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Greg Michaels 2008-2009
Marital Status: Veronica Olenski (Separated)
Occupation: Salesman

Having decided to make some changes in her life, Steph Scully decided to place a profile on an internet dating site, but was persuaded by Miranda Parker and Rebecca Napier to change her tomboy image and glam up for the photo. Though she received plenty of offers, Steph realised that the photo wasn't her, and went along to her first date in her usual attire. The date, Greg Michaels, was delighted with what he saw, but Steph wasn't convinced, thinking he'd hoped he was getting something different when he saw the photo. Steph was taken aback when Greg then explained that he knew exactly what he was getting, as they'd met before, at TAFE. She suddenly remembered him, telling him how all the girls had secretly liked him and had waited outside to see him arrive on his motorbike, while Greg admitted that it had been Steph he'd been interested in all those years ago, but never quite managed to pluck up the courage to ask her out. After taking Steph home, they shared a kiss and she thanked him for a great evening, unaware that, as she closed the door, he was busy putting his wedding ring back on.

The following week, Steph and Greg met up for another date, and ended up having sex in a hotel room at Lassiter's. Though Steph felt cheap, Greg insisted that she shouldn't, and that he was serious about their relationship. After learning that her best friend Libby had been taken to hospital after a rafting accident, Steph raced off, but whilst there, she got another shocked when she spotted Greg in an embrace with Dr Veronica Olenski, the gynaecologist who had delivered both Steph and Libby's babies. Stunned, Steph invited Greg for another afternoon in the hotel room, but promptly confronted him over his lies when he arrived. He insisted that his marriage was over, but Steph wanted nothing to do with him. He later caught up with her and tried to explain that the marriage had been over for months, but neither of them could admit it. He told Steph that he'd left Veronica, but Steph was annoyed with him for making her a homewrecker and, at the hospital, she decided to come clean to Veronica, receiving a slap for her efforts.

Though Steph tried to stay away from Greg, their attraction was strong, but as they attempted to patch things up at the garage where she worked, Steph's 4-year-old son, Charlie was involved in an accident as a filing cabinet collapsed on top of him. Steph was racked with guilt, and things got worse as Veronica was the doctor treating him. But as it became clear that Charlie was going to be fine, Steph and Greg stepped outside together, where they kissed and made up - unfortunately witnessed by Veronica. The feud between Steph and Veronica escalated as the two ladies found themselves on the Breast Cancer Awareness Committee together, while Greg felt his wife's wrath as she froze their bank accounts, forcing him to move out of Lassiter's and in with Steph. Though he only spent the night on her couch, Veronica again lashed out at Steph, making a fool of herself as the two women had to be dragged apart at the bar the next day. Made to realise that she had to accept that Greg had chosen Steph, Veronica visited him and apologised for the stunt with their accounts, but begged him to return to her. Though he turned her down, Steph listened and, afterwards, told Greg that he should go back to Veronica, as he clearly had unresolved feelings for her. But the next day, he returned to Steph, telling her that he spent the night on Veronica's couch, and it was hell, and had made him realise that he only wanted to be with Steph.

After a couple of weeks away on a fishing trip with some mates, Greg returned to Steph with some exciting news - he'd been offered a job up in Darwin. Needing the money that the temporary contract would bring, he was keen to accept and asked Steph to join him. After thinking it over, she told him that she belonged in Erinsborough, so they agreed that they'd keep the relationship going for the three months he was away, then he could move back permanently.

And so, a few months later, Greg returned with a surprise announcement for Steph - he wanted them to try for children of their own. Slightly taken aback, Steph remained non-commital, but soon her friends Libby and Toadie were noticing her odd behaviour, and encouraged her to be honest with Greg. That evening, at a dinner party with Toadie, Libby, Libby's husband Dan, and Libby's parents Karl and Susan, Toadie started to make loaded comments about Steph's lack of honesty. Unfortunately, the next topic of conversation - a play Toadie had been writing for the school - only made matters worse when a jealous Greg learnt that it was based around Toadie and Steph's past relationship, which had ended when he jilted her at the altar. Back at home, Greg asked Steph if she was still in love with Toadie, and she admitted that she never really had been, which was the problem all along. She then owned up about being unsure whether to have more children, and Greg told her that he understood, and that they needed to make sure they talked things through from now on.

Unfortunately, an angry Toadie then changed the ending to the play, which then featured Steph's character begging Toadie's character to take her back. Though Steph was annoyed, jealous Greg decided to get revenge by contacting lawyer Tim Collins and having Toadie sued for defamation. When Steph heard about it, she cancelled the law suit and furiously told Greg that she could take care of matters herself. Greg was disappointed to come home and find Toadie and Steph laughing, joking and eating pizza together and matters only got worse when he turned his jealousy towards Steph's boss at the garage, Lucas Fitzgerald. During a barbecue at number 30, Lucas was joking around and picked up Steph, threatening to throw her in the pool, when an irate Greg shouted at him to put her down, accusing Steph of being cheap. Later, he apologised, admitting that he found it hard to see her so friendly with other guys, but she told him that she would never allow anyone to humiliate her like that. Though they both calmed down and talked things through, when Steph caught Greg innocently chatting with an attractive woman in the bar and he remarked 'Now you know how I feel', she came to realise that she was happy being herself and didn't need to change for a man. Greg then packed up his things and drove out of Steph's life for good.

Episodes Featured
5604, 5606, 5608, 5613, 5614, 5616, 5617, 5618, 5630, 5683, 5684, 5686, 5687, 5694, 5695

Biography by Steve