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Imogen Pamela Willis 2013-
Lives: 22 Ramsay Street
Parents: Brad and Terese Willis
Siblings: Joshua, Piper, Paige, Ned
Family Tree: Willis
Occupation: Student, Assistant at Sonya's Nursery, Assistant at Rebecchi Law

The twin sister of high-achieving swimmer Joshua, Imogen often found herself overlooked by her parents, despite her own excellent academic achievements, and used sarcasm to cover up her disappointment whenever Brad and Terese let her down once again. When her closest ally in the house, younger sister Piper, went to Canada on a school exchange, Imogen found herself being sidelined even more, and was upset not to be consulted when the family moved from their home in Perth to Erinsborough, where her dad had lived when he was young, and where her mum had just scored a job as manager of Lassiter's hotel. Outgoing Imogen soon made a friend in new neighbour Amber Turner, though did her best to discourage Amber's crush on Joshua, pointing out that no girl could come between him and his swimming. When her parents forgot to get Imogen a school uniform for her first day at Erinsborough High, she had to call upon Amber to lend her a spare - and that first day at school proved interesting for Imogen when she spotted one of the teachers, Kate Ramsay, become the centre of a fight between two guys - Mark Brennan and Amber's older brother, Mason. As she watched the two men arguing over Kate, Imogen was immediately attracted to Mason and, after learning that he and Kate had split up for good, she decided to ask him out.

Imogen quickly made it clear to Mason that she would be taking things slowly with him, as she'd never slept with a guy and was in no hurry to change that. She was also upset to realise that her mum and dad hadn't even noticed that she was dating someone, even going as far as to sit on Mason's lap outside Harold's Store as her mum walked past, but, distracted by a phone call, Terese didn't even notice. Joshua, however, did notice and he angrily confronted Mason, with the two males almost coming to blows over her. As if that wasn't enough of a problem, Imogen also noticed that Mason was still preoccupied with Kate. Though Imogen had gone to see Kate and told her about the new relationship, making sure that things wouldn't be awkward, it became obvious that Mason's feelings for his ex were still unresolved, and so Imogen ended things between them. Meanwhile, Imogen was feeling more excluded than ever at home, as her parents worried about Josh and his dodgy new swimming coach. She decided that her latest act of rebellion would be to spend all of her savings on a car, but ended up with a lemon, and agreed that, if Mason would do all of the repair work for free, then they could have joint ownership of the car - which she christened Hermione.

Imogen was soon feeling more left out than ever at home, as Josh and her parents became preoccupied with his swimming career, and whether Brad should start training Hudson Walsh, a rival of Josh's who'd been caught taking performance enhancing drugs. As the family argued over the matter, school principal Susan Kennedy called by to discuss Josh's timetable, but she immediately noticed the tension in the air, and Imogen standing on the outer. The next day, she saw Imogen with a box of cupcakes, and later found her wagging school, with the empty cupcake box nearby. Though Imogen tried to claim that she'd given the cakes to her friends, then gave a different story, in which they tasted bad and she'd fed them to the ducks, Susan grew concerned that Imogen was developing some unhealthy eating habits as a coping mechanism. However, after Susan had a chat with her, Terese refused to believe that her daughter could be going through something like that without her parents noticing. Imogen then had more to worry about when she accidentally told Josh that Amber had slept with her ex, Robbo only days earlier. This briefly caused a rift between the two girls, and sent Imogen back to the binge eating, but the girls patched things up, just in time for another huge crisis. When Amber learnt that Robbo had recorded them having sex, and was threatening to put the video online unless Mason gave him $10,000, she stole Imogen's car keys and went out to find Robbo. Worried for her friend, Imogen spent the night looking for her and the next morning, Robbo was found unconscious, having been hit by Imogen's car, and the car was then found streets away. Imogen soon became part of a plan to cover up Hermione's involvement, as Mason went and got the car, fixed it up and then left it in a car park elsewhere, and Imogen went to report it stolen.

