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Andrew Benito Robinson 1991-1992, 2009-2013
Lived: 22 Ramsay Street
Born: 1993 (originally 1991)
Parents: Paul and Christina Robinson
Siblings: Amy, Cameron, Robert and 'Elle' Lucinda
Family Tree: Robinson and Alessi

The youngest son of Paul Robinson and his third wife Christina, Andrew Robinson was born on 13th November 1991. Having already fathered a daughter, Amy, with an old flame from his airline days and the triplets, Robert, Cameron and Lucinda, with second wife Gail, Paul approached the birth of Andrew with huge anticipation. With Amy living in South America and the triplets in Tasmania, Paul vowed to be a proper father to this child. Such was his determination that everything about his fifth offspring would be perfect, he planned the route that he and Chrissie would take when she went into labour weeks before the baby was due. But the one thing Paul didn't allow for was running out of petrol, and his car came to a dead stop on a deserted country road as Christina was in the throes of labour. After spotting an ice-cream van nearby, Paul persuaded the driver to take him and Christina to the hospital in it, and not long after getting safely to the hospital, Chrissie gave birth to baby Andrew.

There was an initial quarrel between Andrew's parents over what he should be called, with Chrissie keen on naming him Benito after her uncle and Paul intent on Paul Robinson Junior, a sure sign that Paul saw Andrew as heir to his business empire. But they eventually settled on Andrew and he was christened soon after.

Within the first 18 months of his life, Andrew experienced considerable turmoil, between Paul suffering a nervous breakdown after getting into financial difficulties, his half-sister Amy inadvertently putting his life in danger by leaving an unexploded landmine lying around him and the subsequent breakdown of his parents' marriage after Paul had an affair with Christina's twin sister Caroline, placing little Andrew at the centre of a nasty custody battle. Things finally looked up when Paul and Christina patched up their differences, renewed their vows and left Erinsborough for a new life managing a deluxe hotel in Hawaii. But Andrew wasn’t to settle there long as within a year, Paul was forced to go on the run after framing his brother-in-law Phil Martin for fraud. Christina and Andrew joined him in exile in Brazil for a time, but after a few years, Paul was forced to face the music and a stretch in jail while Christina found a career for herself, spending time living in Scotland and Malaysia, before she resettled in Sydney where Andrew grew into his teenage years in considerably less dramatic circumstances than in the first few years of his life.

Surrounded by the rich kids at his North Shore public school, cocky and confident Andrew soon developed a head for business like his dad and was determined to get to know Paul. With Christina's permission, he set off to Melbourne, but stopped en route to take advantage of the schoolies kids, who were celebrating after finishing high school, by organising a huge party. There, he met 18-year-old Donna Freedman, who was going through a rough patch with her boyfriend Ringo and ended up succumbing to Andrew's charms, unaware that he was only 16, or that he was the son of Paul, whose home Donna had been living in for 18 months. Believing her secret was safe and she'd never see Andrew again, she headed home, only for him to arrive in Erinsborough the following week during Paul's wedding to Rebecca Napier. Donna was horrified that they'd be living under the same roof, and even more worried when Andrew and Ringo became friendly. But Andrew had problems of his own and, having impressed Paul by explaining his money-making dance party at schoolies, he was forced to admit that he still owed $5000 to the security company from the party, and the guys had tracked him down to Erinsborough. Though Paul was reluctant to throw money at the situation, as he'd always seemed to do with his kids, he helped Andrew out and paid off the thugs. The problem dealt with, Andrew then decided to leave, but was caught out by Rebecca, who, realising that he was doing a runner, warned him that his dad deserved more respect than that and, unless he stayed, she would call the police and tell them everything about Andrew's debts.

1563-1737, 5828-

Magic Moments
Episode 1563: Andrew's Birth

Biography by Moe