, and soon a fight broke out, during which Dan fell and aggravated an old injury, dislocating his shoulder. At the hospital, Lucas received a call from Libby to say that she wouldn't be able to make it to dinner, but he refused to give up. The next day he took part in a slave auction to raise money for the Eastside Dingoes football team. Although he was bought by rich older woman Bonnie Druce, she quickly realised that he'd rather be with Libby. Unfortunately, Libby didn't feel the same way, and told Lucas that she'd be concentrating on looking after her son from now on.

Just as Libby was starting to soften toward Lucas again, she found out that he and Dan had been fighting, causing Dan's shoulder injury, and realised that she'd been taken for an idiot again. As Dan and Lucas began to realise that Libby was close to giving up on the pair of them, they almost buried the hatchet, but Lucas wasn't quite ready to end the feud yet. The brothers soon found something new to argue about when Lucas helped Declan Napier and Ringo Brown to find out information on the Waratah Wolves, their rivals in a big football game. Using Declan and Ringo as decoys, Lucas managed to get his hands on a copy of the Wolves' gameplan, but Dan, captain of the Eastside Dingoes, was furious when he found out about the cheating. As he was heading off to an interview, Dan left instructions for the team to stick to their original gameplan, but an angry Lucas deliberately missed a goal, almost costing the team the game, until Ty Harper saved the day. With Dan and Libby now officially a couple, Lucas looked like he'd lost out, though he continued to try and stick the knife in, but Dan refused to play along. But it was Lucas who ended up with the upper hand when he announced that he wouldn't be leaving Erinsborough, but had decided to stay indefinitely, and had taken over the running of Carpenter's Mechanics.

Lucas soon found himself embroiled in another drama when teenagers Donna Freedman and Ringo Brown came to see him. Donna had stolen her dad's cop car and been involved in a hit and run accident, damaging a light, but they lied that she'd hit a bin, and begged him to fix it. He agreed, knowing that it was illegal to tamper with a police vehicle, and thought nothing more of it. But not long after, Ringo came to see him and explained that the situation had changed - originally Donna had thought she'd only hit a dog, but now it seemed she'd also hit a person, Ramsay Street resident Nicola West and left her in a coma. Lucas realised that he'd have to go to the police now and own up, but outside he ran into Donna's dad, corrupt cop Matt Freedman. He was desperate to cover for Donna, and had broken the new headlight that Lucas had fitted. He told Lucas that he was going to swap that with the evidence from the accident, meaning that if Lucas came forward, he'd immediately be the prime suspect. It didn't take long for Elle to work out what was going on, and she and Lucas made Donna see that she had to come forward, despite the implications for her dad. Though Donna was then talked out of it again by Matt, she was shocked to see her dad physically threatening Ringo into keeping away, and finally found the courage to speak out, watching as her dad was taken away.

When Lucas held another photography exhibition, he tried desperately to stop Libby and Dan attending, then tried to get some of the photographs changed, but failed on both counts. As everyone gathered there, Libby and Dan were horrified to realise that most of the images were intimate photographs of her, and it wasn't long before a fight had broken out between the brothers. But it wasn't until Lucas pointed it out that Libby realised just how jealous Dan was, unable to forget that his girlfriend had once been with his brother. Libby announced that she wasn't about to become a trophy for them to fight over, and told them both to go to hell. But Dan wasn't about to give up, and he found the perfect way to make things up - he bought one of the photographs of Libby and gave it to her, before telling Lucas that he no longer had any power over them. Lucas was soon moving on, skirting around Elle with flirty conversations, whilst also attempting to keep the football team in line, with Dan away on holiday with Libby, and Steve too ill to coach. When Elle then bought herself a new car, Lucas admitted that it looked like she'd wasted her money, and it looked like he'd been proven right when it got a flat tyre only moments later. It didn't take long for Donna to notice the sexual tension between the two of them, and Elle finally decided that she was going to ask Lucas out, unaware that their date was just a cover for a surprise party that Donna was planning. As Elle waited at the bar, she received a text from Lucas saying that he couldn't make it, and she stormed off home, ranting about how he and Libby were clearly made for each other, unaware that Libby, and all the other guests, were hiding in the room. An awkward evening ensued, but Donna wasn't about to give up on her matchmaking and the next day gave Lucas a huge teddy bear named Albert, telling him that Elle had a wardrobe full of them and it would make a good peace offering. Elle soon softened when she spotted Lucas and Albert sitting in the bar, and agreed to give the date another try. The following week, Elle and Lucas were still getting along well as he played, and won, with the Dingoes in the Grand Final, and helped her do some parenting when Donna and Ringo snuck off to a hotel room together.

