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Christos 'Chris' Theodore Pappas 2010-2015, 2022
Lived: 26 Ramsay Street
Born: c. 1993
Parents: George and Patricia Pappas
Children: Annie
Family Tree: Pappas
Occupation: Student, Gym Assistant at Dingoes' Den Football & Sporting Club, Apprentice Mechanic at Carpenter's Mechanics, Trainee Manager at Lassiter's Hotel

A schoolfriend of Andrew Robinson, Harry Ramsay and Summer Hoyland, Chris Pappas was quiet and lacking in confidence, and easily fell for Andrew and Harry's plan to make money by selling a $20 manual on how to win a girlfriend. When it turned out to be a scam, Chris demanded his money back, and, feeling guilty, skilled sportsman Harry offered to give his basketball lessons. As Harry and Andrew fought over Summer and made a bet over who could get her first, Chris remained in the background, slowly growing closer to her and was there for support when she found out about the bet. When Chris and Summer became chemistry partners at school, she started getting to know him better, finding that they had a lot in common and starting to see him as more than just a friend. After supporting him as he tried to build his confidence, hoping to become captain of the basketball team, Summer and Chris shared a kiss, witnessed by a jealous Harry, who took his anger out on Chris during a basketball game at the school. The incident led to Chris getting the captaincy, but new student Natasha Williams started spreading rumours that the school had taken a bribe to make Chris the captain.

Chris soon found a new interest as the school started practical classes in mechanics with Lucas Fitzgeraldand he found that he was a natural. And, with Harry now living in Sydney, Chris and Summer's relationship seemed to be working out too, but nasty Tash couldn't resist getting in a dig or two, telling Summer that the relationship didn't seem very normal and that they barely even seemed to kiss. Hurt by these claims, Summer kissed Chris in front of everyone at school and he, believing she wanted them to sleep together now, arranged a room at Lassiter's hotel with a candlelit dinner. They quickly realised that it wasn't what either of them wanted, and they settled down to watch zombie movies instead. Meanwhile, Chris found himself caught up in Andrew's latest money-making scheme, a pool party, dragging Chris on board as he worked as a lifeguard at the local pool. The party descended into chaos and Chris was fired, so a guilty Andrew managed to get him a porter's job at the hotel, only for him to get fired from that too. When Andrew then managed to get Chris a job at the gym instead, Summer was annoyed that Chris seemed to forgive Andrew so easily, when the whole problem had been his fault in the first place. Things only got worse for Chris when he was approached by a couple of female uni students, who he knew from the gym, and Andrew talked him into going along on a double date with them. They were quickly sprung with their lies, and Summer was disappointed that her boyfriend continued to do everything that Andrew told him to, unaware that Chris' feelings for Andrew were starting to run deeper than simple friendship...

(to be continued - 2010-2015)

In November, Amber got in touch with Lucy and Chris by video call, after hearing that their baby had been born a few days earlier. As Amber's own baby had recently been born prematurely, and suffering from CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia), she struggled as Lucy spoke about the immediate bond she'd felt with her daughter, who had been named Anne, after Lucy's own mother. Nate was also sitting nearby listening in, and was happy to hear that Chris had adjusted so well to fatherhood, but the incident made him doubt his own new relationship with Aaron, who was frequently childlike and irresponsible, the opposite to Chris.

Trivia Notes
Chris was a recurring character from his first appearance in February 2010, before becoming a permanent fixture in April 2011
Chris was given the nickname Teddy (a shortened version of his middle name, Theodore) by boyfriend Nate and the nickname Freckles by Paul Robinson

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Biography by Steve