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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Kate Gibbons Jenny Seedsman

Kate Gibbons 1986
Marital Status: Graham Gibbons
Children: Vicki
Family Tree: Gibbons
Occupation: Daniels Corporation Secretary, Coffee Shop Assistant

Sister-in-law to Clive Gibbons, down-to-earth Kate moved from the country with her G.P. husband, Graham, when the opportunity to run his own medical practice arose. As the family temporarily moved in with Clive at 22 Ramsay Street, she found herself caught in the middle of many arguments between her husband and his brother, relating to Clive’s decision to give up practising medicine several years before. It turned out that Clive had given up being a doctor after he had failed to correctly diagnose his girlfriend, Linda, who had later died. When Linda’s sister, the almost-identical Louise, arrived in town, Clive embarked on a brief relationship with her, which ended badly. Throughout it all, Kate proved to be a true shoulder to cry on and she quickly settled into Ramsay Street. Meanwhile, Graham was uncomfortable with his wife working, even when it was just the odd shift at the Coffee Shop, but as her daughter, Vicki, started school, Kate found a need to escape the house. She put her secretarial skills to good use by going to work for Paul Robinson at the Daniels Corporation. Paul’s previous secretary, Zoe Davis, had left to work for her fiance, Tony Chapman and Kate was quickly thrown in at the deep end, not realising quite how rude her boss could be. As Paul continued to speak down to Kate, she made it clear that she wouldn’t stand for his nastiness and she almost walked out. Although Paul’s grandmother, Helen Daniels, who ran her chauffeur business from the same office, managed to smooth things over, Kate didn’t last long in the job.

Kate had never been comfortable moving to the city from the quiet country town of Cootamundra, so when Vicki suffered a nasty fright at the hands of a burglar, Kate quit the Daniels Corporation to spend more time at home. It eventually transpired that Vicki had caught the burglar in the house and had threatened to kill her parents if she said anything. At this point, Kate started to suggest to Graham that they should return to the country, where they’d all feel safer. The final straw came when Vicki recognised her attacker, Alex Carter, at her father’s surgery one day. Realising that he’d been caught out, Alex attacked Graham, leaving him for dead on the surgery floor. Fortunately, he recovered, but Kate announced that the family would be returning to the country indefinitely to give Graham a chance to recuperate. However, before she went, Kate made a final attempt to sort out Clive’s disastrous love life. When she heard that single mother Susan Cole, who’d been staying with the Mitchells at number 24, urgently needed somewhere to live, she suggested Clive’s place. Kate then left Erinsborough safe in the knowledge that her brother-in-law wouldn’t be lonely, little realising that Susan would go on to break Clive’s heart all over again.

Notes: Jenny Seedsman returned to Neighbours in 1997 in the recurring role of bank manager Dorothy Stevens and in 2007 in the role of Cynthia Peters.

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