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Character Profiles > Georgia Brooks Saskia Hampele

Georgia Brooks 2012-2015, 2016
Lived: 26, 30 Ramsay Street
Parents: Patto and Rhonda
Marital Status: Kyle Canning (2014-)
Occupation: Nurse at Erinsborough Hospital

Hailing from the small country town of Birregurra, sweet-natured and chatty nurse Georgia Brooks came to Erinsborough to work at the hospital, and was offered a room at cousin Toadie Rebecchi's house by Toadie's mum, Georgia's aunt Angie. Unfortunately, Angie didn't get a chance to tell Toadie and his heavily pregnant partner Sonya that Georgia was on her way, and they were alarmed when she appeared on the doorstep. Matters were made worse by the fact that Georgia had already met Sonya at her plant nursery, where she had bought some flowers for her new hosts and stressed out an already tired Sonya with her indecision. Though annoyed by her arrival, Sonya agreed to Georgia taking the spare room, but the next morning got off to an equally awkward start when Georgia cooked up a fried breakfast to say sorry, not realising that Sonya was a vegetarian.

Putting her difficult first day in Erinsborough behind her, Georgia looked forward to her new job and tried to get Dr Rhys Lawson to take a photo of her and Toadie outside the hospital, annoying him in the process. Their strained relationship continued as she chatted away to him about her home town, only for him to snap at her. Upset, Georgia decided to give Rhys one last chance and paid for his coffee outside the hospital, saying that his bad day might be made better by her small gesture and Rhys, unable to fight her positivity any more, accepted. After irritating Sonya for several days, Georgia also managed to find some common ground with her too. With Toadie heading away to a law conference in Singapore, he was concerned about leaving the two women together, but a conversation about the birth of the baby made them realise that they agreed over Sonya's plan to have a home birth, and before long, they were happily chatting away, and Georgia was organising a baby shower. The shower ended in disaster as it was gatecrashed by Toadie's old friend Connor O'Neill, who had been away travelling and had known Toadie in his more carefree bachelor days. Sonya eventually agreed to let Connor stay, but only because she had booked herself into a pregnant woman's retreat for a week, and she put Georgia in charge of keeping the boys in line.

Georgia was settling in well to the community, making a friend in Kate Ramsay, helping her to organise a barn dance for the year 9's school formal. But at work, things weren't going quite so well, as she was pulled up by Dr Karl Kennedy for her terrible paperwork and filing skills. Karl gave an upset Georgia some files to look through, and she found that her colleague Aidan Foster had created a fake name and file for Andrew Robinson, Kate's cousin who had been trying to keep his epilepsy diagnosis a secret from his family. Torn between her loyalty to Aidan and wanting to keep her job, Georgia decided to be honest, and Aidan was suspended. The friendship survived, and, having found out that she would have to work over Christmas, Georgia was happy when Kyle invited her to an early Christmas party for the housemates at 26 Ramsay Street, including Aidan's boyfriend Chris. The four of them were having a great time when Georgia's boyfriend Scotty suddenly arrived from the country, perturbed to find her play-fighting with the boys and particularly jealous of her new friendship with Kyle.

After a difficult day at work, when she discovered a possible heart problem with Lucas and Vanessa's newborn son Patrick, Georgia was annoyed when Scotty tried to take her out to lunch, failing to see why she was so distracted, and pointing out that maybe she shouldn't be a nurse if she couldn't turn her feelings off outside of the hospital. Kyle proved to be a lot more sympathetic, and Georgia later admitted to Kate that, after seven years together, she was beginning to wonder if she and Scotty had grown apart. This feeling only grew when Scotty asked her to attend a party for his mum's birthday, something she had done for every year they'd been dating, but she didn't feel like going and tried to make excuses to stay at home. After getting caught up in a barbecue being thrown by Chris and Kyle to raise money for baby Patrick, she ended up helping out for most of the day, dragging in Rhys to help, and lying to Scotty that she'd been called in to work. When she called to try to apologise, Scotty was furious with her, and told her that she'd ruined the day for everyone. Later, the group were planning to go out for drinks, but Rhys pulled out, as did Georgia, who was feeling guilty, but Kyle jumped to the conclusion that the two things were connected, and Georgia had a crush on Rhys. When Sheila, Kyle's grandmother, overheard a discussion between Kyle and Chris on the matter, she decided to encourage Rhys to ask Georgia out. Georgia was annoyed that Rhys would ask her out, knowing she had a boyfriend, and he was left embarrassed. But it was becoming increasingly obvious that Georgia's crush was actually on Kyle, with Sheila doing her best to discourage it and Georgia becoming more and more confused over her feelings.