After Elle bought a new car, which Lucas deemed to be a lemon, then ended up crashing it when the steering system failed, Lucas discovered that she'd been conned into buying a 'cut n shut' job. When the dealer, Jason Healey tried to pay Elle off if she didn't go to the police, then threatened her friends and family unless she kept quiet, Lucas and Elle headed to the house owned by Sascha, Jason's girlfriend, to investigate. When Sascha unwittingly locked them in the garage, Elle was forced to escape through a window, but Lucas got stuck, and ended up being caught up Jason, though Elle managed to knock him out and contact the police. The whole experience brought Lucas and Elle a lot closer, despite the constant bickering, but when Elle finally plucked up the courage to go and see Lucas at the garage and tell him her feelings, she saw some photographs of Libby on his desk, got the wrong idea and left, just as Lucas came back and started tearing them up. After later showing Elle the torn-up photos to prove it, Lucas told her to get back in touch when she was ready to trust him. He then found himself once again caught up in Libby and Dan's relationship, when Dan asked him to be the best man at their upcoming wedding, leaving Libby angrily refusing to attend if Lucas was at the altar too. This soon led to an emotional confrontation between Libby and Lucas, but as she broke down in Lucas' arms, Dan walked in, lashed out at his brother and it looked like all of their relationships were crumbling once again.

Though Lucas tried to distance himself from the situation, he realised that something had to be done, as his protestations that he no longer had feelings for Libby were falling on deaf ears. To end the brotherly rivalry once and for all, he suggested a rematch of the motorbike race that had almost killed him, and Dan agreed, to Libby, Steph and Elle's horror. The girls then hatched a plan to steal the bikes, which worked, until a guilty Libby caved in as Dan told her that he needed to do this to resolve everything. Later that week, despite all advice to the contrary, Dan and Lucas went to the racetrack. During a close race, Dan and Lucas both entered a tight corner, with Dan forced to ease off rather than risk repeating the accident that had occurred years ago, and ultimately leading to Lucas winning. Believing his brother had allowed him to win, Lucas lashed out, but Dan insisted that he had only slowed down to prevent an accident, and later in the day, as Dan admitted that Lucas was the slightly better rider, the brothers made up, and Dan and Libby's engagement was back on.

Lucas, however, found his relationship with Elle suffering at the same time, and things took a dramatic turn for the worse when Elle and Libby turned up in the same dress at Libby and Dan's engagement party. Elle ended up storming off, taking the dress off and throwing it at Lucas, before asking Erinsborough High principal Andrew Simpson to take her home. Elle was then furious when, the following week, Lucas arranged a date at the bar, only for the girl to turn up wearing the dress she'd thrown at him. Paul then decided to do a little matchmaking, and asked Lucas to go along to the school to do some photographs for an article, only for Elle to be the reporter. As Elle interviewed Andrew, a jealous Lucas took some terrible photos of him, and Elle and Lucas continued to bicker the following week when they were sent to report on a protest at the school about Bridget's expulsion. Realising that the pair just needed a shove in the right direction, Elle's friend Carmella arranged for them to both be at the bar at the same time, before rushing off, claiming to have work to do. They ended up playing pool, with Elle winning, but before she could claim her prize, Lucas put her over his shoulder and took her off for a ride on his bike. Later, as he dropped her at Lassiter's, he kissed her, before happily declaring it their first date, and riding off before Elle could disagree.

