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Character Profiles > Sonya Rebecchi Eve Morey

Sonya Rebecchi (née Mitchell) 2009-
Lives: 30 Ramsay Street
Lived: Jones house, Sonya's house, 24 Ramsay Street
Born: 1981
Parents: John and Fiona Mitchell
Marital Status: Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi (2013-)
Siblings: Jade
Children: Callum and Nell
Family Tree: Mitchell/Jones
Occupation: Guidedog Trainer, Sonya's Nursery Owner

Opinionated and environmentally conscious Sonya Mitchell first came to Ramsay Street to check on the progress of guidedog puppy Rocky, who was being cared for and trained up by Toadie Rebecchi and his adopted son Callum Jones. As she arrived at the house, she was immediately annoyed to see Callum feeding chocolate to Rocky, reminding him that it was toxic to dogs. Things only got worse as Rocky ignored his commands but, at the park, Rocky managed to walk to heel, but Toadie was distracted by the attractive trainer and failed to spot Rocky running off. Though impressed with the way Rocky responded to Toadie's voice, Sonya felt that more work was needed, and agreed with Toadie's suggestion that she come back and give them some private lessons, acting unimpressed as Toadie tried to win her over by telling her about his work as a lawyer.

A couple of weeks later, Callum arranged another meeting with Sonya, hoping that she might make a good girlfriend to Toadie. As Sonya arrived at the house, Callum made himself scarce and Toadie decided to bite the bullet and ask her out, only to be humiliated when she said that she had a policy of never dating clients. Later, Sonya was spotted at Harold's Store, where she was chatting to Toadie's housemate Lucas. As the pair were chatting, Lucas' jealous ex-girlfriend Elle watched, believing that Lucas had found someone else and was moving on. Toadie and Elle both grew suspicious of Sonya and Lucas' seemingly close friendship, wondering if they were more than just mates, and, although Lucas denied this, he refused to say anything else and his relationship with Sonya. The tension between Toadie and Lucas increased, as Toadie spotted Sonya in another deep and meaningful conversation with his housemate and later, he confronted her. Surprised at Toadie's belief that Lucas was her boyfriend, Sonya admitted that she was actually his sponsor at Gamblers Anonymous.

During their next training session with Rocky, Toadie told Sonya that he didn't want to pry into her past, but thought that the woman she was now was pretty great. Sonya appreciated his support, but told him that they probably wouldn't be compatible as a couple, particularly as he had just bought a gas guzzler of a car. After much debate, Toadie met with Sonya and told her that he'd decided to sell his car, as he wanted to see if they had a chance with each other. She, however, told him not to bother and she wasn't worth the trouble, before walking out on him. When Steph, Toadie's ex, heard what had happened and later bumped into Sonya, she told her what an amazing guy Toadie was, and that he was worth taking a chance on. Having thought this over, Sonya caught up with Toadie at a protest at Lassiter's over the planned takeover of Harold's Store by multinational coffee chain Apollo's. There, as Toadie daydreamed about them, years down the line, married with kids, they agreed to go on their first date.

That first date almost proved to be a disaster, with Toadie unsure of what to do with vegetarian food and unwilling to even attempt to make anything with tofu. In the end, he opted to make a risotto with goat cheese, with Sonya joking as she arrived that she couldn't eat an animal byproduct. Though things seemed to be going well, Toadie managed to burn dinner and was upset when Sonya asked for the phone, expecting that she was calling for a cab, but delighted when she just ordered in some vegetarian pizza. She then told Toadie that he could try making the risotto again, for their next date, and they shared a kiss. Toadie and Sonya were soon getting along like a house on fire and it seemed that love had blossomed, but a bombshell from Steph was about to destroy their happiness.

However, their romance came to an abrupt end when Toadie told Sonya that he was back together with Steph. But a heartbroken Sonya was unaware that Toadie was pretending to be in love with Steph to help cover up the fact she was carrying the child of Daniel Fitzgerald - the husband of her best friend, Libby. Toadie was torn when Sonya told him she loved him, but he carried on the lie and rejected Sonya. Lucas then tried to use Sonya to make Toadie jealous, which caused a brief rift between them, and Sonya relapsed and visited a racing track, before going to a club and getting drunk. Libby took her home to Lucas, and Sonya told him she would sort herself out. Toadie later noticed that Sonya was still wearing the bracelet he gave her, and she told him that she wasn't quite ready to take it off.

Sonya then tried to move forward with her life and started dating David Foster. After bumping into Toadie one day, Sonya was forced to introduce David, but it was obvious that she was uncomfortable and hadn't quite moved on from her ex. Despite only being with David for three weeks, Sonya agreed to move to Perth with him, believing that she had nothing left keeping her in Erinsborough. As Sonya had decided to keep her departure from Toadie, Lucas told him instead. Lucas then persuaded Sonya to attend Toadie and Steph's wedding, but at the reception, Steph came by and told Sonya that Toadie was still in love with her and that their relationship was a sham to cover up the truth. Steph asked Sonya to stay if she wanted more information, and Steph later told her that the baby was not Toadie's, but that Daniel was the father. Sonya was left shocked and relieved at the same time, and agreed to wait for Toadie. When Steph's secret was eventually revealed, Sonya and Toadie, after weeks of sneaking around, were able to go public and started their relationship over. Although Toadie learnt that Sonya had a criminal record, after breaking her sister's arm during the worst stages of her addiction, the couple decided to try living together.