In the end, having spotted Kyle out on a date with Jana Noviac and then seen them share a kiss, Georgia realised that she had feelings for Kyle and that, with her new life in the city and feelings for someone else, her relationship with Scotty had come to a natural end. She called Scotty that night to break the news to him, and was upset when he hung up on her, but decided that it had been the right decision. The next morning, Kate encouraged Georgia to talk to Kyle and tell him that she was now single, but before she could do that, Jana turned up and Georgia realised that she might be too late. As Georgia then took her mind off him by organising a charity camp out, raising money for the hospital, Kyle came to the conclusion that he just didn't have a spark with Jana. He ended things with her and headed to tell Georgia how much he liked her, but before he could say anything, Georgia was shocked when Scotty arrived, begging her for another chance. When Scotty offered to move down to Erinsborough, so they could be together as she completed her graduate year at the hospital, she realised that it was worth giving things another try and Scotty managed to find some casual work at Kyle's yard. Following the hugely successful charity camp out, Georgia was delighted at how well Scotty seemed to be getting on with her friends, particularly Chris, but was unaware that Scotty had actually been coming on to Chris and had tried to kiss him. Georgia was then slightly taken aback when Scotty proposed to her, but happily accepted, unaware exactly why Scotty was suddenly so desperate to become a respectable married man.

When Toadie and Sonya's wedding day ended in tragedy with a gas explosion during the reception, which left both Rhys and Priya Kapoor dead, Scotty declared that life was too short to wait and he wanted to elope to Surfer's Paradise the next day. Georgia agreed to go along with it, but their plan was revealed when her Auntie Angie answered her phone and took a message from a marriage celebrant. When word got back to Kyle and Chris, Kyle realised that he needed to say something before Georgia made a huge mistake. As Kyle was telling Georgia about Scotty's attempts to cheat on her with Chris, Scotty walked in and Georgia confronted him - he was unable to deny it to her face, and a horrified Georgia ran out. After spending the night at Kate's, she returned home to find a note from Scotty, hoping that she might be able to forgive him one day. After spending the day looking for answers from Kyle and from Chris, Georgia started to wonder if she was to blame. When Kyle sent her some flowers, she went to see him and explained that she wasn't really ready to move on yet, admitting that she wasn't sure if she'd ever be ready for a new relationship after everything that had happened. Over the days that followed, Georgia insisted that she was fine, but it was becoming clear that she wasn't coping with her long relationship ending so suddenly and her lack of sleep was starting to affect her both at home and at work.

As she spent all of her spare time at work, desperately trying to avoid thinking about her problems - or spending any time with Chris and Kyle - Georgia was persuaded by Kate to try and get back on the dating scene, but her first attempt, with Charlie's new barman Pete ended badly, as she launched herself at him, then accused him of being gay when he failed to respond. Things only got worse as Kyle was upset to learn of the date, as Georgia had told him that she wasn't ready to start seeing anyone new yet. Though she opened up to Chris about her struggles to speak to him after everything that had happened, and they repaired their friendship, Georgia was still working too much and getting too little sleep. She asked Karl about prescribing some stronger sleeping tablets, only to find him advising that she try to take more exercise and work less, and was then shocked when she was taken to one side by her nursing manager and told to take a few days off. Georgia accused Karl of dobbing her in, but he explained that the nursing manager had simply been concerned about her work suffering and had asked his advice. With little else to do, Georgia decided to go and see Pete again, taking up his offer of a drink after she'd explained the situation with Scotty and the reasons why she'd behaved so oddly on their first date. When Georgia complained to him about her struggles to let go of her problems and enjoy herself, Pete offered her some party drugs to give her a good night out.