The stress of covering up the events of that night left Imogen struggling even more than usual, and she eventually collapsed in the garden, where Brad found her, coughing up blood. At the hospital, she tried to pass it off as food poisoning, but Karl told Brad that he suspected Imogen might have bulimia, despite her denials. Back at home, Terese was horrified to hear what had happened, but admitted to her husband that Susan had mentioned similar suspicions the week before. Unsure how to handle the situation, and with Imogen still denying that anything was wrong, Terese spoke to Susan again, who suggested that she should open up about her own fears, and make Imogen realise how this was affecting other people. Already struggling with the feeling that everyone was watching her now, Imogen listened as her mum opened up about her own struggles with food, when she was a teenager and her parents got a divorce. Still unwilling to admit to any problem, Imogen fought against her mum's attempts to get her to open up, even accusing her of lying about her own eating disorder - she then screamed that she and Terese were nothing like each other, and her mum only had time for work, before storming out. Terese eventually tracked Imogen down to the men's shed, where she'd been binging and was in tears. She clung on to her mum, saying that she hated herself but she just couldn't seem to stop. With Imogen finally realising that she needed help, Terese booked her in with a counsellor and Imogen started to slowly regain control, but never speaking of the matter outside of her immediate family. Imogen's new strength was quickly tested when the truth finally came out about the night of the hit-and-run, and it was revealed that she, Josh and the Turner kids had been lying for weeks. But it was Hudson who was revealed as the person who had been driving Hermione that night, and as he was taken away, everyone else attempted to move on from what had happened.

A few weeks later, Imogen began her work experience at Toadie's law firm, her recent experiences having confirmed her ambition to become a lawyer and seek justice for others. But she quickly found herself caught up in a moral dilemma when she found that one of Toadie's clients, Eric Edwards, was suing the gym for negligence, having fallen off faulty equipment and injured his back. Imogen realised the amount of trouble her dad, as manager of the gym, could be facing, but knew that he would never be negligent and set about proving it. After going through his files and searching the Facebook pages of him and his sister, Imogen learnt that Eric had suffered an injury whilst skiing a couple of months earlier, and realised that he was pretending that the old back injury had actually happened at the gym. Imogen passed this information on to her dad, who told his lawyer and Eric quickly backed down. Toadie, however, was furious with Imogen's actions and was forced to end her work experience early. Imogen then had to work at Harold's Store instead but, despite her boredom, she quickly developed a new appreciation for Amber's mum Lauren, who ran the business, finding her a lot more friendly and approachable than her own mother.

As Imogen's friendship with Mason grew, she struggled to keep her feelings hidden, and was quietly heartbroken when he began a casual relationship with his ex, Rhiannon Bates, almost leading her to fall back into her old binge eating habits, until Terese caught her just in time. Matters at school added to the stress, as Imogen decided to run for 2014 School Captain, and found herself competing against Amber, damaging their friendship in the process. But it was new teacher Gem Reeves who brought the biggest headache for Imogen, seemingly forming a vendetta against the female students, and allowing the boys to get away with poor behaviour. Whilst arranging the end-of-year school dance, Imogen ended up being ten minutes late for a class, and Gem gave her a detention - when Imogen answered back, saying that this wouldn't have happened if she were a boy, she received a second detention. Imogen complained to Susan about Miss Reeves, who was furious, and when Imogen then spotted Gem holding hands with Bailey Turner by Lassiter's Lake, she again went straight to Susan. Furious, Gem went through Imogen's files and found out about her bulimia diagnosis, threatening to let the secret slip if Imogen didn't back off. Imogen struggled to know what to do, but after bumping into Sonya at Harold's Store, she found the support she needed, and told her about her eating disorder. After hearing that someone was threatening to reveal the secret, Sonya told Imogen that secrets only had power when nobody knew about them - Imogen decided to take that power back, and she went to the school dance planning session and told the assembled group, including Amber and Gem, about her bulimia.