Soon after, Sonya's younger sister, Jade contacted Sonya out of the blue - Sonya tried to ignore it but Jade continued ringing and harassing Sonya, then suddenly turned up on her doorstep. Jade and Sonya had a difficult history, and Jade had been holding on to one of Sonya's darkest secrets, which the people in Sonya's life knew nothing about. The last time the siblings saw each other, they were at their grandmother Hilda's home and Sonya was in a very bad place due to her problems with addiction, which caused Sonya to fear that Jade might have returned to get some form of revenge. Though Jade made it clear that she just wanted to talk, Sonya tried to best to get rid of her quickly, before Toadie and Callum returned from a holiday, desperate for Jade not to meet them. But it isn't long before Jade recognises his name and works out Callum is actually the child Sonya gave up to be raised by their grandmother. Jade demands an explanation and then urges her sister to tell the truth. Sonya begs Jade not to destroy her life and after seeing the new family that Sonya had built, and how far she's moved on since the problems of her youth, Jade agrees to stay quiet.

Soon after, Sonya and Jade were devastated by the death of their grandmother, Hilda, who had raised Callum, but were forced to hide their grief, and Sonya was worried that the truth would finally come out when Callum went to her funeral. However, Callum then chose to say goodbye to his great-grandmother privately, much to Sonya's relief. Hilda's death prompted Callum to try and find his birth mother, after he started having dreams about his mum, in which he could never see her face. Callum stepped up his investigation into the identity of his mother, returning to Hilda's house and then an old warehouse that he remembered from his childhood. Whilst searching, Callum was crushed by an old fairground ride and rushed to hospital, where his dreams finally revealed Sonya as his mum. A distraught Sonya confirmed that it was true and Toadie angrily ordered her to leave. The whole incident left Callum confused and Toadie devastated, wondering if Sonya had ever truly loved him, or had just been using him to get closer to her son.

Following these revelations, Sonya and Jade moved in across the street, at number 24, with Lucas. Looking for answers, Callum started to meet Sonya in secret, and she explained that she'd been in a bad place when she was young, and it was better for Callum if she wasn't around. Callum then made Sonya promise not to relapse again, which angered Toadie when he found out. Sonya eventually told Callum that it would be impossible for her to keep that promise. Soon after, Sonya's ex-boyfriend, Troy Miller, came to Erinsborough, after being contacted by Toadie, who had wanted to know if there was anything else she was keeping from him. Whilst nearby at Harold's, Troy overheard Kate and Lucas talking about Sonya, and asked Lucas for Sonya's address - he then gave her a huge shock by showing up at her door. Troy and Sonya spoke about their past and Troy remembered her pregnancy, leaving Sonya to confess that Callum was his son. Sonya explained that she did not tell him because he had walked out on her, and he admits that he wasn't the nicest of guys back then, but tells her that he's changed since joining the Army and being posted to Afghanistan. Sonya agreed that Troy could meet Callum, and the father and son got on well, though things were strained due to Toadie, who was worried about this new threat to his family. Toadie later allowed Callum to spend the day with Troy, whilst Sonya and Troy reminisced about their past and ended up sharing a kiss. A returning Harold Bishop then tried to help, painfully aware that Toadie and Sonya belonged together, and Harold's fiancee Carolyn even tried to pay Troy to get out of town, but he said that he wanted to stay and get to know his son.

Only days later, Troy's true colours began to show, as he ended up physically threatening Harold to stay out of his business. Later, Harold witnessed Troy and Sonya sharing a kiss, but Sonya soon realised that she still loved Toadie and they were reunited during Harold and Carolyn's wedding. Troy initially took the news well, but after running into Jade, who provoked him with some choice words, Troy snapped and lashed out by punching Toadie and shouting at Callum, which terrified him. Troy eventually calmed down and feeling remorseful, he contacted Sonya, who agreed to meet him in his hotel room. There, Troy admitted his worries about being locked out of Callum's life, and confessed that he'd been dishonourably discharged from the Army. Becoming increasingly unstable, Troy locked Sonya in his hotel room and tried to force her into having an emotional breakdown, by telling her that Toadie would never accept the real her. After he tried to tempt her with alcohol, Sonya told Troy that, if he truly loved her, he would never have done that, and then she calmly left the room, and Troy then decided to leave Erinsborough.