Although Georgia didn't take the drugs, they were still in her bag and Sonya accidentally found them the next morning. Having recovered from drug addiction in her own past, Sonya was reluctant to believe Georgia's claims that she hadn't taken anything, and it made life difficult for Georgia at home, as Sonya and Toadie were reluctant to leave her alone with baby Nell. Pete's presence in Georgia's life also caused tension in her friendship with Kyle, and, when Pete suddenly turned up at her house, she was forced to tell him that she no longer wanted to be friends. After receiving a belated birthday present - a pair of flamingo earrings - from Kyle, she realised that she needed to be honest with him, and went to see him, asking him on their first official date to the hospital ball. Having sorted out her personal life, things took a dramatic downward turn for Georgia at work, when she bumped into Pete, who was there for a check-up on his arm. When Pete got upset with her and accused her of using him, she became flustered and ran off, going on her break and accidentally leaving behind the keys to the drugs cupboard. When she later realised her mistake, Georgia was shocked to find that some drugs had gone missing, and things only got worse when her nursing manager, Carol Crane, found a couple of different types of prescribed sleeping tablets in her bag. When Pete was sacked from his job at the bar, after being caught selling pills there, Georgia realised how much trouble she was in, and confessed everything to Toadie. He took her to the hospital and joined her as she explained everything to Carol, including her past with Pete and the fact that he'd been in the room when she left the keys there. Georgia then found herself suspended pending a full investigation.

Despite Kyle's best efforts to keep Georgia's spirits up, she was devastated when she found out that she'd been fired. Though Georgia was just about ready to give up, believing that she had little chance of clearing her name, Kyle did some digging and found out from Cassie, a friend of Amber Turner that a boy called Lachie had been selling prescription drugs from his locker at school. A search turned up nothing, but Amber offered to help to try and set him up - however, when she met with Lachie at the park, Kyle suddenly pounced and started searching Lachie's bag. Again, he found nothing, and Lachie told the police that Kyle had assaulted him, but as they waited at the station, Georgia's old nursing colleague Tina arrived to collect Lachie, her son, and Georgia suddenly made the connection, remembering Tina's complaints about a back problem. Tina couldn't deny it as Georgia accused her of stealing the drugs, realising that Lachie had been stealing them from his mum to sell. Georgia was reinstated at the hospital, and Carol offered to help her with an emergency training course that she'd shown an interest in. Kyle, however, was upset to realise that it would involve her going overseas and, remembering what had happened with Jade, Kyle began to wonder if he and Georgia really had a future together. Though she tried to prove how important Kyle was to her, sleeping with him for the first time after struggling to deal with being intimate with another man after Scotty, Georgia sent off her application, despite telling Kyle that she wouldn't go through with it. Kyle soon found out what she'd done when he took a call on her phone, and he began to realise that she'd never really managed to move on from what had happened with Scotty. He then arranged for Scotty to come and pay Georgia a visit, and she came to realise that there was nothing she could have done to change the situation. With her past cleared up, Georgia was finally ready for her future with Kyle, and they agreed that they would just enjoy their time together, and worry about her career prospects when and if it became a problem.

They quickly faced their first hurdle when Kyle's eyesight was damaged, when he looked directly into the sun as the Ramsay Street residents gathered to watch an eclipse. With his retinas requiring time to heal, Kyle had to wear eye patches, leaving him feeling vulnerable, and putting pressure on his relationship with Georgia as he pushed her away when she tried to help. As the situation became too much for Kyle, he ended the relationship and, in a moment of weakness, ended up sleeping with Kate, who had just come out of a relationship with Mason. Georgia was confused when Kyle then disappeared to Frankston for a few days, unaware of just how confused he was, and believing that she was somehow to blame. Kyle and Kate's housemate Chris was aware of what had happened, and he tried to convince Georgia to go to Frankston and fix things, but after talking to Kate, he realised just how many people would be affected if the truth came out, and he managed to stall Georgia from leaving by keeping her car in at the garage for a few days. When Kyle returned, Georgia told him how hurt she was by his disappearing act but, after talking things through, they decided to get back together. There was further good news for Georgia the next day, when Kyle had his bandages removed and was relieved to find that his eyesight was back to normal. Things were soon back on an even keel for Kyle and Georgia, who was unaware of all the lies and secret conversations going on behind her back, to hide the truth about Kate and Kyle's one-night-stand. When Kate confessed to Mason that she'd slept with someone else, Georgia pestered her about it, eventually jumping to the conclusion that it was Brennan who she'd slept with - an ex-boyfriend of Kate's who had returned to town briefly a couple of months earlier. Kate went along with that, desperate to keep the truth from her best friend.