As things finally seemed to be looking up for Lucas and Elle, they took a dramatic dive for Libby and Dan when, only days before their wedding, Dan's heavily pregnant ex-wife Sam returned to Erinsborough. Though Sam claimed that she'd only come to tell Dan about his child, and had known nothing about the wedding, Lucas knew differently, as he had been in touch with Sam and mentioned the wedding to her. But, knowing that this was going to reflect badly on him too, given his history with Libby, he was in two minds about whether to come clean. Lucas eventually decided to confess, leaving Dan furious with Sam for her lies, though the brothers' new-found respect for each other remained intact. Lucas then helped Steph and Rebecca to sort out their shared problems, unhappy with their work lives, by suggesting that Rebecca run the bar for a while, whilst he took Steph out for a bike ride. Rediscovering her love for motorbikes and desperate to make a change, Steph announced that she was selling the bar and taking a job at the garage, and Elle stepped in to buy Charlie's, installing Rebecca as manager.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Elle's bickering continued, and they agreed to Sam's idea to only spend $20 on each other's Christmas presents. On Christmas Eve, they joined the other residents out in Ramsay Street, where everyone witnessed lights in the sky. The magical moment finally caused Lucas and Elle to get their act together, and they shared a kiss, before retreating to number 22, where Lucas showed Elle his present - a $20 bill taped to his chest - and they headed upstairs, before spending Christmas Day together.

A couple of weeks later, with the relationship slowly continuing, Elle was finding her laidback, grease monkey boyfriend difficult to deal with. When she overheard him turning down a photography job in favour of work at the garage, she suggested that photography would be a better career for him and he was offended, suggesting that she was looking to make him into more her kind of person. In order to prove the point, Lucas turned up the next day in a sharp suit and a flash car and took her to lunch, where he proceeded to spend all his time talking on the phone and ordering on Elle's behalf. Elle was furious, and the relationship came to a crashing end as it was just beginning. But Paul could see how much his daughter was hurting and set her and Lucas up on the same newspaper assignment to a country farm. Whilst there, Elle spotted a drawing on an artist's stall which looked a lot like Zeke Kinski, who was missing following a rafting accident. After speaking to the artist and buying the drawing, Elle and Lucas waited outside the farm belonging to Phil Andrews, where the boy in the photo had been seen working. After spending the night together in Lucas' truck, Elle met with Phil, who denied knowing the boy, before racing off in his car. Forced to return to Erinsborough after losing Phil's trail, Elle was determined to return and get to the bottom of the mystery, but Lucas tried to warn her off and told her not to speak to Karl and Susan until she had some proof.

When Steph saw Lucas looking at photos of Elle on his laptop, she jokingly suggested that he was still hung up on her, and made a bet with him that he wouldn't be able to get the phone number of another girl in the bar, with the loser having to perform karaoke. Just as Lucas was getting somewhere with a woman named Emma, Steph bounded over and made out like she was his girlfriend and he was cheating on her again. Emma walked off and Lucas was forced to perform on stage, clearing the bar in the process. Emma them emerged from the toilets, telling Lucas not to give up his day job, but explaining that she'd realised Steph wasn't really his girlfriend. As Emma handed over her number, Steph was forced to sing too. Meanwhile, Lucas and Elle continued to grow closer as they got into Phil's house and found a t-shirt that matched the one Zeke had been wearing when he went missing. As Zeke was finally tracked down at a lock-up where he was staying with Phil, Lucas and Elle continued to deny their feelings for each other, and Lucas moved on and started dating Lisa Hayes, who was working as a temp at the law practice. Elle retaliated by claiming she'd met someone new, before asking the first guy she met, delivery driver Mark Chaplin, out on a date. As Lucas and Elle did their best to make each other jealous, Lucas' world was rocked when his sister-in-law Libby, who had recently collapsed during her wedding to Dan and learnt that she was pregnant, suffered a miscarriage. As Elle tried to offer a shoulder for Lucas to cry on, they finally opened up and admitted their feelings and were reunited.

