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Lilly DeRouge 2006

When Cameron Robinson went out to dinner with his parents, Paul and Gail, and Paul’s girlfriend, Izzy, he spent most of the evening at the bar, chatting to a young woman named Lilly DeRouge. As soon as Paul met Lilly, however, he started flirting with her and took the opportunity to mention that Cameron was fresh out of prison, and also that he was the owner of local hotel, Lassiter’s. Lilly was suitably impressed and agreed to meet Paul later on that night in a hotel room where, before long, Gail, Izzy and Cameron turned up. Lilly quickly realised that she’d simply been used as part of an elaborate plan by Paul to stop Gail and Izzy fighting over him, and get them both out of his life completely, and she was packed off in a taxi.

Notes: Klara Lisy previously made a guest appearance as Sandra Fitzgerald in 2005.

Click here to read our interview with Klara.

Biography by Steve



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