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Jimmy Williams 2015-
Parents: Amy Williams and Liam Barnett
Family Tree: Robinson

The young son of Amy Williams, Jimmy was left without a male role model in his life when his parents' marriage broke down and his father, Liam, left. Amy, a qualified carpenter, did her best to support her son, but the divorce had also left her with huge debts that she couldn't keep on top of. When she received a letter from her estranged father, Paul Robinson, revealing that he was dying from leukaemia, along with a cover letter from his personal assistant Naomi, explaining that his diagnosis had been wrong, but she should read the letter anyway, Amy went to Erinsborough to see her dad. Furious that he would do this to her after so many years, and still bitter that he hadn't made any effort to stay in touch since she was a young girl, she told him that he had no place in her life, and returned home to Mount Merrion. However, Amy's cousin, Daniel, decided to go and see her and try to persuade her to give Paul another chance. When Daniel mentioned that he'd missed out on seeing both his Granny Helen and Granny Madge before their deaths, Amy realised that Jimmy at least deserved to meet Paul, and so she introduced her son to Daniel and the three of them went back to Erinsborough.

Paul was very moved to find out that he was a grandfather, and Jimmy was thrilled to meet him, excitedly listening to his stories about a local well that had been found recently. Amy quickly stopped Paul when he suggested that they could go on a trip to the planetarium, not wanting her son to become spoilt, but she eventually agreed to stick around in town for a bit longer, after finding work at Kyle Canning's handyman business, and a place to stay with Sonya Rebecchi and her family. As Amy and Sonya chatted about their problems, Jimmy was supposed to be playing in the back garden, but Amy soon found that her son was missing and convinced herself that he'd gone looking for the well that Paul had been talking about earlier. Jimmy, however, had gone looking for his granddad, and had found himself at The Waterhole bar, where Naomi and her mum Sheila got in touch with Amy to let her know that he was safe.

Amy continued to be reluctant to spend time with Paul, but he managed to persuade her to bring Jimmy over for lunch, explaining that Daniel needed some family support after learning that his fiancee Amber's unborn baby was unwell. Following a successful lunch, Amy had to return to work to help Kyle with a delivery, and so she agreed that Paul could look after Jimmy for the afternoon. After they bonded over a game of chess, Paul took Jimmy out and they ended up going shopping, with a thrilled Jimmy later showing Amy his new Melbourne Storm kit and iPad. As they'd only mentioned over lunch that Jimmy couldn't have a new iPad until Christmas, as he'd dropped his old one in the bath, Amy was annoyed that Paul had completely ignored her wishes and so she gathered up her son's new possessions and told them over to Paul's apartment, telling him that she wouldn't be undermined, and nor would she be leaving Jimmy in his care again. However, after seeing a picture that she'd drawn for Paul as a child, and realising that he'd kept it over all those years, she decided to give him one more chance, and agreed to him spending time with Jimmy, but warned that there could be no more spoiling him. Later that week, when Jimmy was struggling with a science project, and Amy, Sonya and Toadie were all too busy to help, he called on Paul and asked him to come over. Paul quickly abandoned his plans with Naomi and rushed to see his grandson, and Amy was pleased to return home for lunch and find them getting along well - without having to spend any money - and so she asked her dad to stay and eat with them.

Whilst Amy and Jimmy were getting along well with the Rebecchis, and were grateful for their hospitality, Amy was annoyed when her son refused to look after Nell one day, whilst everyone else was setting up for a barbecue. Amy took Jimmy to one side to tell him off, and he reluctantly agreed to play with Nell, but it wasn't long before she was crying, and the adults looked over to see Jimmy quickly stepping away from her. Jimmy denied doing anything wrong, but refused to say anything else, and with Amy, Sonya and Toadie all sure that their child would never do anything to hurt another, the situation was left unresolved. Later, however, as the Rebecchis escaped the tension at home to get food at The Waterhole, Toadie was alarmed when Nell bit him a couple of times, and they soon realised what had actually happened in the garden earlier. Back at home, they asked Jimmy if Nell had bitten him, and he admitted that she had, and it wasn't the first time, but he hadn't wanted to cause any problems by saying anything.