Though most were happy to see them back together, Paul was worried that Lucas wasn't good enough for Elle and would eventually hurt her again. Lucas did his best to prove otherwise, and when Elle then asked him to move in with her, he accepted, though his decision was full of doubts. After initial problems over Elle not wanting to give up some of the space in her bedroom, and Lucas not wanting to terminate the lease on his apartment, they finally settled in to life as a live-in couple. When Lucas was hosting a poker game at the house one evening, Elle started looking through his belongings and found herself with her head stuck in his bike helmet. Things only got worse when she found a stash of old love letters from Nat, one of Lucas' old girlfriends. She confronted him and he admitted that they were just part of his 'stuff' and he hadn't kept them deliberately, and certainly didn't have feelings for Nat anymore. Meanwhile, Donna found herself in a spot of bother when she started stalking her mum, Cassandra, who had been causing trouble in the neighbourhood. Donna had hoped to scare her mum into changing her ways, but when Cass found out, she reported Donna to the police, though at the last minute, Elle took the blame for the stalking, leaving Lucas furious that she would lie like that. Things only got worse for the couple when the feud between Paul and Lucas worsened and Elle was forced to choose between her dad and her boyfriend - ultimately opting to ask Paul to move out.

As Elle then focused on problems at home - the recent discovery that Paul had a secret half-sister, Jill - she failed to notice that Lucas and Steph were growing closer. Though Lucas failed to see it, Steph was developing a crush on him and their closeness was soon spotted by Steph's boyfriend Greg Michaels, who angrily confronted her at a pool party. Steph ended the relationship, while Lucas started to gamble to try and inject some excitement into his life. Following on from his Ramsay Street poker games and running a book on the birth date of Bridget Parker's baby, Lucas started looking elsewhere for gambling opportunities, during pool games at the pub and eventually with some dodgy locals. Meanwhile, Elle was worried that Lucas was losing interest in her and decided to get tickets to the Winter Cool festival to prove to Lucas that she was still a fun person. Though Lucas laughed at the idea of her camping, they went along and had fun, though Lucas still found time to gamble with some of the security guards. Back in Erinsborough, Lucas got caught up in a poker game with Johnno Brewer and ended up owing him $4000, just as Steph arrived at the garage, desperate to try and figure out whether Lucas also had feelings for her. Interrupting the game, she and Lucas were forced to do a runner when Lucas was unable to pay, and ended up hiding, pressed close together down an alley, and almost kissed.

When Steph confronted Lucas about their 'moment', he denied that there was anything between them, and ended up with bigger problems when Johnno came back for his money. Forced to turn to Dan for help, Lucas had to open up about his addiction and agreed to try and get help. The situation grew more complicated when Elle accidentally found out about Steph's feelings, then Bridget was killed following a car crash, responsibility for which ultimately ended up at the garage, where Steph had serviced the Parker car. Though Lucas did his best to protect stuff, an unimpressed, and jealous Elle leaked the garage report to the newspaper, which made it clear that it was all Steph's fault. But as Steph insisted she had done the work properly, despite being distracted by the complex situation with Lucas, Dan began to wonder if there was more to the situation and looked over some CCTV tapes from Grease Monkeys, situated opposite the garage. He was shocked to see Johnno tampering with the Parker car on the forecourt and went to Lucas to explain. Stunned, Lucas tried to leave the country, going on a holiday to Europe with Elle, but before long everyone had found out the truth. Elle was horrified that she'd been lied to for so long, while Steph was furious that Lucas was trying to leave her still looking like the guilty one, and had been sitting on the proof for days. Most of his relationships in tatters, Lucas began to self-destruct, turning his back on a Gamblers Anonymous meeting and stealing money to gamble from Dan's wallet. After meeting a girl, Vanessa Chung at the bar, Lucas found himself thrown out of number 30 when he took her back and was spotted by Ben and Callum, getting intimate on the couch with his new lady friend. When Steph reluctantly agreed to let Lucas stay with her, as he had stood by her during the initial accusations about the accident, he misconstrued her feelings and leaned in for a kiss. Shocked, she told him that it was inappropriate, and that he should find somewhere else to stay. At rock bottom, he attended his first Gamblers Anonymous meeting, where he spoke about feeling trapped in suburbia and looking for excitement in gambling, unaware that a hurt Elle was listening from the door.