After moving back in with Toadie and Callum, Sonya became involved with the school's community garden programme, but after learning that the council was going to sell the land where the gardens were built, she decided to buy it herself. On the same day, she realised she may be pregnant and took two pregnancy tests, but got conflicting results. Following a blood test at the hospital, Sonya was told that she was not pregnant, but admitted to Toadie that she saw them having children in their future together. Sonya then quit her job as a guide dog trainer and opened up her own plant nursery, but with children still on her mind, she and Toadie decided to try for a baby as soon as possible, but began to worry when they had no success in conceiving. After undergoing tests, they learnt that Toadie had a low sperm count, and Sonya became upset when Toadie confided in Charlotte, his boss, before her. Sonya also struggled to keep her feelings in check when she found out that Lucas was about to become a father, following a one-night stand with Vanessa Villante. Toadie suggested that they try IVF and get a sperm donor, but Sonya told him that it wasn't really what either of them wanted to do. However, after almost giving up on the idea of becoming parents, Toadie and Sonya were in for a shock when, whilst she was given a standard pregnancy test at the hospital before donating blood, an ecstatic Sonya was informed that she was having a baby.

Toadie and Sonya were then in for another shock when Troy suddenly returned, as the new owner of 32 Ramsay Street. Realising that Callum was afraid of him, and that Sonya and Toadie weren't comfortable with his presence either, Troy explained that he had been attending anger management sessions and was a changed man. However, his true intentions became clear as he hired Toadie's friend Ajay Kapoor to represent him in gaining access to Callum. After learning of Sonya's pregnancy, Troy then goaded Toadie, asking him if he was sure he was father, and Toadie ended up punching Troy. Toadie then received an intervention order, meaning that he had to move out of Ramsay Street until the matter was resolved, and Sonya ended up collapsing under the stress of the situation, though was relieved to hear that the baby was unharmed. A worried Jade then admitted her own secret - that she had dated Troy too, and that he'd been violent towards her. Despite having medical records to prove this, it was still not enough to stop Troy's custody case, and things only got worse when Troy realised that Toadie had broken the intervention order by returning home. He called the police, but Callum visited his father and agreed to spend time with him, but only if he dropped the custody case and the order against Toadie. Troy agreed, and he and Callum worked on the house renovations - he dropped the custody case, but revealed that he would not drop the order against Toadie until he was sure Callum would keep to the deal. A worried Sophie then told Sonya about Callum's secret meetings and his plan to get the intervention order lifted, but Troy prevented Callum from leaving his house as he wanted his son to hear his side of the story. Realising that Callum was being kept inside against his will, Sonya and Jade tried to get him out and although they succeeded, they then ended up locked in with Troy themselves. Troy pushed Jade, and became angry, saying that he just wanted to get to know his son - Jade quickly punched him and she and Sonya escaped, but as Troy gave chase, he tripped, knocking himself out. After returning to these scenes, Toadie went inside and found Troy unconscious on the floor, but when he returned a little later, Troy had gone. A seriously unwell Troy had managed to get to Lassiter's, looking for Ajay, but then collapsed and was taken to hospital, where he told Dr Rhys Lawson that the sisters had attacked him.

Troy was placed in an induced coma, and when he woke up, he gave a statement to the police confirming that he tripped, and Jade was not responsible for his injuries. Troy was devastated when Toadie visited and said that his confession had changed nothing, and Ajay then told him that he would no longer represent him. In a desperate state, Troy discharged himself and went to Ramsay Street to pack up his stuff. He then headed to the high school to pick up Callum, but principal Priya sent him away. However, Troy returned and broke into the school, searching for Callum and refusing to leave when Toadie told him to. It wasn't until Callum told him to get out that Troy finally listened and got into his truck, but quickly blacked out at the wheel, and never regained consciousness. The incident left the Rebecchis all struggling to know what to do, and Sonya and Jade refused to attend Troy's funeral, though Toadie took Callum along so that he could say a final goodbye to his father.

As they moved on with their lives, Sonya and Toadie attended their first ultrasound scan and then argued about whose surname the baby will take, eventually agreeing that they should all have the Rebecchi surname. Sonya declared that she wanted a home birth and hired Alex Delpy to be her doula. Sonya and Toadie learn that they are having a girl and when Sonya finds a photo of Nell Mangel, in the Ramsay Street book, she decides to name her daughter after her. With the birth approaching, the chaos at 30 Ramsay Street continues when Toadie's cousin, Georgia moves in and, after a shaky start, she and Sonya bond. Toadie's old friend Connor also comes to stay and Sonya decides to go to a retreat to allow Toadie to spend time with Connor. On her return, Toadie, having realised how much Connor is living in the past, and how they both need to take some serious steps into adulthood, proposes and Sonya happily accepts. And the big changes continued in Sonya's life, as Jade left Erinsborough for good, to accept a job in the USA. Sonya then went into labour two weeks early and, when her waters broke, there were complications and she was rushed to hospital, where she gave birth to Nell via caesarean section. Sonya then had to undergo surgery for internal bleeding, but after a tense wait, mother and baby were both declared healthy and released from hospital.

A few weeks after the birth, Toadie's mum Angie came to Ramsay Street to visit her new granddaughter and to attend her naming day. Although the naming day had initially been postponed, as Lucas and Vanessa's son was seriously ill in hospital, Vanessa insisted that they go ahead with it. Soon after, Toadie was asked to go on a business trip to Chile, and Sonya was not happy with Angie's interference over Nell's care, especially when Angie gave Nell formula milk. Sonya was left feeling that she was criticising and undermining her and when Angie spotted Sonya taking some pills, she started to worry that Sonya was back on drugs. Sonya later caught Angie going through her bag and confronted her - Angie apologised, but Sonya asked her leave immediately. An affronted Angie stated that she and Big Kev would not be coming to the wedding, before leaving for Colac. However, a couple of weeks later, Angie returned for the wedding and she and Sonya apologised to each other.

