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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Graham Gibbons Peter Harvey-Wright

Graham Gibbons 1986
Lived: 22 Ramsay Street
Marital Status: Kate
Parents: Charles
Siblings: Clive and Claire
Children: Vicki
Family Tree: Gibbons
Occupation: Doctor

After moving from the country town of Cootamundra to the Melbourne suburb of Erinsborough in order to take over the medical practice of retiring Dr. Barnes, G.P. Graham Gibbons, along with his wife, Kate and daughter, Vicki, was forced to stay with his younger brother, Clive, whilst renovations on his new home were completed. Although Graham was fond of his brother, he had a keen disapproval, shared by their father, of Cliveís decision to give up medicine. Within days of arriving, Graham had infuriated Clive with his constant digs about the situation. Clive ended up blurting out the truth Ė his girlfriend, Linda, had died suddenly after Clive had misdiagnosed her. Graham apologised for having judged his brother so harshly and the two of them managed to come to a new understanding.

As Graham began work at Dr. Barnesí old surgery, things at home took a turn for the worse. With Kate also out working, Vicki was being minded by neighbour Charlene Mitchell. However, Charlene was slightly preoccupied with her boyfriend Scott Robinson, so Vicki was left playing outside with Scottís kid sister, Lucy. When Graham returned home from work that evening, he found Vicki in a terrible state, but they were unable to work out why. As Vicki began to suffer from nightmares and became extremely clingy, he turned to Helen Daniels for advice. Eventually, Helen found out the truth and reported back to Vickiís worried parents. She explained that someone had broken into number 22 to steal Grahamís valuable stamp album and, when Vicki caught the man, he threatened to come back and kill her parents if she said anything. Although the police were contacted, Vicki had no idea who the man was, but Graham and Kate assured her that nothing bad would happen to them now.

As Vickiís uncertainties continued, Graham decided to take her with him to work one day, rather than sending her to school. Whilst there, Alex Carter, the barman from the Waterhole, came in complaining of flu. Vicki immediately recognised him as her attacker, so Graham sent her to hide in the store room while he dealt with the situation. Inviting Alex in for his consultation, Graham was overcome with anger and blurted out what he knew. Alex panicked and hit the doctor over the head with a paper weight, before doing a runner. Kate and Clive later arrived at the surgery to find Vicki kneeling next to an unconscious Graham, who was rushed to hospital and lapsed into a coma. As he slowly recovered, Kate realised that their life in the country had been a lot safer and that it would do both Graham and Vicki a lot of good to return there. And so, a few days after being released from hospital, Graham left the surgery in the capable hands of Clive and returned home.

Notes: Peter Harvey-Wright returned in 1993 - in voice only - as a television news reporter.

Biography by Steve



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