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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Vicki Gibbons Charmaine Gorman

Vicki Gibbons 1986
Parents: Graham and Kate Gibbons
Family Tree: Gibbons

The only daughter of Graham and Kate Gibbons, young Vicki often proved to be wise beyond her years and had a close friendship with her Uncle Clive. It was thanks to Clive that the family moved into 22 Ramsay Street, as Graham had taken over a doctor’s surgery in the area and the family needed somewhere to stay, having moved from the country. Although Vicki settled into the street quickly, soon making friends with young neighbour Lucy Robinson, she missed her old home and particularly her horse, George. Together with Lucy, she created a new ‘George’ using an old wheelbarrow, and the two of them spent all of their spare time playing with him out in the street. One afternoon, Charlene Mitchell was supposed to be babysitting Lucy and Vicki after school, but she became distracted by her boyfriend, Scott Robinson, and the two younger children ended up playing alone. Following an argument about who got to play on ‘George’, Lucy stormed off and Vicki found the spare key and let herself into number 22. She was shocked to find a man inside the house holding her dad’s valuable stamp collection and refused to believe his claims that he was a friend of her parents’. As Vicki became more distraught, the man told her that if she said anything to anyone, he’d come back in the night and murder her mum and dad. As the man sped away, he ran over ‘George’, who’d been left sitting at the end of the driveway in all the commotion.

Over the days that followed, Vicki became more and more distressed, never wanting to leave her parents alone and suffering from sleepless nights. Eventually, Lucy’s grandmother, Helen Daniels, managed to coax the truth out of the little girl as she looked after her one day. Clive then managed to softly convince his niece into speaking to the police, so that the burglar didn’t go on to hurt any other children. However, although Vicki spoke to Constable Archer, there was little information or evidence to go on and Vicki began to worry that she’d done the wrong thing and her parents would be in danger. Refusing to go to school one day, Graham agreed to let Vicki join him at the surgery. As the receptionist left for the day, Vicki spotted the final patient waiting and immediately recognised him as Alex Carter, the burglar who’d threatened her family. Vicki told her father, who acted quickly, asking his daughter to hide in the store cupboard whilst he dealt with the situation. Unfortunately, as soon as Alex realised that he’d been found out, he attacked Graham with a paperweight, leaving him unconscious. Soon after, Kate and Clive arrived at the surgery to find Vicki crouching next to her father’s lifeless body. Luckily, after a few days, Graham began to show signs of recovery, but Kate realised that it would be best for everyone if they returned to the country. And so, Vicki said a sad farewell to Lucy and Uncle Clive before leaving Erinsborough for good.

Notes: Charmaine Gorman previously appeared in 1985 as Josie Brown and returned in 1997 to play Rebecca Knotts. Charmaine is the sister of Kate Gorman, who played Sue Parker and the daughter of Reg Gorman, who played Wally Walters in 1985 and Jock Finch in 1999, and Judith Roberts, who played Mrs Cooper in 1985 and Frances Nagel in 2000 and 2001.

Biography by Steve



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