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Stephen Montague 2014

The abusive, and obsessive, ex of Danni Ferguson, Stephen Montague never gave up on her when she split up with him, despite her taking out an AVO and taking a new job to get away from him. He finally tracked her down at Fitzgerald Motors, the garage she'd been managing, and spent a few days watching the building from his car. Danni's colleague, housemate - and former detective - Mark Brennan, knowing about Danni's past, was sure that the car belonged to Stephen, even when police checks confirmed that it didn't. When Danni then failed to turn up for a footy game with Brennan and the others, he knew what had happened and raced to the garage just in time to stop Stephen from bundling Danni into his car. The police were then called and Stephen was arrested for attempted kidnapping and breaking the terms of the AVO.

A few weeks later, Danni heard that Stephen had been released on bail, and she started to panic. She had since moved in with Brennan on Ramsay Street, and he assured her that Stephen wouldn't make the mistake of coming anywhere near her, and that everyone on the street would be looking out for her. However, Stephen wasn't smart enough to stay away, and, having destroyed his ankle monitor, he was soon at Charlie's bar, asking the locals if they knew Danni. He was spotted by Danni and Brennan's colleague Chris, who later saw some of Danni's old photos, recognising Stephen. Brennan sent Chris to the house to see if Stephen had gone there, and the two men came face to face - Chris attempted to stop him, but Stephen managed to get away. Concerned that Stephen had once again tracked her down, Danni decided to leave town and stay with an old friend in Adelaide, whilst the police tried to find Stephen Montague.

The following week, Kyle was surprised to see Stephen Montague drive past him near the garage. Chris then also spotted Stephen at Lassiter's and tried to chase him down, but lost him, only to be hit from behind moments later. Chris fell and hit his head, and by the time he came around, Stephen Montague was nowhere to be seen. Only moments after Chris's attack, Brennan's girlfriend Kate Ramsay was shot and killed by Lassiter's lake, leaving Montague as the main suspect for her murder.

With Montague clearly desperate to see Danni, Brennan eventually managed to lure him out of hiding by setting up a fake Twitter account in Danni's name, making it look like she was back in town, and then driving her car and parking it outside 24 Ramsay Street. Montague then broke into the house looking for Danni, and held Brennan and Imogen hostage. A fight then broke out, and Montague managed to escape, working his way through the back gardens on Ramsay Street until he found Callum at number 32, labelling Lou's bottles of home brew. After trapping Callum in the shed, Montague was persuaded by his young hostage to go into number 30, with Callum saying that he could help him to hide out in the roof until the police had gone. Once inside the house, however, Callum hit Montague over the head and made a run for it. The police took Montague away and whilst he accepted that he'd broken his bail conditions, he denied shooting anyone, claiming that he'd been with his priest at the time. When the priest, along with CCTV footage, backed this up, Brennan was forced to accept that they'd been going after the wrong person, and Kate's killer was still out there somewhere.

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Biography by Steve