Jimmy soon found himself embroiled in another drama the following week, when he found some envelopes containing the secrets of several Ramsay Street residents. The secrets had been written down months earlier and entrusted to Sonya, after revelations about her past as an addict, to show that they all still trusted her. Jimmy soon found an opportunity to cause mischief when he read that Karl Kennedy hadn't been responsible for writing Free As A River, one of his best-known songs with his band The Right Prescription, but had copied it from a poem written by his uni room-mate. As his mum refused to let him have sweets and cakes, Jimmy blackmailed Karl into handing over his muffin. His next target was Karl's wife Susan, whose secret was that she'd committed euthanasia on her mother many years earlier. Though Jimmy didn't understand what that actually meant, he wasted no time in handing over a list of sweets for Susan to buy for him. Not quite as much of a pushover as Karl, Susan went to see Sonya, and soon Amy had found out what was going on and was having a serious chat with her son about his behaviour. Jimmy agreed to stop, claiming that he hadn't read any more of the letters, but was soon blackmailing Sheila over her secret that Paul Robinson was her ideal man. With Paul dating Naomi, Sheila knew how much damage her secret could do, so she agreed to Jimmy's demands and gave him cake and let him watch TV whilst she, Naomi, Paul and Amy were having dinner. Though the adults were confused by Sheila's odd behaviour, the situation quickly escalated when Jimmy then started demanding raspberry lemonade from her at The Waterhole, almost blurting out her secret to one of the bar staff, and she grabbed him to stop him, leaving him with bruises on his wrists. Realising that he'd gone too far and that Sheila was very upset, Jimmy claimed that it was all his fault and she'd grabbed him because he was asking her for lemonade, whilst Sheila admitted that he'd been blackmailing her, but claimed that her secret was that she'd backed into a car down at the shops and had driven off without saying anything. Nobody was convinced, but Naomi decided to support her mum and took her off to Frankston for a few days, to give everyone a chance to calm down.

When Sheila returned, Jimmy began to realise just how much upset he'd caused, and he admitted to Kyle that he'd discovered Sheila's secret and had been blackmailing her with it. Though he didn't tell anyone what the secret was, he apologised to his mum for the way he'd behaved, and she and Sheila also managed to patch things up. It was only later, as members of the Canning, Williams and Robinson families gathered for dinner, that Jimmy, during a chat with Paul, let slip the truth about Sheila's crush on him, leaving Paul horrified. Meanwhile, just as she'd been talking about stinking around full-time in Erinsborough, Amy suddenly changed her mind after having a close moment with Kyle, whose wife Georgia was away in Germany. Feeling terrible, and not wanting the attraction to grow, Amy announced that she and Jimmy would be leaving town, but Paul, not wanting to lose them for his life, then offered her a job as his executive assistant. After a few days, it quickly became clear that Amy was out of her depth as Paul's EA, though it was down to Naomi to tell her the truth when she made an expensive mistake, mixing up two emails, and Paul claimed that she was doing a great job. Jimmy, meanwhile, was struggling to let go of his new friendship with Kyle, turning up at the builder's yard all the time. As Jimmy asked if he could visit Kyle more often, it looked like he and Amy were going to find it difficult to avoid each other, but after quitting her job as Paul's EA, Amy was already making plans to go back to Mount Merrion again. A disappointed Jimmy started packing his things, and went to see Kyle, who'd replaced Amy with a useless new assistant named Ashtyn. When Jimmy then went to visit Paul and Daniel, and mentioned Ashtyn, Paul decided to make one last attempt to fix things, and went to see Kyle, telling him to sack Ashtyn, put the past behind him and re-hire Amy. Jimmy was delighted when Amy then announced that she'd asked for her old job back, Kyle had agreed, and they were sticking around in Erinsborough for good.

Having settled into Erinsborough, Jimmy was growing close to Kyle, who was also growing close to Amy, his marriage to Georgia now at an end. As Kyle attended Jimmy's sports day with him, and, after being given Kyle's old phone, Jimmy used up an entire month's allowance in one day by constantly texting him, Amy realised that she was developing feelings for her boss. But just as it looked like Amy and Kyle were going to get together, her ex-husband Liam arrived in town. Jimmy was delighted to have his dad back in his life, and Kyle was soon on the outer as Liam took his place in both Amy and Jimmy's lives. Amy was wary of Liam, given his past behaviour, and Kyle was also concerned that she was about to get hurt all over again - unfortunately, his attempts to warn her off only pushed her closer to Liam.

Trivia Notes
Shortly after his arrival, it was mentioned that Jimmy was nine-years-old

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