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Cameron 'Cam' Robinson 2006
Lived: 22 Ramsay Street
Born: c. 1985/'86 (originally 1989)
Parents: Paul and Gail Robinson
Siblings: Amy, 'Elle' Lucinda, Robert and Andrew
Family Tree: Robinson and Lewis
Died: 2006

One of three children born to Paul and Gail Robinson as a result of IFV treatment, Cameron grew up in Tasmania with his mother, sister Lucinda, Elle for short, and identical twin, Robert. Unlike Robert, Cameron and Elle became quite well-adjusted, despite the circumstances of seeing little of their father, and developed a close bond as they got used to their brother’s strange behaviour and life as a loner. They even took to making up nicknames for his, such as RobRob, and keeping a journal about how odd he was.

When the triplets were 19, Elle decided to leave Tasmania and visit her father in Erinsborough. Cameron, meanwhile, found himself work in an architects office, before realising that he wanted to help other people and train as a nurse. What Cameron didn’t realise was that Robert was busy planning revenge on their father for apparently abandoning them as children and ruining his life. Robert engineered events so that, following a car crash, Cameron was left in a coma in a small country hospital. Having told Gail that he was going travelling in Europe, Robert then stole Cameron’s identity, read all of his diaries, and turned up in Erinsborough to carry out his plan, making regular visits to his comatose twin to share his evil plots.

When Cameron awoke from his coma, he was unable to understand what had happened and how he’d lost two months of his life. When he heard someone coming, he hid in the corner and, as Robert came into the room, Cameron knocked him out, stole his clothes and disappeared from the hospice. He headed straight to his father’s house in Ramsay Street, unaware that Robert’s latest plot – planting a bomb in Elle’s car – had been his undoing and everyone had discovered his evil plots. Cameron was arrested for all of Robert’s crimes, which included planting a bomb on a plane and killing three of Paul’s neighbours, murdering and framing one of Paul’s business enemies, Tony Corbett, and killing another businessman, Sean Dempster. But he remained adamant that he was innocent, as Robert got into his hospital bed. When Gail arrived to see her sons, Cameron pleaded with her, claiming that he’d somehow been set up. But Gail knew – from a mole on his arm – that it really was Robert in the coma, and failed to see how any other explanation was possible.

As Cameron languished in jail, Robert “awoke” from the coma and quickly convinced Paul and Gail that Cameron was the real psycho. Robert then moved into number 22, keeping up the pretence that he’d never been there and wasn’t comfortable around his father. As the family visited Cameron in jail, he tried to tell them that he’d been set up, but with so much evidence against him, they refused to believe him and told him to just be honest and things would be a lot easier. Paul’s neighbour Toadie Rebecchi was assigned to the case, despite not believing in Cameron’s innocence, and the police soon found a shed, set up by Robert, containing diaries and plans – evidence that proved Cameron’s guilt. Robert, meanwhile, pretended to be making an effort to get to know his father and organised a camping trip for the two of them. Katya Kinski, a nurse who had been dating Robert, believing him to be Cameron, was certain that the twins were in the wrong places. At first, nobody would believe her, but she continued pushing her beliefs onto Gail, until eventually Gail herself admitted to some uncertainties, particularly as Robert had been behaving so oddly before leaving for the trip.

Gail, Elle and Paul's girlfriend Izzy headed out to the campsite, which they found abandoned. They were confronted by Robert, who was surprised to find them there, as he was about to make his escape after tying up Paul and leaving him to die in a mineshaft. As Robert realised that he’d been rumbled, he ran off into the bush, while Paul was found alive and well. It was left to Toadie and Katya to break the news to Cameron. A few days later, Paul visited him, prior to his release, and told him that Robert wasn’t going to get away with what he’d done. Once out of prison, Cameron set about making up for lost time and, during a lunch out with Paul, Gail and Izzy, Cam started flirting with a girl named Lilly DeRouge. However, Paul had been badly hurt by Robert’s actions and was determined to push away everyone who cared for him. So, with Gail and Izzy fighting for his affections, Paul stole Lilly away and engineered things so that both women caught him with Lilly in a hotel room. Although this prompted Gail to head back to Tasmania, Cam decided to stay, in the hope that he could encourage Paul to be a better man.

As part of his plan to help his father, Cameron asked Carmella Cammeniti – reborn as nun Sister Mary Catherine – to speak to him. As Cam spent time with the Sister, he started to have flashbacks from his time in a coma at the hospice and realised that he had overheard some telephone conversations that she had made from his room. Desperate to know that his mind wasn’t playing tricks on him, Cameron pushed her to tell him the truth and she opened up about her past and her reasons for joining the convent, with Cam promising to keep her secret. Meanwhile, there was more bad news for the Robinson family, when Cam learnt that Elle was seriously ill. Desperate to do anything to help, he made a grand gesture, buying them tickets for the Orient Express, a trip they’d always dreamt of making. At this point, a guilty Elle confessed that her illness was all a fabrication, Paul’s idea, designed to stop her boyfriend, Dylan Timmins, from going back to his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sky Mangel. A disgusted Cameron promptly disowned his father and sister and made plans to return to Tasmania.

But fate stepped in later that day, as Cam saw Katya walking to a class at the civic centre and offered her a lift. At the same time, Paul got word that Robert had escaped from the secure unit at the prison. Max Hoyland, a good friend of Katya’s, then heard the news and, as he drove to join Katya at the class, he called her and asked if she was alone. When she mentioned being with Cameron, Max told her to get out of the car, believing it was the escaped Robert. As Max arrived at the civic centre, he spotted Katya running towards him, with Cameron chasing her, as she had forgotten her bag. On the spur of the moment, Max drove straight at Cam, skidding to a halt and knocking him to the ground. Cameron was taken straight to intensive care where he was stabilised. When Paul visited him, Cameron made his father promise that he would become a better person if Cam survived. They agreed to make a fresh start from that point on, and Cam also asked Sister Mary Catherine to “find the baby”, in reference to her past mistakes, and also to look after Elle. As Paul then went to his first session with psychiatrist Dr Sarah Young, Cam took a turn for the worst, and admitted to Elle that he’d been hiding his pain from his father. As Cameron was rushed into surgery, he asked Elle to look after their father. By the time Paul had been tracked down, everyone was frantic and, when the doctor came to tell them that Cameron hadn’t survived the operation, they were stunned. Shortly afterwards, Paul and Elle headed to Tasmania for the funeral, with Paul vowing that Max would be made to pay for what he had done.

Trivia Notes
• In 2005, Adam Hunter played Anthony Johnson in one episode, before returning in 2006 in the dual roles of Cameron and Robert
• Although only born in 1989, Robert and Cameron were aged slightly to 19 when they arrived in 2006
• Cameron eats left-handed

Episodes Featured
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Magic Moments
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Episode 5048: Cameron's Death

Biography by Steve



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