Georgia soon found something new to occupy her time when she was asked to fill in at the last minute, as the singer in Karl Kennedy's band. Though not very keen on the idea, she agreed to help out, and found that she enjoyed it, and the crowd loved her. The one-off gig soon turned into an offer of a regular spot at Charlie's bar, but only if Georgia remained as the singer. Not wanting to step on Karl's toes, Georgia turned down the offer, but when drummer Ajay left town suddenly, Georgia and her guitar became part of the band again, and she was once again a big hit. Reluctantly, Georgia then decided to perform one of her own songs as part of the set, despite her worries that it didn't really fit in with Karl's cheesy style. Her song proved to be a big hit, and she was soon attracting the attention of Paul Robinson, who thought that she might have a future in music - and there might be some money in it for him. Meanwhile, when Georgia learnt that Kate was suffering from premature ovarian failure, making it unlikely that she'd ever conceive naturally, she did her best to help her friend, collecting research and finding a specialist for her to visit. And when Georgia then had to leave town for several days, to attend a medical conference in Adelaide, she asked Kyle to keep an eye on fragile Kate, and also got the pair of the them to work on a hospital fundraiser she'd been planning, featuring a photo exhibition of the dads of Erinsborough. When Georgia returned to town, the exhibition was only days away, and she was grateful to Kate and Kyle, who'd done almost all of the work, unaware that it was mostly to try and quieten their own guilt about sleeping together. Nonetheless, the event was a huge success, but was marred when criminal Robbo Slade was found the next morning, the victim of a hit-and-run, with Toadie the main suspect, as his drink had been spiked and he was unable to remember his actions. Working on ICU, Georgia was forced to remain impartial as she looked after Robbo, but when he died suddenly, Georgia struggled to deal with her feelings, as it was the first time a patient had died as she'd been trying to revive them. Though she tried to move on, in the days that followed she faked illness to skip work, preferring to perform at the bar instead.

Having already accepted a solo contract to play at Charlie's, Georgia was surprised when Paul then offered to help turn her into a real recording artist. Struggling more and more to go back to the hospital, Georgia decided to sign a contract with Paul, despite Toadie having a few doubts about the contract when he read it through. As she excitedly started making plans, Georgia was suddenly forced to face her fears when Jack Lassiter suffered a heart attack and collapsed in the bar. Georgia managed to save his life, and the incident made her realise that she still had the passion for nursing that she thought she'd lost. But when she went to see Paul and asked if she could get out of the contract, he explained that he would take legal action against her if she tried and, if she wanted to return to nursing, she'd have to find a way to do it that would allow her to continue with the singing too. With regular evening gigs at Charlie's, followed by night shifts at the hospital, Georgia's attempts to do everything soon started to cost her time with Kyle. After Georgia was dragged out of bed by Paul for a meeting with a record producer, Kyle then tracked down Paul to complain and ask if he could maybe go a bit easier on her. This plan backfired when Paul, feeling that Georgia couldn't cope, decided to give her song, Letting You Know, to another singer, Amali Ward. Georgia was hurt, as the track, written about Kyle, had meant a lot to her, but she realised that the contract she had signed gave Paul the rights to use her material however he wanted. Amali was given the impression that Georgia was just a writer and had no interest in the creativity, just the money, but eventually Kyle showed her a clip of Georgia performing the song and she realised that Paul hadn't been completely honest. Georgia was then delighted as Amali told Paul that she was giving the song back to its writer.

There was more good news for Georgia when her cousin Gem arrived in town. Georgia and Gem had been very close growing up, remaining so until Georgia had left to live in Erinsborough. Georgia was keen for Gem to get to know Kate and Kyle, and for her to stick around in town, so was very encouraging when a teaching job came up at the school. Soon, Gem was working at the school, but Georgia was in for a shock when she found out that, the previous week when she'd first arrived, Gem had gone for coffee with Kyle, with neither realising who the other was, and Gem had mistaken it for a date. Upset that they'd both kept it from her, Georgia nevertheless forgave her boyfriend and cousin, but Kate and Kyle were alarmed at the way Gem had twisted the facts, making out that Kyle had been encouraging her to keep quiet. There were more problems as Kate started to worry about Gem's honesty at school too, catching her out in a lie about one of the students, Josie. However, when Kate tried to raise the issue with Georgia, family loyalty kicked in, and Georgia turned on Kate, suggesting that she hated her for no good reason. Before long, Gem had also managed to get Kyle to spend less time with Kate too, and was slowly succeeding in getting Georgia all to herself. It wasn't long before Kate and Georgia had repaired their friendship, but Gem had a new plan when she noticed that 24 Ramsay Street was up for lease. She suggested that she and Georgia could share it, and Georgia liked the idea - but when Georgia then asked Kyle to move in too, Gem suddenly changed her mind. She phoned up the real estate agent, and told him that they were cancelling the application - then lied to Georgia that they were unsuccessful and that a family had been given the house instead. Kyle, suspecting that Georgia didn't really want to live with him, contacted the estate agent, and he was told about the application being cancelled. As Georgia knew nothing about it, they realised that it could only have been Gem, and Georgia confronted her cousin, who produced a sob story about not wanting to live with a happy couple, as her own love life had been such a disaster.

