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Aaron Brennan 2015-
Parents: Russell Brennan
Siblings: Mark, Tyler
Occupation: Mechanic, Miner, Exotic Dancer

The middle brother of the Brennan family, Aaron, like his siblings, trained as a mechanic under the watchful eye of their father Russell, who hoped that one of his kids would take on his profession. Like Mark before him, Aaron left Port Lincoln and the family behind and ended up working in the mines out in Western Australia, but quickly got bored of it and, whilst visiting a male revue show in Perth, he thought it seemed like a fun things to do and made enquiries. Soon he had his own act, The Kid From Kalgoorlie, stripping out of his mining uniform, and an agent. When Mark got in touch to say that Tyler was having some problems and could use some support, Aaron found himself some work in Erinsborough and headed east, only to find himself stripping at a bingo night at his brothers' local pub, The Waterhole. Though Tyler was amused at Aaron's drastic career change, Mark couldn't believe what he was seeing, and realised just now far he'd fallen out of touch with his brothers.

Aaron's sexuality had also proved to be problematic at home, with Aaron feeling that Russell was unable to accept that one of his children was gay, but Mark and Tyler were more supportive and it was never an issue for the siblings. Aaron arrived in Erinsborough fresh out of a relationship with a difficult ex, and Tyler soon saw an opportunity to set him up with his friend Nate Kinski. Tyler and Nate's friendship had been suffering lately, as Nate had found out that Tyler had stolen a prescription pad from the Kennedy house, using it to get painkillers after he'd become embroiled in some illegal activities and received a beating. With Mark in the police force, Tyler couldn't turn to him for help, and was now worried that he was about to lose one of the few friends he had left. Believing that a new relationship might put Nate in a better mood, Tyler tried to set him up with Aaron, only for them to see right through his plan, and it quickly became clear that they had little in common, and just because they were the only two gay men on Ramsay Street, they weren't about to rush into a relationship.

Though he and Nate failed to hit it off, Aaron's happy-go-lucky personality was more popular with the rest of the Ramsay Street residents. However, after meeting Paige, who'd been closely involved with both Mark and Tyler, Aaron noticed the spark between her and Mark and brought it up with his big brother. Mark insisted that he had no intention of getting involved with her again, and Aaron pointed out that it wouldn't be a good idea, as Tyler had only just broken up with her. What neither of the brothers realised, however, was that Tyler and Paige's relationship had actually been a cover for the illegal activities they'd become involved in at the garage, and after months of covering it up, their lies were about to be exposed, and would severely test the strength of the Brennans' brotherly bonds. Aaron was stunned to arrive home and find Mark bundling Tyler into the car to take him to the police station. After learning that Tyler had been working for criminal Dennis Dimato for months, whilst all the time Mark had been trying to catch him, Aaron remained loyal to his younger brother and paid his bail, but a furious Mark then threw Tyler out of the house.

Things at work were also proving problematic for Aaron, when The Waterhole's manager Sheila decided to offer him a contract to be the regular entertainment at her bingo nights, but as she had a dental appointment, she left trainee manager Nate in charge of organising it. Following more disparaging comments about his dancing career, Aaron told Nate that he'd had enough and wouldn't be signing, and when Sheila later returned, with lockjaw, and found out what had happened, she told Nate to go and change Aaron's mind, before another bar snapped him up. Aaron made Nate grovel, but finally agreed to sign, as long as he only had to deal with Sheila from then on, something that Nate was only too happy to agree to. Unfortunately, as they returned to the bar, Sheila's inability to talk meant that Nate was going to have to be the bingo announcer for the night, and he and Aaron were going to be stuck with each other. Aaron then performed at the next bingo night, along with Sheila's grandson Kyle as a topless waiter. After seeing how Aaron was unfazed by all of the women treating him like a piece of meat, Kyle mentioned that something similar had happened at work, with his assistant Amy being harassed by some workmen, and Aaron made Kyle see that the two situations were completely different - he chose the harassment in his line of work, but Amy didn't deserve that sort of treatment.