As the wedding day had been approaching, Toadie was becoming convinced that it was jinxed, especially when guests dropped out and their reception had to be moved to a marquee outside. However, he and Sonya got married without a problem, and it was only later that the problems began. Outside Lassiter's, on her way to the reception, Sonya witnessed a row between two guys who had just tried to rob the hotel, and later realises that one of them was her new neighbour, Mason Turner. Later, at the reception, a gas bottle exploded, destroying the marquee and killing Priya and Rhys. Sonya suffered a fractured skull, which led to a bleed on the brain, and when she woke up, Karl and Georgia realised that she had suffered some memory loss and could not recall her wedding day. Not wanting to hurt Toadie's feelings, Sonya claimed that her memories were coming back, but when he found out the truth, he arranged for the wedding to be re-staged at Lassiter's and, as she was by the hotel where she'd witnessed the robbery, all of Sonya's memories returned. As she realised that Mason was involved in the robbery at Lassiter's, Sonya reported him and his accomplice, Robbo Slade, to the police.

A couple of months later, Sonya was delighted when her Uncle Walter turned up in Erinsborough. After meeting bar manager Sheila, who invited him to dinner on Ramsay Street, Walter told Sonya who he was and, delighted to have another blood relative in her life, Sonya began to connect with him, not noticing how suspicious he was. After stealing from Toadie, and some of the other neighbours, Walter claimed that he had nowhere to go, and so Toadie invited him to stay at number 30. When Sonya contacted her Aunt Robyn, she learnt that Walter had lied to her and that he was an alcoholic. Sonya encouraged Walter to attend an AA meeting with her, and he also grew closer to Sheila, managing to steal her bank card, though ultimately unable to go through with stealing from her. Whilst in Charlie's, Walter bumped into an old friend and it was revealed that his name as actually Dave and he had been conning Sonya all along. He then stole the takings from Sonya's nursery and fled town, but later returned to apologise to Sonya and return her money - he explained that he'd known the real Walter at a halfway house and they had shared stories about their lives. Walter had then gone off on a drinking binge, and Dave had assumed his identity to try and con some money out of Sonya and her family and friends. Disgusted, Sonya threw him out, and he went to try to speak to Sheila, who had little time for him either.

When Robbo made a surprise return to Erinsborough, he was quick to threaten Sonya, as the only witness to the robbery. After weeks of watching Sonya and making her fear for her safety, Robbo spiked Sonya's drink at a photo exhibition; however, it was Toadie who drank it. Sonya was horrified to hear that Robbo had been involved in a hit-and-run, and Toadie could not remember what had happened on the night of the accident. With Toadie the prime suspect for a number of weeks, it was eventually revealed that another of the people on Robbo's long list of enemies, Hudson Walsh had been driving the car. With that nightmare finally over, Sonya then had to deal with losing Lucas from her life, when he and Vanessa decided to make a fresh start in the country, following Lucas's recovery from another gambling addiction relapse.

Without Lucas around, Sonya soon started finding other people to help, including Eric Edwards and his wife, Mandy. Eric had attempted to sue the local gym, and when that failed, he'd tried to sue Toadie - Sonya learnt from Mandy how desperate Eric had become after a skiing accident which had left him unable to work, and had badly affected their marriage. Having reunited that couple, Sonya found herself helping a single parent online, after starting her own blog about childcare. After several weeks of chatting to 'Sleepless in Erins', Sonya was worried when they vanished from the internet, and sent them one final message, asking to meet up at Harold's. Having believed she'd been chatting to a single mother, Sonya was surprised when a man, Jacob turned up with his son, Elliott. After hearing about how his wife Hannah had died following childbirth, and how much he'd been struggling without any help or advice, Sonya was determined to be there for him. Toadie immediately started to worry that Sonya was once again taking on too much, but she said that she was simply supporting Jacob until he felt able to cope on his own. One day at the park, Jacob was distracted for a brief moment, and Elliott's pram almost rolled into the lake - already feeling like a useless father, this was the final straw. When Sonya was babysitting Elliott that afternoon, Jacob turned up and dumped his son's things on the doorstep, later sending Sonya a text admitting that he wasn't sure when he'd be coming back.

