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Phil Andrews 2009

Whilst researching a story for Valentine's Day, journalist Elle Robinson and photographer Lucas Fitzgerald were surprised to see a drawing at an artist's co-operative in the country of Zeke Kinski, a neighbour of theirs who was missing, presumed dead, after a rafting accident. After questioning the artist, Hannah Stone and swiping the drawing, Elle and Lucas headed to the Andrews property, where Hannah believed that the boy in the picture had been working recently. After waiting all night for the fruit pickers to arrive, Elle started questioning Phil Andrews, who shiftily denied knowing the boy in the picture, before racing off in his truck. Despite their best attempts to follow him, Lucas and Elle lost Phil, and the mystery remained unsolved.

After finding Phil's house and breaking in, Elle and Lucas were surprised to find a boy's bedroom, and Elle noticed a t-shirt that was idential to the one Zeke had been wearing before he went missing. But, when they returned to put the t-shirt back, they were stunned to find that the room had been completely emptied and there was no sign of anyone living at the house. Gathering their evidence, they went to Zeke's stepmother, Susan Kennedy, who decided to contact the police. Sergeant Rick Lawson then accompanied Susan to a lock-up belonging to a mate of Phil's, where he was staying, and explained that Phil had been going through a difficult time since the deaths of his wife, Lisa and son, Trent, in a car accident. Though Rick insisted on speaking to Phil alone, Susan followed and listened as he insisted he knew nothing about the missing boy, with stories to explain why he left the house so suddenly and the t-shirt. And with nothing linking the drawing of Zeke to Phil, Sergeant Lawson was forced to leave the man in peace. But as Susan waited for her taxi, she confronted Phil, who told her that she needed to let go and start grieving. But once she'd gone, Phil made a mysterious call to his apparently dead son Trent, telling him it was safe to come home.

When Susan sent back the t-shirt that Elle had found, Zeke opened the package and, after reading the apologetic note, he started questioning his 'dad' about Susan. Phil quickly changed the subject, suggesting they head off on a trip to Griffith for some fruit-picking. Later, Zeke found some newspaper cuttings about the deaths of Phil's wife, Lisa and son, Trent and became more confused. Phil lied that there had been a mix-up, and it was a friend of Zeke's that had died, but the newspaper had printed the article before the truth had come out. Phil hoped that he had stopped the questions, but as he loaded the car, Zeke called Susan, who was stunned to hear his voice, though Zeke insisted his name was Trent and that he didn't know her. Susan quickly headed back to the lock-up with her disbelieving husband Karl, where they were stunned to find Zeke alive and well. But he refused to talk to them, insisting that he was fine with Phil, his father, so the police were called in. Phil was arrested, while Susan and Karl took Zeke to Erinsborough Hospital, where he was found to be suffering from a Disassociative Fugue, as a result of hitting his head in the accident, and genuinely believed himself to be Trent, thanks to Phil convincing him.

Despite the love of Susan, Karl and his sister, Rachel, Zeke didn't want to be in Erinsborough, insisting that he'd be happier back in the country with his dad. Determined to prove that his life with Phil was a lie, Zeke's friends took him to the lock-up, where he finally realised what had happened to him and broke down. As he packed up some of his things and prepared to leave, Phil walked in, having been granted bail, and apologised for what he'd done. Though Zeke was angry with him, he then shook his hand, thanked him for giving him his life back, and left.

Episodes Featured
5621, 5627, 5631, 5632, 5634

Biography by Steve