Meanwhile, as the situation worsened at home, Aaron attempted to keep the peace between his brothers, and tried to persuade Mark to be more of a sibling, and less of a police officer, when dealing with Tyler. However, when Dimato returned to town and Tyler then went missing, a frantic Aaron asked Nate to fill in for him at a meeting about a possible job with Naomi. Not realising the seriousness of the situation, Nate refused to help, and it was only later, after Tyler had been found safe and well, that Nate apologised to Aaron for his behaviour. Aaron wasn't willing to accept the apology, but he did manage to get the job with Naomi - as one half of a couple who would spend the day in a large perspex box outside Lassiter's, designed to look like a hotel room, as a publicity stunt for the hotel's relaunch. When Aaron's 'wife' failed to arrive, Naomi began to panic, and when she saw Nate going inside the box, in an attempt to talk to Aaron and smooth things over, she locked the pair inside and 'Boys In A Box' was soon trending on social media. However, Nate and Aaron struggled with being in such close proximity, and soon the interest in them was dying, as they did little but sit around and ignore each other. Interest picked up again when Nate started giving Aaron a massage, and they then took the pretence even further by lying on the bed and kissing. Unfortunately, that moment did little to thaw the frost between Nate and Aaron, and matters only worsened when Sheila told Nate to explain to Aaron that his services at The Waterhole were no longer required, and his contract had been terminated.

After getting chatting to Josh soon after, Aaron was surprised when his new friend gave him an impromptu audition to join him as a dancer. Josh was desperate for cash to help his unborn child, but Aaron quickly realised that he was a terrible dancer, and told him that it would never work. Not one to give up easily, Josh put in a great deal of practice, with help from Naomi, and tried again to impress Aaron. Though he felt that the dance moves were a little girly, Aaron agreed to give Josh a chance and a new dance troupe, The Heat, was born. Quickly realising how nervous Josh was about performing in public, he called in a favour from Nate and managed to get them a hen party gig at The Waterhole that day. Though Josh froze with fear at the beginning of the performance, Aaron managed to cover for him and their act was a success with the ladies. Things at home then took a new turn for the Brennans when the boys' father Russell arrived in town, after Paige had encouraged Mark to phone him and reconnect. Unfortunately, Mark was the only one who was pleased to see Russell, and his arrival came just as Tyler had been planning to move back into number 24 with his brothers, but he suddenly disappeared after seeing his dad outside the house. Though Aaron was convinced that his father was homophobic, Russell - after catching Aaron and Josh practising a dance routine - explained that he just wanted his kids to be happy, but he'd just been shocked after catching Aaron with another guy, and hadn't known how to talk to him about it. With the air cleared between them, Aaron and Russell sat down to watch the footy together, and Russell even attended an LGBT event with his dad at The Waterhole.

When Russell returned home later that night, dripping wet, and admitted that he and Sheila had grown closer - and had been caught in the spa in their underwear by Naomi - his sons were amused, and briefly even Tyler managed to laugh along with everyone else. The next day, after a frank conversation with Russell, Tyler even agreed to move back into number 24, though Mark and Aaron were still unaware of the full extent of Russell's violence towards his youngest son. Later in the week, Sheila decided to attempt to cheer up Nate by setting him up on a date with Aaron, and got Russell to persuade his son to come along to The Waterhole, where she'd set up some cocktail making stations. Nate quickly realised that he'd been set up, and reacted angrily to Sheila's interference, but when Aaron followed him outside, the pair finally managed to talk without arguing, and it seemed that a new friendship was blossoming. After trying to help Josh with his disastrous love life, Aaron ended up almost getting him into a lot of trouble when he set him up with a girl who had a jealous ex-boyfriend, who soon turned up at The Waterhole. Though the jealous ex was sent packing by Aaron, he then waited outside and as Aaron left the bar later that night, he was set upon, but was surprised when a mystery man came to his aid and saved him before disappearing into the night. Ever the romantic, and feeling very lonely since he arrived in Erinsborough, Aaron decided that this man had helped him for a reason, and that they were destined to be friends - and perhaps more. Having spent the day printing up flyers looking for his knight in shining armour, and asking around town, Aaron was surprised to learn that it had been Nate who'd helped him, but the incident had triggers a PTSD attack, which was why he'd run off so quickly. Though he was no longer convinced that his saviour was the man of his dreams, Aaron couldn't help but be intrigued by moody Nate, and decided to help him to try and deal with his PTSD by doing tai chi together - unfortunately, this then ended badly too, as Aaron was busy showing off a few moves when he managed to kick Nate between the legs.

