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Jock [Sparrow] Finch 1999
Occupation: Plumber

An old mate of Lou Carpenter, when plumber Jock needed somewhere to stay, Lou suggested a room at 30 Ramsay Street, one of the houses he owned. One of the tenants, Toadie, was about to move out, but the other housemates, Joel Samuels and Lance Wilkinson, were determined not to end up with the old man as their new living companion. Things weren’t looking good, until Toadie decided to stay. Around the same time, Karl Kennedy was having problems with his hot water system and employed Jock to fix it. The boys at number 30 took the opportunity to tell the man that he could no longer live with them, which he happily accepted and continued with the job at the Kennedy house. Although the work proved to be cheap, within days the system had once again gone wrong.

Notes: Reg Gorman previously played Wally Walters in 1985. Reg is the father of Kate Gorman, who played Sue Parker from 1986 to 1987 and Charmaine Gorman, who played Josie Brown in 1985, Vicki Gibbons in 1986 and Rebecca Knotts in 1997. Reg's wife, Judith Roberts, played Mrs Cooper in 1985 and Frances Nagel in 2000 and 2001.

Biography by Steve



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