Jacob's disappearing act put a huge strain on her marriage, with Toadie feeling that Sonya was taking on far too much responsibility for someone she barely knew. Sonya, however, felt that Jacob had been through enough and had faith that, given time, he'd be back and would be able to cope with raising his son. As the hours and days went by, Elliott's constant crying was becoming too much, and Toadie decided to contact the parents of Hannah, Jacob's deceased wife, asking them to come and collect their grandchild. The following day, with Elliott's crying only getting worse, Sonya noticed that his temperature was a little high and agreed that he should go to the hospital. There, the doctors were unable to do anything without parental consent, so Sonya had to contact Jacob, who emailed through consent for her to be temporary guardian until he could come back. Toadie then admitted that he'd already contacted Hannah's parents, so Sonya got in touch, claiming that everything was fine and they didn't need to come down to Melbourne. They then received the news that Elliott had neonatal hyperthyroidism, which was perfectly treatable and would explain why he'd been so difficult to settle. After receiving Sonya's email, Jacob also rushed straight to the hospital, very grateful to Sonya for everything she'd done. She later missed dinner with Toadie and Callum, as well as preparations for Nell's first birthday, so that she could help Jacob make arrangements for Elliott's homecoming. Arriving home that evening, Sonya was still determined to make a birthday cake for her daughter, unwilling to let Toadie buy one, and she admitted that she had always regretted the fact that she'd been too messed up to even make a cake when Callum turned one. The following day, Jacob called by and there was an awkward moment when he touched Sonya's face, to remove some cake icing from her cheek, and the situation grew even more complicated the following week, when Jacob suddenly kissed her.

Sonya immediately backed away from her friendship with Jacob, but was torn when he turned up later, with the news that Hannah's parents were filing for custody of Elliott. Not wanting to see him suffer further, she stepped back as Toadie offered legal help to Jacob during his mediation, all the time struggling with her conscience and trying to find the right time to tell Toadie about the kiss. With Jacob struggling on his wedding anniversary and finding few other people to talk to, Sonya encouraged Georgia to spend time with him instead, but still couldn't live with herself and finally told Toadie about the kiss, leaving both him and Callum very upset with Sonya. Sonya tried to explain herself, telling Toadie that although she loved him and their marriage, she also needed people around her who she could help and support, given her own history as an addict. When Jacob then told her that he had feelings for her, she made it clear that those feelings weren't mutual, and he decided to leave town and work on a joint custody arrangement with Hannah's parents. Although Jacob was out of their lives, things were still strained between Toadie and Sonya, as he struggled with the idea that he wasn't enough for her, and when he found out that she'd been offered a job as convenor at her Gamblers' Anonymous meetings, he saw this as another sign that she didn't have time for her own family. Toadie avoided speaking to her about it - and in the process, missed seeing baby Nell's first steps, but after a chat with Susan, he realised that he had to give his wife a chance to breathe, and gave her his blessing to accept the convenor's job.

Sonya's new job soon provided her with a big dilemma - and the chance to interfere in another of her neighbour's lives - when a woman named Patricia came to her first meeting. The woman remained silent for the meeting, but when for a coffee with Sonya afterwards and explained that, having managed to kick her gambling habit 20 years earlier, she'd now started to relapse. Sonya was supportive, but was in for a surprise when Patricia turned out to be the mother of the Rebecchis' neighbour Chris Pappas. To complicate matters further, Chris had failed to tell his parents that his boyfriend Hudson was in prison, and Sonya found herself stuck in the middle, trying to keep both secrets. Though bound by confidentiality not to reveal Patricia's secret, Sonya did drop a couple of hints that things weren't all perfect for Chris, and it only took a few searches on the internet for Patricia to find out that her son's boyfriend had been imprisoned for manslaughter. Chris was furious with Sonya for revealing the truth, however inadvertently, and when Patricia then started shoplifting to cover her gambling habit, and was caught by the police, Chris found out the truth about his mum too. Convinced that he might have been able to help her if he'd known about it, Chris asked Sonya how she could keep this to herself, and as she explained that she had to keep the contents of the GA meetings to herself, he turned on her, calling her a hypocrite and pointing out that she hadn't been so thoughtful when she'd revealed his secret to his mum. However, as Chris tried to come to terms with his mum's problem, he turned to Sonya for support and advice, and she was happy to help the Pappas family, even as it meant spending less time at home with Toadie, Callum and Nell.

Though Toadie did his best to be supportive, it was clear that things weren't too healthy in the Rebecchi marriage. When Toadie was offered a few days' work in Chile by Simmons & Colbert, Sonya encouraged him to go, only to say at the last minute that she didn't want him to leave. It left things awkward between the couple, and when Toadie's assistant Talia returned from Chile a few days before Toadie, she called by the house to borrow the spare keys to the office, and got chatting to an already emotional Sonya. After learning that Toadie had been talking to Talia about his marital issues, Sonya was alarmed and when she then found a saucy photo of Talia, with 'A memento of our trip' written on the back, she jumped to the conclusion that Toadie was having an affair with his assistant. Without looking for any other explanation, she went to the law office and accused Talia of having an affair with her married boss and a furious Talia quit her job. Callum, who was Facebook friends with Talia, later explained to his mum that Talia had a boyfriend and the photo was just from their trip a few weeks ago, but must have accidentally got mixed up with the work papers. Horrified, Sonya tried to get Talia to come back before Toadie returned from Chile, but it was no good, and her mistake only succeeded in making things more strained between Toadie and Sonya. A couple of days later, however, Sonya met Sheila's daughter Naomi, a newcomer to town who had worked as an executive P.A. and was looking for employment. Though Naomi was hoping for something a little better paid, with a lot more prestige, she went along for an interview with Toadie, but walked out when she was her salary. However, she later returned and suggested that, on top of her salary, she could also help him to bring in some new clients and take a cut for herself from those. Toadie agreed to the deal, and Sonya was relieved that the whole mess had been sorted out, little realising just how much of a problem Naomi was about to become.