By way of apology, Aaron showered Nate with gifts, and gave him a card which entitled him to one week of Aaron as his man-slave. Nate, however, wasn't amused by the whole situation and just told Aaron to leave him alone. When Aaron then made the revelation that his really liked Nate and wanted to prove it, Nate didn't take him seriously and told him to just disappear, and that the sooner he did that, the sooner they could go back to hating each other. Aaron quickly had other things to worry about, however, when Tyler got into an argument with Russell and punched him, and the truth finally came out about the years of abuse that the youngest Brennan brother had suffered at their father's hands. Aaron apologised to Tyler, feeling bad that he'd moved out of home and left Tyler alone to suffer, but the brothers then pulled together and asked Russell to leave Erinsborough. The incident did bring Aaron and Nate closer together, as Nate offered advice and they then spent the next day helping out the Rebecchi family by doing some work at Sonya's nursery. As they chatted about their pasts, they finally found some common ground and realised that perhaps they weren't as different as they'd originally thought, and they agreed to go on a date. Though both Nate and Aaron misjudged the situation as that date arrived - with Aaron dressing down for the occasion, and Nate trying too hard to impress by making molecular cocktails - they still had a good time, and agreed to a second date. However, they quickly hit a problem when, after Aaron had been performing at a hen's night, Nate overheard him chatting to the bride-to-be, giving her the impression that he was straight and single. Though Aaron didn't see the problem, Nate was uncomfortable about it, and Tyler agreed with Nate, pointing out that Aaron wasn't exactly being honest and open about his true self. Aaron then took the step of posting on The Heat's social media pages that he and Nate were a couple. Though Nate was pleased, this soon had the side effect of suddenly bringing the dance troupe more attention from gay men, leaving him suddenly feeling very insecure.

With bookings for The Heat suddenly taking a hit, Aaron asked Naomi, with her experience in PR, to help out. She did her best, and an agent even turned up at Aaron and Josh's latest performance, but disaster struck when, as the routine came to an end, Josh was arrested for dealing illegal peptides. Though he had once been involved with some dodgy dealings, he'd given it up before joining The Heat, and realised that he must have been set up when bottles of pills were found in his bag. Though sympathetic, Aaron then heard about an incident the previous year when Josh had coward punched Nate's ex, Chris Pappas, and had found himself in court. He explained to Josh that he might have been willing to overlook it if it had been the first time Josh was facing criminal charges, but he had to protect the reputation of the group, and with the press hounding him for more information, Aaron told Josh that he'd have to let him go from The Heat. As he attempted to rescue his dancing career from the brink of disaster, Aaron also attempted to make an effort in his relationship with Nate. Having never met his previous boyfriend's family, Aaron suggested a dinner with Nate's family, the Kennedys, unaware that actually all Nate wanted was to have some time alone with him. As the evening progressed, and Aaron spent more time talking to Karl and Susan than Nate, he finally got the message as Nate pulled him to one side and explained, and Aaron sent the Kennedys out to have their dessert, so he and Nate could spend a little time alone.

When Aaron was contacted about appearing at a circuit party the following week, Nate struggled to hide his discomfort about the whole thing, and confided his fears in Sheila. When the police then received an anonymous noise complaint about the party, Aaron ended up getting arrested after he argued back to the officers, then fell off the stage and hurt his ankle in the scuffle that followed. Though Mark managed to get Aaron released without charge, Nate was confused at the turn of events, and confronted Sheila, who admitted that she'd made the complaint, and that she thought she'd been helping. Nate forced Sheila to confess to Aaron, who punished the pair of them for not being honest with him, by making them his slaves while his ankle was still out of action. Out of his plaster cast, but still unable to dance, Aaron looked for other ways to make money, and quickly hit on an idea when he found out that many of the locals were gathering at the high school to plan a protest sleep-over to stop the school's closure. Aaron set up a coffee cart, selling hot drinks to the volunteers, confident that it would be a real money-spinner, but he was left disappointed when school principal Susan guilt-tripped him into handing the money over to the 'Save our School' fund. But as everyone gathered at the school for the sleep-over, Aaron spotted another money-making opportunity when dodgy Gary Saunders turned up, looking for Kyle, with a load of cheap liquid fertiliser.