The idea of moving in together had made Georgia, Kyle and Kyle's gran Sheila think about the relationship and where it was heading - and Kyle was in for a surprise when his gran presented him with Grandma Ruth's engagement ring, a family heirloom, and told him that he could use it when he was ready to propose. However, after a conversation with Georgia, Kyle got the impression that she wasn't quite ready for marriage yet, and decided against proposing - but Georgia was actually beginning to realise that she wanted a future with Kyle, married in their own home, and as the gang gathered together for a barbecue, she shocked everyone by proposing herself. Kyle said nothing, but phoned Sheila and dragged everyone off to the bar, where he made his own proposal, complete with ring, and a delighted Georgia accepted. Though she pretended to be happy, Gem was alarmed at how Georgia was slipping away from her and, during a small party to celebrate the engagement, Gem faked a hip injury to get the attention back on herself. As the wedding plans got underway, Georgia was delighted when Kyle announced that he'd rented number 24 for them to live in, and things seemed to be perfect for the young couple, as they were also given a surprise engagement party by Sheila. Unfortunately, Gem, paranoid that Kate was plotting to get her sacked, had convinced Bailey to hack into Kate's email account and had found a draft email, from Kate to Kyle, talking about their one-night stand. A vengeful Gem slipped the email in with some others that had been sent by friends and family, and printed out to be read at the party. As Georgia read out Kate's email, everyone was stunned and Georgia ran from the house, unwilling to listen to anything that Kyle or Kate had to say.

With Georgia in such a vulnerable state, Gem took the opportunity to start encouraging her to move on with her life immediately, and forget about Kate and Kyle. She was disappointed when Georgia proved to be strong enough to stand up to the gossips, but soon Georgia was finding it difficult to cope and she agreed to Gem's suggestion that they go to the country for a few days. There, Gem did her best to stop Georgia from leaving, by stealing her phone and pretending that the car had stopped working. Becoming increasingly annoyed with the situation, and worried about Gem's suggestions that they should carry on to Adelaide, Georgia decided to find a torch and walk to a nearby farm for help. It was then that she found her phone in Gem's bag and saw a message from Toadie, which confirmed that the police had searched Gem's laptop and had evidence that she'd hacked into Kate's email account. A tense argument followed, and Gem pushed Georgia against the cooker. The gas was accidentally turned on, and as Georgia tried to escape, Gem pushed her again, this time causing her to hit her head and fall unconscious. Gem then fled the scene, but fortunately, Kyle, Kate, Chris and Toadie were already searching, and Kate managed to break into the holiday cottage and raise the alarm. Georgia was quickly released from hospital, and began to wonder how she could have fallen for Gem's lies for so long. When Kate then came by with some flowers, Georgia calmly told her that she was very grateful to her for finding her and saving her life in the cottage, and although she would continue to be civil to her, they could never be friends again after everything that had happened. Gem then made a dramatic return to Erinsborough, at first leaving Georgia's car outside the hospital and watching her cousin from nearby, before bursting in one evening with a cut on her hand, demanding that Georgia help her. With Kyle and Kate also present, the four of them finally had a showdown over recent events, and Gem told her cousin that it was clear that Kate was in love with Kyle - something that Kate couldn't deny. With nobody willing to press charges, Gem was then taken away for a psychological assessment and released into her mother's care, with Georgia saying a final goodbye and wishing Gem luck for the future.

