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Tony Corbett 2005
Occupation: Affirmacon Employee
Died: 2005

Affirmacon employee Tony Corbett was sent to Erinsborough by Lee Thomas, in order to keep an eye on Paul Robinson, who had been doing some underhanded work for the company. Lee had used Paul, a recent returnee to the suburb of Erinsborough, to convince the residents of Ramsay Street – where he himself had once lived – to sell up, claiming that there was a rising water table. In actual fact, the environmental studies were fake and they intended to build a shopping mall on the land once everyone had sold up. Paul had been having pangs of guilt and Tony was forced to threaten him into going ahead with the plan. As Paul’s doubts continued, Tony and his henchmen turned up wherever Paul went, including a day away from Erinsborough on his yacht with his secret lover, Liljana Bishop, who, it was made clear, would also be in danger if Paul backed out.

Tony later attended a town meeting which had been arranged to try and find a way to prevent everyone having to sell up. At the end of the meeting, Sky Mangel, who had long been suspicious of Paul, spotted the two men chatting and got her boyfriend, Dylan Timmins, to steal Tony’s wallet and find out his identity. As Paul realised that Dylan, who’d become his right-hand man and something of a son to him, was onto him, he gave Dylan an access key to the Affirmacon offices and told him where to find proof of their real plans. Tony returned and warned Paul that he’d be dead if he had double-crossed Affirmacon, and, as it slowly emerged that the details of their plans had become common knowledge, Paul asked Lil to go away with him to Sydney. As Lil got ready to leave, Tony turned up at number 28 Ramsay Street and dragged Paul away into deserted bushland. As Paul attempted to make a run for it, he ended up falling off a cliff. Believing that Paul couldn’t have survived the fall, Tony and his henchmen left him there and, as the police closed in on the company, cut their ties with the Australian end of Affirmacon.

Some months later, Tony became the prime suspect when Paul fell victim to a bombing and a letter covered in a toxic substance. The police began trailing Tony and warned Paul as the man seemed to be heading back to Erinsborough. However, the following day, Tony's body was found, in a house a few streets from Paul's home, having apparently become a victim of his own toxic concoctions. A relieved Paul then believed that the threats to his life were over.

Trivia Notes
• Robert Morgan previously appeared in 1991 as Bernie Wenham

Episodes Featured
4716, 4723, 4726, 4731, 4744

Biography by Steve



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