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Harry Ramsay 2009-
Lived: Ramsay house, 24 Ramsay Street
Born: c. 1993
Parents: Patrick Mooney and Jill Ramsay
: Kate and Sophie
Family Tree: Ramsay and Daniels/Robinson
Occupation: Student, Gym Assistant at Dingoes' Den Football & Sporting Club

Spending much of his life without a father figure, with his mum and two sisters for company, Harry Ramsay was quiet, sensitive and often moody, with skills ranging from being a good basketballer, to playing the piano (which his mum taught him) and being an excellent photographer. When Harry's mum, Jill, was tracked down by the relatives of her mum, Anne Robinson, who had given her up for adoption at birth, it triggered a series of events that left Jill in hospital, run down by a mystery driver. As she succumbed to her injuries, Harry, his older sister, Kate and younger sister, Sophie, were forced to rely on each other to work through their grief and avoid being split up by social services. When concerned residents of Ramsay Street, where Anne's son Paul and granddaughter Elle lived, tried to help, Harry and Kate turned them away, determined to manage on their own, and Harry threw Elle off the property when she tried to give them the inheritance that should rightfully have gone to Jill. But Kate slowly came to realise that these people could actually stop them from being split up by social services and, struggling to be a stand-in mum to Harry and Sophie without any help, she took up an offer from the Salvation Army to move into 24 Ramsay Street.

After human services agreed that the kids could stay together but would all have to attend school, Harry started at Erinsborough High, where he immediately clashed with Declan Napier, whose mum Rebecca was dating Paul. During the school play, a fight broke out between the two boys and they ended up tumbling through the curtain in front of the waiting audience. As if that wasn't bad enough, they then started fighting again, causing a part of the set to fall down and hit Declan's pregnant fiancee, Bridget. When the kids found out that Sophie had witnessed their mum's accident, and that Paul had actually tried to stop Jill from being run over, an uneasy truce was called, though Harry still refused to accept any help from his new-found family, the Robinsons, and was upset as Kate became more open to getting to know Paul and Elle. Harry also noticed how much his sister was struggling with her new responsibilities, especially when the other teens from the street went off to a music festival together, and so he bought a pair of tickets for them to attend a gig at the bar, convincing Kate to attend and forget her worries for a night.

There were soon further problems for the Ramsays as Paul gave Kate a locket that had belonged to Anne. Seeing Kate wearing it, Harry furiously told her that his opinion obviously didn't matter, so he'd be packing his bags and leaving. School counsellor Dan caught up with Harry at the bus stop and reminded him that, if he was determined to go, he should at least say goodbye to Sophie. Back in Ramsay Street, Sophie told him to go, as she and Kate would be fine on their own, and, feeling guilty, he agreed to stay. Later, he spotted a keyboard for sale on Susan Kennedy's stall at the school fete and, passionate about music, having been taught to play piano by his mum, Harry decided to sell his watch to buy it, only to return and find that it was no longer there as Susan's husband Karl had taken it home. Harry then broke into the Kennedy house and took it, before giving the money from the watch sale to Kate to pay some bills. The following week, things were starting to get on top of Harry as Kate and Sophie agreed to take the inheritance money from Paul, who in turn surprised Harry by buying his watch back. Though grateful, Harry still stubbornly refused to have anything to do with the Robinsons, whilst also feeling guilty about taking the keyboard. But, as he broke in again to return it, he was caught by Lou and Lucas, who had set up a neighbourhood watch following the earlier break-in. Susan insisted that she would deal with the matter, and not to tell anyone, and eventually got Harry to open up about taking the keyboard. She agreed to keep it between them, on the condition that he play something for her. Harry admitted that his mum had taught him and, as he played his mum's favourite tune, he finally broke down about how much he missed her. The developing friendship between Harry and Susan was threatened when he came to the house one day and Susan, her hormones badly affected by the IVF treatment she was beginning, shouted at him. She later apologised and he went back to play the keyboard for her again, grateful that she had reignited his love of playing. And his creativity was put to further use when he took photographs around the street to make a collage to give to departing Mickey Gannon.

Meanwhile, worried about how serious things were getting at home, Harry decided to have some fun and spent some of the inheritance on a video game. Though furious at first, Kate was reminded by Sophie that they all used to have a lot of fun together when their mum was alive, and they all ended up playing together. But the fun wasn't to last, as painful wounds were uncovered for the Ramsay kids when tragedy struck Ramsay Street and new mum Bridget was killed following a car accident. Feeling more tension at home as Kate continued to nag him about tidying up and helping out, Harry took his anger out on neighbour Steph, the mechanic who was believed to be responsible for Bridget's death, having serviced her family's car. As darkness descended on Ramsay Street, Harry spraypainted the word 'GUILTY' on Steph's driveway in big red letters, leaving her feeling worse than ever. It wasn't long before Toadie, Steph's overprotective ex-fiance, realised that Harry was responsible and forced him to come clean to the police, but Harry pointed out that he and his sisters would be split up. Toadie agreed that Harry should come clean, make a full apology to Steph and help her out around the house to make it up to her. Though Harry was still cold towards Steph, she made a passionate speech to him about how she would never forgive herself for Bridget's death, and the pair called a truce.

Though slowly starting to find his place in Ramsay Street, Harry was still struggling to make friends his own age, though Kate, still annoyed at her brother's behaviour towards Steph, refused to let him skip a school excursion. Dan decided to show Harry the Ramsay Street History book, started by former resident Harold Bishop and proof of how great it was to be part of such a tightknit community. Though unsure at first, Harry eventually gave it a chance and decided to use some photos he'd taken of Bridget to continue the book. After realising that his photos must have been taken only days before Bridget's death, Harry took them to Declan, as a reminder of his late wife.

More dramas came along when Donna, following Bridget's death, started thinking about her real father and decided to start a vlog to try and find him. As Harry encouraged her to ignore everyone else's doubts, it got him thinking about his dad, but he received a blunt reply from Kate when he asked her about the photo albums. As he and Sophie continued to pester Kate about their dad, pointing out that he had sent them presents every year so he clearly cared about them, they were unaware that it was actually their mum that had been wrapping the gifts for them, a secret Kate had also been keeping since she was 10 years old. After confiding this to Donna, Kate decided to maintain the charade, gritted her teeth and shared some stories about Christmasses past with Harry and Sophie.


Biography by Steve