After everything she'd been through, Georgia was starting to feel a little unwell, but was still surprised when Susan suggested that she might be pregnant. The thought hadn't even entered Georgia's head, so she was shocked when the pregnancy test came back positive. Finding herself unable to tell Kyle, she decided that she was going to keep the information from him for as long as possible, not wanting him to feel obligated to be with her, particularly as he seemed to be growing closer to Kate. Meanwhile, Georgia was suffering badly with nausea, but attempting to keep it hidden from most of the people around her, and she ended up collapsing during rehearsals for a performance with Karl at the bar. At the hospital, Georgia was joined by a concerned Kyle, who, tired of waiting for news, burst into Georgia's hospital room only to find out that he was about to become a father. Unaware that Kyle had then split up with Kate, Georgia mentioned the baby to her, realising that she had no idea about it, and leaving Kate with the impression that Kyle had dumped her because she was unable to give him children. The situation forced Georgia and Kyle to start talking properly about things, but as they were getting along well for the first time in weeks, Kyle mentioned their future together, and Georgia shut him down, making it clear that she'd be happy for him to be in their child's life, but they wouldn't be getting back together. As time went on, Georgia began to realise how much of a struggle it was going to be, with her job (and lack of promotion prospects) bringing in little money, and Kyle's business also struggling. Georgia then made the decision to return home to Birregurra where her parents could support her, and she told a devastated Kyle, who decided to prove himself by applying to become the handyman at the school. With his own business to run, plus the work at the school, Georgia knew that Kyle would eventually come to resent her, so she offered to stay in town - if he turned down the work at the school. And so, Georgia and Kyle were back to square one, looking for another way to make their situation work.

When Kate and Georgia ended up at the same yoga class and Georgia fell asleep and started to snore, Kate tried to wake her and ended up getting an accidental slap in the face for her efforts. Kate saw the funny side and the incident got the girls talking again, with Kate making it clear that Kyle only ever had true feelings for Georgia. Realising that perhaps she was being too hard on Kyle and that all the stress wasn't good for her, she went to see him and for the first time a while, they had a pleasant conversation. But, later that day, tragedy struck when Georgia started to feel some unusual pains and she called Kyle, who took her to the hospital where she was told that she'd lost the baby. Following a ceremony in which Kyle and Georgia, along with their families, planted a rose tree and said their goodbyes to the baby, Georgia tried to return to work and move on, but Kyle struggled to deal with what had happened. When Kyle finally returned to work, he ended up cutting his arm and was taken to the hospital, where Karl engineered things so that Georgia had to treat him, hoping that once the pair were alone together, they might be able to talk through their problems. As Kyle admitted to Georgia that he was struggling to deal with this on his own, and that he'd missed her, she seemed like she might be ready to open up to him, but then quickly backed off. Later, however, she told him that he was welcome to come over to number 30 whenever he wanted, to spend time at the rose tree, and Kyle got a small glimmer of hope for their future.

Over the weeks that followed, Kyle made no secret of the fact that he wanted Georgia back, but she continued to keep him at arm's length. On Kate's birthday, Georgia gave her a peace offering - a photograph of the two of them together, and in return, Kate gave her some advice, telling her that she should be with Kyle. Later that day, Kate was shot and killed, and following the funeral, Kyle and Georgia finally got back together, only for Kyle to leave the country soon afterwards, as his cousin Dane was arrested in Thailand. With Kyle gone for almost two months, Georgia kept herself occupied by sticking her nose into Chris's love life, but she was delighted when Kyle came back, though she immediately worried that he'd had second thoughts about getting back together with her, as he seemed very distant. The couple quickly managed to sort things out, however, and it wasn't long before Kyle was proposing to Georgia again. She happily accepted, but the engagement was already off to a bad start, as Georgia had been lying to cash-strapped Kyle, telling him that there was some work with the hospital charity, building beds for children who were being released from hospital. Although Kyle was delighted with the work, he was unaware that his wages were actually coming out of Georgia's pocket. When he found out the truth, Kyle was upset that Georgia was treating him like a charity case, but things started to look up when a novelty bed company showed an interest in Kyle's racing car bed, leading him to win a contract with them.