Several days later, Aaron was spotted in the background of a selfie taken by Piper Willis in the school, on the evening of the fire. He quickly became a suspect for starting the fire, and when Mark tried to talk to his brother on the quiet, Aaron maintained his original story, that he'd only been in the school during the afternoon. With the evidence pointed out to him, Aaron admitted that he'd bought the fertiliser from Gary and had gone back to the school to hide it. Realising that the fertiliser had acted as the accelerant during the fire, Mark knew that Aaron would be public enemy number one if the truth came out, so he encouraged his brother to keep quiet for a little longer, hopeful that the real arsonist would soon be revealed. Aaron, however, decided that he couldn't live with that, so he went to the police to confess, much to Mark's displeasure. The issue then caused further problems for the Brennan brothers, as Tyler was upset that Mark had tried to cover up Aaron's actions, whereas Tyler had been hauled down to the police station and thrown out of the house following his own indiscretions. As Aaron then learnt that Mark and Tyler were looking into buying number 24 together, he was hurt that he hadn't been included in the purchase, and it looked like the brothers were going to struggle to get past this latest problem. However, after Aaron, Mark and Tyler had chatted to Nate, Paige and Steph respectively, they all came to the realisation that they'd overreacted, and that they were all in the wrong. The Brennan brothers then got together and patched up their differences, and Mark admitted that he wasn't sure if Aaron would want to be tied down to a house purchase - he admitted that he wasn't sure if it was something he was ready for, but agreed to think about it.

Meanwhile, having been given some of Paul's computer files by a vengeful Naomi as she left Erinsborough, Imogen handed the memory stick to Josh, unable to risk her law career on anyone finding out. With the help of Nate and one of his old code-breaking friends from the army, Josh learnt that the sale of Erinsborough High was about to go through, and leaked the information to Susan. Meanwhile, Aaron was surprised to learn that Nate had access to Paul's files, and he started looking through some of the emails, surprised to find one that was very rude about the high school students - and when Paul then made a dig at him, Aaron impulsively sent the email to the West Waratah Star newspaper. Paul was left with a lot of explaining to do, and matters only got worse when Daniel, Paul's nephew who had moved in with the Brennans, found out what had been going on. Initially prepared to tell Paul, Daniel was horrified as he realised that his uncle had been plotting to buy up the land around the school for an upmarket housing development named Freestyle. Furious that Paul had once again put business first, and had sold the local teenagers down the river, Daniel sent all of the files to the newspaper, and Paul found himself sacked as Erinsborough's mayor, and facing a great deal of backlash from the public.

As he started receiving threats, Paul decided to hire Aaron as his security guard. When Paul then received a dead rat in a box, he grew increasingly worried for his safety and told Aaron to find out who'd sent it and asked him to move into the penthouse, even going as far as suggesting that he should get an armoured vehicle. It wasn't long before Aaron found out that he'd actually been the target of the rat as revenge for ruining the circuit party business, but with Sheila's encouragement, he decided to keep that information from Paul for a little longer. However, it wasn't long before Paul received an apologetic letter about the rat, and realised that Aaron had been conning him, then searched his belongings and found the memory stick. Aaron quickly explained that Naomi had given him the files, making sure to leave Daniel and Nate's names out of it, and begged for forgiveness. Paul agreed to keep Aaron in his employment, and sent him off with a new task - to help in his plot to get Steph out of Erinsborough. Steph had recently returned to town after a spell in a psychiatric hospital, following on from kidnapping Vanessa and Lucas's son, Patrick. Concerned about Steph's growing friendship with his daughter, Amy, Paul feared that Steph would target Amy's young son, Jimmy, next. After talking to Belinda, Steph's psych nurse, Paul used the information to make Steph believe that she was having a relapse, including planting a Bluetooth speaker at the garage and playing Greensleeves, the music Steph always heard before she had an episode. Aaron was uncomfortable about getting involved, but it wasn't long before Paul's plan was working, Steph had been fired from the garage and was close to leaving. But when she became more determined than ever to stick around, Paul switched her medication, causing her to have a meltdown in the middle of the Lassiter's complex. As Paul then offered to drive Steph to Bendigo to see her doctor, Aaron was immediately suspicious, and used Toadie's phone to send Steph a warning about Paul. Paul and Steph were then involved in a road accident, and she used the opportunity to get a confession out of him, which she recorded and used to blackmail him into letting her stay in Erinsborough, and giving her a job at The Waterhole.

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