Unbeknownst to Toadie and Sonya, Naomi was soon plotting against them, as she managed to secure Rebecchi Law the contract with the Chilean mining company, and was determined to get her cut. When Sonya started talking about how she was going to ask the Chileans about the environmental practices during dinner, Naomi managed to get the business dinner changed to a different night, knowing that Sonya had a G.A. meeting that she couldn't get out of. Naomi took Sonya's place at the dinner, and she and Toadie managed to charm the clients, with Sonya completely oblivious to Naomi's manipulation, even as Sheila tried to warn her to be careful. When Naomi then arranged for Toadie and Sonya to go to a Chilean restaurant, to make up for her missing the previous dinner, Sonya was forced to miss it at the last minute, when she got an urgent call for help from Patricia. As the problems in the Rebecchi marriage continued, Naomi started to grow closer to Toadie, confiding in him about her complicated personal life and turning him for support when her past caught up with her.

Sonya's desire to help people continued to get in the way of her marriage, as she offered support to neighbour Mark Brennan, when his fiancee Kate was murdered. To add further pressure to the Rebecchi marriage, Callum then announced that he'd won a scholarship in the USA, after designing an app, but Sonya forbid him from going, terrified about losing her son again. With a tense atmosphere in the Rebecchi household, Naomi started to worm her way into Toadie's affections, plotting to spend time with him as he told her about his personal problems, and even pretending to have a stalker in order to gain his sympathies. It was whilst talking to Brennan about moving on from his loss, meanwhile, that Sonya realised that she needed to listen to her own advice and allow Callum to leave, and so she, Toadie and the rest of Ramsay Street bid him farewell as he left for a new life in San Francisco. Unfortunately, his departure only led to more tension, with Toadie revealing that he'd given his blessing for Callum and Josie to sleep together the previous night, and though nothing had actually happened between the teenagers, Sonya was hurt that her feelings hadn't been taken into account. As things got worse for the Rebecchis, Naomi saw her chance and suggested that Toadie could pay for Sonya to get away on her own for a few days, as perhaps some time apart could be what the marriage needed. When Toadie then made the suggestion to Sonya, she reluctantly agreed that it might help.

With Sonya barely out of Ramsay Street, Naomi made her move, spending the evening eating pizza and watching wrestling with Toadie, and, as they practised one of the wrestling moves together and ended up on top of each other, she leaned in for a kiss. Toadie immediately stopped her and made it clear that they could no longer work together after this - and as he spoke to Karl about what had happened, he slowly realised just how much Naomi had been manipulating things recently. When Sonya returned, Toadie told her everything that had happened, and it wasn't long before the two women ran into each other at Lassiter's - as Naomi started to claim that the Rebecchi marriage was in trouble anyway, and that Sonya was to blame, Sonya slapped her. She quickly regretted what she'd done, and realised that she had been neglecting her marriage in favour of helping Bailey and spending time with Brennan, so she told Brennan that she couldn't see as much of him. Over the weeks that followed, Toadie and Sonya managed to get their marriage back on track, but there was more drama to come for the Rebecchis when Toadie was accidentally run over by a car driven by Kathy Carpenter. At the hospital, he was found to have fractured his coccyx, and although released quickly, was in a lot of pain. When he returned to work the following week, still having been unable to find a replacement for Naomi, Sonya offered to fill in as his PA for the day. Things ended up being very stressful when an important document went missing, and was eventually found at the house, with Nell's crayon drawings all over the back. After the difficult day, Sonya told Toadie that she had her own business to run and that he'd need to find a permanent replacement for Naomi who, even Sonya had to admit, had run the office flawlessly. When Sonya then ran into Naomi at Harold's, she decided to ask if she'd like her old job back, admitting that although she hadn't forgiven what she'd done, she trusted Toadie completely. However, as Toadie and Naomi were forced to work late one night, Sonya struggled to ignore her jealousy, finding excuses to turn up at the office and even sneaking a look at Toadie's emails from Naomi to find out if anything was going on. Toadie was disappointed by her behaviour, but understanding, and they came up with a plan to hire Imogen as a second, part-time, assistant at the law offices.