There were more problems to come for Kyle and Georgia as they tried to plan their wedding, finding that all of their ideas were just what they thought the other wanted, and Chris forced them to sit down and be honest with each other. Chris then found himself caught between them again, when Kyle asked him to be best man, and Georgia asked him to be her 'bridesmate'. Ultimately, Chris decided that he could take on both roles rather than choose between them. Meanwhile, Georgia was upset when Kyle snapped at her, after she let Bossy off her lead and she was bitten by a snake, requiring expensive medical treatment. When Kyle called her 'stupid', Georgia waited for an apology which never came, and she and Kyle had to once again be honest - Kyle admitted that he wasn't the type of guy to think before he spoke but he didn't mean anything when he snapped at her, and Georgia agreed that she would tell him when she was upset, rather than just expecting him to realise. However, their petty squabbles quickly paled into insignificance when Georgia started to wonder if a persistent sore throat was actually something more serious. After a check-up with Karl, he told her that there was something in her throat and he'd need to do a biopsy. Aware that her mum, a smoker, had suffered from throat cancer, Georgia began to worry but, after finally finding out what was going on, Kyle kept her spirits up. When the test results came back, Georgia was relieved to realise that it wasn't cancer, but she'd still need an operation to remove the nodes from her throat, as they could, given the family history, turn cancerous in the future. Worried about how the operation would affect her singing voice, Georgia was reluctant to go ahead, but after thinking things through, she realised that it was worth the risk and that she'd go ahead with the operation.

Following the operation, Georgia had to be rushed back into surgery when her stitches burst, and she later found that her singing voice had been badly affected. When tests showed that she would never be able to sing again, Georgia became convinced that Jessica Girdwood, who'd performed the operation, had been at fault and that Karl was helping her to cover it up. However, after further questioning with the other staff who'd been in the operation and had been acting oddly afterwards, it emerged that Jessica had been treating the surgical nurses badly and would be required to go on a course to improve her communication skills.

Putting the experience behind her, Georgia then looked forward to marrying Kyle and despite a few hurdles - with Chris almost missing the wedding after being hospitalised with a brain injury, and the bride ending up stuck in Frankston on the morning of the wedding - the day was a happy one. The newlyweds then attempted to extend their honeymoon by a few days, claiming that they'd been unable to get home because of bad weather, then checking into Lassiter's, but they were quickly caught out by Sheila. Georgia and Kyle soon settled into married life and she proved a great support when Kyle's father Gary turned up and let down his son badly, proving that he was as unreliable as he'd always been and ending up in prison for assaulting Ezra Hanley. Reflecting on his own upbringing, Kyle's thoughts started to turn to a family of his own, but Georgia wasn't sure about the idea, still unsure if she was ready after her miscarriage and the fear that it might happen again. Despite her fears, she agreed with Kyle that they could start trying, but continued to take the pill, only to be caught out once again by Sheila. Georgia then had to be honest with Kyle, sharing her fears and admitting that she wasn't quite ready for kids yet, and the pair decided to each write a list of things that they wanted to do with their lives before they became parents.

Meanwhile, a new arrival in town quickly made a bad impression on Georgia, when oncologist Nick Petrides started work at Erinsborough Hospital, and was very rude and dismissive of Georgia when introduced to her. However, as they worked together to give flu jabs to the elderly folk of Erinsborough, Georgia began to see a new side to Nick, as he was polite to people and took her for a drink afterwards to apologise for his earlier behaviour. But as Georgia slowly started to soften towards him, she was unaware that he'd actually made a bet with Paul that, before his new cancer research centre was set up, he'd be able to seduce Georgia and steal her away from Kyle. After Nick then found Georgia's 'baby bucket list' in her journal, he made a note of everything on it, and got to work quickly, offering her tickets to the ballet - something that had been at the top of her list. Georgia was delighted to go, and when Kyle had to work, Nick ended up finding her a glamorous dress and accompanying her instead. However, his plotting wasn't to last long, as Georgia overheard him and Paul discussing the bet and was left devastated, even throwing a drink over him in the middle of the hospital when he tried to act like it wasn't a big deal.

Having seen the unpleasant side to Nick's personality, Georgia soon became suspicious of him and made a complaint when he started avoiding hospital protocol to book out rooms for his own patients. What Georgia didn't realise was that Nick was trying to hide the identity of his newest patient - Paul Robinson - as he'd lied to him that he had leukaemia, hoping that it would force him into getting the council to open his cancer research centre, something that had since been shelved in favour of a more lucrative deal. As she was getting too close to the truth, and drawing attention to him, Nick managed to get her out of the way by posting on her Facebook page about Janine Morgan, a wealthy mining magnate who was being treated at the hospital. Georgia denied breaking patient confidentiality, but the post was there on her page for all to see, and she found herself suspended. Convinced that Nick had set her up, she became determined to expose him, eventually managing to get into his suite at Lassiter's hotel and downloading the contents of his laptop onto a memory stick. She was then caught by Nick and arrested, but managed to get the memory stick to Kyle outside the hotel, before the police had the chance to search her. Her actions led to her being sacked from her job at the hospital, but she continued her search for proof of Nick's actions, and finally stumbled upon some an old patient record, who had the same type of cancer as Paul, and she quickly noticed that their blood results were identical to Paul's, something that would be almost impossible. With Paul suffering, having been receiving unnecessary chemotherapy for weeks, he finally collapsed and was diagnosed with pneumonia. When his test results came back at the hospital and showed no signs of cancer, Nick claimed that he'd cured him, but Georgia soon turned up and accused him of faking Paul's illness.

