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Sophie Ramsay 2009-2013, 2014
Lived: Ramsay house, 22, 24 Ramsay Street
Born: c. 1997 (previously c. 1998/'99)
Parents: Patrick Mooney and Jill Ramsay
: Kate and Harry
Family Tree: Ramsay and Daniels/Robinson
Occupation: Student

Growing up without a father, and with mum Jill working hard to keep the family afloat, Sophie Ramsay was close to her older siblings, Harry and Kate, but had also come to rely on her imagination and drawing to keep her company. When Jill was suddenly killed in a hit-and-run accident, Sophie, Harry and Kate were left alone to deal with things, as Kate lied that they had relatives to look after them, but soon came to realise that she couldn't cope. Just before her death, Jill had come face-to-face with Paul Robinson, whose mother, Anne, had given her up for adoption. With Paul implicated in Jill's death, his daughter Elle had tried to give the Ramsay kids the inheritance they were owed. When she was turned down, journalist Elle offered to give Kate the money in return for an exclusive story about their plight. Kate accepted and used the money, amongst other things, to buy Sophie a new bike. When Sophie then fell off and hurt herself, it was the final straw for Kate, who realised that she had to accept some of the help being offered by the people of Ramsay Street, a nearby cul-de-sac, named after the Ramsays ancestors. With one of the houses there, number 24, owned by the Salvation Army, the kids moved in and tried to make a fresh start together.

When Paul's girlfriend Rebecca Napier saw Sophie sitting in a tree sketching, she was surprised to see that one of the pictures was of the accident. Rebecca tried to convince Kate that Sophie was a witness and they should press her for information, but Kate was unwilling to cooperate. However, when Paul returned to town, having skipped bail, and was being arrested in the middle of Ramsay Street, Sophie suddenly ran up to him, hugged him and thanked him for trying to save Jill. With Sophie's statement, the charges against Paul were dropped, but he had some more bad news for the kids - during his time away from Erinsborough, he'd been searching for their father, but had learnt that he had died in the Philippines several years earlier. Realising that they were now truly on their own, Kate, Harry and Sophie said their final goodbyes to their mum, scattering her ashes over the lake. In between therapy sessions, Sophie befriended some other Ramsay Street youngsters, Callum Jones and Ben Kirk, and was keen to help out when Lou Carpenter tried to get the kids to walk dogs, paying them a pittance for their efforts and soon leading to a strike, with Callum's adoptive father, lawyer Toadie, having to step in and mediate.

When Kate and Sophie started to soften towards Paul, realising that he and Elle were the only family they had left around, Harry was upset, believing that if Paul hadn't come into their life, they'd still have their mum. He threatened to run away, but teacher Dan took him back to Ramsay Street to say his goodbyes to Sophie, who angrily told him that, if he wanted to leave, he could, as she and Kate would be fine by themselves. Feeling suitably guilty, Harry agreed to stay on, though the tension with Paul remained. It only got worse when Paul told the kids that he'd like to give them their rightful inheritance. Though Harry was against it, Sophie pointed out that it would mean Kate would have to work less at the store and she could go to uni, so she voted, along with Kate, to take the money. Sophie's friendship with Callum also developed as they played with his new guide dog puppy Rocky, and they had some fun at the expense of the adults, who were a bit worried about the boy/girl friendship and keeping a close eye on them, as Sophie put her arm around Callum. There was soon more tension at home to deal with, when Harry decided to spend some of the inheritance on a music video game, leaving Kate horrified, until Sophie pointed out that their mum would have wanted them to have fun.

Painful memories were dredged up for Sophie when neighbour Bridget Parker died, but she, Callum and Ben proved to the adults that they were mature enough to deal with the situation, and they all decided to have a cake baking contest to take their minds off things. Later that week, the Ramsay siblings attended the funeral, though Sophie, still coping with the loss of her mum, refused to look at the coffin.

Meanwhile at home, Sophie and Callum's friendship was blossoming, and he was enjoying spending time at the Ramsay house. At first, Kate believed that Callum had a crush on Sophie, until it was pointed out that it was Kate who he seemed to be focusing all of his attention on. Sophie was upset that her big sister seemed to be stealing her best friend, and Kate decided to have a word with Callum, only to realise that, rather than fancying her, he actually saw her as more of a mother figure.

(to be continued - 2009-2013)

A year after moving to Sydney, Sophie returned to Erinsborough for a surprise birthday party for her sister Kate. At the same time, Zeke Kinski also returned to town to visit Karl and Susan, and he and Sophie failed in their attempts to keep a low profile, bumping into Kate on the Lassiter's complex. She was thrilled to see them, even as Sophie then gave away the secret about the surprise party, and was happy to learn that Sophie had a new boyfriend, a drummer. They all agreed to meet up later that day, but when Sophie and some of Kate's other friends went looking for her, they found her with Brennan by the lake, with the news that they'd just gotten engaged. Sophie was very happy for her big sister, but the joy only lasted a matter of moments, as a mysterious gunman shot Kate and she died moments later. Sophie stayed in town a few extra days for the funeral, with Paul giving her a locket that had once belonged to his mum, and that he'd given to Kate when he first found out about his new nieces and nephew. He asked Sophie to come and stay with him for a while, but she explained that she'd hoped to go and see Harry, who was in the USA on an important basketball tour, as he'd been very badly hit by what had happened. Though upset that he'd have no relatives around for the first time in a while, Paul agreed to buy a plane ticket for Sophie, so she could go and join her brother the next day.

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Biography by Steve