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Lee Thomas 2005
Occupation: Mayor of Erinstown, Idaho

The Mayor of Erinstown, in Idaho, America, Lee Thomas arrived in Erinsborough to discuss the twinning of the two places. She entered into a great deal of correspondence with local man, David Bishop and upon her arrival, she spoke to him about getting him a place on the local council. It seemed that her offer didnít come without strings, however, when she arranged to meet him in her suite at Lassiterís Hotel, following their meeting with the Mayor of Erinsborough. He opted not to go, and when his wife, Liljana, found out, she made it clear to Lee that David would still have his chance to run for council without having to sleep with her.

Meanwhile, Lee had some other business in town, as she represented the land developers, Affirmacon. Her attempts to buy the Lassiterís complex, which had recently been gutted by a fire, hit a brick wall when she found herself up against Paul Robinson, the former owner of the hotel who had recently returned to town. Paul ended up winning and Lee was impressed with his instincts for business, so she offered him a job at Affirmacon, which he turned down. After more attempts to push her big business ethics on the locals, she announced plans to leave town. However, it all looked to have been a clever ruse when she later met up with Paul, who agreed to sign his soul over to AffirmaconÖ

Some weeks later, Lee and Paul continued their secret business Ė and professional Ė relationship, when he flew to Sydney for a meeting. The couple spent most of the time in Paulís hotel suite, in the spa and in bed and neither seemed too perturbed when another of Paulís conquests, Izzy Hoyland, burst into the room, having planned to surprised her lover. In the weeks that followed, Lee became frustrated at how slow the progress was between Paul and Affirmacon. The plan was for Paul to convince the locals to sell their homes, claiming that they would be destroyed by rising water levels within ten years, when in actual fact it would be bought up by Affirmacon in order to build a megamall. But as it looked like Paul was beginning to soften towards the neighbourhood in which he grew up, Lee decided to send in Affirmacon employee Tony Corbett to add some pressure and make sure the job was done properly.

Biography by Steve



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