With life finally starting to get back to normal for the Rebecchis, there was another shock in store when Toadie received an anonymous letter, telling him that Sonya wasn't who she claimed to be. Toadie decided to keep it from his wife, hopeful that he could figure out who had sent the letter and would be able to stop them. But as more letters started to arrive, both for Toadie and for the other residents of Ramsay Street, he realised that Sonya needed to know what was going on. With the most obvious suspect, Naomi, away in Hawaii and seemingly unable to have been responsible for the hand-delivered notes, Sonya and Toadie looked to other people who might know the things about her past that had been shared in the letters. As she began to wonder if someone in her gamblers anonymous meetings could have been responsible, Sonya was overcome with emotion as she attempted to talk to them about it, but was touched to find that she had the support of her neighbours, who showed their solidarity by writing down their own secrets, sealing them in envelopes and giving them to Sonya to guard. With the police looking into the matter, things only got worse when anonymous texts started to arrive too, and when Naomi arrived back in Erinsborough - and it was revealed that she'd actually been in Melbourne, rather than Hawaii, for weeks - Toadie went to confront her. Back at the Rebecchi house, Brennan, who'd proved to be a great support to Sonya, went to check on a crying Nell, as Sonya received another message. As she tried to call the number back, she was shocked to realise that the ringtone was coming from Nell's bedroom, but was unable to get into the room. When she finally managed to get it, she found an unconscious Brennan lying against the door, with the window open and Nell sitting on the bed. When he came round, Brennan explained that someone had hit him on the head, but he'd been unable to get a look at them. As Naomi had been with Toadie at the time, this incident seemed to rule her out, and he and Sonya began to worry for their safety. As they contemplated moving into a hotel for a while, they heard a noise coming from the lounge and found an intruder - who Sonya immediately recognised as her old friend, Erin Rogers.

Though Erin was arrested and it appeared that Sonya's stalking ordeal was over, she was shocked to see that Erin's addiction problems - something that Sonya had got her into when they were both teenagers - were still controlling her life - she'd lost her daughter Cat to the foster care system and she blamed Sonya for the mess her life had become. Despite Erin putting Sonya through hell during her attempts at revenge, Sonya felt like she had to help, and with Toadie out of the country on a business trip to Chile, she decided pay Erin's bail. Mark, who'd told Toadie that he'd keen an eye on the situation, was shocked, but quickly realised how important it was to Sonya to fix the whole mess. When an ungrateful Erin then disappeared, Mark tracked her down to a squat, took her to hospital to have a nasty cough checked out, and then gave her somewhere to stay. Sonya then slowly started to help Erin to open up about her problems, making her realise that she had to get clean if she wanted Cat to be a part of her life again. With help from both Sonya and Karl, Erin started a rehab programme at the hospital, but came up against obstacle after obstacle, leaving Sonya disappointed when she went back to her dealer, and Sonya, who was following her, ended up being mugged. Erin continued in the programme and was pleased when it was arranged for Cat to come and visit her - though awkward at first, mother and daughter soon started to get along over a game of cricket. However, Erin soon realised that she couldn't cope and, as Cat prepared to make another visit, Erin did a runner. Sonya and Toadie were left to explain the situation to Cat, who had grown quite attached to them, and suddenly turned up one day asking if they would adopt her, as her foster parents didn't want her around. Though Toadie thought it would be great to have Cat around, Sonya wasn't so sure, and she contacted Lorraine, Cat's foster mother, who was surprised by Cat's stories and, although she was now expecting a baby of her own, she told Cat that she would still love her just as much as her own child.

Following several weeks in the USA visiting Callum, who'd snapped his Achilles tendon, Sonya returned home to find Toadie caught up in some dramas of his own, as he was representing Danni Ferguson, who'd run down and killed Matt Turner when she was driving and texting. As she'd been replying to a text from Toadie at the time, he felt like it was all partly his fault, but soon had to stop representing Danni when she started lying about her version of events, in the hope of getting a lighter prison sentence. Sonya soon started to settle back into life in Erinsborough, but found that she was a little bit lonely, having never found a strong female friendship since Vanessa left town. She decided to use the friendship section of the dating app, Ziva, to make some new female friends, but when she was spotted having drinks with a woman by Georgia, then Toadie spotted a text from Ziva on her phone, he immediately jumped to the conclusion that his wife had developed bisexual tendencies. Sonya was then very amused as he confronted her about it, before she related the story to Susan, Lauren and Georgia, who reminded her that she still had lots of female friends on Ramsay Street, and they should all make the effort to spend more time together.

It wasn't long before Sonya's friendship circle extended further when she met Amy Williams, Paul's long-lost daughter, who'd just arrived in town and who helped her to change a flat tyre. After initially rejecting Paul, Amy decided to stick around for a while as she found work in Erinsborough, and the Rebecchis offered her, and her nine-year-old son Jimmy, a place to stay. It wasn't long before there was drama when Jimmy and Nell had a falling out, and the adults wrongly believed that Jimmy had been the one to upset Nell. When Nell then started biting her parents, it soon came out that Jimmy had also been a victim of her new habit. Sonya and Toadie attempted to get to the bottom of her behaviour, which only worsened as she was sent home from the childminder, and they started to wonder if she was craving attention now that she wasn't the only youngster in the house. It wasn't until Amber Turner was babysitting, and noticed that the bees were biting flowers on an app game that Nell was playing - which she had started playing after she'd been stung by a bee and had developed a fear of them - that the real reason behind her behaviour was revealed.

