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Isaac Woods 2014
Lived: 24 Ramsay Street
Occupation: Law Student

When the residents of Ramsay Street started to notice movement at number 24, the unoccupied Kapoor house, they concluded that they had new neighbours. As nobody had seen the new occupants, Sheila Canning tried leaving a casserole on the doorstep, but returned to find an empty dish and no thank you note. With Imogen Willis also intrigued about who was living next-door, she and Sheila encouraged Susan Kennedy to call by the house whilst doing a leaflet drop for her husband Karl's mayoral campaign. Though nobody came to the door, the leaflet was snatched inside, again confirming that someone was now living there.

Around the same time, Imogen met Isaac, a law student, at Harold's Store one day, when he asked to borrow one of the law books she was using. A little taken aback, Imogen agreed to lend him the book and arranged to meet him back at the store the next day. However, back on Ramsay Street, Imogen was surprised to spot Isaac on the balcony outside number 24 and started knocking on the door, realising that he was the person who'd been living there. Isaac eventually let her in, and admitted that he was actually squatting there, as he couldn't afford anywhere else. He explained that he came from a country town called Eldorado, in the north of the state, and his parents could barely afford to send him to university. Having decided to stay on and do extra classes in the summer, he'd been kicked out of the university accommodation and then he'd outstayed his welcome with friends too, so he'd looked around for empty rental properties. Intrigued by Isaac, Imogen agreed to help him and took him food in return for some extra law tuition, though she failed to tell him that she was actually still at high school and not a uni student like him.

Imogen managed to keep up the pretence for a few days, but struggled when she returned to school, forced to wear a big coat, cap and sunglasses that morning as she left for school, much to the amusement of her friend Amber. As they were on their way to school, Amber and Imogen called in at Harold's Store, when Isaac walked in and Imogen was forced to give Amber her school bag, pretending that Amber was such a serious student that she needed two bags for all of her books. Already suspicious, Isaac realised that Imogen had been lying to him, but allowed her to keep up the pretence, and he wasn't impressed when Amber's older brother Mason stuck his oar in. The two guys took an immediate dislike to each other, both interested in dating Imogen, but later a fight almost broke out, and Mason told Isaac the truth about Imogen's real age. Fearing that Isaac would hate her, Imogen ran off, but was surprised when he admitted that he'd already realised that she was at school, and was impressed that she'd do something like that. They then walked off hand in hand, much to the irritation of Mason, who was watching from across the lake.

The following week, Imogen asked Isaac to come along on a camping trip with her, Amber and Josh, mainly because he was the only one who could drive. Isaac was only too happy to go, but his time on Ramsay Street was about to come to an abrupt end, when Mason spotted him sneaking into number 24. Mason reported Isaac, and soon the police turned up at the house, and it was discovered that Isaac had not only been squatting, but also making money by selling off the Kapoors' furniture and appliances. As he was taken away in a police car, Imogen was horrified to learn that truth, but Isaac just called her a stupid schoolgirl, and she realised that he'd just been using her all along.

Episodes Featured
6803, 6807, 6811

Biography by Steve