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Evelyn Wallace 2008
Children: Jessica

When a warehouse collapse during an illegal rave killed three young Erinsborough residents, including Jessica Wallace, her close friend Ringo Brown, who was with her when she died, was left with a message to pass on to Jess' mum, Evelyn. After several attempts to phone Mrs Wallace, Ringo finally managed to find the words to talk to Jess' grieving mother and they arranged to meet at the General Store. There, Evelyn showed Ringo the Order of Service for the funeral the next day, and told him that Jessica spoke about him all the time, while he told her that he was with Jess when she died and she wanted her mum to know that she was sorry for sneaking out, and that she loved her, something which Mrs Wallace took a great deal of comfort in. A couple of weeks later, Evelyn was interviewed by Erinsborough News cadets Elle Robinson and Riley Parker. At the site of the accident, she told them about a memorial she had designed, commemorating Jess and the other two teenagers who had died. Struggling to talk about it, Evelyn broke down, while Elle couldn't cope with returning to the warehouse so soon after her ordeal and collapsed, suffering a panic attack.

After speaking to the newspaper, Evelyn made an appointment with small law firm Rebecchi Cammeniti to discuss some kind of legal action against the council. As Evelyn spoke to secretary Rebecca Napier, she broke down, but lawyer Rosie Cammeniti, though sympathetic, explained that, as a small, new firm, they didn't have the resources to open a long-running class action suit, suggesting that Evelyn try a bigger firm in the city. However, after learning that she was pregnant and considering how she'd feel if her son or daughter had been killed in the accident, Rosie changed her mind and listened as Evelyn spoke about Jessica, asking her if she'd be willing to talk about her daughter during the trial. However, it never quite came to that, as it was revealed, through some thorough research by a determined Rebecca, that the council had voted to remove security from the building. Backed into a corner over her lies, Mayor Jackie Jones was forced to resign, while the council agreed to give the victims of the roof collapse a substantial pay-out and make a public apology. During a meeting, it was suggested that the money be used to start an education fund to help other youngsters, and Evelyn agreed, knowing that Jess would have been very happy with that.

Trivia Notes
Felicity Soper previously appeared in 1986 as Louise Lawry

Biography by Steve