Though Nick denied everything, it didn't take long for Paul to realise that Georgia was right, and Nick's attempts to remove the paper trail and do a runner only ended in his arrest. Feeling somewhat vindicated, Georgia was disappointed when the hospital agreed to reinstate her, but would not offer an apology for the way they'd treated her. Meanwhile, Karl was tasked with going through Nick's patient files to find out if he'd been conning anyone else, and he asked Georgia to help him. He was in for a shock, however, when he found that Georgia's mum, Rhonda, was one of Nick's patients. He managed to keep this from Georgia, instead trying to talk to Rhonda privately when she came to town for Mother's Day. Georgia caught them out and wanted to know what was going on, and was distressed to learn about her mum's cancer returning, and that she was only seeing Nick in the hope of extending her time and improving her quality of life. Georgia soon became determined to help her mum, looking at research centres across the world. She also decided to return to work, but the stress of worrying about her mum, and constantly having to reassure her dad, almost led to her making a mistake at work, giving extra paracetamol to young Nell, who'd been stung by a bee. As Rhonda had been accepted into a cancer clinic in Munich, Toadie suggested that maybe she should take some time off work and focus on helping her mum, and Georgia then told Kyle that she wanted them both to go to Germany for a few months. Kyle agreed to accompany her, but the fact that he'd be giving up a huge contract at work, along with Sheila's reaction to losing her grandson, led to Georgia telling him to stay in Erinsborough. After a small farewell party with family, Georgia then left Ramsay Street, with Kyle driving her to Birregurra, and she and Rhonda then flew out to Germany the following week.

After three months away from Erinsborough, with regular video calls to Kyle, Georgia suddenly went quiet, and it was down to Angie to report that Rhonda was in remission and she and Georgia were on their way back. Kyle was delighted, but as he waited for his wife to come back, he was in for a shock when a man named Greg turned up and announced that he and Georgia were in love, and that she'd tell him everything herself when she got back from Birregurra. Kyle was left very worried, and unsure if Greg was even being honest with him, but when Georgia turned up the following day, she explained that nothing had happened between her and Greg, but there had been an attraction, and during her time away, she had come to realise that she wasn't quite ready to be married and settled down, as there was still so much she wanted from life. Kyle was then left very upset as Georgia walked out on him, explained that she just needed a year on her own to work out what she wanted, but that there might still be a chance for them to be together one day in the future.

The following year, as Kyle was moving on and in a new relationship with Amy Williams, he received a letter from Georgia on his birthday. He decided not to read it, but when Amy later found it in the recycling, she couldn't resist having a look, learning that Georgia wanted to get back together with Kyle. He was furious when he found out what Amy had done, and it seemed that their relationship was in serious trouble. When Georgia then got in touch with Kyle to say that she would be back in Erinsborough and wanted to see him, he was at first reluctant, but agreed to go to Lassiter's to see her. There, Georgia explained that she'd been offered a job at the clinic in Munich where Rhonda had been treated, and would be leaving that day. She explained to Kyle that she was still in love with him and wanted to give the marriage another go, before presenting him with a ticket in his name and asking him to come to Germany. When Amy walked in on them kissing, she realised that it was the end for her and Kyle, and encouraged him to go and be with his wife. Later that day, Kyle and Bossy left Erinsborough to spend a few days in Frankston, before going to Germany to reunite with Georgia.

Trivia Notes
Georgia is a supporter of Geelong AFL team
Georgia's childhood nickname was Goldie/Goldfish
Though Georgia departed the regular cast in episode 7133, Saskia Hampele filmed extra scenes, which aired later in 2015 and tied up Georgia's story. She made a further brief appearance the following year, to coincide with Chris Milligan (Kyle) departing the series

6505-7133, 7180, 7200, 7336

Magic Moments
Episode 6505: Georgia's Arrival
Episode 7133: Georgia's Departure
Episode 7200: Georgia's Return
Episode 7336: Georgia's Return

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