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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Louise Lawry Felicity Soper

Louise Lawry 1986
Sibling: Linda

Never one to follow the rules her parents set out for her, Louise Lawry constantly lived in the shadow of her older sister, Linda, and, after completing a secretarial course, decided to go travelling in Europe. During this time, Linda died suddenly and Louise didn’t make it back to Australia in time for the funeral, so decided to continue travelling for a while longer. When she did finally return home, the Lawry family were surprised to receive a late-night call from Clive Gibbons, who’d been Linda’s boyfriend when she died. He explained to her parents that he’d been thinking about Linda a lot recently and just needed to chat to someone who’d known her. When she learnt about the phone call, Louise decided to go and visit Clive, in order to find out more about her sister’s final days.

When Louise turned up on the doorstep, Clive, along with his family who’d seen photos of Linda, were astounded by the family resemblance. Clive’s young niece, Vicki, even believed that the dead lady from the photos had arrived at the house. At first, Clive was just happy to have someone around who had known Linda, but it soon developed beyond that and Louise was forced to tell him that she was engaged to a man called Nick, who was a social worker back in London, and would soon be returning to him. Although upset by this, Clive continued to spend time with Louise, showing her the sights and sounds of Erinsborough in his own unique way. As she began to fall for Clive, Louise was forced to admit the truth – she’d split up with Nick two months ago and had returned to Australia in the hope of getting over it.

Clive was thrilled, thinking that this paved the way for them to become a proper couple, but, almost immediately, Louise began to pull away from the situation. She confided in Clive’s sister-in-law, Kate, that she wasn’t ready for another relationship, especially one that was so obviously on the rebound for both of them. She explained to Kate that she’d be returning to her old life in England, before saying a final goodbye to a devastated Clive and leaving his life for good.

Biography by Steve



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