Imogen's declaration almost caused her to skip attending the school dance, but Mason encouraged her to go, and she was surprised when her school friends gave her a round of applause as she walked in. Her confidence improved further as her friendship with Mason blossomed, and they ended up sharing a kiss during a barbecue at the Turner house, just before Christmas. But later that same day, word came through that Georgia had been injured during an altercation with Gem, and that Kate was also involved. Mason's immediate concern for Kate was upsetting for Imogen, and the next day she told him that it was clear that he still had feelings for his ex, and that she wasn't prepared to be the second choice for anyone. Imogen then found herself someone new to spend time with, when law student Isaac Woods approached her in Harold's Store one day, wanting to borrow a book. Imogen soon learnt that Isaac was the mysterious new resident of 24 Ramsay Street, and he'd been squatting there after being thrown out of the university residences for the summer. Imogen enjoyed spending time with him and allowed him to believe that she was studying law at uni too, but the truth quickly came out when a jealous Mason couldn't resist rubbing it in Isaac's face. Imogen was furious, but Isaac admitted that it hadn't put him off seeing her. Mason was left deflated, but then decided that he was going to prove to Imogen that she should be with him instead, and so he started pestering her at the nursery and trying to talk to her about serious subjects like global warming. Imogen was unimpressed, but when she angrily confronted Mason about his behaviour and called him an idiot, he took that as a good sign that she was still interested in him.

Imogen was then in for a shock when she found out that Isaac had just been using her to get food, and that he'd actually been stealing from the Kapoors, selling their furniture and white goods online. Devastated as Isaac was taken away in a police car, Imogen tried to focus on an upcoming camping trip with Amber, Josh and Mason - who was just coming along as he was the only one old enough to drive. The trip ended in disaster when Mason goaded Josh into abseiling and the equipment failed, leaving Josh seriously injured and his swimming career in jeopardy. With Brad and Josh adamant that it was Mason's fault and determined to sue, Imogen secretly stuck by Mason, certain that he'd done nothing wrong, and they started dating. It was later revealed that Mason was innocent, and that the abseiling company had switched some of the equipment when they'd picked it up, but there was still a lot of tension between the Turner and Willis families. When Terese worked out what was going on between Imogen and Mason, it wasn't long before Josh and Brad found out too, and Josh accused his sister of being a traitor. However, Josh quickly realised that he was just looking for someone to blame, but that it wasn't going to do any good, and he admitted that he was wrong and gave Imogen and Mason his blessing. But with everything out in the open, Imogen was starting to realise that perhaps she wasn't as attracted to Mason as she'd thought, and she broke his heart by dumping him on his birthday. Already considering leaving town during all the recent dramas, Mason then decided to accept a job with Lassiter's in Darwin, and he and Imogen said a final farewell.

When Kate was shot and killed a few weeks later at Lassiter's lake, Imogen decided that the students needed to say their own goodbye to their teacher and arranged a memorial in the school grounds. Kate's devastated fiance Brennan refused his invitation, still unable to come to terms with what had happened, and Imogen slowly found herself supporting him more and more through his grief. Though at first it seemed like Imogen was just being neighbourly, calling in on Brennan and cooking meals for him, it soon became clear that she was actually developing a serious crush on the older man next-door. Imogen's crush quickly led her to danger when she called in on Brennan, only to find him being held hostage by Stephen Montague, the prime suspect in Kate's murder enquiry. When Brennan helped to keep Imogen safe, her crush only worsened and when she found out that he was attending a singles' night, she went and sat with him. Brennan made it clear to her that he'd only wandered into the bar by accident on that night, and that if he were ready to start a new relationship in the future, it would be with someone closer to his own age.

Imogen then found a new distraction when Ethan Smith arrived in town. Ethan was the adoptive brother of new Ramsay Street resident Paige, who was actually the long-lost daughter of Brad and Lauren, keeping her identity a secret until she worked out whether she even wanted her biological parents in her life. As Brad had already met Ethan when he was in Adelaide searching for Paige, she knew that she had to keep them away from each other or risk her secret being exposed. This situation became even more complicated as Ethan - who everyone else believed to be a childhood friend of Paige - and Imogen started seeing each other, and he encouraged her to wag school. Imogen was furious when she then found herself stripped of her school captaincy, and decided to wage war on Susan for what she saw as an unfair punishment. Terese soon brought Imogen back down to earth, telling her to deal with her punishment and stop behaving like a brat, before she found herself in even deeper trouble. Imogen then found someone new to be angry with, when she found out that Amber had been cheating on Josh with Daniel Robinson. With Amber also installed as the new school captain, the animosity between the two girls got worse, ending in a cat fight.


Biography by Steve