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Nell [Jellyfish] Rebecchi 2013-
Lives: 30 Ramsay Street
Parents: Jarrod [Toadfish] and Sonya Rebecchi
Siblings: Callum

After months of trying for a baby, Toadie and Sonya Rebecchi were thrilled when they finally found out that they were expecting, and the baby, nicknamed Jellyfish in the grand Rebecchi family tradition of fishy nicknames, already had her own Twitter account before she was even born. After finding an old photograph of Nell Mangel, who had once lived on Ramsay Street, Sonya chose the name for her own child, and set about preparing for a home birth, despite Toadie's reservations. When Sonya finally went into labour, it was a traumatic few hours, as Toadie became concerned that something was wrong, as it was taking so long, and Sonya was determined to stay at home and remain in control of the situation, unlike when she had given birth to Callum. But when her waters broke, doula Alex realised that something was wrong and Sonya was rushed to hospital, where Nell was born and, after a little help from some antibiotics, was declared to be healthy. Unfortunately, soon after, Sonya had to be rushed into the operating theatre when she started haemorrhaging, but she also managed to pull through and, after a very stressful few days, the Rebecchi family was complete.

Sadly, on the same day as Nell was born, Toadie and Sonya's friends Lucas and Vanessa had a child of their own, Patrick, who, only days after being born, was diagnosed with a rare heart condition. Patrick had to spend many weeks in hospital before an operation, and although they were happy to show off baby Nell around the neighbours, Toadie and Sonya felt that it was inappropriate to be celebrating Nell's naming day when Patrick was still so ill, and cancelled it to avoid upsetting their friends. When Vanessa found out, she insisted that it go ahead; everyone had a beautiful day , offering their wishes for Nell as she grew up, and she even got to meet her grandmother, Toadie's larger-than-life mum, Angie.

There were plenty of changes in the Rebecchi household during Nell's first few years, as her big brother Callum moved to San Francisco, and the following year, lodgers Amy Williams and her son Jimmy came to stay. Nell suffered a health scare when she was stung by a bee, and as Sonya was allergic to bee stings, she rushed her young daughter to hospital. Though there were no physical side effects, Nell did develop a fear of bees, and it was down to Susan Kennedy to solve the problem, finding an app, a game involving bees, which helped Nell to get over her fear. The app had an unfortunate side-effect, however, when Nell started copying the bees, which chomped on flowers, and worried Sonya and Toadie when she started biting people. Not realising that the app was to blame, the Rebecchis spent several weeks worrying that they weren't paying Nell enough attention, before finally babysitter Amber Turner found the culprit.

Another big change came to the Rebecchi house when Toadie was left paralysed after an accident. At first, Nell was afraid of her dad when he came home in a wheelchair, but Amy helped out by dressing him up as a spaceman and turning it into a game to help Nell relax around him. When Sonya was then forced to leave Nell in Toadie's care, a game of hide and seek almost ended in disaster when Nell ran out of the front door and onto the driveway, just as Sonya was arriving home. She managed to stop in time, but the incident left Sonya very shaken.

Magic Moments
Episode 6550: Nell's Birth


Biography by Steve