Life for Sonya and Toadie was then turned completely on its head when he had a terrible accident, leaping onto a bouncy castle that had come loose, wrongly believing that Nell was inside it. As he fell and landed on his back, Toadie was rushed to hospital and informed that he was paralysed, though the doctors couldn't be sure if it was just temporary swelling in his swine that would eventually heal, or a permanent problem caused by the bullet in his back becoming dislodged. Matters only worsened when Sonya learnt that their insurance wouldn't pay out, as, after they'd been victims of identity theft and changed their bank cards, she'd failed to update the information on the premium and it had expired. Doing his best to remain positive, Toadie started working from his hospital bed, whilst Amy supported the family by helping to adapt the house for his wheelchair. When Toadie's mum, Angie, then turned up for another of her 'helpful visits', Sonya was struggling to cope, and when interfering Angie picked up Nell from her first visit to daycare, Sonya snapped and sent her mother-in-law back to Colac. After Toadie was released from hospital, the neighbourhood rallied around and held a benefit for him, raising over $4000, but the day-to-day activities still proved difficult, as Toadie struggled to deal with the realisation that he couldn't look after Nell on his own, after she managed to open the front door, and he couldn't go after her. Just as the family was beginning to adapt to their new situation, their financial problems returned when the benefit money was stolen, and Sonya was bitten by a red-back spider, meaning that she had to take time to rest and couldn't go to work.

Reluctant to rest, Sonya quickly realised that she'd have to, or would risk making things worse, and so she and Toadie decided that they'd have to use some of the benefit money. They were alarmed to find that it had been stolen - suspicion immediately fell on a cleaning lady who'd been at their house that day, but it was later revealed that the real culprit was Amy's dodgy ex-husband Liam, who'd been hanging around for weeks. The stress continued for the couple when Steph made a surprise return to Erinsborough, after being sectioned a couple of years earlier for kidnapping Lucas and Vanessa's baby son, Patrick. Having been transferred to a low-security hospital nearer to Erinsborough, she was hoping to make up for her mistakes and rebuild her life, and although Toadie was happy to help her, Sonya was more reluctant. With Steph hopeful of getting a job at the garage, owned by Lucas, he came back to Erinsborough and agreed to employ her, but insisted that he and Vanessa would have no contact with her, and would only communicate through Toadie. Though she was doing her best to be understanding, given her own history of addiction and hurting other people, Sonya warned Toadie to be careful, as she knew from his past behaviour that Steph was his Achilles heel, and he might not see her true colours until it was too late.

More bad luck then hit the Rebecchi family, when a fire broke out at Erinsborough High, during an event which was being attended by many of the locals, and staged to stop the school's planned closure. Amongst the attendees was Toadie, who was enjoying reminiscing about his time as a student there, and had taken the lift upstairs when the fire broke out. Alone and unable to get out, Toadie abandoned his chair and attempted to crawl down the stairs, but an explosion quickly stopped him in his tracks, and a terrified Sheila ignored his cries for help and saved herself. As Sheila managed to get outside, a worried Sonya was desperately looking for her husband, and Sheila pointed her in the right direction. Sonya then did her best to drag Toadie outside, but as he passed out, she couldn't pull him on her own - luckily, Steph happened to be passing and helped to drag Toadie to safety.

Though grateful to Steph, Sonya was still uncomfortable having her around, believing that she could be having another mental breakdown. When Sonya eventually learnt that Steph was actually being set up by Paul, who feared that she might kidnap his grandson Jimmy next, she apologised and even asked Steph to move into number 30. However, this brought a new set of challenges, with Steph's ex-girlfriend Belinda convinced that Steph had feelings for Toadie and was just trying to get closer to him. Sonya couldn't help but worry about that, and matters only worsened when Belinda started to make threats against Toadie - then turned out to be the theatre nurse when Toadie went into hospital to have the bullet fragment removed from his spine. Sonya burst into the operating theatre, which not only had the effect of leaving Belinda without a job, but also left Toadie unable to have any more children. Still worried that Steph posed a threat to her marriage, and feeling guilty for Belinda being unemployed, Sonya decided to offer Belinda a job as Toadie's nurse as she began to regain the feeling in the legs. However, after only one day in the job, she quit and left town, unable to be around Steph, and after her plotting was exposed, and she learnt about Toadie's infertility, the Rebecchis began relationship counselling.

As life at number 30 slowly got back to normal, Sonya found something new to focus on when she found out that the community centre was being demolished. After being double-crossed by councillor Tim Collins, who was then announced as Erinsborough's new interim Mayor - following Paul's very public sacking and bankruptcy - Sonya was determined that someone like that shouldn't be in charge, and decided to take Karl's advice and run for Mayor herself.

Trivia Notes
• Sonya changed her surname to Rebecchi in 2012, a year before she married Toadie
• Sonya is teetotal and vegetarian
• In episode 6152, Sonya's old police record was shown. It featured a photo from 12.02.99, and the record said she was arrested for break and enter on 22nd September 2003. She lived at 5 Leslie Street, Balaclava and it said her date of birth is 05.05.81. It isn't clear if 5 Leslie Street is the same address as Sonya's house seen in 2010
• In early 2015, Sonya was off-screen for several weeks visiting son Callum, who had been injured in America - this was to explain Eve Morey's maternity leave
• In October 2015, Eve Morey married Jonathon Dutton, who previously played Toadie's cousin Tad in Neighbours, later working as a director on the show

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