As Lucas turned over a fresh leaf, walking away from gambling opportunities at the bar and asking Rebecca to stop his tab, he also tried to win back business at the garage, which was suffering following the recent negative publicity. Elle, meanwhile, was doing her best to be a more fun and interesting person to prove Lucas wrong, but then found another way to hurt him. As he bedded down at the garage, where he'd been sleeping with nowhere else to go, Elle walked in and announced that she was the new owner and, as his boss, she couldn't allow him to sleep on the premises.

(to be continued - 2009-2013)

After settling in Daylesford, baby number two, Sebastiana, was born, and the family received a visit from Matt and Lauren Turner, who had just renewed their marriage vows and were taking a honeymoon in the country. Lucas also set up his own garage, whilst Vanessa ran her successful bakery, Paddy Cakes. In March 2015, Vanessa - heavily pregnant again - and Lucas returned to Erinsborough to run a Paddy Cakes market stall at the Erinsborough Festival, and to introduce Sebastiana to their old friends. They were very surprised to hear that Chris had agreed to be a sperm donor for Lucy Robinson, who lived in New York, and pointed out that although he might be happy with the decision now, he might come to regret it when his child was born and he was living on the other side of the world from it.

Later that year, Lucas made a surprise return to Erinsborough, having bought back Fitzgerald Motors. The garage had just been broken into, so when mechanic Tyler Brennan found Lucas inside, he assumed that it was another break-in and attempted to stop him, before realising his mistake. While Tyler waited nervously to see if he'd just lost his job, Lucas caught up with Sonya, who was confused about his sudden wealth, immediately jumping to the conclusion that he'd been gambling again. It wasn't until Vanessa arrived for a visit that Sonya learnt that the money had come from selling a recipe for a low-fat cupcake, and that she and Lucas had been unable to talk about it until the deal was complete. As they patched up their friendship, Lucas and Sonya agreed to be more honest with each other from now on, but it wasn't long before Lucas was back again - having agreed to give Tyler a chance as the garage's manager, Lucas was shocked to learn that his employee had unwittingly hired Steph Scully as the new mechanic, not realising her history. When the truth finally came out, Tyler was forced to call Lucas, who turned up on Ramsay Street to confront Steph. She explained that she'd been unaware that Lucas owned the garage again, and that she was back on her meds, and staying at a local hospital. She told Lucas that she needed to have a strong social support network and, despite everything that had happened, Erinsborough was the best place for her. As Steph insisted that her problems were behind her, and pleaded with Lucas to give her a chance, he contacted Vanessa, who said that it was up to him, but she wanted nothing to do with Steph. As Toadie pointed out that Lucas also had an illness that had made him do some terrible things in the past, he agreed to give Steph a trial period at the garage, but said that he wanted no contact with her, and that Toadie would have to agree to act as the go-between.

Trivia Notes
Scott Major previously appeared in 1993 as the first actor to play Darren Stark
Episode 6196 featured a flashback to Lucas's childhood with a 5 year old Lucas played by Julian Mineo
Click here to read our 2005 interview with Scott
Though they had two on-screen weddings, Lucas and Vanessa were never legally married, as she ran out on him before their vows the first time, and the second was an unofficial ceremony, as her annulment from her first marriage was not yet complete

5502-6737, 7073, 7217, 7218, 7228

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