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Tina Maroon 2013
Children: Lachie
Occupation: Nurse at Erinsborough Hospital

Exhausted after the end of her seven-year relationship with boyfriend Scotty, and working extra shifts to take her mind off things, nurse Georgia Brooks asked senior nurse Tina Maroon to help her administer some antibiotics to a patient. Believing the patient was Mrs Frazer, Georgia was about to start the injections when Tina checked the name badge and told her that the patient was Rena Simpson - Georgia had the wrong room and the wrong patient. Tina warned Georgia that these were the sort of mistakes that would happen if she continued to come to work without enough sleep.

Some weeks later, a panicky Georgia ran off from shift at the hospital after an unpleasant confrontation with Pete Clark, a guy she'd been on a date with. After accidentally leaving behind the keys to the drugs cupboard, she returned to find some of the medicines missing. Unable to prove her innocence, Georgia found herself suspended, and then sacked. Georgia was ready to give up, but her boyfriend Kyle was determined to help and, after chatting to Cassie at Amber's birthday pool party, he found out that a kid at school named Lachie was known for selling prescription medication from his locker. When a search turned up nothing, Amber offered to try and catch Lachie out, but when she met him by the lake, her cover was blown by an angry Kyle, who grabbed him and tried to search his bag. When the police arrived, Lachie was only found to be carrying books with him, and said that he wanted Kyle charged with assault. As Kyle, Georgia and Lachie waited at the police station, Tina arrived to see her son, and Georgia suddenly realised who the thief was - Tina had been complaining about a back problem for weeks; she'd been stealing the drugs and Lachie had in turn been stealing them from her to sell at school. Tina was then charged for her crimes and Georgia was reinstated in her old job.

6612, 6628, 6638

Biography by Steve